What is Q2IDV5? It is an Adobe plug in for InDesign. It provides an easy, fast and affordable method, use to migrate all QuarkXPress content to become Adobe InDesign. The converted items include fonts, images, color, page positioning and all text attributes: layers, tables, blends, linked text boxes and color models. By using this software, the document conversion process only takes countless hours of scanning, re keying process and also formatting process. The converted items can be opened either on Apple Macintosh OS or Microsoft Windows. Q2ID V5 will help you to convert 100% from the original file. The goal of the conversion is to basically move the document objects from one application to another application. This application will really save your time. It works fast and gives the best result.

Before printing your document, you must need to see it visually the converted document just in case if you need to edit a few objects. And therefore, the main goal of this application is to move it into another application. In the real cases, it is not possible since you already have few documents that you would rather not to re do it again or re work, but convert over into another format.

There are few things that you should consider by using Q2ID V5:

  • You should consider the fonts. It must be in OpenType or you should substitutes with an unwanted font.
  • The object’s frame will be centered
  • Feathered arrows are not supported here
  • A runaround may not cause the text underneath to flow as you expected.
  • Most colors will be converted to CMYK and for the multi colors documents must contain at least two colors and one color must be spot
  • All of the QuarkXPress Trap settings will be ignored.
  • You must manually locate and re link the original image if there is an image file missing because Q2ID V5 will create the preview in a temporary folder. And picture effects are not supported here.
  • You have to adjust the height of the text box manually because sometimes it cannot fully display the tables.