In this article, we will take a look at the most popular Christmas gifts this year. Do you think you know what they are? Some of these Christmas gifts you may know while others may surprise you, but you’ll never know unless you read on.

For your children, the gift that earns my vote as the best gift for children is the Melissa and Doug Standing Easel. I have reviewed the other best toys for Christmas 2009, like Zhu Zhu Pets, but this gift easel is the best for the entertainment and the education of your kids. Designed for those ages three and up, this gift has staying power, allowing your kids to design using paint, pens, crayons, chalk, and markers time and again. The bottom line: Kids love it and it builds their creative capacities.

Often, men are the easy group of recipients for whom to buy gifts. Buy them some techie gadgets and they’ll be happy. Right? But what techie gadgets should you buy them?

Our first recommendation is for the videophile, that man who simply loves to have high quality video entertainment in his house. Men love to have the latest video equipment to watch football or the latest action movies. Christmas time is the best time for the videophile as manufactures lower their prices on the best LCD TVs for the Holidays. This Christmas season, I recommend the Samsung UN55B8000 55 inch television. Yes, it is the biggest and the best, but that is what your videophile wants. Can you imagine watching the Superbowl on this TV? Make it happen.

Another of the top technie gifts is the TiVo TCD652160 HD Digital Video Recorder, which I call “TiVo on steroids”. Sure, your man probably has a TiVo, but this TiVo elevates the experience to a whole new level. By connecting to the Internet and your home network, this TiVo allows you to download and watch movies on demand from the Internet, view your computer photos on your big screen television, listen to all your MP3s on your home stereo instead of your computer, and copy your shows to DVD to watch anywhere. It’s the “must have” technie gadget of 2009.

Finally, the ultra gift for any man or women is the Amazon Kindle, which allows you to download books, magazines, and newspapers in less than a minute from anywhere in the world. Yes, the new Kindle is now international! Kindle comes in two versions, the 6 inch model and the 9.7 inch model. I prefer the 9.7 inch because it is easier on the eyes. Regardless of the version that you choose, this is a gift that anyone who likes reading will appreciate.

Women can be more difficult to buy for as their desires vary greatly (one technie gift will usually not do it). You have to expand your gift repertoire. You may want to consider perfumes or spa gifts, but we have one gift that we know she’ll love: The Tag Heuer Women’s Link Diamond Accented Watch. Currently marked down from $2,600 to $999, this is the most elegant, sporty, and stylish watch that you can get for the women in your life.

Finally, you cannot forget your family. The Holidays are all about family and you should get a great family gift that the entire group can play over the Holidays. While we like the Seinfeld SceneIt game series, a great gift for the whole family is Trivial Pursuit Family Edition. The questions in this game do not require Einstein intellect and they are questions that give everyone a chance in this game of family fun!