Tablet PC’s are portable computers that resemble a laptop but are equipped with advance features such as a pen that allows users to access content on it without the help of a mouse or a keyboard. However, all the traditional accessories such as a keyboard and a mouse can also be used with these PC’s.

Some of the well-known tablet PC brands are Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, Fujitsu, Electrvaya, Gateway, Itronix, Panasonic, Table Kiosk, and Acer. Out of these, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, and Acer are recognized for their quality and advanced technology. However, other brands are also competitive in nature and there are good reviews from users who have purchased them.

The system memory can range from 250 mb to 750 mb depending on the make and model of the tablet. The price of a tablet can range from $2500 to $4000 also depending on the make and the brand. These PC’s can also be leased for as less as $80 per month. Some brand names of popular tablet PC’s are stylistic ST5031, HP Compaq TC 1100, M275, and Travelmate c113ti.

Tablet PC’s can be classified according to their basic structure and the two main designs of tablet PC are the laptop-style “clamshell” design, with a display screen that can be hinged on the keyboard base unit, and the “slate” design, with a removable keyboard. Unlike a “smart display” that is a slim line monitor that is wirelessly connected to a desktop PC and using its settings, the slate form factor tablet PC is a inclusive PC in itself. The tablet PC is also a pen-based computer, with a digital pen that can recognize handwriting as “digital ink,” which can then be reformatted and edited.

Many Tablet PCs are similar to ultra portable laptop computers in design, architecture and dimension. They are networkable devices, with the majority including wired and wireless network connectivity as standard features. Many conventional laptop features are also provided on Tablet PCs, but like ultra portables, they do not have internal floppy or optical drives.