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Limit Leg Burns With Motorcycle Exhaust Wrap

When it comes to a motorcycle exhaust, the pipes can become extremely hot. Because of the close proximity of the rider’s legs to the exhaust, accidental burns do occur quite often. These burns can often be serious and require a significant amount of recovery time. Fortunately there are low-cost products available which can protect motorcycle riders from accidental contact with the exhaust pipes.

Motorcycle exhaust wrap is the leading solution to protecting motorcycle riders from contact with exhaust pipes. These wraps are extremely easy to apply and are very durable, even for those installing it on exhaust systems for off-road vehicles such as an ATV or dirt bike. And the good news is that these wraps typically are very inexpensive and are well worth the money for the protection that they offer.

Because of the ease of access to motorcycle exhaust systems, most people first remove the exhaust prior to wrapping. Doing so allows easy access to difficult bends and allows for an optimal wrap which covers even the most complex twists. Regardless, most wraps are flexible enough to apply without removing the exhaust system. Those that have straight pipes usually just install the wrap with the exhaust system still on the motorcycle.

Exhaust wraps are generally manufactured out of either glass fibers or pulverized lava rocks. Those that install glass fiber wraps must use a high temperature silicone coating on the installed wrap to protect it from dirt, grease and other debris. However, exhaust wrap made from pulverized lava rock naturally repels most contaminates on its own. Depending on the level of thermal protection desired, and appearance, glass fiber wraps may be preferred over the dull gold color of most pulverized lava rock wraps.

The thermal protection offered by the different types of motorcycle exhaust wraps is rather significant. Wraps made from glass fiber are generally rated to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit while pulverized lava rock wraps are rated much higher at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. While the added thermal protection is desired by many, it is important to note that no colored high temperature silicone coatings will properly bond with motorcycle exhaust wrap made from pulverized lava rock. Therefore, many motorcycle owners ultimate choose glass fiber wraps to accommodate their personal color preferences.

While motorcycle exhaust wrap will not prevent all burns, it will greatly limit the severity of accidental contact with the exhaust pipes. In many cases a complete motorcycle exhaust wrap can be purchased for less than fifty dollars and includes everything needed to wrap most exhaust systems. Most exhaust wrap kits include two rolls of wrap, stainless steel ties and high temperature silicone spray. And for less than $50, the added protection for the motorcycle rider is well worth the minimal expense.

3 Great Disadvantages Of Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen fuel cells are the wave of the future. At least that is what many would want you to believe. They have a point because a hydrogen fuel cell is a novel way to power a car. The car would require no gasoline, run on hydrogen and its only waste would be water, a natural and safe emission. However, it is not a perfect science by any means and too many times there is talk about all the great advantages without any discussion of the disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cells.

With anything, there is going to be drawbacks. If it were such a perfect technology, don’t you think every car would have one by now? Besides being expensive, the hydrogen fuel cell creates certain problems that haven’t been completely tackled yet.

Here are the three main disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cells:

1. It’s big and cumbersome. Your gas tank already uses a nice portion of your car, but a hydrogen fuel cell will be three times bigger than a gas tank. But that is not that all. The fuel cell has to be insulated to keep it safe and protected.

2. Safety issues. Liquid hydrogen has the ability to freeze air. There have also been reports of accidents with the fuel cell itself. Sometimes a valve will get plugged up when there is too much pressure in the cell. The only place to go is out, and the cell explodes. There is no way of knowing, yet, if this problem can be fixed, but there are many working on it. In a car accident, the tank might rupture, but the good news is the hydrogen will evaporate quickly. However, it is a more serious condition in a closed area such as a garage.

3. The hydrogen evaporates. Strange, but true. The insulation is not a perfect process and the hydrogen evaporates out of the cell at roughly 1.7 percent a day. This means that eventually cars are going to need a fill up. What? You thought you never had to use a pump again? The other problem with this is gas stations don’t sell hydrogen. You will have to find a customized fueling station or work something out with the manufacturer of the car. Cars that are blends with fuel cells and gasoline will never have to worry about being stranded.

General Motors Co., currently has the Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell, one of the first fuel cell vehicles of its kind. If you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle of this type, speak to the manufacturer of the disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cells. By having the technology, they are aware of the pitfalls of hydrogen fuel cells and have begun work on how to make it better.

The good news is that automobile companies are working at ways to make this a safer environment by creating less emissions and the more we learn about alternative methods, the better the Earth will be for it. Just don’t go blindly in one direction without asking questions. Learn about the disadvantages of hydrogen fuel cells before you agree to use it.

The Benefits of Paying a Car Insurance Premiums in Full Vs In Installments

Every auto insurance company offers several different options for paying your vehicle insurance premium. Several car insurance firms let you pay over the phone or online by electronic check or credit card, while others will require you to send in a check payment. You may also have the option to make an installment payment or pay for your insurance premium up-front, and you will save a few dollars each month in penalties and transaction fees.

Annual premium payments typically do save you money over the course of the year, and can also help you save time because you don’t have to worry about making a payment by a certain due date each month. Here are some important things you should know about paying your car insurance in full:

Cost Benefit of Paying Car Insurance in Full

A large number of car insurance firms offer the option of making quarterly or perhaps even monthly payments for a fraction of the yearly premiums as a convenience for their customers. Whether or not paying up front will be beneficial for you depends on your specific circumstances. For some people on a tight budget, it is simply easier to pay in installments. In these cases, the car insurance provider can set up an auto payment with your checking account and deduct the payment each month automatically.

However, there is typically a fee associated with making installment payments. In some cases, you will be paying up to $10 or more per payment and may also incur billing and processing fees. If your policy is low enough that you can afford to make a one-time payment, you will enjoy some money-saving benefits.

Fees Associated with Insurance Installment Payments

In addition to the monthly fees associated with making insurance installment payments, you may be responsible for paying service fees per transaction when paying by credit card, over the phone or online. Different car insurance providers have different policies on transaction fees, but these will add up if you choose to pay on a monthly, quarterly or installment payment program.

When you choose to pay your auto insurance premium in full, you may only be required to pay a single transaction fee. In many cases, you can simply send in a check for the full amount and avoid transaction or processing fees altogether.

Paying your car insurance in full offers a number of money-saving benefits. Installment plans are designed as a convenience for customers that may be on a tight budget, or for those who simply don’t have the full amount of their premium available to make an upfront payment. In most cases, you can avoid many types of transaction and service fees simply by making a one-time payment for your car insurance in full.

Troy Reed Magnetic Motor – Power Your Car And Your Home For Free

The Troy Reed Magnetic Motor is one of many examples of magnetic motor technology. Troy Reed was one of many enthusiasts who tinkered away to develop his own motor based on zero point technology – this allows for the production of power from magnetism and has shattered the world of conventional physics. In this article, I’ll tell you more about the motor and Reed’s other inventions and how you can use this technology yourself so that you don’t ever have to pay for an electricity bill again.

1994 – Try Reed Announces His Magnetic Motor To The World

Reed demonstrated his motor to the world in 1994. He claimed that it could generate 7 kilowatts of power output which is more than enough for the average household’s needs (3 kilowatts).

In his demonstration video, he shows clearly that no wires are attached to the motor while the demonstration bulb remains lit. This would prove that the bulb was not lit via some other power source but was indeed being powered indefinitely by only the motor itself.

The Surge Car

When Reed announced his magnetic motor to the world, he explained that the 7-kilowatt output was sufficient to also power a regular automobile. He teamed up with Hollywood actor and environmentalist, Dennis Weaver, with a plan to showcase this to the world.

The Surge Car was capable of speeds of up to 85 miles per hour. Various videos of it can be found on the internet, with the motor fitting neatly into the engine compartment. Unfortunately, the project never gained any real traction.

How Does Reed’s Magnetic Motor Work?

Nobody knows 100% precisely the design of Reed’s motor. However, it is no secret that it is based on magnetic motor/zero point technology. Reed is not the first person to have produced working models of this technology and he was also not that last.

Zero point physics says that the forces due to magnetism can be converted into energy. This is unlike conventional ideas on power generation which usually require depletion of fuels.

Most magnetic motors require a kick-start of energy to get them going. After this, the system is in a state of equilibrium – the frictional forces from the bearings and air resistance that normally slow a motor down are instead balanced out by the repelling force of the magnets.

How To Make Your Own Troy Reed Magnetic Motor

Unfortunately, commercial devices are at least five years away. But the good news is that you can make your own device at home.

Reed’s motor, like many others, is unnecessarily over-complicated. Instead of trying to copy his design, you will be much better off with a simpler version that will run reliably and with little maintenance.

If you want to make your own 7-kilowatt idea then a better idea is to investing a small amount (around $50) on a good set of working, proven and reliable plans. These will allow you to get up and running in a few days compared to the more usual months and years that pioneers such as Reed and others have spent in trying to come up with a working solution.

Antique Car Museum Guide – Virginia Car Museums

You don’t have to go far in the state of Virginia to find an antique car museum. Virginia is home to at least eight (or nine, if you stretch your definition of “car” to include tanks!). Here is a listing of all the vintage car collections I can find information on in Virginia.

The Car and Carriage Caravan Museum at the Luray Caverns traces the history of transportation in America. Items on display include horse-drawn carriages, coaches, wagons, and early automobiles. The automotive collection includes an 1892 Benz, a 1908 Baker Electric, a 1913 Stanley Steamer, and Rudolph Valentino’s 1925 Rolls Royce. You must purchase an admission to the Luray Caverns to get in to the museum. (540) 743 – 6551

The Roaring Twenties Antique Car Museum in Hood features 32 vintage cars on display, mostly from the 1920s and 1930s. The collection includes examples from Carter, Star, Stephen, Cleveland, Hupmobile, Paige, Nash, Essex, Packard and Cadillac. There are also horse-drawn carriages, old farm implements, and period advertising on display. (540) 948 – 6290

The Virginia Museum of Transportation in Roanoke has cars and other vehicles from nearly every decade of the twentieth century. The museum focuses primarily on the railroad industry, but also has an aviation and aerospace section. (540) 342 – 5670

Fred’s Car Museum in Appomattox holds more than sixty five antique cars, dating from 1906 up to 1980. Highlights of the collection include a 1906 Schacht, a 1914 Saxton, a 1920 Piano Box Buggy, a 1936 Packard, and a very rare 1939 Lincoln V-12 limo. (434) 352-0606

The Accomack-Northampton Antique Car Museum in Parksley features a 1922 Durant, a 1935 Auburn, a 1956 Thunderbird, and lots of automobilia. (757) 665 – 6161

Eavers Classic Cars and Collectibles Museum in Staunton has over twenty classic cars on display, including a genuine 1965 Shelby AC Cobra, Elvis Presley’s last Cadillac, and a 1959 Devin sports car. (540) 337 – 1126

Old Cranks Motor Car Museum in Galax has a unique assortment of antique cars including a one-cylinder Orient Buckboard, a Detroit Electric and a Stanley Steamer. (276) 236 – 5114.

The Wood Brothers Racing Museum in Stuart covers 58 years of racing history. You can view the 1971 Purolator Mercury Cyclone, a 1989 Neil Bonnet Thunderbird, and a 1937 Glen Wood Ford Coach. There are also trophies, racing suits and helmets, and tons of other racing memorabilia. (276) 694 – 2121

The AAF Tank Museum in Danville doesn’t have antique cars, but I couldn’t leave them out! Their collection includes 117 tanks and artillery pieces, plus over twenty thousand other military related artifacts dating all the way back to 1509! (434) 836-5323

Quite a variety for the automotive enthusiast to choose from if you are passing through Virginia, or live nearby. As always, call ahead for information on hours and holiday schedules before making the trip.

Whiplash Injuries: Symptoms and Treatment

The unfortunate reality of our mobile society is that there are fewer licensed drivers that have never been in an automobile accident. The more years of driving experience a person has, the more likely it is they have been involved in some sort of car accident. The U.S. Census Bureau last estimated that $10.2 million motor vehicle accidents occurred in 2008 alone. These accidents, ranging from minor fender benders to full-on collisions, are leading contributors to whiplash and concussions treated by chiropractors and physicians throughout the US. There is a rising number of bicyclists on the roadways, and whiplash caused by car accidents can be attributed to car-to-bicycle collisions.

Whiplash, car accident related or not, happens when the sudden change in the body’s velocity stretches the muscles and ligaments in the neck beyond normal range. It can occur to both motorists and cyclists involved in collisions. Anybody suffering from symptoms of whiplash should seek whiplash treatment from a chiropractor to help ease pain and stiffness and decrease risk of long-term damage.

To understand the importance of whiplash treatment, read on for information on its causes, symptoms and diagnosis.

Whiplash: The Causes

There are many different causes of whiplash. Car accident injuries are the most common, but sports injuries, bicycle crashes and other accidents can also result in similar neck pain and stiffness.

In an accident where a car is side-swiped, for example, the impact causes the body to fly to the side quickly, with the head following the body’s movements. Sudden stopping of the car flings the head to the other side, often resulting in the head hitting a window. This can leave the spine and soft tissues in the neck unstable, requiring a series of chiropractic appointments for whiplash treatment, or maybe even medical treatment for concussion.

Whiplash: The Symptoms

The majority of whiplash cases involve injuries to the soft tissue in the spine, rather than broken neck bones. The symptoms of soft tissue injuries can range from obvious to obscure. The more obvious symptoms include headaches, neck and/or shoulder pain, upper body stiffness, vertigo and pain in the jaw or face. Less obvious whiplash symptoms include ringing in the ears, nausea, difficulty swallowing, and blurred vision. Talk to a chiropractor immediately if experiencing any of these whiplash symptoms.

Whiplash: Diagnosing and Treatment

A qualified chiropractor will ask various questions to determine the extent of the neck injury before starting any whiplash treatment. These questions may include: why you think you have whiplash; car accident details, details about your injury, and the nature of your symptoms. An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scan, X-rays, or a CT (computed tomography) scan combined with a myelogram may also be conducted if the injuries seem severe.

Treatment for whiplash can last from a few weeks to months, depending on the severity of the injuries. A chiropractor, physician or physical therapist may use a variety of techniques to help relieve the symptoms and improve overall spine health. These techniques may include one or a combination of: chiropractic adjustments, cold & heat therapy, massage, strength training or body mechanics training. Anti-inflammatory drugs or pain relievers may be prescribed if whiplash sufferers need additional pain relief.

It is important that whiplash treatment is sought immediately if one thinks they may be suffering from whiplash, car accident related or not. Bicycle accidents and sports injuries may not always seem like obvious causes of whiplash, but active cyclists should take the time to receive whiplash treatment if they think a neck injury has occurred. A chiropractor can develop a treatment plan suited for any type of neck or spine injury resulting in whiplash.

Important Tips For Securing Car Loans Even If You Have A Bad Credit History

For anyone looking forward to getting the car of their dreams, seeking a car loan is an indispensable option. However, the going normally gets tough once your loan request is turned down due to a bad credit score. The following detailed write-up will be of great benefit to you if you’re looking for bad credit car loans.

Features of Car loans For People with Bad Credit

Interest Rates

Compared to ordinary car loans, these loans normally attract higher interest rates. Different lenders have different interest rates. It is hence very important for you to ensure that you shop around for the best deals in town. Try as much as possible not to borrow yourself into yet another debt. Other factors that affect the interest rates include the economic cycles and the number of players in the lending market.

Down Payment

Normally, you may be required to make a huge down payment before accessing these loans. Again as for this one you need to shop around for the smallest amount of down payment available within your locality. A big down payment might weaken your financial muscle thus making it a bit hard to furnish the new loan on time.

Repayment Period

Generally, these types of loans allow for a repayment period of up to 48 instalments. Though this duration is relatively shorter than for the ordinary loans, you can still learn to operate within the provided limits. As your credit score and your relationship with the lender improve, you can always negotiate for a longer repayment period.

Monthly Payments

The amount of monthly expenses is normally determined by the aforementioned factors. Basically, a high rate of interest rate and a short duration of repayment lead to higher monthly repayment amounts. However, you can get reprieve by creating a good relationship with your

Important Tips for securing car Loans with Bad Credit

If you’re looking forward towards owning your dream car through this form of financing, the following tips will indeed take you a long way.


One effective tip that works for people with bad credit ratings is looking for friends and family members with a good credit rating to co-sign for them. A co-signor acts as a guarantor thus raising your overall credit score. You’ll therefore be in a position to get a better deal.

Secured Loan

Another way to secure a good loan deal is by pledging your assets as collateral for the loan. It is important to remember that the asset(s) pledged can be repossessed by the lender in event of default on your part.

What other alternatives are available?

Apart from securing your car through the financial options discussed in this article, you can also explore the leasing option. This is a good alternative especially if you have a regular source of income but with a poor credit score. Through leasing, you’ll only be required to pay a monthly leasing fee for the car.

In summary, it is clear that there several alternatives that you can take if you want to get a car with a poor credit score. One of the most viable options worth considering for this financial venture is taking car loans for bad credit as discussed in this article.

Introduction to SAE Flanges

What are SAE Flanges? If this question confounds you, this is the right place to get answers.


SAE Flanges is a range of hydraulic flange which is made in accordance to SAE J518 standards. The acronym SAE stands for Society of Automotive Engineers. These flanges are used on oil hydraulic systems in many fields (shipbuilding, mobile hydraulic equipment, machine tools, earth moving machines, etc… ) and where there is passage of oil under pressure.


Flanges are made from normalized forgings and are usually of two kinds of material, steel ST52.3 and stainless steel AISI SS316L.


SAE Flanges come in two series, code 61 (3000 series) and code 62 (6000 series). For code 61 (3000# series), they are available in all nominal sizes between DN10 (3/8″) and DN125 (5″). For code 62 (6000# series), they are available in all nominal sizes between DN10 (3/8″) and DN80 (3″)

Working Pressure:

The standard pressure ranges from 34 to 345 bar for code 61 (3000 series) and 200 to 414 bar for code 62 (6000 series). Please take note that the pressure information of the flange and connected equipment combinations may vary from each other. For example: if a pipe connected to the flange has a lower working pressure, it will result in an overall lower working pressure of the system. Therefore, please consider the lowest pressure as the maximum working pressure of this combination.

How SAE Flanges work:

A complete set comprises of a flat side flange and an o-ring side flange. The o-ring side flange contains a groove seat to place a rubber o-ring (normally made of NBR material). The complete set forms a seal between a flat surface and o-ring held in a recessed circular groove in the other half. Tightening the bolts draws the two halves together and compresses the O-ring.

Due to this usage of the o-ring, flanges with o-rings has an advantage over metal to metal flanges as all-metal flanges are more prone to leakage because they must be tightened to a higher, yet narrower torque range. This makes metal to metal flanges more prone to strip threads or crack.

A complete set of flange is tightened using socket head cap screws & spring washers according to recommended torque. The screw lengths are usually shorter than the overall SAE flanges length but this is normal in accordance to SAE J518 standard. Also, as per SAE J518, there are no requirements for hex nuts for securing the flanges.

Configurations of SAE Flanges:

Commonly used connection types consist of: Weld In/ Socket Weld, Weld On/ Butt Weld, NPT Threaded, BSP Threaded, Blind Flanges, Split Flanges.

Upon request, flanges can be supplied complete with screws, washers and NBR/Viton o-rings.

Brands of Flanges:

A highly recommended brand for SAE Flanges is Oleo Tecnica. Oleo Tecnica is an Italian manufacturer specializing in SAE Flanges. Oleo Tecnica was established in 1976 and has more than 36 years of specialized experience manufacturing flanges. Other well established brands include Parker Hannifin and Stauff.

Aerial Photography Versus Satellite Imagery – Has Satellite Imagery Replaced Aerial Photography?

In the last ten years we have seen spectacular developments in the clarity and availability of satellite imagery. Microsoft and Google are examples of companies that now offer the public satellite images, also known as remote sensing images. While these images are fascinating and in many cases potentially useful, some people question whether these developments mean the end of traditional aerial photography. The resounding answer is “No, aerial photography is alive and well.”

One reason aerial photography remains a valuable tool is because of its superior resolution. Particularly with the advent of commercial digital equipment, an aerial platform provides very high resolution images, whereas satellite resolution remains limited by both technology and by Federal law. In 1999, commercial satellites could capture a resolution of one-meter in black and white, and somewhat less detail in color. That is to say that the smallest detail that could be captured and clearly delineated was at least one meter in size. There exists a popular rumor that military satellites can read an automobile’s license plate from space, and that is probably an exaggeration, but it does not matter even if it is true. You, as a private citizen, cannot buy or use those images anyway. Current law limits the resolution of commercially available satellite images to 0.5 meters. That means that the smallest detail that can be clearly delineated is at least 0.5 meters, or 19.5 inches across. An aerial photograph in highest digital resolution taken from 1000 feet above the ground is approximately five times better resolution than the best commercially available satellite imagery.

Another difference between aerial photographic images and satellite images is the timeliness and availability of the images. Commercial satellites orbit the earth from about 400 miles above mean sea level. They orbit in a pattern and a speed that allows them to pass over the same point on the earth about once every three days. This is just fine for surveying and mapping. It does not generally allow for capturing events. Generally speaking, the earth is clouded over about 60 per cent of its surface at any particular time. The three-day cycle for a satellite to fly over one point can mean that it may take from a few to several dozen cycles before a clear shot is available. Aerial flight is also subject to weather, but airplanes can fly under cloud cover and are available for a photographic launch anytime between sunrise and sunset. A limitation on aerial photography because of weather is generally a matter of a few days, not usually weeks or months.

One advantage aerial photography has over satellite imagery is the creative aspect of composition. Satellite images are generally taken from directly overhead. Satellite images can be taken from an oblique angle but this introduces additional distance from the target and requires repositioning the satellite camera angle. Aerial photos, in contrast, are generally taken from an oblique angle. This allows one to photograph from all sides and at different heights, introducing varied composition and enhanced utility. There is also the factor of light in the composition of the photograph. A satellite uses whatever light is available at the time it passes over its target. In an aerial photography session the photographer chooses light that best suits the composition of the target images. The amount of sunlight, the angle of the light, the shadows the light produce and the time of day all contribute to a photograph that is both useful in conveying information and aesthetically pleasing.

Satellite imagery will no doubt evolve in its ability to document, map and survey in a variety of light spectra. It is an increasingly fascination mode of imagery. However, aerial photography remains a superior mode of capturing images from the air where direction, angle, composition and timeliness of availability are key requirements in capturing the target image.

Jobs For Felons, Federal Government Issuing Licenses to Felons in the Auto Transport Industry

Jobs for felons are always hard to find and as most felons looking for a job know, any job or business that requires a license is usually a waste of time to try and apply for or try to start. Well I’ve found one profession that will give you a license, assuming you meet the regular qualifications, even if you have a felony conviction. Cargo Transportation Brokers; people who broker shipments of freight, household goods, or even cars and other types of vehicles.

There is one exception however. If you were convicted of a drug related felony then you are disqualified. I know that’s messed up, but at least, if your felony was not drug related, you may be good to go.

Transport brokering does not entail driving a truck. Its a job for felons that can be run out of your house or apartment if you want. Basically, you find people or companies that need to get something large moved within the country. Let’s say somebody in NYC doesn’t want to drive their car to Florida, where they’ll be spending the winter. People in this situation usually hire an auto transport company to take their car, on a car carrier, to Florida, so that they don’t have to drive it themselves all the way there. In this example you’re probably talking about people who are retired or close to retiring and can’t or don’t want to do an all-nighter driving to Florida.

So where do you come in. Well as an auto transport broker, you basically find the people who need this type of service and match them with a transport company. When the deal is agreed upon, to you get paid, sometimes up to $500 per car.

Who else would need this kind of service? Well, lets say your daughter just got accepted to a college 1,500 miles away from where you live. Do you really want your 18 year old daughter driving from say Georgia to California all by herself?….I didn’t think so.

This is another example of the type of customer a transport broker is looking for. Plus, in a case like this, you could also broker the transport of anything else she is bringing to college, like furniture boxes of clothes etc.

The mere fact that you need a license for this business sets you apart from the crowd, whether you’re a felon or not. But the fact that you can get a license like this, even with a felony conviction, seems like a great opportunity for any felon looking for a job.