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Car Insurance – Rights and Responsibilities

It is time to spill the beans for car owners to take strict responsibility for their asset on the road. Car insurance is a contract with an insurance company to aid for wreck or loss due to road accidents. A car insurance coverage is uniquely packaged to fit the needs of every individual. Moreover, every company has a responsibility to comply with standard minimum rates set by a particular state because there is no universal minimum. Young or old you are, new or used your car may be; still you need an auto insurance.

  • It is a right and a privilege
    Anywhere in the world, car owners are given the opportunity to insure their cars, and thereby themselves so that when accidents come, compensation is possible. Dating back with the history of Chinese traders, cargo ships already have insurance so that the unexpected loss of the ship at sea will be compensated.

    Today, every state makes laws and amendments on its insurance policies, most especially on cars that which most often is purchased due to the growing list of car owners. Governments make sure that there is a minimum rate for car insurances so that everybody can afford the service.

    Moreover, online car insurance quotes and car insurance coverage are now available to help make finding the right insurance company easier for the public. You need to consider pointers such as finding the right insurance company and getting the most appropriate auto insurance for your particular needs.

  • It is a responsibility
    A car owner has a responsibility under his belt. Due to the works of various states to give minimal standards rates for auto insurance companies to comply with, there is no reason why you cannot find an insurance company for you. It is a responsibility for ever car owner to insure his car, himself and the people that may get injured during collisions.

    A car is an asset and a need at the same time. You have invested much to be able to purchase it and it is just right to avail an automobile insurance so that parts can be replaced for damage and policy claims will be possible for complete wreck from accidents.

    You are a living asset, more important than your car. Accidents happen unexpectedly, especially on the road.  Even the cheapest auto insurance can save your financial life, as it will cover your medical expenses.  Check for a free auto insurance quote online and compare the differences on the coverage and premiums. Advanced Premiums work better if you are an accident-prone driver or your track record spells great kilometers travelled annually.

Learn from an auto insurance specialist and compare online car insurance quotes now!

Car Accessories Important As Cars

Car accessories without any doubt can be dubbed as important as the car itself. They indeed play a vital role in making the car smooth and comfortable. Not for any reason is the automobile market in the UK flooded with different types of car accessories – from the simple ones to the ones with more flashiness and grace.

Whether they are roof tracks, music decks, spare bulbs, tires seat covers or car mats – all of them constitute a very important part of a car. There are times when one does not get a proper substitute for accessories. It is, therefore, necessary to have enough stock of them at the time of car purchase, so that any eventuality is taken care of. Inferior quality car accessories would result in below par performance of the car. There is an extended list of car accessories, including such useful and important names like roof tracks, music deck, spare bulbs, tires seat covers, car mats etc.

This list itself is inkling about how important car accessories are and that they cannot be taken lightly. This point can be explained well with an example. If the tires are of substandard quality then no matter how expensive a car might be, it would never be able to give a smooth ride. Same is the case with car mats.

They are the ones that protect the car from dust; also they are always under the feet. If the car mats are not strong enough, they can tear and expose the car to dirt. It is, therefore, crucial that car accessories are purchased with lot of care for they perform a very important function.

Free Auto Repair Manual – How To Find Your Free Auto Repair Manual Online

Need a free auto repair manual for your vehicle? The best way to find one for your specific car would be searching the Internet. There are literally thousands of website that offer free auto repair manuals online downloads. The most common format for those is a PDF document with is most convenient for nearly every Internet user.

For the most part you are not going to find every manual in one spot. This is going to depend on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the year. In some cases you might even need the VIN number in order to find your specific manual. With a little foreknowledge, you should easily be able to find the right free auto repair manual online with no trouble at all.

For fastest results I would recommend such major search engines a Google or Yahoo. In order to eliminate too many search results while looking for a free auto repair manual online, remember to include the model and year of your car. This simple trick will save you lots of time you can otherwise waste on sifting through hundreds of irrelevant websites.

Probably the vast majority of these publications will require sign up with your email address for a newsletter of some sort. You can easily do this by making another email used just for web sites who often ask for your email. When you submit your email and sign up, you will then be shown where to view or download the free auto repair manual online.

In other cases, you might want to check the forums based around the specific vehicle you need repairs for. There are often many cases where people have asked questions about the same problems you are having, and helpful people with experience are more than wiling to guide you in the right direction. While this is technically not an actual automotive repair manual it can be very useful indeed when you are searching for answers.

Just remember that there are many less than honest web sites out there who will pretend that they have a free auto repair manual online. Use your best judgment before giving out your email address, as you will get nothing but endless emails from this type of site. By reading the content of the page before you sign up, it should be possible to determine if the site really has something useful to offer.

Car Parts – Add Tremendously to the Value of the Car

One of the most liked vehicles around are cars. Supremely beautiful they are mighty effective as well. With them around the irritation of waiting long hours for bus and taxi is taken care of. Cars also add tremendously to the status symbol of people. Isn’t it amusing then that people don’t pay as much attention to car accessory or car parts, elements that make cars effective and useful. A few examples would go a long way in explaining this point. Take the case of roof racks. People largely are ignorant to the utility factor it attaches to cars. With them on the problem of more baggage suddenly disappears. No matter what the number of baggage all of it can easily be adjusted on roof racks and carried from one place to other. They add tremendous amount of attraction to cars as well.

Similar is the case with car stereo. A supremely useful device, its utility can be understood from the fact that had it not been around cars wouldn’t have much takers. The value of such a device, therefore, can simply not be negated. It ensures that people are connected with the world even when they are on move. Then whether it is commentary or a radio program or listening to recorded music everything is available. With it around time just flies by and one reaches one’s destination without feeling stressed or fatigued.

Another type of car accessory or parts that is of huge importance but does not get the importance it deserves is car mat. Not only does it protect the car from dust and water but also provide comfort to feet from the toughness of floor and from the heat that is generated when the engine of the car runs for some time.

These examples should be enough for people to understand that if they understand the value of car parts and give due importance to them then the value of their car would be enhanced manifold.

The Dangers of Speeding

Most drivers have either driven at speeds above the legal limit or have seen someone get pulled over by the police for such an activity. But why are these laws in place? What is the big deal about going above a speed limit?

There are many dangers associated with speeding, which is one of the leading causes for vehicular accidents and fatalities year after year. By knowing the potential results you will be better able to resist the urge to speed and can help protect yourself and others on the road.

Why Speeding is a Dangerous Habit

Driving above the posted speed makes you a more dangerous driver and increases your chances of being involved in an accident for many reasons, including:

· The faster your speed, the harder the impact. If you come across an obstacle on the road, the faster you are going when you hit it the more damage that will be done to both what you impact and your vehicle. This applies to objects in road, pedestrians, other vehicles, and roadside structures. This is one reason it is vital that you go slowly in pedestrian areas and school zones.

· The higher the speed, the less the reaction time. Reaction time is the amount of time you have to witness or notice an obstacle or potential accident and make the appropriate measures to avoid it. When you are traveling faster than you should be, your reaction time is limited and you are unable to avoid being involved in a car accident.

· Many of your vehicles safety features, such as air bags and safety belts, have a significantly compromised effectiveness after a certain speed. This means if you are involved in a high-speed accident, you are less protected and more likely to be injured than if you were in the same accident at lower speeds.

· Driving is more difficult at higher speeds. You are less able to control your vehicle or brake in a calm and effective manner and your visual field and peripheral vision is diminished. Furthermore, your tires and brakes are under more strain, making them more likely to be defective if you suddenly have to slam on your brakes to avoid an accident.

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Auto Repair Estimates – Predatory Practices

When we get an auto repair estimate how do we know that it was done properly? Was it calculated according to manufacturer specifications and industry guidelines? The short answer is probably not. Manufacturer specifications and industry standards are not only not adhered to, but they are interpreted differently from repair shop to repair shop. This is a primary reason why auto repair estimates fluctuate so greatly. However, there is an automotive term that we can use to help us reduce any excessive car repair prices. It’s called “overlap labor.”

Many car repairs have multiple procedures. For example, if you need to replace a waterpump, the technician will have to remove the drive belts. The removal of the drive belts is called overlap labor. In other words, it was part of the original repair procedure in order to access the waterpump.

Now, most labor time guides (industry books and software that determine labor times) provide a break down of each auto repair. While this may seem convenient, this break down is often used incorrectly (intentionally or not). So, the replacement of a water pump by itself may have a labor time of 1.8 hours. Replacement of the drive belts on the same car may have a labor time of .7 hours. The service representative doing the estimate will often add these together for 2.5 hours. This is price-gouging. At $100.00 per hour, the additional .7 hours would cost you $70.00. There should be no extra labor, as the removal and re-installation of the drive belts is supposed to be included in the original 1.8 hours of labor.

This is a very minor example – it can get a lot uglier. What to do? Always ask if there is any “overlap labor” that may reduce the labor time. Just asking this question will help to ward off any predatory labor practices in general, as only an insider would know this information. Don’t be surprised if your service representative doesn’t know the answer (or the term), as he has likely only worked at your dealer for 6 months. If they don’t know, ask for the service manager. If he doesn’t know, ask for the service director just to let him know you’ll be going to another shop.

New Year – New Truck? The Top Four Best Pickups

Ford boasts that the top seller for 2017 and the past 39 years is the F-150. The 2017 F-150’s are claimed to be the best ever in their lineup with a starting MSRP of $26,730 for the XL pickup only having 4 x 2 drive train, with estimated MPG at 18-24. The attributes are impressive torque, capability and good fuel economy. Ford is now offering tailgate and box side steps making access to the cargo box a breeze. Keep in mind everything you add jacks the price up, and if you have your heart set on these amenities right out of the gate, that gives your sales person room to work their magic by dancing you through higher priced add-on items to the basic bare bones MSRP making that monthly payment skyrocket. Make sure you know what comes standard and what does not, including the total prices of all the options tacked on. Tonneau covers, running boards etc. are usually not included in the price of even higher end models like the King Ranch, Platinum and Raptor.

Chevrolet claims fame in their proven power and performance full size pickup trucks like the Colorado and Silverado. Chevy has made some bold muscular changes to their front end on the Silverado, a more sculpted hood and signature LED lighting accents. They boast about their world class EcoTec3 engines that offer impressive V8 fuel economy. However, I believe it was noted that their claims regarding their steel truck beds vs. the Ford aluminum beds weren’t exactly tested fairly. Anyone observing their video of the competition product testing would have to see this for themselves. I personally can’t imagine any truck owner having cement cinder blocks dumped into their unprotected/unlined pickup bed. Landscape blocks such as those are usually loaded on a pallet.

All Chevy Silverado lines have phased out 6-speed transmissions and been upgraded to 8-speed automatic. They have added some new cool colors in the premium finish line like deep ocean blue and Siren red. MSRP for the 2017 Silverado 1500 is $27,585 and would obviously cost much more if you purchased it with any other options other than the bare bones items included. The estimated MPG on this Chevy mirrors the stats of the Ford F-150.

Dodge Ram 1500 Express Quad Cab 4 x 4 is very popular but has a higher MSRP of $35,795 for a V-8 automatic. Anything that is not included as standard in whatever model you are looking at will drive that price up higher than you may want to pay for what should be included for a $35,000 truck and is not. Obviously whatever you use your truck for dictates what you have to have as opposed to what you want to have. Be wise and prudent in the choices on your wish list and don’t be talked into pretty stuff you could add later at your own pace. If you plan to tow with your truck, the GVW rate on the 1500 Express is 6,800 lbs. If you want 4-corner air suspension, it will cost you another $1715 while tacking on another $27/month to your truck payment. These are all examples of things to consider.

Let’s explore a bit higher on the truck lineup. The GMC Sierra 1500 Denali premium pickup has a starting MSRP of $52,155. It’s considered a light duty truck with a full size pickup design, signature Denali accents, distinctive lighting and a sculpted front end with bold lines. It’s a beauty for sure. The maximum GVW on this one is 9,300 lbs. Price hikers include the 3.23 rear axle ratio, bed steps and tonneau cover. Obviously the larger the truck bed, the larger the price tag, so be careful not to get a huge truck bed if you won’t be hauling large amounts of cargo. All weather floor mats are a really good investment and I am pro-floor protection all the way, but are they necessary the day you drive out of the dealership? No, especially if you won’t be adding passengers right away.

Buying a new truck can be an exciting venture and so worth all the confusion and information. Do your homework and trust your salesperson if you have had successful transactions with that person or dealership in the past.

What To Look For When Choosing A Car Repair Workshop

A car repair workshop is a car owner’s best friend. Even people who have knowledge in fixing their own cars have at least once in their life visited a vehicle repair shop to have a check on their car engines. But what should motor vehicle owners look for when they need a reliable car repair workshop that could handle any problems with their car engines that they would encounter?

A car repair workshop should have competent mechanics. Mechanics that could handle multiple car engine types is a plus when it comes to choosing the right car repair shop to entrust your cars with. Auto repair workshops with well rounded mechanics are great especially when you have multiple vehicles of various car engines. Even though it is not bad to go to different car repair workshops for your different car engine types, having a single shop to provide service to all of your cars would save you time and give you convenience and ease.

A motor vehicle restoration work shop that could give extra services is a plus. An automobile repair workshop that could give other services other than fixing motor engines is preferred. Shops that could also provides services such as car detailing, car accessories installation, upholstery and things like these gives a major advantage to car owners as these type of car repair workshops could serve as a one stop shop that could cater to all car owner needs other than troubles with car engines.

The service cost of a car restoration workshop is a factor. Price is one of the most vital aspects to consider when going for a vehicle restoration. Most auto repair workshops can deliver quality service to car owners and get the job done, so when services are equal, a factor to look on to is the service cost of the repair. Be careful with shops that charge you extra for something other than repairing your motor engines that doesn’t actually mean anything to you. The good automotive repair shop does what the customer requires and does not install or do extra work unless requested to.

A motor vehicle restoration workshop is an invaluable partner for auto owners. Though the said characteristics of a repair workshop would sometimes be hard to find, it would be worth the search. A good auto repair work shop would mean a longer life to your motor engine, more savings, and less headache for you.

Why Car Repair Should Be Left To The Professionals

In today’s society, DIY projects have become a necessity for many. This is also often applied to car repair. Some people think that because they have knowledge of cars and their working components, many of what they consider easy projects can be done in their home garage. However, a lot of these projects aren’t nearly as easy as they may seem.


Fixing a clutch. Simple enough, right? It seems to be. However, most people don’t realize that fixing a clutch is more complicated and can be a delicate procedure. The biggest hurdle one would find is that many times it involves dropping the engine. This is not something that most can do in their garage.

Recharging the A/C

Every automotive store carries A/C recharging kits. If they do that, then it must be something a novice could do, right? Wrong. Not even counting the added complications of Freon, there is so much more to it. Working with the A/C system involves very high, specific pressure, specialized tubing, and odd components – most of these allusively buried in the dashboard or tied into an incomprehensible computer – not to mention many other things related to the first law of thermodynamics. If that word is not recognizable, you more than likely have no business even being in there.

Working around or on the airbag

Though thankfully this particular area rarely needs to be worked on or around, it is still a good idea to know what the possible outcomes could be. The most important thing to think about if working on or around this area – including any close by panels – is that there is a significantly sized explosive charge tucked away in there. Does ‘explosive charge’ sound a lot like a bomb? It should, because that is essentially what it is. Definitely make sure that someone with training in that particular area works on that part of your car. A hand being blown off isn’t worth the extra money saved by doing it ones-self. It is guaranteed that the hospital bill for that would be significantly more expensive than just having a professional do it for you.

Rebuilding a differential

Anytime someone is messing around with gears it can lead to disaster. It takes a delicate, sensitive touch. Differentials are even trickier. If the gears are even slightly off, your car will sound like it has been taken over by a disgruntled poltergeist. Not to mention that in a very short time, the teeth will completely wear out and disintegrate. The contact patch between the gears has to be so carefully aligned that it is mathematically perfect.

Even the seemingly simplest of jobs are so involved that many times doing your own car repair can cost more than taking it to the shop. A car repair technician can do the job right the first time and save lots of time and energy.

Alloy Wheel Repair Rather Than Replacement

Alloy wheel repair is a much better option than replacement. It is always less costly to repair what you already have over buying a whole new wheel. Alloy wheel repair specialists can repair car rims with quick service and turnaround time, and be much more affordable than a whole new wheel. Even your more complex custom rims can be repaired and refinished, not just the stock ones that came with your car.

A good specialist will be able to take your scratched, chipped or gouged rims and make them look as good as new, without the cost of getting new ones. It will be just a fraction of the cost of all new wheels, in fact. You’ll likely never find anyone who can tell the difference, you could call it a secret between you, your wheels, and your repair technician. They will do this by inspecting, cleaning, and recoating your wheel to get it back to that showroom condition.

If you want that fresh from the factory look all the time, but your rims are peeling or flaking, you know that your car does not meet your factory fresh standard. If you’re tired of how it looks, or just worried that it may be damaging the metal of your rims, than you really have to get them repaired. For your own peace of mind, and for the long term value and usefulness of your car, you should have your wheels repaired. This is because when it comes to cars what may seem like a purely cosmetic repair is in fact a repair to a vital part of your cars protection. Your wheels looking chipped and scratched not only looks bad, it lets the environment attack the metal of your wheels which leads to rust, corrosion, and faults in your wheels. A faulty wheel, let me tell you, is something that no one wants. Do not just think of this type of repair as pure vanity, it is also an essential aspect of caring for the safety of your vehicle. So having them restored to their original factory look isn’t just visually appealing, it is the sensible and safe thing to do.

This doesn’t just apply to personal vehicles either; fleet managers have to look out for this as well. It reflects poorly on the quality of the vehicles you rent to customers if the wheels are in poor condition. That age old image of the car renter ‘kicking the tires’ isn’t so far off. I’ve kicked a tire or two before renting and given the wheels a look. If they look bad I’m not renting it. Same goes for companies with company vehicles, every aspect of your business will be scrutinized. From the paint and decals on your vehicle, to the rims and wheels you’re showing off, your vehicle is your public statement of what you’re about. Don’t be the one who shows a poor front to your customers; get an alloy wheel repair done to your company car before it reflects poorly on you.