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Innovative Parking Solutions Helping With Parking Issues

Parking issues can be a menace and most of the time creates a lot of havoc. The government is flooded with complaints as soon as a situation crops up. Instead of calling for help and relying completely on policies some communities use certain creative steps to curb the parking menace. A few ideas are discussed below.

Some churches make it a point to provide free street parking for a particular period of time for individuals visiting the church. They do not have off-street parking. Carpooling is the norm here and parishioners are encouraged to carpool. The Parish also makes it possible for people requiring transport and for people willing to offer transport to contact them so that proper arrangements can be organized. The church also advertises the services on brochures.

Sharing of parking spaces can be a fruitful workout. A company can willfully go into an agreement with another business, for example a company can build a grocery store on the property of a library. This way the parking lot can be shared. An added advantage would be that the people visiting the grocery may want to visit the library too.

These days you see websites being formed that are dedicated to find parking space. One can search for parking lot availability on this website. You can even sell a parking lot that you may own. Businesses with extra parking space can lease or trade the lots to others who have deficit.

Many restaurant owners pay from their pocket these days for valet services to prevent customers from parking within the nearby business for example a shopping mall.

Split user parking can also be very helpful. If a parking lot is completely utilized during the day but free at night, businesses busy at night can make use of the parking lots at night.

Some other communities are planning and encouraging entertainment facilities to gain shared parking. This way spill over parking can be eliminated.

Some individuals are taking to bicycles and asking their owners for bicycle parking facilities instead of car parking. This way they gain health and benefit by being able to travel enjoying the scenic beauty.

Some other churches provide shuttle services which hugely prevent overcrowding and therefore reduce the need for parking spaces.

Many old parking lots are being revamped to incorporate better technology that helps in increasing parking space.

Many other communities are establishing committees to ensure maximum parking standards. Also some cities are working toward making the city a beautiful place so that people would enjoy walking instead of resorting to transportation.

Introduction to South Carolina Speeding Tickets

South Carolina’s speeding law is codified in S.C. Code 56-5-1520. That statute provides for three specific levels of speeding offenses: less than ten miles an hour over the speed limit (2 points), in excess of ten miles but less than twenty-five miles an hour over the speed limit (4 points) and in excess of twenty-five miles per hour (6 points).

There are typically two options available to those who have received a Speeding Ticket. The first option is to attempt to reach a negotiated resolution and the second is to have a contested trial. Unfortunately South Carolina does not have a third option available in other states (such as a “prayer for judgment”) where a Court has the authority to suspend a ticket. There also are not special provisions to allow a ticket to be suspended for CDL holders.

The only individual with the authority to negotiate or discount a ticket will be the issuing officer. Neither the officer, or the Judge, has the authority to suspend the issuance of points or any control over how car insurance rates may be effected. The outcome of all tickets will be reported to the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. They will in turn report a ticket to the appropriate motor vehicle agency for any ticketed out of state driver. Many times officers are willing, upon request, to lower a speeding violation down one or more levels for individuals who were polite (in the officer’s mind) and who come to Court.

The only time an officer may be able to offer a “no point” outcome for a speeding ticket is if they are employed by a municipality that has a “careless operation” municipal ordinance. Fines for a “careless operation” ordinance violation vary substantially by area, and may be substantially higher than a standard South Carolina speeding charge. Out of state drivers should be cautioned that their home state may interpret the municipal violation to be a worse offense than a speeding ticket and may assess points accordingly.

If you are unable to resolve your ticket through negotiation with the officer your only other option would be through a trial. You have a right to either a jury trial or a bench (judge) trial. If you are found not guilty there are no points assessed against you or any fines. If you are found guilty you may lose the benefits of any offers the officer made to you pre-trial.

In order to have a bench trial you simply report to the Court on the date and time noticed on your ticket and instruct the Judge that you are pleading “not guilty.” The Judge will then conduct your trial right then. To obtain a jury trial, which is a matter of right in South Carolina, you may provide the Court with written notice in advance of your Court date, or you may appear on the date and time noticed on your ticket and tell the Judge that you want a jury trial.

The Jaws of Life

Auto accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Even though traveling by car is becoming safer and safer, the reality is that you or someone you love will likely be involved in a car accident at some point in time.

Half of the battle of surviving a car accident is the safety precautions resident in the car itself. Things like seat belts, airbags, and crash zones can directly improve your chances of surviving a car accident during the event itself, but what happens after the wreck? When emergency personnel arrive on the scene, what can they do to extract you from the totaled vehicle?

Perhaps one of the most common, but widely misunderstood auto accident survival devices are hydraulic rescue tools, frequently referred to by their trademarked name “Jaws of Life.” This innovative set of tools has a number of unique advantages over older, less effective and even dangerous tools like saws, axes and crowbars.

Saws are useful in some applications, but can cause sparks when cutting through metal, which can be dangerous at car accident scenes due to the presence of flammable liquids and vapors. They also tend to be rather loud, which can further antagonize a victim that has already been traumatized by a car accident, and not every saw can cut through the strong materials used by auto manufacturers in most modern cars.

Axes and crowbars are also moderately effective, due to the fact they are limited by the strength of the user and the structural integrity of the car. In some cases of severe car accidents the motion of an axe or crowbar used to pry open a stuck door or collapsed roof can actually cause the bulk of the car to shift, endangering victim and rescuers alike.

Hydraulic rescue tools circumvent those dangers and provide a number of other important safety features. Their strong jaws can cut through most materials without causing sparks, and as the jaws clap shut they can hold the cut material together, unlike a saw which merely separates the two pieces.

Furthermore, the same action that cuts a piece of metal can also be used to separate crushed materials. The hydraulic jaws simply act in reverse and spread apart, and this action can be strong enough to lift a damaged car off the ground and delicate enough not to disturb and risk further injury to a person that has suffered a spinal injury or traumatic head wound.

The “Jaws of Life” were so named because of a number of reasons. One of the inventors was named Jack Allen Watson, and he signed his initials onto design documents, which gave the device its first name. The device often also has two toothed mandibles that in fact strongly resemble a set of jaws from some monstrous animal.

Perhaps the best, and most lasting reason the Jaws of Life got their name is due to their basic function. Car accidents often involve situations where the right tool for the right job could mean the difference between life and death. Hydraulic rescue tools like the Jaws of Live could very well snatch people back from the jaws of death, and that notion helped cement this important tool with an iconic and brand trademarked name that thousands of people depend on each year.

There is no doubt that if you are involved in a car accident, you have a number of things on your mind. Should this traumatic situation happen to you, keep in mind that help is on the way, and that there will be Jaws of Life to help save yours.

Emissions Test – 10 Top Tips to Pass the Emissions Test

Many states and counties require your vehicle to pass an emissions test every couple of years. Your car, truck or van cannot be driven or sold without a clean bill of health. Here are ten top tips to make sure your vehicle will pass the inspection.

1. If the “check engine” light is on, you will not pass the emissions test.

If it just recently came on, maybe the problem is something short-term and will go away after several driving trips. But if not, you will have to take care of whatever is causing the problem (see below).

2. Get an oil change if you haven’t got one in the past couple of months.

Sometimes gasoline can contaminate your oil in the crankcase which increases carbon monoxide emissions.

3. Change the air filter while you’re at it.

A dirty air filter can also increase carbon monoxide emissions and you can fail the emissions test.

4. Put in new spark plugs, properly gapped.

5. Check your gas cap to make sure it has no cracks, and that it fits and closes tight.

If there’s any problem with it, get a new one. Make sure the gas cap is tightly closed with three clicks before you go for the test.

6. Fill the tank with premium gasoline.

You don’t want unburned gas anywhere but in the gas tank. Higher octane gas will burn better. You can go back to the “cheap stuff” after the inspection.

7. Add some “dry gas” or other gas additive to your tank.

When you drive the car to warm it up for the test, the additive should help clean the catalytic converter and exhaust system.

Note: Be sure to read the labels for the right additive and follow the instructions.

8. Make sure your tires are at their full air pressure.

The emissions test may include putting your car on the dynamometer. The tester will check it for emissions while driving your car on a spinning cylinder at various speeds. Properly-filled tires will help maintain a more even performance and lower the risk of failure.

9. Arrive at the inspection site with half a tank or less of gasoline.

This can also help prevent any gas getting in places you don’t want it during the emissions inspection. You may want to keep this point in mind when you “gas up” according to tip number six.

10. Drive the car for about half an hour before the test and idle the engine while waiting in line.

The idea is to have the engine warm and operating at its peak fuel-burning efficiency. This will also help mix your additive and get it into the fuel system.

If the “check engine” light stays on, or if following these tips doesn’t get you through the emissions inspection, there are still a couple of things you can do.

A handheld diagnostic scanner can easily turn off the check engine light. Even if the light is off, your vehicle’s computer may still hold diagnostic trouble codes. A decent scanner will also be able to reset these codes.

However, your vehicle may trigger those same codes on the way to the inspection site. Even if it does not trigger the check engine light, you will fail the emissions test when they hook up their scanner to your car’s computer. Your scanner can detect and read trouble codes whether the check engine light is on or not.

The scanner tool can tell you where to look for emissions and engine-performance problems. With it you can check your car engine’s oxygen sensors and many other parameters to find the system and sub-system where the problem lies. Fix the problem and you will be sure to clear the emissions test.

The History of Vance and Hines

Vance and Hines manufactures exhausts for American Motorcycles, Metric Cruisers, Sportbikes and Dirt bikes: exhaust systems, fuel injection management and air intake systems. These exhausts are not just your average, run of the mill motorcycle products. Each product Vance and Hines manufactures is done so with a specific purpose. Whether it’s power and performance, quality at a value or consistent style, they have the exhausts for you.

Vance & Hines is committed to the powersports field, and they never accept the status-quo. Vance & Hines capitalizes on thirty years of racing and winning to build the highest-quality, best performing parts that money can buy. The company’s reputation for excellence and innovation is unrivaled.

30 Years of Winning Races

Vance and Hines brags about their thirty years of winning races. Since the late 70’s, they have sacrificed nothing, and given everything, to provide you with motorcycle parts that are thoroughly engineered and manufactured to the highest standards.

Vance & Hines sponsored rider Eddie Krawiec set a new NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle elapsed-time record on the way to winning the final round of the Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals at the Auto Club Raceway. Lucas Oil Buell rider Hector Arana fouled at the start of the final round to give Krawiec an automatic win and his second victory of the season on his Vance and Hines sponsored Harley-Davidson V-Rod. It was the final race of the 2010 NHRA Full Throttle Countdown to the Championship.

Vance and Hines Carries their Success to Dirt Bike Exhausts

Vance and Hines has recently entered the dirt bike exhaust market. They may be new to the Dirt world, but they have experience on their side. Vance and Hines employees are some of the best in the business. One of the men who make’s it all happen is Alan Olson who spent 10 years with White Brothers Racing before joining Vance and Hines.

While working for White Brothers, Alan was the chief liaison for the Factory Yamaha Race Team and helped in all development of the racing exhaust systems. Some of Alan’s other accomplishments include: 2006 Mechanic of the year, mechanic for the 2000 Canadian National Champion, and 9 time World Vet Champion as a rider himself. His knowledge and experience are some of the key components they use in building their exhaust systems.

Premium Sportbike Exhausts

Vance and Hines pioneered the sport bike exhaust market with the SS2R and S4 in the 1980s. The motorcycle cruiser market was transformed with 220 degree full coverage heatshields, revolutionary Power Chamber technology and optional quiet baffles in the 1990’s. Today, Vance and Hines manufactures oxygen sensor mounts, catalyst based systems and the race inspired Big Radius 2-into-1 which will continue to raise the bar for the future.

Vance & Hines manufactures an exceptional quality motorcycle exhaust. The company is at the head of exhaust technology and brings you the highest quality motorcycle parts on the market today.

The Benefits of Mobile Windshield Repair Services

Many of us are constantly pressed for time and money. Every inconvenience or delay seems to cause us more problems than the mounting pressures we already experience, and nothing causes us as much stress as those issues related to our cars. We rely on our cars for our livelihood, recreation, and emergencies, so even the smallest repair can be stressful and disrupt everything.

Mobile windshield repair services have major benefits primarily because our time is just as important as our car and there are very few services that can be performed by professionals that also provide us with convenience.


With our time being a major concern in many of the decisions we make any service that works with us without infringing on our time is appreciated. Mobile windshield repair services provide us with that. They come to your car. Repairs can be made quickly without requiring a service appointment at a garage. Parked at your home, the parking lot at work or even in the parking lot while you are shopping in the mall, your windshield can be serviced by a mobile team equipped with the necessary tools for the job.


Many cracks or chips in a car windshield if left untreated can grow impairing a clear view and ultimately resulting in a necessary complete windshield replacement. A mobile repair service can address cracks and chips while they are fresh and relatively small delaying the need for a new windshield and sometimes preventing the cracks and chips from worsening. In more extreme cases where the driver’s vision is obscured by cracks, chips, and breaks there are mobile units that can replace an entire windshield. This is ideal as a safe alternative to recklessly attempting to drive to a garage with a broken windshield. It also saves you the unnecessary expense of having it towed.

Professional Care

Mobile windshield repair units are staffed by the same qualified professionals that would service your vehicle if brought to the garage. This means that even though your car may be receiving windshield repairs or replacements while parked in your driveway or parking lot the work is being performed by those most qualified to provide the service.

Auto Insurance

With windshield repairs being performed by professionals, the work is covered by most auto insurance. Most auto insurances only require that repairs be performed by qualified professionals in order for them to be covered, and though many insurance companies will recommend a particular mechanic or repair station many states, such as North Carolina guarantee that the customer can choose their own service provider. If the provider you choose to service your car for a windshield repair has a mobile repair unit then you can take advantage of that service assuming there is no stipulation that the service be performed in a garage.

Understand the Advantages and Disadvantages of Unrelated and Related Diversification

As a small business owner looking for business growth, a diversification strategy of acquisition can be very attractive. But you need to understand the differences between related diversification and unrelated diversification before you invest. To diversify in your business, your markets, or your products can be costly; therefore, invest in efficient diversification.

Typically businesses diversify through acquisition. Why diversify? The reasons need to be focused on quick growth and/or less expensive growth. However, conduct a strategic analysis to investigate whether or not the growth decision will result in a return on investment that is high enough to cover the risks associated with acquisitions.

What are the most efficient diversification strategies for your business? To diversify efficiently through acquisition means ensuring that you have built, or will build, strategies to increase your competitive advantage, to improve economies of scale and to improve your cost structure, to satisfy customers’ needs quickly, or to achieve your business plan.

Business owners need to assess the advantages and disadvantages of related or unrelated diversification.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Related Diversification:

A related strategy is when you add or expand existing products, services or markets. For example, an automotive dealership that buys a detailing business (cleans, washes, polishes cars – both inside and outside) has engaged in related diversification.

The advantage of this kind of related strategy is that it provides easier expansion: you already know the industry you operate in and you can leverage that knowledge.

The disadvantage of this strategy is that if there is a seasonal or cyclical downturn in the industry, you will feel the decline in both the dealership and the detailing business. The impact could be severe. There can also be issues with integrating two businesses, and with over-estimating the financial returns. Would it have been more cost effective to simply contract-out the detailing in the example above?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Unrelated Diversification:

An unrelated strategy is when you add new, or unrelated, products, services, or markets. For example, the same automotive dealership may decide to purchase the restaurant next door. There is no direct fit between the two businesses (although maybe employees and customers eat at the restaurant next door). The reason to buy the business is that the owner of the dealership wanted to get into a business that was dissimilar, had different seasonality, good potential for high returns (although the restaurant business has some high risk/high failure statistics).

The advantage of buying an unrelated company is that you reduce the risk of putting “all your eggs in one basket”; if the business, or the industry, is hit hard by the economy, or competition, or other success factors, then owning an unrelated business may help to offset the slump. In this example, you can also control some of the customer base for the restaurant (e.g. give your automotive customers waiting for a service a coupon for the restaurant).

Why invest in unrelated diversification? Because you may be able to invest in a new product or new market that has “peaks” when your business has “valleys”. Many businesses have seasonality highs and lows; if you can acquire a business that has a high when your business has a low, you can offset the low periods. Or the unrelated diversification investment may bring with it cost efficiencies (such as subletting some of your office or plant space to the new business; or sharing/consolidating some of the administration costs of running a business – human resources, accounts payable and receivable, shipping and warehousing, sales, and more). Increased profit potential drives an investment in unrelated acquisition.

Electrical Installations – Understanding The Importance Of Proper Set Ups

Electricity has made our lives fast, easy and comfortable. Almost everything around us needs some or the other type of electrical installation. According to researches, electrical fires are accountable for almost 300 deaths every year. Most of these fatal incidents are the result of defective electrical fittings. Improper wiring set up, circuit beakers and abnormal use of extension wires are the biggest contributors to these deadly events. So, it’s very important to hire the right professional who has experience in electrical jobs.

Residential fittings

Every residence requires electrical set ups. Whether you’re building a new house or reconstructing the old one, you need a professional electrician for wiring the entire building and connecting the cords to the power lines for receiving electricity. Common items that need electrical mechanisms are wall outlets, circuit breakers and regular appliances like lights, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers.

Car installations

Vehicles are full of multiple electrical elements that need proper fittings. Some common items in a car that need thorough electrical wiring are satellite navigational mechanism, fire alarms and sound systems. What’s more, you’ll find various types of cords below the dashboards, which are crucial for the functioning of the automobile.

Power line fittings

Power lines generally need a trained electrician to make sure that a specific area gets constant electrical supply from generating points. The voltage level in these power lines are quite high and supply electricity to loads of people. Nevertheless, some power lines have low voltage level and make sure that street and traffic lights function properly.

Commercial set ups

There’s a lot of similarity between residential and commercial installations. Nevertheless, there are a few differences between the two. Commercial set ups generally focus on bigger projects like educational institutions, corporations, businesses, factories and manufacturing plants. Commercial and business set ups need electricity that circulate throughout the building. At the time of installation, a professional electrician ensures that a particular building receives sufficient amount of electricity, without placing too much load on the circuit breaker.

So, no matter what the purpose is, choosing the right electrician is very important. A lot of people tend to do the electrical work on their own but that’s very risky. Even the slightest mistake on your part can put your life at stake. So, it’s better to hire a trained person who can execute the task to perfection. However, make sure that you’re hiring the right person. Remember, a wrong professional can spoil the entire set up of a building.

What Is the Best Solution for Hot Car Seats and Dirty Car Roofs

Finally, a solution for scalding car seats and dirty car roofs has been designed and is known as the car umbrella. This product is what every car that has ever been exposed to bird droppings and too warm of temperatures has been in search of. With great features and easy installation, the design of this umbrella gives protection against so much while needing so little work to install. The advantages of the car umbrella are clear and obvious, but let’s go into a little more detail of the features of it.

The main function of this product is to protect a car while it is parked in an area where it would otherwise have no such protection. The car umbrella is an electronically driven system powered by rechargeable batteries that can last up to a month on a single charge. It is designed to protect a car from bad weather conditions. It has a double windproof design with a total of four wind ropes that will keep the umbrella securely attached to the car no matter how windy it may be. The umbrella also features a cloth that automatically leaves the holder, assuring that the wind doesn’t damage the umbrella itself. The umbrella is made out of a sturdy copper material that will prevent rusting in either rain or shine.

Now as for the umbrella design itself, it was made to complete every action smoothly and efficiently. The design of the umbrella entails attachment ropes that are adjustable, ensuring that no matter what size of car you have, the umbrella will be able to fit exactly as it is supposed to. The rope itself is made with a wire that cannot be cut easily, which will prevent theft as well as add stability. As for the entire umbrella, you don’t have to worry about any damage to your car due to its high-quality material that will not hurt your car in any way.

Application for the car umbrella is incredibly simple, only taking about 30 seconds to install. There is a strong wireless connection transmission with a distance of up to 98 feet. The opening of the umbrella takes only eight seconds to complete, which means there are only eight seconds standing between your car and great advantages. These advantages include protection from dust, bird droppings, hail, and so much more. There has also been a temperature difference of 35 degrees found between cars with the umbrellas compared to cars without. No matter how heated the surface of the umbrella becomes, the smart design ensures that the heat will remain far away from your car. In addition, it also comes in three different colors, which gives room for personalization.

As it is easy to see, the car umbrella is a wonderful option for any and all car owners. With a multitude of positive aspects coming from this useful item, so it is sure to prove worth every penny put into it. Long lasting and durable, this product is the right choice for everyone.

Hide That Car! Fighting the Repo Man

Vehicle repossession may appear justified in circumstances where a person is generally being irresponsible and otherwise able to meet this financial obligation. However, what about that hardworking guy or gal who paid their automobile note dutifully for three years, and missed one payment? Why should their car be repossessed?

Basically, the lender owns your car until it is paid in full. Therefore, one missed payment is considered a breech of your agreement. It gets worse. After they take your car, they can sue you for what is called deficiency. Deficiency is any amount still owed on your contract AFTER your lessor sells your repossessed vehicle at–let’s say–an auction. Often they sell the car for less than they expected you to pay to get your car back. What do they care if they are going to sue you for the difference anyway?

I’ll explain it this way: Imagine paying $18,000 for a vehicle over time with maybe $5,000 left before the car is yours. You lose your job and fall behind a couple of months with the payments. Your vehicle gets repossessed. Now you must pay triple the amount of the two months you were delinquent because of added repossession and storage costs. You cannot come up with the money, so your car is sold at an auction for $1,500. The worst part: you are sued for the remaining balance of $3,500, plus the repo costs! What is the point of this? If they are going to sue you for the unpaid balance anyway, why not just give you the opportunity to pay the bill? Wouldn’t they come out better in the long run? Duh!

The repo man doesn’t care that your finances are in limbo because you have recently divorced or that your employer informed you in the eleventh hour that you were being laid-off. The repo man only cares about the fees that they will receive once they recover your vehicle. So, you must protect yourself.

Here’s an old fashion remedy for fighting the Repo man: If you know you will be able to come up with the money needed to pay your outstanding car note in a couple of months or so, switch cars with a friend until you get your finances straight. Better yet, HIDE IT in someone else’s garage for a while. Make sure it is someone you did not list as a reference on the credit application because the Repo man will definitely check their addresses in search of your vehicle.

I know a guy who switched cars with his brother who lived in a different state. Within three months, he straighten out his finances and paid his three month delinquent car note to date, plus late fees. He saved himself the high cost of repossession and storage fees, deficiency costs, and the embarrassment of

having his car repossessed (neighbors do watch).

The trick is to stay a step ahead of the repo man. Know their moves before they strike. This will help you prevent repossession, and the expense that goes along with it.