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An Online Auto Insurance Quote

People are constantly busy and they are always looking for things that are convenient. Because of the internet, no one wants to waste time physically going to an insurance company in order to get a quote. You can simply get an online auto insurance quote. This way you save not only time but money as well. It is not a long and boring process like the way things used to be done.

Before the internet came about, people had to go to these companies to discuss the quotes with the company staff. When you go through the process online you will find that it is simple and you will be able get a quote wherever you are, even in the comfort of your own home. The whole process is convenient as well as fast. You will get what you want minutes after you have provided the required details.

The fist thing you do is to just visit the different insurance sites on the internet. Here you will be analyzing the quotes that the various companies offer. It is important that you compare them before you make a choice as to which one will cater for your specific needs. When you have found the provider which you want to do business with make sure that you have gathered all the things that the insurer will need from you before you start the whole process.

These requirements include details concerning the vehicle to be insured, personal information and your driving history. If you are finding it hard to make a choice with regards to the company you want to work with you can visit the comparison site. This might assist you to make a decision. When you are online simply enter your details on the available forms.

This needs to be done with precision so that you can get the correct insurance quote. If there are any documents that are needed, they can be sent digitally via scanning. Because of the internet you can also chat with the company representatives for free online. Basically the internet allows people to get quotes faster and easily.

Before companies began using the internet, people had to make use of fax machines in order to send documents. The process therefore took longer as you had to wait for the reply. With the internet you just enter the required information and in less than half an hour the quote comes up on the screen.

This technology allows your provider to process everything in a very short period of time for your convenience. You save money in the sense that there are no travel costs and you do not have to make long phone calls every time you are dealing with the insurance company.

Therefore an online auto insurance quote has a lot of advantages. You can get it from any location. There is no need to go to the company directly. It is also a process that guarantees instant service and it is relatively easy to understand. Getting your car insured is also something that every vehicle owner needs to do because you need to be insured against uncertain risks.

How The Jeep Got Its Name

Where did the name Jeep come from? Not from the original designer and builder, the Bantam Car Company. It wasn’t Willys, the famous manufacturer of the Willys MB, either. Ford didn’t pick the name when it was making the GPW, and the U.S. Military never designated the term either. Truth be told, no one knows for sure just how the name “Jeep” came about, but the one common thread is that all of the theories relate to a sort of general population adoption of the term.

There are a number of theories on the origination of the name. There are reports that the term “Jeep” was used in Oklahoma in the 1930’s to describe specialized trucks used in drilling for oil, and that was how the term was later used by those from the area in describing the Willys MB.

Others believe that the name came from a slang abbreviation of the term G.P., which was an acronym that stood for General Purpose vehicle. The trouble with this theory is that the term General Purpose was reportedly used to describe the US Army’s quarter-ton reconnaissance vehicles, and not the Willys. Further, the Willys MB was designated for specific duties and was not referred to in Army circles as a General Purpose vehicle.

Along similar lines goes the theory that the name was a one-vowel slang word replacement for Ford’s description of the vehicle (the Ford GPW now commonly referred to as the Willys GPW), which referred to it as GP. The G stood for government use and the P referred to its wheel base size of 80 inches. When Ford began making these vehicles some people may have found it difficult to call it a Willys since it was actually manufactured by Ford.

Another explanation of the name has it that it was based on a character from the Popeye comic strip in the 1930’s that was known as Eugene the Jeep. This little guy was from another dimension and was blessed with the ability to go anywhere and do anything. He went through walls, scaled huge trees, flew, disappeared, etc. There wasn’t anywhere Eugene the Jeep couldn’t go. The theory goes that US soldiers were so impressed by the Willys go-anywhere performance that they began calling it Jeep after the character.

We’ll probably never know the answer to how the name Jeep began, but maybe that’s a good thing as it adds to the mystical allure of this American icon. What we do know for sure is that over 70 years later the Jeep, not to mention quite a few Willys, is still going strong!

There are many fantastic websites that offer a large line of Jeep replacement parts including parts for the Willys MB and Ford GPW today such as http://www.xtremeterrain.com

Awards Given to the Nissan 300ZX

The fourth generation Nissan 300zx hit the U.S. market in 1990! Since its nationwide drop, car enthusiasts have been fascinated by this wondrous machine. Not only has it gained the attention of sport car drivers all over the world, but it has also garnished more awards than most cars have ever dreamed of seeing. In fact, speaking of cars dreaming…the 300ZX should definitely have been featured in The Fast and The Furious Series, as the fastest car.

Topping out at 280 mph, the 300ZX holds the land speed record, awarded at the 1991 Bonneville Speed Trial. Imagine…that was without serious modifications! The Z32 could reach 60 mph, easily in just under 6 seconds! The Fairlady Z easily made the Chevy Corvette, Mitsubishi 3000GT, Mazda RX-7, Dodge Viper, Toyota Supra and Porsche 968 shutter in fear at the thought of racing against it. But racing awards are not the only titles that the 300ZX holds under its hood.

In 1990, the first year of the fourth generation, Motor Trend named the 300ZX “The Import Car of the Year” and “One of the Top Ten Performance Cars”. Further, the Z32 was placed on Automobile Magazine’s “All-Star” list, and honored with “Design of the Year” by the same forum. That same year, Road & Track and Car and Driver called the 300ZX “One of the Ten Best Cars in the World”.

You are probably reading this thinking….whatever. Many cars gain these distinctions in their first year, and then quickly lose their popularity and fan base. While this is true for many vehicles, it did not, nor does it now, apply to the Fairlady Z.

For seven straight years, from 1990-1996, Car and Driver awarded the 300ZX “One of the Ten Best Cars”, and for five years, from 1990-1994, it was on Automobile Magazine’s “All-Star” list! The reputation of the Z32 is virtually unheard-of!

Even after Nissan stopped importing the Fairlady Z to the United States, it continued to win awards. Automobile Magazine named it one of the coolest cars of all time in 2004, and in 2006, gave it the distinction of being included in lists like, “20 of the Greatest Cars of the Past 20 Years”, and “25 Most Beautiful Cars in History”.

The question remains, will the 300ZX continue to win awards? The answer is a resounding, YES! People are modifying and accessorizing the Z32, so that it will continue to be faster, sleeker and more appealing. Modified suspensions, air intakes and brake kits [http://modified300zx.com/index.php?cPath=4_85] all contribute to the ZX continuing to excel at races and drifting challenges.

Finding aftermarket parts and accessories [http://www.modified300zx.com/] has become a relatively easy task, with the advent of eCommerce sites that offer every possible thing for every possible vehicle. However, when I buy aftermarket parts and accessories, I want to buy them from someone who loves and respects the Fairlady Z as much as I do! That place, in my opinion is, without a doubt is Modified 300ZX [http://www.modified300zx.com/].

Things to Think About When Buying Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs)

Investing in Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) can be a very costly experience but for those in the trucking and transportation industry. Nothing is more important than having a reliable commercial fleet. Strangely, most people confuse age with reliability and only think that a new truck can be reliable. This is obviously not the case as well built, well maintained used trucks can be just as reliable as brand new ones.

HGVs by design are built to last. As their main purpose is to transport goods over long distances, they are able to easily do hundreds of thousands of miles on the same engine. Otherwise what’s the point? There are certain HGV makers that have a reputation for high quality, for example a used DAF truck should easily be able to handle 200,000 miles. This is not the only reputable HGV manufacturer of course. Iveco, Scania, Renault and Mercedes are just some of the great names in heavy good vehicle manufacturing and there are plenty more.

Here is a little more information about HGVs:

• HGVs are also known as LGVs (Large Goods Vehicles)

• In the UK HGVs are separated into categories depending on the weight they can carry. In some cases they require a special driver’s licence.

• HGV vehicles are normally manuals, with a high number of gears but you might be able to find a decent automatic HGV if you search hard enough. Having said this if you can’t drive a manual yet you might want to start looking at some lessons as you will be able to find way more vehicles with manual gear boxes.

For a small business there are many great opportunities to pick up ex-commercial vehicles from larger corporations like delivery companies or supermarket. You can attempt to contact them directly or use an online truck auction. Many large corporations use online truck auctions to quickly get rid of their used vehicles so they are great place to find a cheap reliable used truck.

Pennsylvania Auto Insurance Coverage – "First Party Benefits"

Pennsylvania auto insurance requirements are very unique when it comes to the first party benefits portion of the policy. Unlike many other states, Pennsylvania’s first party benefits are the only “no fault” portion of the coverage that is required by the state’s laws. These coverages apply to you and you household family members, thus the “first party” designation. I will try to explain these coverages in a way that I hope will help guide you toward making a better informed decision on what limits will best cover your family.

Medical expense coverage is required in the amount of $5000 for each automobile you insure on your policy. This coverage is considered primary in Pennsylvania and will pay before any other insurance when you are injured in an automobile accident. You and any of your family members will be covered for up to $5000 in medical expenses each. Pennsylvania auto insurance law requires each company to offer up to $100,000 in medical expense coverage. For clients who do not currently carry major medical insurance I would advise carrying a higher limit of medical expense coverage.

Income loss coverage is not mandatory in Pennsylvania but it is a very affordable coverage. Consider adding this coverage to protect your potential lost wages in the event that you are injured in an automobile accident. I’d like to remind you that this is also a “no fault” coverage which means that irregardless of who is at fault your lost wages will be paid by your insurance policy. Limits up to $100,000 and as low as $5,000 can be added to your policy for very minimal cost.

Funeral benefit and accidental death benefit coverage are both available as add-ons. Neither of these coverages are mandatory but are relatively inexpensive to add. If you think a dollar or two is worth covering yourself and family for these unforeseen expenses, you’ll want to add this coverage.

Extraordinary Medical Expenses is a coverage that was assigned to the insurance companies when the state of Pennsylvania decided its CAT fund could no longer afford to exist. This coverage covers the medical expenses beginning at 100,000 and up to 1,000,000. If you are adding this coverage to your policy you need to be sure that you are carrying $100,000 on the medical expense portion or you will have a huge gap in coverage.

Review these coverages with your agent and be sure to get price comparisons between the coverages that you have now and the coverage you really should have. You’ll be surprised at how affordable the right coverage can be.

Top 8 Factors That Affect the Car Insurance Prices

Here are a few factors that many insurance companies look at –

1. Age and gender are very important as they determine how prone your vehicle is for accidents. People between 18-25 years of age and men in general are found to be the ones, who are prone to rash and negligent driving. So, they attract higher premiums in turn.

2. If you drive in the rural areas, then your car insurance price may be less, as the probability of accidents in rural areas is lesser than that in the urban areas.

3. Vehicle insurance companies may look keenly into your credit history and a neat record would guarantee low insurance prices, helping you to attract good discounts from them.

4. If the total usage of the car in terms of mileage is low, the price you pay for the insurance company can also be low, as higher journey rates increase the possibility of accidents.

5. A clean driving record also ensures fancy discounts from the insurance providers.

6.The kind of the job that you do also determines the rates. a low car insurance price can be expected by a person who does desk job for more time than a marketing guy who has to travel a lot.

7. SUVs pose more risk than the normal cars, because SUVs being larger vehicles can be driven more rashly, making them more susceptible to accidents.

8. The place where you park you car is also another factor, because if it is a safer place, the car insurance rates can be expected to be lower, and vice-versa.

There are several other factors that need to be worked out before you decide upon the right insurance policy, because a good blend of suitable aspects will determine the best car insurance prices.

Antifreeze – Useful in Extreme Hot and Cold Weather Conditions

Anti freeze is very important in cold weather for preventing the vehicles from getting damaged due to freezing of water. Antifreeze prevents the water in your car’s radiator from freezing up which in turn destroys some parts of your car. Do you know that antifreeze is vital as a radiator coolant also? Radiator coolant is necessary in your car during hot weather. It prevents car system from damage due to overheating.

In cold countries, where the temperatures fall down considerably sometimes even to negative degrees, antifreeze is most important. Antifreeze is necessary in cold weather in order to prevent important fluids in the vehicles from evaporation. Antifreeze does not evaporate as fast as water. It also has lubricating properties, which is why it is very helpful to the system. The vital parts of your car such as hosepipe and other parts need to be protected from the harsh weather. Cold weather is always brutal and therefore you car needs special care.

The most important use of antifreeze is to keep your vehicle running even in the cold weather with heat. The precious green liquid that is environmentally friendly will help to keep up the engine heat even in the frosty weather. Antifreeze is quite a useful thing for the car system but many people do not understand this and are not aware about the fact. If any sort of problem arises, they think that some mechanical problem has been occurred. Sometimes they think that it might be due to radiator leakage, heater core failures, a thermostat being either open or closed and other things that can go wrong and which causes a car heater to stop working. However, this is not the fact.

In cold weather, it becomes necessary to start the car for every few hours to keep vehicles from entirely freezing up even if the antifreeze is in the system. In very cold regions where the temperature usually remains below zero, frequently requires restarting of the engine to catastrophic failure.

Antifreeze is the most important fluid in the car system. Car needs to be instantly started circulating the fluid in order to keep it warm and the car cool. Keeping your antifreeze at the proper levels is vital at any hour of the year especially in extreme temperatures.

Why a Car Engine Suddenly Blows Smoke

When your motor vehicle suddenly blows smoke there is NO need to panic. Why? Because as bad as it may seem it may not necessarily indicate that there is any real significant problem with you vehicle.


Smoke from your car engine usually occurs because it may be worn. There is a possibility for a worn engine to blow smoke because oil leaks into the cylinders and around worn valve guides. Or, it could be because of worn oil rings and/or both.

The colors of exhaust smoke that could billow out from your car tailpipe:

* Black exhaust smoke.

* Grey exhaust smoke.

* White exhaust smoke.

Under these types of circumstances, white smoke will be produced. The process of blowing white smoke is oil burning. This is totally different from fuel burning which produces black smoke.

Black smoke is a rich fuel problem.

When you start your car after the engine has been at rest for hours you drag white smoke, and the problem could be worn valve guides.


Here is what happens… when the motor car is at rest, oil that lies on the cylinder leads leaks into the engine cylinders. Since the engine is at rest, the oil sufficiently gathers and causes momentarily smoke as soon as the engine is again started.

There is NO need to get worried over this because as long as the smoking engine does not affect your cars spark plugs there is a good chance you will still pass emission tests. The only downside is you probably can not use your car safety reasons and to avoid getting a fine for excessive smoke coming from your car.

Under these circumstances, it is probably best to take your automobile to a reputable mechanic to fix the problem.


Sometimes, the problem may be caused by other parts like the cars muffler. If this is the case you may only need to replace your muffler which is relatively inexpensive. It is a good idea to always get a professional opinion when it comes to checking out your automobile exhaust system.


Because there are many components which make up the entire exhaust system and while some are relatively inexpensive a few of the parts can cost you big dollars. Shop around for the very best price and check online for comparison costs.

Remember that it all depends on the make and model of your vehicle as to the actual cost and availability of the proper part(s) for your exhaust system.

Welcome To The World Of "Upside Down" Motorcycle Loans!

With the depreciation on motorcycles being so enormous after they are driven off the showroom floor, the potential for a buyer owing more on their motorcycle loan than the bike is worth it quite high. Owing more on your bike than it is worth is often referred to as the world of “up side down”.

Many people finding themselves in this situation discover that financial lessons are sometimes the hardest and most expensive to learn. Motorcycle loans of more than 48 months (especially without a down payment) put you in the position of owing more than the value of the bike.

Let’s take a look at this phenomenon.

First, the interest calculation your lender uses can make a big difference in your situation, especially in the first 18 months. There are two primary interest calculations, pre-computed (combined with rule of 78) and simple interest.

Pre-computed interest combined with Rule of 78, is typically the worst situation for a buyer because most of the interest is paid in the first 24 months. Therefore, in the first 24 months little of the monthly payment has gone towards paying down principal. If a buyer wishes to sell or trade in the motorcycle within this timeframe they will likely find themselves owing more than the bike is worth. Statistics show that the average owner trades in every 18-24 months.

Simple interest on the other hand, is much more favorable for buyers since interest accrues on the balance of the loan. However, buyers that extend their loans for greater than 48 months can still find themselves up side down with simple interest. This is especially true if a down payment is not made. The reason this occurs is that the motorcycle depreciates faster than the principal is paid; leaving the balance owed to the lender to be more than the bike can be sold for.

A common view that many people have is that they will just surrender their motorcycle to the lender if they are caught in an “up side down” position. If you are considering this option don’t! Your worries do not just end after your bike is surrendered or repossessed; in fact they are just beginning. The lender will sell your bike at an auction for much less than it is worth. You will still owe the difference between the amount you owed on your loan and the amount the motorcycle sold for at auction. So if you owe $5000 and the bike sells for $1500, you still are responsible for owing the lender $3500. To make it worse lenders may tack on hefty auction fees which you will owe as well. So the net result is that you are now responsible for making monthly payments on a bike you can no longer ride.

So what steps can you take to prevent from being caught “up side down”?

1. Find a lender that uses simple interest. Avoid lenders that use pre-computed / Rule of 78 interest calculations.

2. Always try to put money down on your purchase.

3. Try to avoid motorcycle loans that extend past 36 months.

A Short Course on Sea Glass

Sea glass is a beautiful example of recycling by Nature. A bottle; or too many bottles in many cases, tossed into the water breaks in the surf, and years later its shards have transformed into beautiful gems worthy of becoming part of a coveted piece of jewelry.

Sea glass forms partially as the result of glass rolling in sandy surf, but also because of a chemical reaction of the glass with salt water. The longer the glass is in the water, and becomes hydrated, the more of a patina, or “frost” it develops as a result of the lime and soda elements leaching out. Because a unique chemical transformation takes place, beach glass may one day achieve gemstone status. The patina sparkles like tiny diamonds in the light, one of the hallmarks of genuine sea glass; a trait that has yet to be achieved by simply tumbling or acid washing of glass commercially.

Sea glass can be found in a multitude of colors. The most common colors found today are clear, brown, and kelly green, the color of many beer bottles.

Uncommon colors tend be older glass from the sixties and beyond. One look and you can recognize that it is not the color scheme used commercially today. The uncommon colors encountered most are the soft green, amber, forest green, and lime green, though these too, are becoming harder to find. The glass pieces with a soft green shade that looks so ethereal were most commonly turn of the century Coca-Cola bottles.

Some beaches; many in the Caribbean, harbor extremely old glass shards from rum bottles up to 300 years old. Most of these are the lime green, forest green and brown glass shades that have darkened in the sun to the point that they appear black.

The rare colors are the blues and aqua tones that are truly a delight to the eyes. True aqua, periwinkle, teal, and cobalt blue shades originated as medicine bottles and home glassware.

The rarest sea glass colors are the grays, yellows and lavenders. The “champagne” to purple colored sea glass is often extremely old clear glass made circa WW1. Magnesium used as an ingredient is glass making at that time caused the glass to develop a purple color after long term exposure to the UV rays of the sun.

The absolute rarest sea glass find is orange or red, the prize of a lifetime for sea glass collectors. The oldest of these specimens originated from shipwrecked stained glass panels en route to the new world from Europe, and the most recent from old automobile blinkers and lights.

Some sea glass has wavy irregular shapes as if it had been melted. The most likely cause for this formation is that it was “campfire glass”; bottles thrown into trash burning pits and bonfires by soldiers, workers, or even pirates many years ago. This glass has a very unusual look, though it is hard to set in silver due to its baroque edges. It often has grains of sand or sea plants embedded in it. Occasionally, pieces are bi-colored, from two separate glass shards fusing together. Very nice specimens similar to these can be found in areas where glass companies used to dump unused molten glass into the sea every evening. The “end of day” glass patterns are spectacular, and the edges are very smooth and unusual.

Each piece of sea glass undoubtedly has stories to it. Was the piece someone’s pop bottle in the sixties, or was it part of a sea captain’s liquor bottle hundreds of years ago? Perhaps some of that old Chesapeake sea glass came blasting out of a local cannon during the Battle of 1812. Maybe a few fragments of Caribbean sea glass carry the energy of pirates gathered around a fire, reveling into the night. Then there’s sea pottery, shards of broken china worn smooth by the sea. Who owned it? Was a teacup tossed purposely into the waves by a haughty aristocrat, or lost in a shipwreck? We can only speculate, but isn’t that fun!