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The Basic Steps of a Car Insurance Claim Process

The initial few hours, and days, that follow a car accident are filled with anxiety, stress, and confusion for almost all insured drivers. Many long for an expert to help them and take care of the whole procedure. Filing an insurance claim is when you ask the insurance company to compensate you for the damages caused as a result of a car accident, or when you request insurance agents to intervene on your behalf when you hold someone else liable for the accident.

You pay a considerable amount of cash for your car insurance. Hence it is only justified when you want to make a claim after being involved in an accident. Based on the insurance program you have opted for your company will provide you coverage accordingly. Insurance agencies are assigned to protect you and function as your advocate. At times, people want to handle things by themselves, which is not advisable when there is a third party involved.

Here is a step-by-step process of what you need to do to file a car accident insurance claim:

Contact the Police

When you are involved in an accident, the first thing you should do is contact the police and file a report. The report will contain a detailed description of the crash, eyewitness testimonies, details of the other driver and other relevant information. The police will also make sure you get the medical assistance to help handle your injuries. A police report will come in handy when filing a claim, as it can vouch for your account of what happened.

Call Your Insurance Company Right Away

Call your insurance agency from the scene of the crash if you can, while waiting for the police or after you are safe. This will help the company analyze the damages firsthand, and they can walk you through the next steps that need to be taken. If your car has been severely damaged, the insurance agency will guide you on what needs to be done with the car. A claim file will be opened, and all the necessary details will be added to it. If you do not call them immediately, you won’t know how they can help, and you may wind up burning through cash that you don’t have to.

An Insurance Adjuster Gets Assigned to Your Case

Once your claim has been filed with your car insurance company, a claims adjuster will be assigned to your case. The adjuster will most likely get in touch with you to elicit additional information. While describing the incident, always stick to the facts and avoid any speculation. Submit any photographs and testimonies that you collected at the scene. All of this will be used to determine who is at fault and hence your contribution plays a huge role. If you’re looking to file a personal injury claim with the other driver’s insurance company, it will help to have an attorney present. An attorney who is well-versed with the nuances of personal injury claims will be indispensable in this regard.


The insurance adjuster will conduct a thorough assessment and provide an estimate of the cost to repair your vehicle, medical expenses, and other deductibles that your claim will pay out.


After all the evaluation has been done, the adjuster will authorize a final payment for the damages caused. If you’re happy with the settlement offered, you will have to sign a release, accepting the payment for the case.

In many cases, the insurance agency will try to low-ball you and offer a lesser amount for your case. After negotiating with them, if they are still not willing to provide a better settlement, you can get in touch with an attorney who will help you file a lawsuit. If you would like to express your views on the topic, do leave us a comment below.

Mortgage Protection Insurance For Repayment Peace of Mind

Having the money to be able to continue paying your mortgage month after month is imperative. Get behind on the repayments and you are at serious risk of losing the roof over your head as the lender will take you to court. You could lose your income and not be able to pay your mortgage if for instance you lost your job to unemployment. Redundancies happen and it could happen to you with little warning. The same applies to illness or having an accident. Mortgage protection insurance would safeguard against all three eventualities.

Often when taking on a mortgage the lender will try to get you to take out mortgage protection insurance. However this is not entirely due to the fact that they are looking out for your best interests, but rather that it brings them in around £4 billion in profits each year. Protection for your loan is notoriously expensive when taking it this way and you do not have to take it alongside the borrowing. You are able to shop around and find a policy much cheaper if you look with an independent payment protection specialist. This is also the way to get access to all the information needed to be able to determine if cover is suitable.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding payment protection products since an investigation into the sector began in 2005 after the Citizens Advice began an investigation into the sector. The Financial Services Authority also conducted an investigation and this led to firms receiving fines, which included a mortgage firm. It is important for consumers to realise that payment protection products are not at fault but it those who sell them without giving out advice that are to blame. If you have access to the key facts and exclusions so you can check them against your circumstances then you can have a policy that you can rely on.

With a specialist payment protection provider you are able to choose the amount of protection you wish to take out. If you need protection against accident, sickness and unemployment only then you can take just this. However you might just want to insure against unemployment only or accident and sickness only. This will go towards determining how much you pay for the premiums along with how much cover you need and your age. If you take out age based mortgage payment protection then even those who have pushed their outgoings to the limit can afford to protect their mortgage repayments.

You do have to compare the terms and conditions of any mortgage protection insurance policy you are considering taking out as this will tell you when the cover would begin and when it would end. Some providers will offer a policy that could payout after unemployment or incapacity of just 30 days. Others could ask that you wait for as long as the 90th day. Sometimes providers will payout for a period of 12 months and others might continue providing you with benefit for up to 24 months.

12 Tips For Buying Cheap Used Police Cars

Statistics reveal that there are nearly as many as three times more individuals that prefer buying cheap used cars at auctions and dealerships as compared to buying new. Many also prefer buying cheap used police cars and one main reason for this is that police cars can last long because these are turned off very seldom for their first 100 thousand miles.

Here are some tips and guidelines to follow when buying cheap used police cars:

1. You should have a definite budget as this will be very helpful in setting your limits prior to browsing online or going to sales lots wherein it sure is easy to get impressed with special promotions on a police car model and type that is outside your “price range”.

2. Go to a trustworthy dealership. Ask for referrals from family and friends and talk other customers. A reliable dealer will be up-front and fair in price, condition and value of its police cars as well as not pressure you in purchasing any car.

3. You should inspect its mileage, because the mileage is an excellent “car age” indicator.

4. Be sure to check out the police equipment in it. You may discover speakers, sirens, lights, radios, etc. Offer it first to the car dealer so he can lower the price on your police car. Or you can pull out the equipment then sell it to on-line auctions.

Just be sure not to give it to the police car dealer for nothing. Used sirens today are worth around 100 to 150 dollars and siren speakers are worth around 50 to 150 dollars.

5. Remember to examine carefully the tires. Uneven tread wearing may be an indication that the police car may require alignment or has suspension damage.

6. It is sensible to bring along your mechanic to inspect the car’s mechanical condition. Also remember to test drive the used police car.

7. Do inspect it for contraband. These cars transport criminals so it is possible that these individuals slip some illegal stuff unto the rear seats!

Take it to your local police station, so they can inspect it for you. It is better that the police discover it, than have the police discover it at a “traffic stop”.

8. Ask for the car’s maintenance records and check it out.

9. Be sure that the car’s safety features are still complete.

10. Keep in mind that most of the time, the interior light will not light up when the “driver’s door” is opened, this is because the police car is ordered like that. When the light is put on inside, the occupants in the car are easily seen.

11. Check and carefully inspect the car’s rear door power window and lock controls. Most used police cars have deactivated rear-door locks, handles and power window controls in order to prevent criminals from escaping.

12. You must read carefully and understand fully all the warranty terms on the police car. Ask questions should you not understand anything, because a reliable dealer will willingly answer all your questions and explain completely the warranty details.

Keep in mind, the police car’s actual price is just one of the many factors determining its total price. Compare warranty costs, financing rates, processing fees and trade-in car values also.

Research on the make and police car model and do compare prices and take the time to shop around before deciding on a car.

No Win No Fee Compensation Claims – Choose the Right Lawyer

Being involved in an accident is certainly not a nice experience. It is essential that you get the correct advice. Did you know that you may be able to claim for compensation through a No Win No Fee Compensation Claim?

This type of fee agreement means that you will not have to pay for any fees to the Solicitor of Lawyer unless you win your case. However, if you do win your case then you Solicitor will take fees to recover their costs.

Usually, a good solicitor or lawyer will advise upfront if you have a good chance of winning your case and they are unlikely to be interested in your case if it has a small chance of being successful. It certainly is worthwhile contacting your local solicitor if you want to find out if you have a credible claim for compensation based on your situation. Being involved in an accident of any kind is not a good experience whatsoever, so it certainly helps to get compensation to help with the pain and suffering if you are eligible.

The phrase – ‘No Win No Fee’ illustrates the CFA or Conditional Fee Agreement you will have with your solicitor. Implementing this type of fee agreement ensures that both parties – you and your Solicitor come out of the experience favorably.

Even if you are unsure of the likely-hood of winning your case, you should investigate your options with your Solicitor or Lawyer as you may have a case that could be won easily. These types of Solicitors are in almost every town or city or you can check them out online.

What is a Pit Bike?

Dirt bikes have always had a reputation of being big, noisy and dangerous. A pit bike is basically a shrunk down version of these and in recent years have become very popular amongst children and adults alike.

As far back as the 1950’s when mechanics needed to get around the pits at a racetrack quickly and safely, they would build these little bikes for the purpose. They became quite popular, not only amongst the pit crews, but the racers themselves would get on these things and zoom around the track. This of course created fierce competition to come up with the smallest and most powerful bike possible.

A pit bike is a perfect place to start if your child wants to learn to ride, as they are a lot less dangerous than their larger cousins. These bikes are much lower to the ground and don’t go so fast as to cause serious injury. Of course, you should always ensure that your child wears protective clothing such as a helmet and shin and elbow pads before riding.

That said, pit bikes are not only for children, many adult enthusiasts spend all their spare time tricking out their motors in order to get the loudest, fastest and most powerful ride they can. There is some serious competition out their among fans, and race meets every weekend around the globe. On the internet you will literally hundreds of websites based around the subject of pit bikes, pocket bikes and mini motos, and people in there will be more than happy to help you with any inquiries you may have.

The Positive and Negative Consequences of Deforestation

Earth and the lives of everything that depends on it – from the smallest bacteria to the largest sea creatures – rest on a delicate matter and that is balance. A single, seemingly harmless disturbance in this balance has consequences that are both beneficial and disadvantageous. One of these is deforestation.

Deforestation has always been a practice of many developing communities and has contributed greatly to civilization as we know it today. Unfortunately, much of the ill effects of deforestation is caused by greed, bad agricultural practices and government neglect.

Why forests are important –

Other than for their beauty, forests are highly responsible in keeping and sustaining global ecosystems. In fact, much of the quality of life we enjoy, we owe to the forests. It is also the home of more than half of all creatures and organisms in this planet. From food to life-saving medicines, forests give mankind a variety of gifts that contribute much to our quality of life.

The positive consequences of deforestation –

Depending on the needs of the social group concerned, deforestation has made it possible for communities to be built. Forests make way for residential houses, office buildings and factories. Governments are able to build roads to make trade and transport easier and therefore more convenient to residents.

Deforestation can also mean the conversion of forest land to productive land for agricultural uses. This results in better and more abundant production of food and materials, virtually eradicating periods of want and lack. Economically, deforestation has contributed much in giving many communities the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives.

The negative consequences of deforestation –

Unfortunately, the negative consequences of deforestation far outweigh its positive effects. Here are a few of them:

1. Exposing soil to heat and rain. When forests are cleared, soil cover, which consists mainly of vegetation, is removed as well. This exposes the bare soil to extreme conditions produced by the sun’s heat and rainwater.

With these activities alternating, the soil quickly compacts. As rainwater flows, it will wash out the nutrients and other organic materials that make the soil rich and fertile. Add to that the frequent activities of tilling, cropping and grazing which gradually results to the degradation of the soil’s quality.

These practices are specially a concern in areas where forest zones are drier. Agriculture practice on top of deforestation can result to the desertification of many areas. Desertification is also a direct result of the demand for the soil to produce more (as a consequence of the increase in human population), thereby decreasing to a significant degree the land’s carrying capacity.

2. Flooding. Deforestation can result to watersheds that are no longer able to sustain and regulate water flows from rivers and streams. Trees are highly effective in absorbing water quantities, keeping the amount of water in watersheds to a manageable level. The forest also serves as a cover against erosion. Once they are gone, too much water can result to downstream flooding, many of which have caused disasters in many parts of the world.

As fertile topsoil is eroded and flooded into the lower regions, many coastal fisheries and coral reefs suffer from the sedimentation brought by the flooding. This results to negative effects in the economic viability of many businesses and fatalities in wildlife population.

3. Non-suitability of deforested areas for conversion. Most of the areas that have undergone deforestation are actually unsuitable for long-term agricultural use such as ranching and farming. Once deprived of their forest cover, the lands rapidly degrade in quality, losing their fertility and arability.

The soil in many deforested areas is also unsuitable for supporting annual crops. Much of the grassy areas are also not as productive compared to more arable soils and are therefore not fit for long-term cattle grazing.

4. The displacement of indigenous communities and their traditional way of life. When governments decide to offer forests for deforestation mainly to open up areas for ‘civilized’ communities, access to forest resources by indigenous peoples are ignored. In fact, indigenous peoples are hardly included in economic and political decisions that directly affect their lives. This encroachment ignores their rights as much as it takes away the resources that their ancestors have bestowed upon them.

5. The loss in the number of biodiversity. This is probably the most serious consequence of deforestation. Put simply, it means the destruction and extinction of many plant and animal species, many of whom remain unknown and whose benefits will be left undiscovered.

Each year, as deforestation continues, much of the wilderness from which we benefit and would have continued to benefit from will be lost forever. With it are the millions of chances in the form of plants and wildlife that could bring us many economic and medical solutions to pressing problems we currently face.

While it’s true deforestation has brought with it opportunities to improve our lives, we have not mastered the right kind of responsibility that goes with having control over our planet’s resources. As a result, we and all the other creatures on this planet suffer greatly from the consequences of our actions.

Important Tips on Buying a Life Insurance Policy


Life Insurance comes with many benefits. Nowadays, life insurance isn’t just a contract between the insurer and insured, which provides protection against risk of life by paying a premium. For sustainability in the market, every company and product need to adopt the current demand and circumstances and same goes with the life insurance products too. In these years of change in the market, regulator and life insurance companies have taken major steps to meet the changing demands which have provided customers with following options and benefits:-

  • Wide range of product portfolio
  • Options of saving and investment
  • Added benefits with life insurance
  • Different ways of getting low premium and high coverage
  • Additions in list of key features of life insurance polices
  • Transparency and hassle free procedure

With a pool of different companies, products and benefits to choose from, you need to pick out the best one for you. There are many things which you need to keep in mind before buying insurance and there is no specific guideline for choosing the best one, it all depends on your need and situation. But there are some important points related to every policy which can help you to filter the best insurance policies. Based on those important points, we have outlined following important tips for buying a life insurance policy.


  • Start early

Buying a Life insurance when you are young, gives you a lot of benefit. You will be able to get high coverage at a very low rate of premium because age has a direct effect the premium rate (younger the buyer, lower the premium is). In addition, with low premium, you will get better financial planning, long duration of coverage and your premium will be locked at a very low rate for your entire policy term.

  • Choose the right coverage amount

Don’t decide your policy coverage on your feelings or on calculations based on single factors (like 10 times of your salary). While deciding upon the coverage amount, always consider your current lifestyle, debts, assets, future obligation (college education of children, settlement of your family to different locations, etc.), and rate of inflation. Choosing low coverage will give you zero benefit while choosing a high coverage will be a costly deal for you.

  • Comparison is the key

Comparison is very much necessary before buying an insurance policy. It helps you to choose the best policy at the best rate. There will be many polices which will not offer benefits which you are looking and may be available at different rates. There are many IRDAI certified comparison portals which provide a comparison of different policies on their websites which is unbiased and easy.

  • Choose the right policy

Different policies have different benefits, eligibility criteria, terms and conditions, exclusions and inclusions. You can choose the right policy for yourself only if you know about it well. So the key in choosing the right product is better understanding about it. Know about the riders available, add on benefits, what is not covered under your policy, premium rates and all other aspects related to your policy. Know your needs well and then find policies accordingly.

  • Choose the right company

There are more than 20 companies in India and it very much necessary to choose a trustworthy company. There are some companies which provide best insurance policies and are trustworthy also. You need to check the claim settlement ratio, review (by customer and experts), claim settlement process, product portfolio, price, etc. of different companies to choose the right one.

  • Understand the brochure

There is a brochure available with every Life Insurance product which is available on the company’s website. It contains all the key benefits, features, eligibility, inclusions, exclusion, term and condition related to the policy. Go through every fine line of the brochure to understand your policy well. It will help you to use the available benefits and avoid any bad surprises in future.

  • Disclose your information correctly in the proposal form

Some people hide facts about themselves while filling the proposal form and giving personal details to the company. For example, some people tick themselves as a non-smoker while giving details to get low rate of premiums. But later, at the claims stage, it could result in zero benefit as the claim will be rejected due to misleading information provided by the insured. You can’t fool the company by giving wrong information. So to avoid any hassle during the policy or at the time of making claims, it is always necessary to provide the right information about yourself to the company.

Never buy a Life Insurance policy in a hurry because it’s a decision which will have an effect on your whole life. Give some time for research and understanding your needs well because a policy bought with precision gives you exactly what you want.

How to Repair Shoes or Boots – Shoe Goo or Super Glue?

Just when your shoes or boots start getting comfortable you notice a split on the side of the sole. Or a heel starts to separate. You can take the culprit into a cobbler for some ‘shoe restoration’ to have the sole repaired or the boot heel glued back or you can do it yourself in a few seconds. There are a couple of options. Shoe Goo and an advanced or commercial grade cyanoacrylate (superglue).

Shoe Goo is the favorite of the skateboarders as it will glue most things together and fill some serious gaps left by the road scraping off parts of the sneakers.

Super Glue and Krazy Glue are cyanoacrylates – that is the chemical base of super glue or Krazy Glue. Advanced or commercial grade super glues have characteristics that make them a better fix than off the shelf super glue.

Both types of products (Shoe Goo and super glue type glues) have their use. Both of these types of glue will last for quite some time so are good to have around as they will not go bad and will be available when you need them. Both will dry flexible.

Shoe Goo can be purchased in hardware stores and some sports shops and certainly online. It is fairly thick and comes in clear, black and white. One can actually use it to rebuild a worn heel on a boot or running shoes. It can be used to re-attach a split in the sole of the shoe or heel but as it is so thick I find a product like a high end super glue (a commercial grade cyanoacylate) more useful.

To rebuild a heel with shoe goo you first of all need to use a bit of sandpaper to roughen up the surface. This gives the glue something to attach to. Once that is done just squeeze some out of the tube and shape it with a small stick. Most packages of Shoe Goo will come with a stick for applying. If you are going to apply in layers to build a bit thicker wait about 5-6 hours between applications. Allow 24 hours before walking on the boot or shoe. It dries shiny but that will wear off once you start walking.

If the sole has separated somewhere you can carefully squeeze in some of the glue then press the two surfaces together. This is not the best glue for this type of application as it can be messy but with care can be done. When you press the two surfaces together some will squeeze out and you can scrape off with a piece of wood or metal to get the edge smooth. Let this set for 24 hours as well. It will be flexible when cured.

How and when to use an Advanced Cyanoacrylate for a ‘Shoe Fix’

If you have a sole or heel starting to separate the Shoe Goo can get messy very easily and if you are trying to repair a pair of dress shoes or very nice boots this may not be the material to use. If you use super glue or Krazy Glue you may run into problems as well because they often get brittle when dry and once you start walking in your shoes or boots they very likely will come apart again.

Commercial grade cyanoacrylates are made from the same base as superglue but without the solvents will dry clear and flexible. They are extremely easy to use and being almost instant you don’t have to wait to wear the shoe or boot.

Some examples of types of situations where you might use this type of super glue: the toe of the sneaker or running shoe starts coming apart; heel of a boot starts to separate or falls off; two layers of leather on dress shoes start to separate.

One of the benefits of this type of product is that it will wick in. This means that if you put a drop at the edge of a crack or joint that is just starting to split, it will go into that space. It will kind of be drawn into it. This means less mess.

So, for a split in a shoe try to hold the shoe or boot so that the split is open as much as possible and so that the glue can run down into it. Place the tip of the spout at the edge and gently squeeze a drop into the gap. If it is fairly lengthy you may need to run the tip of the bottle along the line of the gap while gently squeezing out a bit of glue. Set the bottle aside and press the two surfaces firmly together. This type of glue takes only a few minutes to set. Give it a few more minutes and you can walk in your shoes or boots. Take care as some of the glue may run out as you squeeze the two surfaces together – hold the shoe so that it does not run onto the top or other parts where a stain could show.

This makes for a great emergency fix: You are ready to go to work or the party and you find that the heel of your dress shoe is loose. Take out your commercial grade super glue, apply it and within a few seconds you are good to go.

Both types of glue will be water proof when cured. With these two types of glue and a bit of duct tape you can fix just about anything.

Alloy Wheels – Trifle Or Need?

You see them every day and they catch your eye. Different models, shiny or dull, they make you wish having them. Or, if you have them, this makes you very proud. But, is there any other reason to equip our cars with this good-looking wheels or it is just about stepping out of the crowd and satisfy our own pride?

To answer this question we need to analyze the options – and they are not too many.

When we purchase a new car, it is usually equipped with regular steel wheels. The alloy ones come as an extra option and are, of course, increasing the price of the vehicle. The steel wheels are the cheapest ones. They satisfy the basic needs. They are easy to repair in case of damage but, in the mean time, heavy enough to increase the fuel consumption. They meet the standard safety requirements and are time resistant, but too ugly to be left uncovered.

Another choice may be the magnesium wheels – or mag wheels, as they are quite well known. Many people confuse them with the alloy wheels, but, I am telling you, there is a very big difference between these two. The magnesium wheels are lighter than other types and they seem to improve grip, handling and fuel consumption. In UK they have been banned in some motor sport areas. And there is a very good reason for it – magnesium is a flammable element and the fire hard to be extinguished. They can burst on fire because of a minor tyre puncture. Sometimes they offer low corrosion resistance. They are far more expensive than other types.

The alloy wheels are placed somewhere in the middle. Safer and cheaper than mag wheels and offer a better look, better fuel consumption and handling compared to regular steel wheels. They prevent the braking system from overheating which leads to a better functionality. Anyway, depending on the manufacturing process, they can cause tyres to leak air. In exceptional cases they are still heavier than regular steel wheels and you will have to sacrifice the low fuel consumption and a good handling in the favor of cosmetic purposes.

The decision is yours to take.

Article by: Chris U., Webmaster


A car tuning & styling and car care products website.

You Too Can Now Afford New Dentures

Are you in need of dentures? Has eating your food been become a chore? Do you miss the foods that you use to be able to eat or just being able to eat like your everyone else? Have you avoided buying dentures because there are just too expensive and felt guilty because you would be putting yourself ahead of the rest of the family? Well my friend, there may be a way that you can get this taken care of without breaking your bank. Are you interested in learning more? Let me explain…

Out-of-pocket costs for everyday dental care are through the roof. The cost of new dentures alone is usually around $1252, depending on the area of the country that you live. That figure is based on the Phoenix, Arizona area and also I got a similar quote from the Denver, Colorado area. Most working people with families don’t have $1252 laying around to get their upper dentures replaced with. As a matter of fact, $1252 is a monthly income for many people. However, there may be a way that you can get something done.

What I’m referring to is called a dental discount plan, also sometimes referred to as discount dental plans. These dental plans are not insurance, they are simply a discounted fee that is provided by a network of dentists for payment in full at the time of your visit. This is how it works. You pay a small fee in order to become a member of the dental plan. These fees are as low as $80 per year for an individual and as low as $150 per year for an entire family. After paying your membership fee you will be able to visit a dentist within one to three business days. You can then make an appointment to see your new dentist.

At your initial visit your dentist will want to do a thorough checkup, including x-rays in order to find out everything that is wrong with your mouth. This will be pretty simple to do if you’re missing all of your upper or lower teeth, or have no teeth at all. You and your dentist will consult at this time and your dentist will let you know what you need to have done and how much is going to cost. You determine what you can afford and you pay the dentist the discounted rate at the time of your visit.

The savings from these plans can be anywhere from 10% to 60%. The cost of upper dentures alone is over $500 savings just by having the dental discount card. You’ll also receive savings on any of the dental procedures that you need to have done for the entire year for yourself and/or your family, depending on which plan you choose to go with. I highly recommend that you get more information about dental discount plans if you are in need of dentures.