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Auto Dealership Floor Planning Explained

Consumers often ask how car dealerships afford to manage the vast inventory of cars we see on lots nationwide. Undoubtedly there is a large sum of money required to obtain a large inventory, but what many do not often realize is that the used car industry is a very complicated and diverse industry that reaches as much into investment as it does in sales. Dealerships utilize a process called floor planning to manage financial backing, inventory, sales and everything in between. Floor planning is a complex process that drives nearly every aspect many dealerships today.

What Is It?

In simplest terms, floor planning involved three parties, the creditor (money loaner / investor), the dealers and buyers. Investors supply a loan for dealers to purchase a needed stock of cars which serves as the collateral for the loan, and interest is applied to each piece of collateral. Once a car is sold to the buyer, that portion of collateral is considered repaid. The process allows dealerships to establish a valuable line of credit, increasing their inventory and repaying their credit as the inventory is sold. The entire system is a complex process that allows dealerships to maintain solid stock.

How is it Managed?

The floor plan process is an extremely detail oriented process that requires regular tracking of investment money, inventory and sales. While many may attempt to manage this themselves, it's best if the process is managed by software designed to manage this complex information. This software is designed to manage billing cycles for investors and dealerships, fee and interest management, dealer information tracking, transaction and information management and inventory aging and audit management. All of this ensures that investors know where they investment is allocated, what aspects of the investment have been repaid, and other intricate details that could be extremely difficult to track. Most of these programs can also manage multiple investor interests for dealerships utilizing multiple lenders.

Who can Invest?

Most users that will use floor planning software include banks, auctions and private finance companies. These banks and lenders can be local or private investors. For most private investors it's common to invest a minimum of $ 1 million or more. With potential investment returns of 25-35% there is a substantial opportunity to benefit from investment returns. As a commercial lender it's also possible to find a software provider that meets your needs and also can serve as a consultant on the local market in which they're involved.

Next time you see a large dealership with substantial inventory, it's possible that dealership floor planning is at work. It allows investments to be accurately managed, allows dealerships the opportunity to improve inventory and supplies a wider range of potential buyers at dealerships nationwide. As complicated as it may seem, floor planning helps drive auto sales each and every day.

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Automotive Castings

Automotive Castings form the majority of automotive parts

The process of casting has always been used in the iron industry to make iron products according to requirements. The introduction of automobiles in the early part of 20th century resulted in a rapid increase of iron consumption in automotive companies all over the world. Today the automobile companies remain as the single largest consumer of metal castings. Automotive Castings are a bit different from other iron castings. As the products of these casting forms important parts of a vehicle, the casting has to be perfect and flawless.

Grey Iron Castings

It is the most commonly found cast iron and is also one of the most widely used materials for casting. Graphite is generally present in this cast thus giving it a distinct grey color. It is mainly used in products with non critical tensile strength like pump housings, electrical boxes, decorative items and valve bodies. It facilitates high level of thermal conduction for which it is also used in making cookware and rotors for brakes. Most Grey Iron Castings have 1 to 3 percent of silicon and 2.5 to 4 percent of carbon. Silicon, being a reliable graphite stabilizing agent, is widely used in grey iron casting.

Ductile Iron Castings

This type of cast iron was introduced in 1943 and since then it has been widely used by different industrial sectors including the automobile sector. The main advantage of this casting is that unlike other castings, it is not brittle and is able to withstand stress for a long period of time. Several materials are mixed with iron to form ductile casting. The main materials that are used for this purpose are carbon, silicon, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and sulfur. Carbon and silicon are, however, present in the highest concentration.

Use of castings in automobile industry

Castings are widely used in automobile sector and are used to produce a number of automotive components. These components are manufactured by placing the molten iron in moulds specifically designed according to the requirements of the automobile industry. The cast products are t hen taken out of the moulds and are fitted in the automobiles. Nowadays, almost all equipments in an automobile are made of cast metals.

There are many companies that are involved in the production and distribution of cast metals like SG Iron Castings. As the casting process is quite intricate one, it needs to be completed perfectly in order make the products flawless. Clients in need of such products should always take the help of professional experts who can give effective suggestions regarding the products. Quality check is absolutely essential before buying such product because compromising with the quality may result in the lack of the desired result.

Nowadays it is also possible to order these products over the internet. There are numerous websites that facilitate the sale and purchase of these products at affordable rates. Buyers just need to pay a visit to these websites and place an order according to their budget and requirements.

Our offered Automotive Castings are widely appreciated by our clients located all over the nation for their outstanding features like easy installation, corrosion resistance, sturdiness, etc.

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Should You Care About the Quality of Your Brochure?

First of all, what we need to discuss is that how important a brochure is to the success of your business. Only then you will be able to wisely conclude whether you should care about the quality of your brochure or not. If your brochure design is unable to contribute or help you grow your business, then it’s a tool which we can call useless. However, if this tool can help you get recognition, win the trust of your market and grow your business, then this is an extremely powerful tool for you business. So, we need to now analyze how it can help your business and then we will determine whether you should care about its quality or not.

First of all, you need to ask yourself why you want to create a brochure. Do you want to create it to promote your business online or offline or both online and offline? The good thing about brochures is that you need to only create one version of it to use it both online and offline. There is no need to take out and spend extra cash on different brochures for offline and online marketing. The brochure that you hand out at exhibitions can also be made available for download on your website.

Hence, this perception that you can only use brochures to promote your business offline is false and we should debunk this myth. Now, is it really important to make your brochure available for download online? Well, it’s a powerful marketing tool. Since you will hand it out in your area, then there is nothing wrong with making it available for download. People who prefer to print and read stuff would love to download, print and read your brochure when they have time to read comfortably in their couch. So, it is a great marketing tool that can help you win the trust of your market.

Now, that was about marketing. Let’s now discuss what your brochure does. See, it tells your story to your market. It tells your market that why you are better than your competitors and why your products should be preferred always. A nicely written copy will be able to grab the attention of your market and make them at least try your products. Yes, your brochure can make your market take action and choose you over your competitors and, indeed, it’s a big accomplishment.

When you share your story through a brochure, you can provide information clearly and concisely. Ensure that you organize that content strategically and don’t make it look like a mess. This way you will be able to attract your target market to see, pick up and read your brochure.

So, in simple words, a brochure helps you make your business and products famous. It helps you talk to your target market and tell your potential buyers that why you are a legitimate company with authentic and reliable products. So, you can now easily conclude that since it’s a powerful way of promoting your business, you have got to take care of the quality of your brochure.

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Should I Use an Auto Broker?

Auto brokers are becoming more and more popular because of the economy and consumers looking to obtain the most car for their hard earned dollars. The question is do you really save that much by using an auto broker or auto buying service? Yes and no, as there are many variables when it comes to savings and the type of vehicle you purchase.

Auto brokers can save you thousands of dollars and a substantial amount of time if you use them correctly. The unfortunate part of the auto brokers is one of their qualities, minimal overhead. Many auto brokers work out of their homes or have a small office and a skeleton staff.

This facet of the business will allow you to avoid paying excess fees and profits needed by the dealers to maintain operations. This trait may also become a difficulty for some car owners who have used an auto broker when having issues with the vehicle or more in particular the paperwork (financing, licensing etc.). Salespeople, F & I or product advisors are famous for helping their customers but neglecting the ones they do not know. A question to ask yourself; Are you comfortable fending for yourself in the event of on forseen issues?

Auto brokers save you money, in most cases, but many times do not have the capacity to assist you any further then the pricing. If you can save a substantial amount it may be worth while to use an auto broker and forgo the services provided by dealerships and their sales staff.

The savings you receive from using an auto broker can range from thousands less than what the dealerships charge, to actually costing more then what the dealers may offer, with a little negotiating. How can this happen? Easy. If you are able to save $ 500 off the sale price of a new car with a broker, and then are $ charged 500 for his services, your savings are effectively negated.

Auto brokers sometimes are able to purchase vehicles for the same or near what the dealers pay, and then pass the savings on to you for a fee. The most common brokers though only arrange a discounted price from an actual dealer. A brokerage or auto finder fee can range from a hundred dollars or so to upwards of a thousand dollars or more. The rate which you are charged is based on vehicle type, distance for delivery and of course size of discount they can obtain.

The other form of savings you can obtain from an auto broker is time. Most consumers spend an average of 22 hours researching vehicles they may wish to purchase. The actual dealership visitations will on average take approximately thirty two percent of that time or seven hours. What happens in those seven hours? Vehicle presentations, test drives and of course pricing / negotiations. Auto brokers many times can not supply a consumer with any of these services except pricing / negotiations. Although, this can still save you on average 1 – 2.5 hours and of course the relief from a headache, which many can feel after being shown this offer and that offer, countering those offers and then finally agreeing to a compromised price.

The one facet of the pricing process that many times can not be handled by an auto broker though, is the trade in vehicle value. Many brokers work from a remote location and are not able to physically appraise a vehicle and therefore are not able to give you an accurate value. If you are able to find a broker that is able to appraise trade in vehicles, they may come with a caveat for consumers. Is the value they are offering the true value, or are they trying to make a profit from that as well as charging you their fee? Some dealers do it why can not they.

The only way to know for sure is to do your own research. Visit a few dealers and have appraisals done. What is the average value you have been given? That is the true wholesale value and probably the only surefire way for a consumer to be sure of a fair value. By doing this you may have also been able to begin a trusting relationship with a dealership and may not have to pay an auto broker after all, if you do not see the value in their services anymore.

Whether you choose to use an auto broker or just rely solely on the sales people at a dealership, research is key. If you truly spend 20 hours compiling your researched information and because of that you $ save 800.00 off the price of a vehicle and another $ 600.00 on your trade in, combined you saved $ 1400.00, which $ equals 70.00 per every hour spent researching in your pocket. Even if you use an auto broker to save some aggravation and pay their fees of $ 250.00 that still means you made $ 57.50 per hour. Not a bad rate of pay by any standard, in my opinion.

Auto brokers work well for some and lessen the buying experience for others. It is truly up to the individual consumer which route best suits their needs and wants. By being diligent and not taking all advice at face value, will allow any consumer the advantage of deciding the proper way to save the most money and aggravation in their next car buying experience.

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Your Facebook Contact Information

Almost everyone is on Facebook nowadays and even businesses and professionals have set up an account to take advantage of the marketing opportunity. Facebook is ranked with the highest usage compared to other social network sites. With over 250 million active users around the world, whatever you are marketing, you have a high chance of attracting customers to your business.

Facebook makes it easy for people to create profiles. It is interactive, efficient, effective, and easy to maintain. Professionals rely on Facebook profiles nowadays as a way to look at the information they need about a person or business. If you are someone who is marketing something and you want to promote and attract people to your profile, it is essential that you have all the information that your target market is looking for, like your contact information.

It is essential that your contact information is easily found on your page. Once people get to your page and you catch their interest, they will want to know how to get in touch with you. The contact information on your Facebook page can be found at the bottom of your "Info" page. The location might sometimes be difficult for others to see, so as a social media marketing strategy, you want people to see your contact information right away or at least where it is more accessible.

If you are confused on how to define accessible, the website Mashable released a heatmap that determines the part of your profile that gets the most clicks. The clicks tell you where others go when they visit your profile. This gives you an idea on where you can make your contact information accessible.

Here are some of the top spots where you can place your contact information:

Profile Picture – this part of your profile is found to be the most clicked on part in a Facebook page. Normally, when people like your profile picture, they leave comments. What you can do is comment on your own photo. In the comment box, leave your contact information and any link where they can easily connect with you or find more information about you. If you have a website or you want them to follow you on Twitter, you can just link them. This strategy will make it easier for others to know more about you. You can be creative in what you input there to get your visitors' attention.

Employment Section – this is the second most clicked area on a Facebook page. This is where you put your employment information including history. This part will give your visitors an understanding of what you do and where you get your work experiences. Almost all businesses have their own Facebook page now and putting your employer details there will link them to your employer's main Facebook page.

If you have your own business Facebook page, what you can do is put your own page under the employer category. This strategy directs them to more information about what you do rather than direct them to your employer's page where they can not see any information about you.

Info Tab – people also look at this part of your Facebook page, so you want to make sure that your information is there when they click it. Notice that when you click on your info tab, your employer is the first thing that you see. What you can do is place active hyperlinks of your own in the description section of your employer details. This is another way of giving people more information of what you do or what you want them to see that is related to what you do. Placing them where they can easily see it is another strategy that will generate more visitors to your own sites.

If you notice, Facebook's format always puts your contact information at the bottom of the info page. This is true for the old and new format. Take advantage of placing your contact information in accessible places where your visitors no longer need to scroll down to the bottom of your page.

With the new format, you have the "About" page. If you click on it, the first that you will see is your employer. Again, make sure to include your details and active links in the description box. When you scroll down, that is where you see all your contact details. What you can do is place links to your website or Facebook page in the "About" section on the right side of the page. This saves your visitors time in finding your contact information or any links that you want to direct them to.

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Why is Automobile Insurance So High on Certain Cars?

I have heard many people ask this question and they really do not understand why there is or seems to be a different class of insurance for different cars. Let's break the difference down so that you, the reader can understand exactly why certain classes and makes of cars and trucks are so much higher than other cars and trucks. What this simply boils down to is acceptable categories of risk for the insurance company to bear. This means that certain types of cars and trucks, in certain categories will be much higher than a regular car or truck.

If you are looking to insure either a sports car or anything of that nature, rest assured that particular class will be a higher insurance class than say a Chevy Cavalier. The reason why this happens is excruciatingly simple. These cars are created to go faster, and have a higher risk category to them. They are also known to be in the most wrecks and have the most tickets. And age also matters here. If you are an 18 year old trying to ensure, say a Pontiac Trans Am as opposed to a Chevy Cavalier. The Trans Am, even though it is not a current model, will be much higher to insure than the Cavalier.

This is because it is a sports car and not of the same insurance class as the Chevy would be. Now, on that particular note, let's come up to speed and compare apples to apples. Take a comparison between a Porsche and a Ferrari. BOTH are going to be expensive to insure. Both are sports cars, both are flashy and both can reach high speeds. This alone will red flag them for insurance risk. Not many 18 year olds will have these either, unless they are very wealthy.

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Business English and the Automotive Industry

There is a real challenge out there as the Automotive Industry 'globalises' – experts in a number of disciplines from Sales to Design, Engineering to Manufacturing are having to talk to each other across continents. This brings so many challenges, both for the business and the individual. Companies like Nissan and Renault have important alliances in place, and most automotive manufacturers are present in China, working with local industries.

The Challenge

English is the global language of the Automotive Industry

There are ever increasing demands on Automotive executives:

International Travel

International Companies & Alliances

Shared, Time-pressured Development programmes

International Meetings – face to face, on the phone, even on TV

International Communications – e-mails, letters, video conferencing

Global Experts in Design, Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Finance who have challenges when trying to get their expertise across.

The Personal Challenge

Imaging the difficulties posed by the following examples:

1. "He's wrong!" – But how do I tell him that politely?

2. "That's not the best way" – but how do I tell them what is the best way in terms that they will understand and without offending them?

3. "I'm thirsty" – but how do I ask for a drink around here?

4. "I'd really like to see the way that he calculated that" – but how do I ask him?

5. "I do not want to eat here, I've heard it's no good!" – But how do I let them know?

6. "That's a lousy deal!" – But how do we discuss this in the kind of detail I want to go into ??

7. "I really want to understand what makes this colleague / customer 'tick' – it would make this project / negotiation much easier" – but I'm stuck for words! English is too difficult!

The Solution

The Automotive giants and their suppliers need to get their experts 'up to speed', NOW. International alliances and cooperation means more travel, more meetings and more and more shared projects and platforms. There are various options available to employers to enhance their employees' skills in English, especially to those in Japan, Korea and China. The best option has to be one-to-one tuition in the UK, Australia or the US. Good training (which can also be carried out in-house, or in a language school either 'at home' or abroad) enables international experts to communicate easily and with confidence, so that a car-makers' ideas and agenda are definitely put forward .

Too often during my career in the industry I have watched Japanese colleagues struggling to communicate their point of view (and therefore that of their employers!) To people from very foreign cultures. My favourite example of this is sitting in a car in the UK, next to a Turkish gentleman, and hearing one half of a conversation he was having with a Vietnamese gentleman who was speaking from his desk in France where he works for a German company – all about a project for a French customer for parts that would be manufactured in Turkey for a Romanian factory! All of this was in ENGLISH!

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Fictions Galore

FABULOUS: – Many ‘fabulous’ personages and concepts are created by man. Some are attempts to make sense of a confusing array of real things he doesn’t understand, others are created by those who would have us ‘believe’. The art of making others ‘believe’ what you want them to, is an art that developed over millions of years even if man is only modern for the last hundred thousand years. ‘As you believe so shall you do’ and fables which set early modes of relating to our environment in nursery rhymes and other equally ‘fabulous’ or fantastic histories. Revisionist history was definitely begun in earnest during the Babylonian and early Greek era. By the time of Alexander he was so convinced this art was achievable that he declared himself a divine creature and no longer just used the descended from divine or demi-god fiction. All knowledge was to become Hellenized or made to fit the needs of his Empire.

We have perfected this art against our ‘brothers’ and for the benefit of the few and their minions to the point that it requires a sincere willingness to courageously demonstrate independent thinking and questioning in the face of ridicule and worse. Little of what was believed in the last century is thought to be true today but that does not mean we are closer to the real truth. In fact we may have a more thoroughly manipulated image of our supposed reality than the 19th century elitists who wrote with some excitement about what could be.

The almighty dollar and the increasing social support network is a positive re-inforcer of mass behavior. B. F. Skinner was certainly a bad person for doing what he did to his daughter (keeping her in his attic, etc.) but he was the maven or guru of behavioral psychology and knew what society was headed towards and why; to an extent that his name was synonymous with the word behavior. He said the feudal ‘negative reinforcers’ like serfdom and whippings actually left a greater freedom for the masses than our great education from birth to grave. Taxes to provide the very controls which we are led to believe we want; might well be why Joseph Kennedy, Sr. (a true villain) told his kids the way to power was going to be in government as he prepared to buy the Presidency for Joe Jr., and eventually Jack.

There was no need to tell the truth when great fiction writers could be bought and the image of ‘Camelot’ and the Kennedy clan was created. We now know that Jackie was probably the world’s highest paid courtesan for her brief time spent with Onassis. A detailed look at their marriage agreement would amaze even the most jaundiced and cynical person. Arts and Entertainment did a decent documentary that showed some of the Chicago mob involvement in the making of what many still consider to be the best American President ever. Jack was a drug abuser and lecher who misused his fellow man in the image and model of his stock swindling drug or alcohol running parent. It isn’t so much what they did as how they manipulated the media. In Watergate everyone got to see Nixon try to do it on national TV every night for months. Still we think what we are told has some semblance of truth, or at least the majority of people do, as they follow the footsteps laid out for them.

FAINT-HEARTED: – The faint of heart include those who have serious causes and philanthropical intentions as well as the great unwashed. It is easy to hide oneself in the intensity of any number of issues while losing sight of the real underlying causes of all the concerns that permeate our great society. When we learn to avoid confrontation and begin to accept the polite purpose promulgated by peer pressure we lose perspective and actually support the prevailing ethic of deceit. In fact it is a good thing to share one’s thoughts about sex, religion and politics despite the taboos against such behavior.

Yes, it might not make you popular and it certainly puts you in some sticky situations; in the end if you go along with the game and take your piece of the action what might your karma be? Are we not responsible for what is happening at the hands of our collective governments because we participate in the apparent benefits and vote to maintain such frauds and guises of deceit? Why allow your children to be taught the lies of history? Why listen to the same tired clichés and rationalizations about ‘What can one man do?’ or ‘You can’t fight City Hall!’ We imagine if you were put inside the skin of an Ethiopian or Saudi woman you would find a reason to fight. I know most people want to believe there is justice rather than vengeance in the hearts of our police and penal guards who work for empires of amazing incompetence while fighting to get a piece of the ‘pad’ or drug action. Who really knows what effect the drugs given mental patients have? Is not the straight-jacket actually more humane than burning or destroying brain cells and ‘libido’, in pursuit of making people ‘manageable’? Did you know they try to sell ECT’s as a boon to the elderly while they force Ritalin (an amphetamine, gateway drug) down the throats of children?

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Auto Dealer Auctions – Buy Your Car Cheap at Car Auctions

Auto dealer auctions are a great place to get quality cars at below wholesale prices. You can find a wide variety of vehicles at prices dealers themselves purchase for. How it works is auto dealers send cars off their lots which have not sold and if their lot is full they often times send trade in vehicles directly to the auction. These auctions are open to the public usually, but most people do not know where to attend. We will go over several ways on how you can find an auto auction in your local area.

Auto dealer auctions are easy to locate if you know where to look for them. Most of the time, dealers will not publicly advertise these auctions because they prefer the public not to come. It could hurt their dealer sales business if the general public all knew about these auctions. However, when there is an excess of cars that need to be auctioned off they will sometimes advertise the auction. The first place to check is your newspaper. They usually list the auction date and location as short as a day or two before, so you may need to check your classifieds regularly. Normally it will just be a short box detailing the auction details so look over the classified thoroughly.

The best and easiest way to find auto dealer auctions is by searching online. Most auctions are detailed online and you can even place bids or buy right from your computer. If you prefer to attend the auto dealer auction instead of bidding online, you can search or go through the cars that will be available so you can come prepared and know which vehicles you may be interested in. This also gives you an idea on what kind of prices you can purchase the car for.

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Encourage Employee Pride With Personalized Mouse Pads

One of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to improve business and increase sales is to raise employee morale. When your employees are happy and have pride in their jobs, they are much more likely to make customers feel comfortable, to provide better service, and to sell more. There are a number of small ways you can show your appreciation for employees, and boost morale. You should get in the habit of offering praise to your employees for a job well done, and perhaps even offer prizes for outstanding customer service or employee of the month.

A great prize for a job well done are different mouse pad types. Your employees likely use a computer at work, and they definitely use one at home. An employee will love a photo mouse pad of themselves, their coworkers, or some other significant item.

Whether at their computer at work, or at their home computer, your employees will feel proud that they were able to earn a prize for a job well done. Rewards are often something we associate with children, but adults also respond to positive reinforcement. If they are recognized for doing well, they will continue to do well. If employees feel appreciated, they will appreciate customers more, and treat them exceptionally well. Great customer service is surprisingly not that common, so your employees will become the talk of the town. With your new employee morale strategy will come more customers.

You can give photo mouse pads to employees as a birthday or other holiday gift. Personalized mouse pads are great for employee of the month prizes. Both photo mouse pads and personalized mouse pads are available as wholesale mouse pads. Your employees and customers both will appreciate your thoughtful new morale building strategy.  

There are a number of other ways to build employee morale and pride. Positive feedback, public recognition, and more.  But these strategies are even more effective when paired with small, tangible items symbolic of your appreciation. Offering something as minor as photo mouse pads shows how much you value your staff. Being valued is something that everyone seeks. It is incredibly important to everyone. If you show your employees how much you value them, they will do an even better job, and they won’t have a reason to seek employment elsewhere.

The very best way to build employee morale is by offering different mouse pad types as tokens of appreciation. Photo mouse pads and personalized mouse pads will make each of your employees feel special. Why not check out different wholesale ones today?

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