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Automotive Tip – Removing Haze or Film from the Inside of the Windshield

Question = ” I bought a used car, & the windshield has a haze or film on it, that won’t come off. I wash it & then it comes back, what can I do?

Answer = The haze or film is usually from cigarette smoke. That’s right either the ex-owner of your car was a smoker or if the haze/film just became a problem someone while driving or riding in your vesicle is smoking. The bad news is you’re stuck with it, the good there is help.

After 20 years of installing auto glass, I’ve seen people try everything, with no luck. It always comes back even if the glass is replaced. Why? The smoke gets in the A/C/Heat Filters, the dashboard, headliner, & upholstery. So, when you use your A/C or heater the smoke is recirculated especially on the windshield if you use the defroster.

The Cure is simple but has to be repeated often. First you’ll need to get a couple items

#1. Paper Towels (thicker, the better),

#2. Glass Cleaner (any will work but the best to use is a foaming glass cleaner, comes in a spray can & can be purchased at your local auto supply store),

#3. A bottle of Rain-X Anti-Fog. The first step is to wash the interior of the windshield at least twice making sure to remove any/all signs of the haze/film (tip if you can remove the rearview mirror), then take a clean paper towel & apply the Rain-X Anti-Fog to the windshield be sure to keep adding more to the towel & to cover the entire windshield. It seems to work & last longer if you apply a fair amount(don’t skimp or soak) Depending on the amount of time you drive & how often the A/C or Heater is used, will determine how often this process will need to be repeated.

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Automobile Tax Deduction – Am I Eligible?

Automobile tax deduction, what exactly is this and what kinds of automobiles will qualify you for it. Under federal law in the United States there are two ways to qualify for it. One is by owning what is called a clean fuel vehicle and / or a gasoline-electric hybrid car. A different kind of car tax deduction is related to donations made to a charity that involve an automobile.

Those who have decided to receive an automobile tax deduction because of a clean fuel vehicle must realize that they qualify for a one-time tax deduction of up to $ 2,000, only if the fuel is at least 85% alcohol or ether, for example like E85 . On the other hand those who have an electric vehicle or electric hybrid vehicle can qualify for an automobile tax deduction of one time up to $ 4,000.

One thing to know about this kind of car tax deduction is that this is only for those who purchased their vehicle in 2005. If you purchased one in 2004 you may have to fill out an amended tax return in order to receive credit.

There are a few other specifications to completely qualify for this type of automobile tax deduction. For example the car that is purchased must be new when bought and for personal use only, you can not by it in order to turn around and sell it again. In addition, the car must be driven mostly in the United States. A very important thing to qualify for the car tax deduction of this sort is that the car must meet all federal and state requirements for pollution and emissions. The car must actually be a car that runs on the road and has four or more wheels and therefore this rules out trains of any sort. If any of these things change within three years of the original purchase, the person who received the automobile tax deduction may owe the government some money back.

Just so you are aware, this type of care tax reduction is only valid until December 31, 2005, after which there are some different types of federal income tax credits that will be available.

Another type of automobile tax deduction occurs when a vehicle is donated to a charity. There is a bit more rules and regulations when it comes to this deduction. It all depends on how much the person who donated claims the gift was worth and how the charity then proceeded to use the car. These two factors influence how much of a deduction will occur. There is a $ 500 on the value of the donated car, but there are even more rules and regulations if it exceeds that amount. An interesting thing regarding this type of car tax reduction is that the person who donated can take another deduction called a fair market deal deduction if the charity increased the value of the car in any way.

In most instances you should concern yourself primarily with the first type of auto tax deduction, is definitely the one that is worth most of your time and effort to receive. Now you know how having a car might just be able to help you receive an automobile tax deduction.

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Seven Tips For Building A Better Website To Convert Visitors Into Sales

Ever wonder how to make your website better and ultimately increase your sales? Well, we've put together a quick guide to building a better website.

1. Make Sure Your Website Conveys Your Key Message Within 30 Seconds

When a visitor comes to your website, they should be able to easily see and navigate what options they have and be able to select one quickly. It should take less than 30 seconds for the visitor to load a web page and able to decide what to do next. If it takes longer than that, you'll likely lose your audience. Remember, people have a short attention span and you only have seconds to win their hearts, so their mind will follow.

That means two things:

Make sure your page layout is clear and concise enough that with a quick glance, visitors can grasp your key message, and navigate to the information they want to learn about.

Do not overdo it on design and flash pages

2. Easy Navigation Means Easier And Improved Web Sales

Making your website easy to navigate is critical. Lots of small factors add up to create easy navigation and continuation of the sales funnel. For example, the best thing to do is to keep the number of steps to one or two options. The more steps a visitor has to go through, the more chances you'll lose them as a customer.

The average human mind sees four or five items as one group, but when it encounters more than five items, it has to divide into small sub-groups to process them. It makes more sense to have your website have five (no more than six) navigation tabs. It makes it easier for your visitors to quickly find information and select where they want to go.

3. Keep Your Website Simple

One of the keys to a good website is simplicity. You've heard of the "KISS" principle? Keep It Simple Silly. This applies doubly for a website.

It's easy to fall into the trap of using every possible feature for a website. If you add too much, beit offers, headlines, copy, flash elements, oversized fonts and a whole slew of other widgets, it's likely your visitor is going to be overwhelmed.

4. Simple, Not Boring

Simple does not necessarily mean dull and boring. Many people confuse fancy widgets and effects with effective communication. What keeps it simple really means this: think about how people will be viewing your website and present your information to them in a way that emotionally connects with their needs and expectations.

Clean Design / Navigation + Clear Benefits = Good Website That Converts Visitors Into Sales

5. Good Website Navigation Means Information Should Be Only Three Clicks Away

One good rule to ensure website visitors is to make information be no more than three clicks away. One way to frustrate visitors – and thus get them to leave your site – is to make it hard to find information they want.

6. Benefits And Words Matter

Remember your fifth grade English teacher? Remember how she told you that good spelling and grammar was important? She was right.

The internet has far too many websites whose creators forgot the basics. Just because your website is online or your website might have many pages, it does not mean you can not forget to get back to the basics and make sure the words are correct. Your visitors will appreciate your professionalism.

7. A Website Design Is Important

75% of people make judgments about a website based on the look. So, it's important that your website has a good design balance and has appealing graphics.

A balance between text and graphics. Unless the content dictates an all-text or an all-graphics site, use common sense and aesthetic judgment so that one does not overwhelm the other. Of course, it's always a good idea to consult a professional advertising agency or graphic artist about creative development. Or at the very least look at other websites to get ideas on good design.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss this and more. Our website at Visit Http://www.jdcreativeoptions.com . Or if you have any additional tips, we'd love to hear them.

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Rust Treatment – How to Get Rid of Car Rust

Auto rust removers can be your car's saver. These products can keep your car away from total wreckage due to rust damage. It can also save you from additional expenses for car repair and restoration. Furthermore, the good appearance of your car, brought about by effective rust removal products, will reflect your personality as the owner.

Since car is made of metal, it is prone to rust formation. The fact that it is always exposed to dust, mud and water adds up to its vulnerability of being a rust host. Once the outer layer of your car is damaged either through stones or minor accidents and the metal is exposed to moist, rust starts to develop.

However, rust formation can be prevented. Regularly check your car for any scratches and immediately take action if you found one. Look into car parts to where rust will most likely start. These simple steps will help you prevent rust development.

But just in case that in your checking, what you found is already a rust in its early stage, then what you must do is to quickly treat it. Do not wait for hours or days before you do something to get rid off it. Always remember that big things come from small things. And with rust, a coin-sized damage spot can turn into a massive circle of weakened surface that will be harder to treat.

Remember though that no matter how an auto rust remover is badly needed on this situation, immediate treatment to the rusted area is not recommended. There are certain steps that must first be implemented before the actual application of any rust removal product. To follow those steps is to ensure that your treatment will deliver positive results.

Your initial step will have to be the collection of the needed materials and tools. You may need some rubber gloves, safety glasses, dusk mask, painters' tape, paint tarp, sanding paper and sanding wheel, and of course you should not forget the rust removal product that you intend to use.

The next step will have to be protecting the surrounding surface of the rusted spot. You can get this done by covering the unharmed area with the painter's tape. Also, you should close your vehicle's windows to prevent rust flakes from getting inside your car when you have to scrape the surface off.

After that, it's time to deal with the rust itself. You might need to use both the sanding wheel and the sand paper on this step. For the tougher outer layer of the rust, use the sanding wheel. Be careful not to do this in a fast pace as it might damage the metal. Then, use the sandpaper to clean the part to which sanding wheel can not be used.

Now, when the surface is smooth and thoroughly cleaned, it's time to apply the auto rust remover of your choice. If you are using the commercially available rust removal products, make sure to follow the instructions correctly. Verify the amount to be applied and for how long should it stay on the rusted surface before scrubbing it off.

After thoroughly wiping the treated rusted area, make sure to repaint it. Prolong exposure of bare metal parts or surface of your car will lead to the re-formation of rust. If this happens, all your efforts, money and time spent on the initial treatment will all be waste. With everything you have gone through, it sure is not a good thing to happen.

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Auto VIN Decoder – What Do Those Letters & Numbers Mean?

An Auto VIN Decoder breaks down the unique alphanumeric sequence known as a Vehicle Identification Number, which is a car’s fingerprint. Each and every automobile on the road has its own 17-character VIN, and it is this identification number that is used to generate a Vehicle History Report, also known as a VIN check.

The VIN check taps into millions of DMV records and reveals all of the available history for a particular vehicle, including any hidden problems, odometer readings, ownership transfers and more. It is an absolute must for used car buyers, as it tells you everything you need to know about the vehicle.

The Auto VIN Decoder can help you understand what these letters and numbers mean, which is the first step towards ensuring that a vehicle you are considering is right for you.

Let’s break down the Vehicle Identification Number, starting with the first character. (Please note the letter “I” as in indigo, the letter “O” as in orange, and the letter “Q” as in queen are NOT found in any VIN Numbers.)

(We will use the following VIN as an example: 2FTRX18W1XCA01212)

The first character represents the country of manufacture, and can be a letter or a number, each signifying a different country. The most common ones are as follows:

(1 = USA, 2 = Canada, 3 = Mexico, J = Japan, K = Korea, W = Germany, Y = Finland, Sweden)

So using the Auto VIN Decoder in the above example, this particular car was made in Canada.

The second/third characters represent the manufacturer, also known as the make. The most common are:

(A = Alfa Romeo, B = Dodge, C = Chrysler, D = Daihatsu, E = Eagle, F= Ford/Eagle, G = All General Motors vehicles (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn)

H = Honda/Acura, J= Jeep, L = Lincoln, M = Mitsubishi, N = Nissan/Infiniti, P = Plymouth, S = Subaru, T = Toyota/Lexus, V = Volkswagen)

So using the Auto VIN Decoder in the above example, this car is a Ford or an Eagle..since Eagle is no longer made, it is most likely a Ford.

Other popular makes use a 3-character initial sequence:

(TRU/WAU = Audi, 4US/WBA/WBS = BMW, 2HM/KMH = Hyundai, SAJ = Jaguar, SAL = Land Rover, 1YV/JM1 = Mazda, WDB = Mercedes-Benz, VF3 = Peugeot, WP0 = Porsche, YK1/YS3 = Saab, YV1=Volvo)

The fourth character is the type of restraint system.

In the above example, “R” represents hydraulic breaks using the VIN Decoder.

The fifth, sixth & seventh characters are the vehicle line, series and body style. This will obviously be different across makes and models.

In the above example, characters 5, 6 & 7 are X18: X18 is a Ford F150 Pickup 4WD Super Cab

The eighth character is the engine type.

With the Auto VIN Decoder, W represents a 4.6 liter V-8 engine.

The tenth character represents the year of the car. Pay close attention to this one:

B = 1981 F = 1985 K = 1989 P = 1993 V = 1997 1 = 2001

C = 1982 G = 1986 L = 1990 R = 1994 W = 1998 2 = 2002

D = 1983 H = 1987 M = 1991 S = 1995 X = 1999 3 = 2003

E = 1984 J = 1988 N = 1992 T = 1996 Y = 2000 4 = 2004

For the most recent used model year, 5 = 2005

In the above example, the “X” indicates that this car was made in 1999.

The eleventh character indicates the assembly plant.

In the above example, the C indicates Ontario, Canada

Characters 12-17 represent the vehicle’s unique fingerprint. It is these six digits which make every single vehicle in the world different.

So using the Auto VIN Decoder one last time, the Vehicle Identification Number: 2FTRX18W1XCA01212 represents a 1999 Ford F150 Pickup 4WD Super Cab manufactured in Ontario, Canada with hydraulic brakes and a 4.6-liter V-8 engine.

So there you have it, the Auto VIN Decoder. If you are in the market for a used vehicle, use this decoder to make sure that it is indeed the exact model that the seller is claiming it is. Once you have verified the Vehicle Identification Number is accurate, you can proceed with your VIN check and learn everything you need to know about that particular car.

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Today automobile has great demand amongst the people. This is the reason that this industry is one of the fastest developing and lucrative businesses. Every day new models of cars are launched to cater the requirements of buyers.

Today, automobile is being bought by a lot of people as per their specifications, as this industry is bringing newer models everyday, which suits to the every kind of users pocket. Gone are the days, when it was so difficult to purchase a new car of your dreams. Now days, several banks are offering car loans converting your dreams into realty. These loans are easily available at low interest rates. Recently, it has been come into light that an esteemed automobile company is pondering over to launch a two seater, low budget car.

This industry has developed a lot in itself. Vehicles manufacturers are using modern technology and cutting-edge machineries for making vehicles of users comfort and requirements. Cars have become an absolute need of today's world. There are various kinds of cars from premium utility to stylish cars to big and small cars available in attractive designs, features and colors. Alongside the technological advancements, the Indian Government has also said that the sales of cars in India would increase from $ 34 billion to probably $ 145 billion throughout the next ten years.

Demand of personal vehicle like cars and scooters are on hike and automobile industry is spreading everywhere for the purpose. With the growth of automobile industry, the import and export of automobile parts and automobile accessories has increased which had opened the broad ways for international trade.

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Free Samples and Giveaways Attract New Business

If you own your own business, then you know that you have got to have a marketing plan especially in these economically trying times. Everyone is looking for a bargain and they do not want to have to drive miles away to find it because the price of gas has hit all time highs in recent weeks.

How do you ensure that you can attract business to your store?

Whether you operate your business strictly as a website or whether you own a brick and mortar store, a sure fire way to drive traffic is to offer free samples and giveaways.

People like getting stuff for free, and if it turns out to be a product that they enjoy, then they are likely to buy it in the future-from you!

I know what you are thinking. I can not afford to giveaway free stuff. I disagree. You can not afford NOT to giveaway free samples.

Even if that customer came to your store just to get the freebie, you can be assured that she will tell a minimum of three other people that they went to your store and came home with something free. That, my friend, is called advertising.

The giveaway brought you word of mouth advertising, that is worth a lot more than whatever the freebie cost you in the first place.

With the price of gasoline these days, the odds of someone coming to your store just to get the free item is unlikely. The free sample may be what gets the customer to your store, but the rest of your products are what will keep them there to make a purchase.

Great products, free samples and good customer service are essentials if you want to make it as a retailer.

Think about all of the times you go shopping. If the supermarket is offering a sample of a new food product, you will taste it.

While you may not have come to the supermarket to buy that particular item, if you liked the sample, you are now going to add it on as a purchase. Even better is if you can offer the customer a coupon for the product sample because that will increase the likelihood that they will purchase the item.

Lots of food chains such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's will frequently have samples of food for people to try. Even if customers do not buy the product, they leave the store with a good feeling about the store because of all the free samples they were able to try.

If you are an online retailer, you can still offer free samples. Limit the free samples to items that are inexpensive to ship.

Make sure you ask for an email address in addition to the shipping address so that you can contact your potential new customer in the future for marketing purposes. Follow up two weeks after shipping the item with a coupon to be used on their future purchase.

Another good way to give away something for free is to require some sort of other purchase.

Every order will receive a free product sample. This works with brick and mortar shops as well. You only give away the free item if some other purchase is made.

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Auto Transport Advice – Terminal Shipping vs Door-to-Door Shipping

Although the concept of car shipping may seem simple, car owners often find many of the decisions they have to make confusing. For example, what's the difference between terminal and door-to-door service and how do these choices impact you?

Terminal Shipping

Many car shipping companies use terminals to coordinate their loads. A terminal is often simply a big parking lot. The car owner drops the car off at a terminal near the starting point. The car is held there until sufficient vehicles are heading in the same direction. The vehicles are all loaded on a truck which drives to a terminal near the destination where the owner can pick it up.

Some shippers offer discounts for terminal-to-terminal auto transport. This is a convenient method for people who live in dense downtown areas where door-to-door service might be impossible.

On the other hand, the car may sit in the terminal for days, subject to theft and vandalism. The terminals have better security than the owner's garage, but the concentration of cars is a tempting target for criminals. The car is likely to be exposed to the elements which can also lead to damage, and the contract will almost certainly have a clause to absolve the shipper of weather-related damage.

As for convenience, it's both more and less convenient than door-to-door auto transport. It is more so because the owner can drop the car off at leisure rather than needing to wait for a truck to show up. However terminal shipping is less convenient because the car is out of the owner's hands for longer.

Door-to-Door Shipping

Door-to-door auto transport is just what it sounds like. The truck drives right to your door and the car is driven directly onto the carrier. The truck then drives to the destination where the car is dropped off at the front door of your new home.

If the owner's home is in an area where large trucks have difficulty navigating, the truck may have to be met in a nearby parking lot. Although door-to-door shipping may cost more, many owners prefer it. Since their car is out of their control for less time, there is less chance of something happening to the vehicle. While the shipper is waiting for enough cars to be available to make the transport trip cost effective, the customer retains full use of the vehicle.

So Which Is Better?

As with many choices, the ideal solution depends on your preferences and your situation. However, most car owners say they are happier with door-to-door auto transport. The slight inconvenience of waiting for the truck is offset by the advantages of knowing that their car is in the care of a driver at all times on its journey.

Before making a decision, talk to the transport company about your particular needs and you will be able to decide which of the methods is better for you.

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Automotive Lighting – H8 HID Bulbs

H8 HID Bulbs is another extension from High Intensity Discharge technology. It is a new advancement within the lighting technology that has been manufactured to provide a different modern car headlights technology. As part of the latest acquisition, H8 HID Bulbs can be fitted in cars, trucks or tractors to offer a wider sense of lighting. H8 HID Bulbs operates like a telescopic device providing clear and wider view of the road for the drivers at night. These bulbs will provide you with lights that are last many times longer than any other bulbs. So you can actually convert to HID system if your cars still operate on the old system

The qualities of lighting that H8 HID Bulbs provides are of high-class that will make your car look classic and beautiful. It is the best choice of product for your lighting that will brighten your night and during fog. They also provide very high beam. They are easy to replace because when you order them they come as a set of two bulbs at once with the installation wires in the package. This is quite efficient for your car needs.

H8 HID Bulbs have been tested and proved to be cost-saving by the users due to the fact that they are economical to use, even though they appear too expensive to purchase. They can be purchased online either from the manufacturers direct or from other suppliers online. If you order them then they will be shipped directly your home address on fast delivery service by using the credit cards. There are various online shopping centers that also trade in HID technology materials where one can view and order at will.

H8 HID Bulbs provides beautiful and classic lights often accompanied by high temperatures and effects that look bluish. The lights they provide tend to give full glare to the moving traffic, especially during wet weather conditions and fog. However, they can be very expensive when it comes to replacements in the event of damage in an accident or when they burn out. But they tend to last longer than any other type of bulbs.

At the same time, the electricity consumption is very low due to low watt. But it is the look that will make your car top stand out in the crowd of other cars. It gives wonderful picture of sheer class, elegance and beauty in form of a car especially at night it’s only your car that will be noticed.

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Bottled Water And Bottled Water Delivery In Washington, DC And Northern Virginia – Marketing

Bottled water and bottled water delivery has grown in popularity in the Washington, DC metropolitan area in recent years.

This popularity is due to a number of factors like poor municipal water quality and a growing awareness of the role of good health in modern living. In addition there are a small number of high quality water suppliers who have adjusted their product and service offering to the unique needs of the marketplace.

But marketing has come under attack by municipal water suppliers and other groups who have a vested interest in supplying lower grade municipal water. Claims are made that bottled water is unregulated (not true for bottled water companies that engage in interstate commerce) or that bottled water is often nothing more than repackaged bottled water (partially true for even some large bottled water suppliers). Criticism is also levied against spring water in bottles because of contaminated spring water due to industrial and organic pollution.

These critical statements about the use and misuse of bottled water marketing however are superficial and do not examine the real role of proper bottled water marketing. In essence marketing is nothing more that identifying and segmenting consumers with shared desires and needs and preparing strategies to meet those shared desires. Done right, marketing is more than spin, hype or puffing and true marketing benefits all involved.

Proper marketing of bottled water products must, at a minimum address the following needs in the market place.

  • Water quality – Since municipal water is terrible in both level of contaminants and odor and taste, bottled water suppliers must produce contamination free water that tastes good. Purified water based on a distillation / oxygenation process is considered by many experts to be the highest quality best tasting water on the market today. The water is 99.9% pure and, because of the addition of oxygen, it has a fresh, light taste.
  • Product features – Customers in the market are interested in product features that make the product safe and easy to use. Features such as spill proof caps, carrying handles and bottles made of safe materials are required to be successful in the Washington, DC and Northern Virginia market.
  • Quality customer service – Many large suppliers in the market give only lip service to the customer service needs of the customers and respond slowly or not at all to customer requests and complaints. However, there are good companies with a culture of customer satisfaction that meets the needs of the market place.
  • Supplier integrity – Some suppliers in the market offer low loss leader pricing coupled with a long term contract and penalties for cancellation. At best this unfair to the consumer and at worst this practice is unethical. Consumers are urged to choose a water supplier with fair prices and without hidden charges.
  • Community support- Look for a company that includes giving back to the community as part of its culture. Many companies are interested in selling products only to the community and do not support community events or charities. Some suppliers, however, participate in supporting the Washington and Northern Virginia community events as a matter pf policy.

Washington DC and Northern Virginia represent vibrant, growing communities that are health and family oriented. Pure water is a part of this lifestyle. If you are choosing a water supplier, pick one that markets honestly and fairly and meets your needs.

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