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Auto Insurance – How Your Profession Affects Your Premium

Some vocations are offered reduced auto insurance rates by some companies. You will be wise to identify an insurance company that favors your profession. Why this is so and how you can benefit from it is the main point of this discourse.

Scientists get the most affordable car insurance rates. They come first with an average vehicle insurance rate of $870. Those who run their own businesses are the most expensive group to insure. The average business owner pays car insurance rates of $1,400.

Occupations that draw low car insurance quotes are similar in some ways:.

1) They are normally low stress occupations.

2) As part of their training, members of these occupations are made to give safety utmost significance.

In some of these occupations, a person can have their license revoked if they are found guilty of traffic offences.

3) They generally don’t have schedules that make it compulsory for them to NOT use the public transport system.

4) Members of such vocations are generally regarded to be very thorough. They usually take this into every thing they do including driving.

Let us in addition explore general traits for every profession that gets high car insurance premiums so we can have a deeper appreciation of why they pay that much…

1) Persons who are involved in those occupations go through a high degree of stress on account of the tasks they have to tackle in line of duty.

2) They usually get to spend more time in their cars.

3) They get and answer a lot of calls while they are driving much unlike the typical driver.

The internet gives you the easiest and most extensive option with car insurance rates sites. Beyond whether your profession has any discounts, you’ll get to see the true rates and be, therefore, much more informed to realize much more savings.

You can bring down your auto insurance costs by getting quotes from good quotes sites. Using not less than three quotes sites raise the chances that you’d get more savings. This increases your chances of getting better quotes.

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Rhode Island RI Personal Injury Law FAQS – Automobile – Car Accident – Damages – Pain & Suffering

1) If I am injured in an automobile accident, what do I do?

Make sure you stop at the scene of the car accident and notify the police department immediately about the accident. If possible, please get all of the information about the other parties involved in the accident, including their name, address, telephone number and insurance information. Make sure you receive treatment for your injuries with a medical provider as soon as possible.

At the time of the accident, please get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident. If you have a camera or a cell phone with a camera, please take pictures of your automobile, the other automobile and the scene of the accident. If you have any bruises or physical conditions that are noticeable, please take pictures of the physical condition as soon as possible. Please do not give any statement to the insurance adjuster until you have had the opportunity to speak with an attorney.

2) How do I determine how much money I am entitled to as a result of the accident?

In order to determine the value of the case, the attorneys must look at a combination of factors, including lost wages, pain and suffering, permanency of the injury, any scarring or disfigurement, loss of consortium, periods of disability, etc. Determining the value of a case is an art rather than a science. The amount of the medical bills incurred will be one important factor in determining the value of the case.

3) Does Rhode Island have a statute of limitations for personal injury cases?

There is a three year statute of limitations to file a lawsuit for negligence in Rhode Island. If you do not file a lawsuit within three years from the date of the accident, you will be forever barred from filing a claim as a result of the accident. In the event that the claim is for personal injuries against a city or a town, there are very strict notice requirements.

4) What if I am injured and the other party is at fault but has no insurance?

You have the legal right to file a claim against the person or corporation whose negligence caused your injury. However, in many cases the negligent party does not have the assets or funds to be able to pay your damages. So long as you have uninsured or under-insured motorist protection, you will be able to file a claim against your own insurance company for uninsured or under-insured claims.

5) How do I recover if I am hit by a hit and run motorist?

If you have uninsured motorist protection with your own insurance carrier, you may be entitled to make a claim against your own insurance carrier.

Rhode Island Attorneys legal Notice per RI Rules of Professional Responsibility:

The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers in the general practice of law, but does not license or certify any lawyer / attorney as an expert or specialist in any field of practice.

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Marketing a Business and Chopping Wood

Marketing a business is the most important task when it comes to running a business. If no one can find out that you exist then your business will never have any clients to sell or to provide a service to. When marketing your business do not always expect immediate results. Immediate results are great and I encourage them but also think of your marketing like you are chopping wood.

If you have a wood stove or a fireplace you may have experienced this. Ever dry to burn newly cut wood? It took longer to get the fire started and after it was started the fire likely was not a very good burning fire. The energy from the burning is largely used in the process of heating and then evaporating the moisture that is contained in the wood. This is why damp wood does not produce a hot fire.

Using poorly prepared wood also has other consequences. Because the fire does not burn as hot as desired there is a greater chance that creosote will build up in the flue. This creosote can become a fire hazard and threaten the home.

Wood to be used in a wood stove needs time to dry and be acceptable to use. The time needed varies from 6 months to a year depending upon if the wood has been split. The extra efforts in the splitting the wood help it to dry faster.

I have written before regrading the speed of marketing. Results of marketing are typically not immediate. As I write this is is October. I am still gathering wood, however, the wood I am getting now is not for this Winter, it is for next Winter. I am allowing the wood plenty of time to dry. I am planning for good results for one year from now. I am also planning for good results from my marketing.

I do not expect my marketing efforts to drive business to me as soon as I do some marketing. I expect results weeks or months from now. I recently hired a marketing assistant to begin marketing my services in an area I am typically not able to market to myself. I do not expect an immediate bump in business. I would love it if it happened and I actually do expect a small increase in business shortly after my assistants efforts. What I am planning for and expecting is a larger bump and overall growth in my business months from the beginning of her efforts.

When growing a business look ahead for what you want to accomplish. Give your marketing time to season and do not give up when results are not immediate.

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Automotive GPS Systems – Built In Or Portable?

Whether you are driving long hours across country or a few minutes across town, you might want to consider getting one of the latest automotive gps systems to save you time and for your safety. Being able to get from point A to point B without getting lost can sometimes is a challenge, but automotive gps systems can help in so many ways. The automotive gps systems use 24 orbiting satellites to triangulate your exact whereabouts and also figure out the distance it will be before you get to your destination. Along the way to ‘point B’ the automotive gps receivers will tell you roads you’ve passed and exit as well. This is so you don’t have to look away from the road, making it much safer.

Automotive gps systems have the same features as many of the handheld portable gps receivers do, however, most of them are larger and stay in the car. But there are a few models that can be taken out of the car and carried around with you as you walk around the city or the woods; it depends on which model you want to purchase. Most of the automotive gps models have a larger LCD touchscreen and come with more maps than the handheld units. Street level maps and millions of POI’s or points of interests such as restaurants, ATM’s and banks, zoo’s, schools and parks are already preprogrammed into the automotive gps systems. Although there are programs in which you can program your own POI’s such as schools and speed cameras so you know to avoid them each time you pass by that way.

There are several software packages available to download onto your automotive gps navigational system through your home computer that will allow you to see more of the United States or Canada, Mexico and even Europe. If you are planning on traveling, it might be a good idea to purchase a CD-ROM with one of these extended countries with the POI’s highlighted for you and your family to enjoy while there.

Some of the other accessories available for your automotive gps systems would be a Bluetooth headset for easy hands-free driving, XM radio – there might be a subscription cost to this, you would have to check and see – a carrying case if you want to take the system out and take it on a walking tour of the city or forest and different mounting options. One of the options for mounting the automotive gps is a round ‘sticky’ disk which you lay the gps navigation receiver on and it stays put as you drive along. Another option is an ‘arm’ mount which can be placed on the dash or adhered to the window so the gps is where it is most comfortable for you to view it while driving.

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Automobile Jobs

Automobile jobs may be available in any city, county or state. Automobile jobs offer a great career in the country as world’s best automobile manufacturers and sellers operate from different cities in USA. Automobile jobs may be about marketing, selling, finance, repair, manufacturing, servicing, and resale of automobiles. Marketing jobs require meeting specific periodic targets of sales of automobiles.

Finance jobs in this sector require knowledge of interest rates, finance facilities and formalities, customer expectations as well as product knowledge. Repair or service jobs typically require working knowledge or understanding of technicalities associated with an automobile.

Different jobs in the automobile industry require different levels of knowledge about automobiles. Typical jobs in this area may be titled as automobile engineer, automobile consultant, mechanical engineer, four wheeler sales consultant, auto finance assistant, auto finance manager, auto consultant, auto adviser, auto finance adviser etc.

Applicants may have an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for most marketing jobs in the field. For manufacturing or service jobs, applicants may have a technical degree like a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or automobiles engineering. Excellent academic credentials may be required for engineering or manufacturing positions. Excellent communication skills and interpersonal ability are essential for most tasks today. Prior experience in a similar role may be advantageous. For sales jobs, a commission may be available on sale of automobiles. Most positions require a driver’s license.

Government organizations may carry out criminal background check of candidates before employment. Proficiency in using computers and relevant software is essential. Employment opportunities may be on regular or on contract basis. Some jobs might be temporary in nature. Some employers may offer training opportunities to students in automobile engineering. For manufacturing positions, candidates might have to work in shifts. Automobile jobs are highly paid and make a great career.

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The Lie Of American Capitalism

We do not have capitalism here in the USA of 2007, not by a long shot, and we have not had it for a very long time. When laws are made restricting free markets and free trade within the country itself — even restricting competitive materials (Hemp) to protect gasoline and pharmaceutical interests, that is about as far from capitalism as one can get. That is nothing more than a shackling of our economy by special Interests. We have been effectively hobbled.

Also, and more importantly, when illegal markets are created, such as the so-called Need for chemtrailing and phased array antennae across every city, as remedies for things like a war on terror, or for defense against some other imagined condition, that too is a lie, and high treason as well.

Please understand that the people who have illegally gained control of our government did it through subterfuge, terror of their own (911) and outright lying and cheating. These benefits they identify, and wish to bestow, are actually about as beneficial to us as their debt making is, or 911 was, or never ending war! These systems are actually mind control for the nation who will not give up its guns; those are really drug powders being sprayed no matter what the perpetrators say, no matter what else they do on their way down to your lungs and food and water.

Yes, when a market is created across three generations, such as the three generations of the bush/scherf family, by cooperating with groups like the nazis and their church in Rome, that is treason, and NOT capitalism. Read my lips. TREASON.

Nuremberg was just a show, to cover up more than it solved, and 50,000 nazis made their way to America afterwards. In fact, the total nazi science machine was actually split up between Russia and America, with a few making it to England. The nazi scientists in Russia were tasked with developing half of the special secret weapons whose development was precluded by the end of WW2. Our half of course were to do the same, but with different programs, ie. rocket science (Which Von Braun himself admitted was just an advancement of Goddards work), and more importantly, Mind Control (MK-ULTRA PANDORA MK-CHAOS Much Much More!), gleaned from the experiments in hitlers prison camps. This is all well documented now — a many tiered and multiphased program to overcome the second amendment, at all costs. I guarantee it.

The russian scientists actually won the cold war, by inducing drought here in America since the 1960s, all unbeknownst, from the time of some of their earliest antennae experiments which they got from the Tesla work. They used this underground victory as leverage and bought into a leadership position within the coming New World Order, by allowing Americans to be schnookered into believing they actually won the cold war. Do you follow so far? Try to remember gorby and ray-gun and jorge uno, their meetings, star wars, and what happened to gorby afterwards. Where is gorby now? What is his job?


What America got out of the deal was never ending debt, never ending war, decimation of our social security, and clandestine foreign control of our government. Lord bush the turd.

Yes, the drought which gave russia the true upper hand behind the scenes was of course cause for the next phase of the takeover plan: the need for drought remediation: chemtrails, phased array antennae across every city: which were actually the impetus for mass druggings and electronic mind control. There are many other facets and covers for this overall plan, but if you see the warp, you see the weave, and I think its high time America face up to the ugly facts. There is no capitalism here, and there has not been any for a long long time. The income tax was the true death of capitalism here, but it was being attacked long before that, and ever since, believe me.

Now please pay close attention class. If we do not act now, and with solidarity, freedom itself will follow capitalism to the scrap heap, and the lords and kings will once again reign across the world.

Bottom Line? Capitalism today is a skewed blending of equity and the law together, so that control of the currency becomes total, via illegal lawmaking (Like making plants and certain types of speech illegal) and class becomes all. Witness the law enforcement INDUSTRY! Almost every single cop in the USA is basically just a type of tax enforcement, and strictly illegal according to the rules of our founding documents. The utter and total control of our currency has resulted in ultra-taxation, and debt, as well as a police state, with no end in sight.

Control of our own currency is our right, but has become legally defined as a benefit provided by the dozen or so banks which print our money, then lend it to us under usurious conditions. This allows them to indebt us so they can do human experimentation, and torture us legally, because they have rewritten our laws to allow that, among many other things.

What we have here in the USA today is most definitely not Capitalism. It is a lying, conniving fascism, with pretensions to royalty, and ghoulish ideals of mind control and subversion of all types of freedom. The triad of the government, its media, and foreign corporate law needs to be replaced in total. Before its too late. Many say restore the Republic. I do not think that can happen until America un-hobbles itself, until America rids itself of its political parasites, their agenda of lies, and their technologies of control. Soon.

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Learning About Automotive Technology

Suppliers that fail to be ahead of regulations, standards, and consumer requirements can suffer in bringing up new automotive technologies to market. In early days of auto industry, latest technologies tend to introduce in random manner, at times based on inventor's whim or possibly even dream tinkerer had night before. Great Bentley brought in aluminum pistons in automobiles due to decorative piston shaped paperweight that he had seen! To men and women functioning in this area, vagaries that enclose successful new automotive technology introductions most likely seem wide open. For each technology that embraces, over 10 potential fresh ones are been discarded. Steam cooled engines, talking dashboards, plastic cylinder blocks, as well as high-temperature electric batteries are some of ideas, which sounds good at some point, however finished up on the industry's discard pile.

In order understand forces at work – and huge investments that they make – means knowing four main drivers of the automotive technology achievement and failure. Those 4 drivers are:

The robustness of technology platform: Accurately, is a technology market ready? Obstructions to robustness comprise lack of resources possessing properties needed, insufficient control plans to make thing work in a field, short of infrastructure to hold up invention, unproven construction processes as well as faulty and under-optimized product & process designs.

Many of obstacles to market readiness for new technology is related to lack of required control and pointer systems. The anti-lock brakes were foiled for years unless necessary sensor patterns and cheaply obtainable digital power caught up. Original ABS systems that was introduced by Hayes & Bendix in 1960s utlized analog PC systems, which had important performance, cost & dependability drawbacks – in some other words, they did not work very well! Ever more, robustness comprises of ability to net with industry wide standards when they evolve.

One more key "gating feature" for automotive technology is materials performance. Some designs developed in early days of automobile might succeed if materials were available with necessary performance properties. Key to Ford Model success and indestructibility need to do with the apply of molybdenum steel that was hardly at limits of the commercial feasibility until obsessed Ford drove the producers to build necessary developments.

Lack of transportation also constricts technology's marketplace readiness. The major obstacles facing today's substitute fuel technologies is a lack of fueling and charging stations for the natural gas and electric cars. Lastly, less than optimal basic pattern solutions have harshly inhibited latest technology robustness, in spite of soundness of an underlying pattern.

Entertainment & Convenience. The satellite radios allow drivers listen to favorite music and radio programming continuous across all over the country. Some also straight connect Mp3 player in stereo system. Some cars feature the DVD systems in order to keep the passengers calm. Movable GPS systems are used in whatsoever car you are driving and phones can give maps as well as driving directions.

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Automobile Warranty

Many people acquire an extended automobile warranty on their cars in order to help safeguard them against the high costs that unexpected repairs can bring. An extended automobile warranty will provide coverage for repairs and maintenance work for a period of time that is set out in the warranty documents. Since these extended warranties are not included in the price of a vehicle and cost an additional amount, they are technically considered service contracts rather than warranties in the true sense of the word.

Getting an extended automotive warranty can also cover things besides parts, repairs and maintenance work. Many automobile warranty companies also provide you with emergency roadside assistance. This can come in very handy if you are driving and experience a flat tire or need to jump start a dead battery. Roadside assistance will also cover towing and emergency delivery of fuel should you run out of gas. Towing coverage will guarantee that if your car breaks down on the road it can be towed to a repair shop or garage and the cost of repairs will be covered by your extended warranty. Some automobile warranty companies even go one step further by providing you with a rental car in case your vehicle needs to be in the garage for an extended period of time.

When getting an extended warranty, especially a used car warranty, you should always try to negotiate its price with the dealership. Car dealers make a large amount of money by selling extended auto warranties which can sometimes equal the amount of profit that they would make by selling a used car. Another important fact that you should know is that a used car warranty doesn’t necessarily have to be bought at the same time that you buy a car. You have up to one year to buy an extended auto warranty. Many financial institutions and auto insurance companies can provide you with an extended used car warranty at competitive prices, sometimes much lower than the price your dealer was quoting you.

If you are thinking of getting an additional automotive warranty, make sure that you carefully check what the original warranty that comes with the car covers and for how long it runs. If you don’t plan on keeping the car past the date of the original warranty, it makes little sense to purchase extended

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Best Practices For Marketing With Reward Cards

Position your strategy

You need to create a ‘personality’ for your plastic loyalty card strategy, to help your business stay in customer’s minds. For example, while Citibank takes the position of thanking the customer for their loyalty (their program slogan is ‘Thank You’), the FlyBuys program urges you to ‘Make It Count’. You don’t necessarily need to create a slogan for your program – but you do need to know the angle that you’ll take in introducing it to your customers. Will you say “To thank all our loyal customers for their business, we’ve introduced a rewards program. Would you like to join?”. Alternatively, will you say something like “Did you know that with every dollar you spend here, you could be earning points towards a free [something]?”.

Market tangible benefits

You need to think about your rewards program from the point of view of the customer. People don’t get a tangible sense of positivity from ‘knowing that their greengrocer is committed to quality’. Tell people that they’ll be enjoying better health with exclusive discounts on organic produce, though, and they will take notice. Think of your program in terms of what that little plastic card adds to the customers:

* Health

* Wealth

* Relationship satisfaction

* Time

* Sex life

Use this knowledge to promote your program, teaching your staff how to explain the benefits of the program to customers and using in-store displays to let people know about it. Think outside the box – most plastic loyalty cards give the customer some sort of discount or freebie, but their ‘Wealth’ isn’t necessarily the only thing that benefits.

Create objectives and performance metrics for the program

Having an objective for the program, and metrics by which you measure that goal is critical to succeeding with it. Set a time frame by which the program should be achieving its goal – if it hasn’t happened, then re-assess.

Data storage and access

Having plastic loyalty cards, as opposed to manually administered paper-based cards, is a huge benefit when it comes to data storage and access. A barcode system can easily be set up to integrate with your current sales software; your plastic card manufacturer can print unique barcodes or use magnetic stripes to identify each customer and electronically store their rewards information.

The loyalty card itself

Besides the administrative benefits in ease of data storage, reliability and universal accessibility, plastic loyalty cards are preferable to paper for their sense of value. Paper cards get scuffed and bent in wallets – plastic cards always retain a sense of newness and professionalism. Given that the look of your loyalty card is intimately tied to the image of your store, plastic cards are the obvious choice.

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Auto Lease Buyout – How to Buy Your Lease Vehicle For a Low Price

There are several reasons why you maybe considering an auto lease buyout. If you are leasing a vehicle that you really like and decided you would like to keep the vehicle. You maybe over the maximum mileage allotted for the lease and it would be more affordable to buyout the vehicle than pay the mileage penalty.

Regardless of what your reason is for wanting to keep the vehicle there are a few things you should consider before pursuing an auto lease buyout.

Check the lease contract to see if there are any buyout restrictions. Some lease companies will not allow you to buyout the vehicle in the first and last month of the lease.

Many people do not realize that the lease buyout price is negotiable. It would be in the lease companies best interest to sell the vehicle to you rather then take it to an auction where they would get a very low price for it. It would be in your best interest to offer the lease company a price that is close to the market value of the vehicle. This price is typically a fair bit lower then the initial buyout price the lease company would offer you.

Contact the lease company and let them know you are interested in buying the vehicle and ask who you need to talk to about getting a buyout price. Once you get in touch with this person make them an offer based on the vehicle's market value. You maybe pleasantly surprised at their response.

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