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Looking For A Car Accident Lawyer?

Did you know that each year Americans spend 164.2 billion dollars due to car accidents? Shocking, isn’t it? Nevertheless we can’t ignore the fact that the figures of car accidents are rising at an alarming rate each year. Hit and runs, reckless driving, or driving under influence has become a daily matter.

So what happens when a loved one becomes the victim of a tragic accident? It takes an enormous toll on his family both emotionally and financially. Watching a relative or a family member fighting for his life is indeed traumatic. Plus you have to arrange for some quick cash to pay for the hospital fees, doctor’s charges, and other medical expenses. But it is important that you keep a cool mind and think realistically.

Car accidents can be of various types such as:

1. Hit-and-run – When drivers just hit another vehicle or person and injure him badly, they should immediately stop at the location and notify the police. In a hit-and-run, the driver does not stop and rushes away.

2. Reckless driving – This usually happens when a person is drunk or he just wants to show off to his friends or girlfriend that he can drive at high speeds.

3. Back and side collisions – When two vehicles crash against each other from the back or the side, both drivers may be injured severely.

4. Rollovers – When there is a massive crash, the car may roll over, causing severe neck, head, and spine injuries to the driver.

A car accident lawyer can help you to claim compensation after an accident. Be it a minor or a major accident, you should not state your case to an insurance company without consulting an attorney. Since a lawyer is well-versed in handling such cases, he can coordinate all proceedings with the insurance company and settle for adequate compensation to cover medical expenses, automobile repair, and doctor’s fees.

The situation can be the other way round too, i.e. you have been accused of causing an accident. In that case, don’t give statements or talk to anyone else but the police without seeking legal help. All you need to do is call your car accident attorney and they will handle the matter quickly and professionally.

How to Lower Your Car Insurance Cost

Car insurance cost to much these days but what if I told you there are a few steps to get the policy you wanted for less then your paying now. The following tips can be helpful in lowering your car insurance costs.

If you are trying to lower your car insurance while staying with your current provider these tips might help.

1- Call your current insurance provider and inform them that you have received a better quote from another insurance provider and ask them to reconsider your current price or you will go to the other car insurance company.

This tactic will sometimes result in your car insurance cost going down. A tip to make this work better is to actually get a quick auto insurance quote from a quote website. That will help you get a good price range as to what you need to pay.

2- Another tactic to use, when your trying to lower your current insurance payments, is to add safety devices to your car. This will have an upfront cost but could payoff in the long run.

3- One more idea is to call your car insurance provider and tell them you need a lower price, This sounds simple but works, especially in today’s economy.

If you need a new policy all together the following tips might help you…

1- Do you need to find a new policy and don’t know where to start? Go online! Getting car insurance quotes could not be much easier, all you have to do is find a nice website and get a quote.

Best of all, most of these websites will help you get multiple insurance quotes within ten minutes and getting multiple quotes has is benefits. One quote will give you one option, 10 quotes will give you 10 options. The more quotes you get the better chance you have to find a gem.

2- If you have a new car and are looking for the best car insurance provider then you need to choose the option above, but you also need to make sure you highlight ALL the safety features on your new car.

Car Insurance – Facts You Need to Consider

One of the most important aspects of insurance to consider, are the consequences of drugs or alcohol. It needs to be made absolutely clear that operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is classified as negligence, and under no circumstances will any insurance company cover you in such a case. Additionally, if an insurance company is made aware of the fact that you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of an accident, your policy could in all probability become null and void. One should also understand that companies base their decisions according to the law, so even if you were not visibly intoxicated, if you were over the legal limit, you will not be covered. Beware because there are no exceptions to this rule.

No matter which insurance company you choose, they all offer what is known as “Third Party Insurance”, which is in essence, a liability cover. The purpose of this insurance is to cover the costs, or part thereof, for damages or injury sustained in an accident for which you were at fault. Depending on your specific policy, the amount of coverage available from the insurance company can vary significantly. In order to avoid unwelcome surprises, you are strongly advised to read all the fine print and to make sure you understand all the relevant details before accepting a policy. This is the minimum level of insurance required in order to operate a motor vehicle on public roads but also keep in mind, third party insurance does not include cover for damage to your own vehicle. In order to have your own vehicle covered as well, you’ll need to take out a policy known as “Fully Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance” which does of course also come at a higher cost. Furthermore, if you drive an expensive high end vehicle fitted with costly sound systems and other electronic gadgetry, you would be well advised to consider “Third Party, Fire & Theft” insurance.

What You Need to Know About Comprehensive Insurance

As the name implies, comprehensive insurance is in short, a full insurance which will cover you for nearly every imaginable tragedy. In the unfortunate event of an accident, comprehensive insurance provides cover for not only for you and your passengers, but also for any pedestrians or passengers in the other vehicle or vehicles. This policy gives you peace of mind in knowing that your insurance company will responsible for the medical or funeral expenses resulting from an accident. In addition to covering these expenses, comprehensive insurance will also cover you against theft or other such unfortunate events. Having read through the various insurance options available to you, it is apparent that the biggest savings are to be had if you limit yourself to third party insurance only. However, one needs to consider various aspects before arriving at a decision. If for example, you live in an area with a high crime rate there will be a stronger possibility of having your car stolen, so in this case you will probably want to be covered against theft. Likewise, if you have already had a few accidents in the past, comprehensive insurance may well be your best option.

Auto Liability Insurance Quotes

Getting auto liability insurance quotes is a pretty simple, fast, and free process if you know where to look. In order to get a liability quote you can look in a few different places. The first place to look would be with an insurance agency that is local to your home area. Chances are there are a few auto insurance agencies in your hometown that can get you liability insurance coverage. Getting coverage from one of these companies can be as simple as giving them a call, setting up a meeting, communicating your needs, and purchasing the insurance. Though this method is effective, the faster, easier, and cheaper way to get vehicle liability insurance is online.

When you purchase insurance online you are eliminating the initial need for an agent. Because this initial need is eliminated, there is no need to compensate an agent. This fact will make your auto liability insurance cheaper.

In order to get a few car insurance quotes online you should locate a reputable website that will connect you with insurance companies based on your location. The key piece of information that you have to provide is your zip code. Providing your zip code will allow you the get connected with pertinent companies that want to sell you insurance. After you enter your zip code you will be given a list of companies. To get auto liability insurance quotes simply click on each company and answer the questions they ask you regarding your needs. Be sure to indicate that you are after liability insurance.

Getting car insurance quotes is a really simple process. If you know where and how to look you can get a few different quotes that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Auto Accident Attorneys, Serious Injury, and Personal Injury Law in New York State

Auto accident attorneys in New York State know there’s something special about car accidents. Article 51 of the Insurance Law says car crash victims have to show they have a serious injury before they can get any money for pain and suffering. What does this all mean?

It means very little when it comes to medical bills, lost wages, and some other relatively minor items. New York No-Fault law guarantees that the injured person will be compensated in these areas. The insurance company for the car you were in should pay for your medical expenses and lost wages. In nearly all cases you will not need a lawyer. While we are starting to see insurance companies unreasonably refuse to pay in some instances, this is still rare. Also, for most of these denials, the amount of money involved is not enough to justify the legal expense. We advise our clients when it comes to any No-Fault denials, and in cases where the problem is substantial, we do represent them. Usually we fight the denial in an arbitration.

The auto accident serious injury threshold is a compromise, in theory at least. Since routine expenses were covered by the personal injury protection line of insurance under No-Fault, liability expenses were supposed to be reduced on the bodily injury liability line. There could be a vigorous debate about whether this compromise was wise or fair, but someone else can write that article.

The standard for what is a serious injury is fairly complicated. There are several categories of serious injury. The most common that we see involve fractures, other injuries that cause a significant limitation, or a substantial amount of time out of work.

You would think the fracture category would be pretty straightforward. In most auto accident cases it is. But there are a few kinds of fractures where it’s not so clear. Court decisions suggest that a fracture of a bone meets the criteria. Fractured cartilage normally will not qualify, and the same is true of a fractured organ. We had one case with a “liver fracture.” Sounds odd, but that’s what the doctors called it. The case settled so we never tested that in Court. The other issue is when is a fracture a fracture? A hairline fracture counts, but a “greenstick” fracture does not.

The significant limitation category has led to hundreds of cases discussing when a limitation is significant, and what the injured person has to prove to show it. The defendant’s attorney will often move for summary judgment to dismiss the case. After having the injured person looked at by their own doctor in an independent medical examination (also known as an IME, and many of us dispute the use of the word “independent”), the defense attorney submits the expert’s report which generally indicates the injured person is fully recovered. Then the plaintiff’s auto accident attorney responds, usually with a report from the treating physician, describing the details of the injury and why it is, or was, significant. If the plaintiff’s response is insufficient, the case often gets dismissed. To avoid this, the evidence must show that the injury was more than mild, minor or slight, and that this is connected to objective findings (like an abnormality on an X-ray or MRI, or in many cases a finding of spasm.

The category about being out of work is known among attorneys as the 90/180 category. This refers to the law which requires that the person be impaired from substantially all of their daily activities for 90 or more days out of the 180 days following the accident. Most of the time this means three months out of work in the six months after the accident happened. Responding to a motion, the plaintiff attorney must show, through medical evidence, that the person had to stay out of work for the three months, and that this was connected to objective medical findings.

For both of the latter two categories, we often win the motion by pointing out a key flaw in the IME. In most cases the IME doctor does not discuss much about the past problems and treatment. We argue that this means the defense did not meet their burden on their motion. They didn’t show the Court that the limitation was not significant, or that the time out-of-work was inappropriate, because the IME doctor doesn’t discuss those issues. In our experience, most judges understand this and keep the case alive.

There are other categories and a number of other complex issues that can come up in car accident cases involving the serious injury threshold, but that’s a good start.

Minor Injuries Due to an Automobile Accident

When you are involved in an automobile accident, regardless of how minor that crash may be, you will likely suffer from some type of injury. In a severe crash, most people realize that your injuries will likely be quite severe. However, even in a minor fender bender, you may experience some less significant injuries that can also be a nuisance and cause you pain and discomfort. One of the most common minor injuries that a person may experience in an automobile accident is whiplash. Even with this minor injury, a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer can help with your case.

When many people think of a whiplash injury due to an automobile accident, they often think of the many cases where a person has claimed whiplash when they were not really injured. These frivolous cases have given a negative connotation to that term and many people hesitate to use it in their case. However, a good Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer can overcome this negative connotation and help you get the compensation that you deserve. If you have experienced any type of head or neck pain after being involved in an automobile accident, it is important to see your doctor right away followed by a consult with an attorney.

A whiplash injury will often come with many symptoms that do not necessarily affect your neck. Stiffness of the neck is one of the common symptoms. However, there are more symptoms, some of them affecting your head and eyes. Severe headaches, dizziness, trouble remembering things, balance issues and inability to concentrate can all by symptoms of whiplash. Seeing your doctor in conjunction with a Corpus Christi personal injury lawyer can ensure that you are properly diagnosed and your ailment can be used in court to help you in your case.

Finding Auto Insurance Quotes Online

Do you know the first thing about finding auto insurance quotes online? This can be easier than you think if you know what you are doing. The steps that you take will greatly determine the progress you make, and how you feel about your situation in the end.

The first step to finding car insurance quotes online is making sure that you talk to at least three companies. You can get quotes from each company, one by one, or use a third party site – the choice is yours.

Another thing that you must do is search for car quotes that suit your needs. Some quotes are going to be right up your alley, but others are not going to have anything to offer. What type of coverage are you most interested in? How much money are you willing to spend on a policy? These are the questions that will make it easier for you to compare the right auto quotes and eventually make a buying decision.

As you search for car quotes online do not get ahead of yourself. It is easy to rush, but if you are impatient it could back fire on you in no time at all – and that is not something that you want.

In today’s day and age, it is very easy to find car insurance quotes online. There is no reason to call agents or brokers, and hope that you end up with coverage that you want. Use the internet to your advantage, and in the end you will be on your way to buying the perfect policy.

A Car Brake Repair Primer

The security of your car is vital, whether it is a Mercedes or a Mazda – even the safest vehicle on earth can have brake failure. If your car’s brakes don’t work properly, the consequences could be fatal. Thus, the brakes are probably the most important part of your vehicle. Car brake repair knowledge is always good to have because you never know if or when your car’s brake system will let you down. If this happens while you’re driving let’s say in the desert, miles away from the nearest garage, you should be able to

  • Perform a brake inspection and troubleshoot the problem
  • Know what it takes to do a car brakes repair
  • If possible, do the fix yourself
  • If not, be able to describe the problem to someone who is able to repair your automobile brakes.

To become able to perform the work listed above, the first thing you need to know is how a car’s brake system works.

A drum system is utilizing hydraulic pressure to press a pad against a brake drum to slow down the speed of the vehicle. Here is how it works:

  • press the brake pedal
  • the piston in the master cylinder sends pressure via the brake lines held by the brake shoe to the wheel cylinders inside the brake drum
  • the friction caused by the shoe pressed against the drum is stopping the wheel from turning

A brake drum is a flat-topped and heavy cylinder, that you normally find somewhere between the wheel rim and the drive wheel. When you press the brake pedal, the friction material held by the brake shoes is pressed against the brake drum. This will slow the rotation of the wheels. A wheel cylinder contains pistons utilizing hydraulic power from the master cylinder to force the brake pads against the brake drum.

Another brake system, called disk brake system is using hydraulic pressure to press a pad against the rotor. This way it slows down the vehicle. Here is how it works:

  • press the brake pedal
  • the piston in the master cylinder is activated and sends pressure via the brake lines to the calliper
  • when the pad makes contact with the rotor, friction is created and this stops the wheel from turning

A rotor is nothing but a circular plate that is gripped by the brake pads for slowing down the vehicle. A brake pad is a pad made of friction material. When pressed against the rotor it stops the wheel from turning. This pad is held by the calliper, which straddles the rotor by using hydraulic pressure from the brake lines. With help from internal pistons it forces the brake pads against the rotors.

Performing this process, the breaking system needs brake fluid. The master cylinder provides this by distributing the brake fluid under pressure, to the entire breaking system of your vehicle.

The description above gives you the knowledge of how two different car brake systems work. These are the first things you need to know when troubleshooting and fixing any problems regarding your vehicle’s brakes. Brake problems can occur in a Cadillac, a VW or even in the safest vehicle brand. There are plenty free resources online which give you step by step instructions on fixing any brake problems that your vehicle may incur. I recommend that you go online and do a search for ‘car auto brake repair’. You’ll be amazed of the list of brake fix resources that will appear within seconds.

Farmers Auto Insurance – Company Review

When considering options for renewing your automobile insurance, it is worth considering this company. They are based in Los Angeles, California and they cover over 40 states in the US. They have over 15,000 dedicated members of staff who can help you to find the right kind of auto insurance for your needs. When other insurance companies have fallen on hard times and had to close their doors, this company has grown stronger than ever.

Firstly the information provided on their website is extensive and the location of help sections is easier than other sites. They provide a service which also allows the policyholder to make changes to the policy they hold whilst they are online. This is a very unique aspect of the company. They also provide a calculator online in order to help customers with any queries relating to their insurance rates.

This provider is also one of the few who uses the “Risk Assessment Indicator” to help them determine a potential clients worth. This process takes into account credit history and any late payments that have been made. The company can then take other factors such as location into consideration when quoting rates.

The policies offered by the company cover the standard range and their is the opportunity for added extras such as emergency roadside assistance and windshield repair. The discounts offered by the company can be very substantial but may vary depending on the State that you live in. Essential motoring enhancements such as anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices can attract a great discount too.

This company is certainly expanding and is likely to be global in the future. They take pride in their initiatives to help lower rates for auto insurance and maintain safe driving standards on the roads of America.

Car Repair Prices: Should I Go to the Dealer or My Local Guy?

There is lots of advice on where to service one’s vehicle. Many argue that local shops are best, and that you only need to go to the dealer for warranty work and recalls. Others state that dealers are the real experts even though they’re expensive. These arguments are interesting, but do little to clarify the myths and facts of dealership service versus local shop service.

The two primary objectives of these arguments are money and quality. These two interweaving points need to be fleshed out when determining the appropriate facility in which to service a particular vehicle.

In terms of money, all car repair is expensive. Whether at a dealership or local shop, studies show that car repair prices are extreme. Consumers are scammed tens of billions of dollars every year. Every type of service facility: dealerships, local shops, and franchises, are ripping you off in one form or another. Stating that one facility is more expensive fails to recognize that 98% of ALL repair shops are ripping people off.

Moreover, the expense argument of car repair doesn’t take into account the quality of service for the money. The quality of service between a dealership and local shop is a key factor to consider.

There are vast differences in the quality of car repairs. There are many variables, from the customer service received, the diagnosis of the problem, the quality of parts used, to the technician performing the actual repair.

In short, you could have a water pump replaced perfectly, and at a great price, at a dealership. You could have the same job butchered at a local shop. You could easily switch these scenarios, and add ten more variables.

The concern over the quality of repairs is heightened by the fact that the majority of technicians lack the appropriate training, which can also increase the price. Furthermore, depending on the facility, the technician will be limited by the facility’s resources–equipment and expertise, as well as by the service center’s internal policies and practices.

For example, at a dealer, a technician can only use factory parts (parts built by the manufacturer). In most cases, this is great. Factory parts are perfectly designed for the vehicle. However, a twelve-year-old car doesn’t necessarily need a factory part. While it can’t hurt, the age of the car may not justify the expenditure, if the repair can been done for significantly less elsewhere. The technician may know this, and have a great alternative solution “outside company policies.” It’s unlikely, however, that he’ll speak up, or that he’ll even be allowed to speak up.

In cases like these, the customer suffers, having to pay significantly more than necessary. Dealership by-the-book protocols often dictate replacement of expensive parts, and thus dealer personnel will not and/or cannot offer alternatives. Following these mandates isn’t necessarily bad, and this example is not intended to frame dealerships in a negative light. However, repairs in a dealership environment very often exceed the value of the vehicle being repaired.

The point here is to illustrate that depending on the year, condition, and value of one’s vehicle, a dealership “may” not be the best alternative. However, this is rapidly changing. Technological advancements require dealer service more and more for computer updates, software updates, intricate electronic coding, and a host of mechanical concerns outside the scope of the local garage.

Unfortunately, a local shop may not be a good alternative either. At a local shop, a technician has a whole range of parts from which to choose. However, this presents problems. First, most local shops will use local parts suppliers regardless of quality because of speed, convenience, and business relationships. This means that you may get a better price (refer to Car Repair Prices: Who Charges More, Dealerships or Locals @ http://www.repairtrust.com/articles.html for an in-depth discussion on car repair prices). However, the use of many aftermarket parts (parts not built by the manufacturer) can cause numerous problems, and may even cause other systems to fail. This is common–and, you pay for it!

Local shop technicians–the good ones anyway–know the difference between quality parts and cheap parts. However, as mentioned above, the good ones are rare. In light of this, many local shops are turning to the use of factory parts because it’s just less headache. There’s nothing more frustrating than installing an aftermarket component that has to be bent, twisted, tweaked, and manipulated to fit correctly or work properly. Not only is the part made poorly, it’s been modified before it’s even installed. Comforting, isn’t it?

Car repair concerns are not limited to parts. The quality of the worked performed–diagnosis, labor, experience, and installation procedures–is a critical factor. In this arena a dealership technician and a local shop technician are often worlds apart.

A dealer technician has all available information and proper equipment at hand, although he may lack the training to know what to do with it. Nevertheless, he does have a team of co-workers to turn to, and he can draw from their experience. Dealer technicians also see your car and its types of problems daily, and what might be a complicated repair for a local shop is quite easy for a dealer.

However, the structure and flat-rate environment of dealerships very often cause even experienced technicians to overlook even simple problems. This is exacerbated by the lack of effective of communication of an inexperienced or overwhelmed service advisor who is supposed to be advocating on your behalf. While there are numerous other obstacles, the point is that dealers are in the dark ages in terms of consistent quality service.

Before discussing what’s better, a dealership or local shop, a final point to consider is the condition of your vehicle after several years. What facility keeps your vehicle in “better” condition: a dealership or local shop? And, does this “better” condition translate into dollars?

Given the current state of the service industry, it would be an aberration to receive consistent, quality service anywhere. Nevertheless, both local shops and dealerships are a vital component of the automotive service community. The consistent use of inferior parts and poor workmanship continues to be the local shop’s downfall. Vehicles need to be maintained according to manufacturer specifications. There’s no argument on this. Although dealers still struggle with good customer service and consistent positive results, a well-maintained vehicle from a state-of-the-art dealership results in a significantly better quality vehicle, long term. A better quality vehicle increases its value.