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FUE Hair Transplant Repair – The Perils Of Poor Hair Transplant Planning in Young Patients

The Psychology of Hair Loss in Teenagers and Young Adults

In the late teens, an individual is dealing with pubertal and post pubertal physiologic changes, the challenges of seeing the world with a new eye, the loss of innocence, school, pressure form peers and social groups etc. These in themselves are psychological stressors that define and shape our humanity. The manner in which we cope with these early stressors have the potential for defining who we become for the remainder of our lives. Adding hair loss to that burden in a teenager’s life can have far reaching consequences. There is potential for it to result in depression, social withdrawal and even paranoia. An individual whose development is influenced by these additional stressors would be at a disadvantage in all realms of life.

Hair Restoration Surgery In Teenage and Young Adults – What Could Go Wrong?

A young patient considering a hair transplant should always remember that transplanted hairs are permanent, while the hair they currently have is temporary as the hair loss would progress with age. Because the extent and rate of hair loss progression cannot be predicted, planning a hair transplant can be tricky. If this is not taken into account a hair transplant would potentially result in an odd hair pattern which results after a transplant that initially merged into adjacent pre-existing hairlines assumes an odd look. This would occur when the previously blended pre-existing hairline progressively receded to create a bald gap between it and the transplanted hairs. To correct this, more hair transplants would be required to bridge the gap. However, this odd pattern might not be remediable if:

1. The patient runs out of donor hair. This is especially a problem in patients with severe baldness, or when the transplanted hairline was placed too aggressively

2. The patient cannot financially afford the cost of further procedures

3. Body hair cannot be used either because the doctors at the patients’ disposal lack the experience, skill or the technology required to perform successful FUE transplant using body hair (BHT) consistently. In some patients, however, BHT is not conceivable on account of an absolute lack of body and beard hair. There is a great deal of inter ethic variation in the quality and quantity of body hair in individuals.

Hair Transplant Repair Options for Victims of Hair Transplants Performed at Young Age

Unless the hair transplant on a young patient involved the creation of a very conservative hairline, the first challenge in most of these patients is the depletion of head donor hair supply often compounded by the presence of follicular unit strip surgery and / or FUE scars. In these head donor depleted patients, a successful and credible repair and restoration work would necessitate the use of beard and body hairs in BHT repair work. Donor source in BHT can include facial hair as well as hairs from the torso and limbs. A recent 122 patient study published in the Aesthetic surgery journal describes the criteria for determining the suitability of BHT donor hair. What more, the study described the kinds of features an FUE equipment used in BHT should possess. Younger patients destined for severe baldness should begin incorporating beard and body hair earlier on in their hair transplantation odyssey. With proper planning, requisite doctor experience and skill as well as the proper utensils it is indeed possible to execute a successful FUE repair in young victims of ill-conceived hair restoration surgeries that were performed at a young age.

Guillotine Machines Explained – The Facts

Guillotine machines can be taken somewhat for granted. No, this does not mean the enormous value these shearing machines bring forth is ignored. That is definitely not the case because most likely realize that these machines serve an incredibly useful purpose in the world of industry. These machines can, however, be overlooked from the engineering and science which are required to make them work.

Guillotine shears are also known as power or squaring shears. The use of the word guillotine is an obvious allusion to the notorious device of the French Revolution. There are some similarities between the two as these shearing machines will first clamp down and lock in place the material to be sheared with a ram. Once the item is in place, it is not able to move. This means it will be cut properly in such a way that will enhance the safety of those in the vicinity of the chopping blade.

There is actually a dual blade system at work here. The first blade is fixed and it remains in place. Then, a moving blade will drop down to the second blade where the actual process of cutting is performed.

When there is a need to cut a shear that is significantly larger, the cutting might be done at an angle. This is often dubbed a rocking shear because the guillotine machines will cut the shear angle from the direction of one side to the other. The reason for this is rooted in simple, basic physics. When you make the shearing machines work at this angle, far less force is require.

Less force comes with all manner of benefits that are not commonly thought of. First. the fact that less force is used means there is “less action” on the part of the shearing machines. Because of this, the machines will cut through materials in a more controlled manner which increases accuracy and decreases the risk of danger.

The actual construction of guillotine shears is somewhat complex as it combines a table, a clamping device, the dual blades, and a gauging device. The gauging device might be somewhat of a question mark to some. They might ask “What does it actually gauge?” The answer is that it gauges where the cut is to occur. In other words, it is intended to boost accuracy. And seriously, what would be the value of the guillotine machines if they lacked accuracy?

The engineering of these machines is certainly something to marvel at but one also must realize that these machines must be properly maintained, inspected, and repaired. Neglecting the maintenance of these machines is certainly not recommended because of the scores of problems which could derive.

And it is also recommended that all businesses purchase their guillotine sheers from a seller that has a strong reputation in the field. This way, you can feel reasonably confident that the shearing machines you purchase are of the highest level of quality and will perform as intended.

How to Build a Cat Window Box Cat Enclosure – DIY

Building your own cat window box can be a simple do it yourself project and bring great reward to your indoor cat. Many people residing in an apartment building or with little outdoor space can build a cat window box cat enclosure to allow their cats to bask in the sun and get some fresh air.

Since all windows are of different dimensions this article will outline the basic steps to build a cat window box, allowing you to adapt the design to your window measurements.

The easiest type of window to work with is a sash window. These are older style windows which slide up. However if you have a different window type do not despair, you can still build a cat window box, although you may need to get a little more creative.

It is a good idea to put the cat in another room while you are doing this particularly if they are bold and likely to find and open window just too tempting.

Grab a tape measure, pencil and paper, and prepare your cutting list. Once the room is secure open the window. Use the tape measure to accurately measure the width of the opening and consider the height you intend to make the box. Will be tall enough for your cat to stand in? Will it allow you to clean it out from time to time?

Consider how far you want the box to protrude from the interior wall of the house. You will need two pieces of plywood, one for the cat cage floor and one for the window frame. You will need to reduce the window frame width dimensions to allow the finished box to slip in and out of the window frame without damaging it.

Most large DIY stores or timber merchants can cut ply to size for you. It is worth having this done for you as the result is likely to be more precise than attempting to cut it with a hand saw at home.

You will also need to buy timber for the rails the window box will sit on outside your window and fastenings and screws to secure the whole structure in place.

Next you will enclose the structure with mesh and secure it to your window frame for extra durability. This way you can avoid using ugly brackets.

Cut the mesh to size using the appropriate tool; scissors for nylon and or shears for wire. Staple the mesh to the frame using about one staple every inch. Check the entire assembly for any sharp bits such as nails slivers or mesh.

Open the window and insert your cat window box into the opening. It should stay in place without any additional fastening. If you have sash windows closing the window down on top of the box will hold it fast but you need to screw the interior to the window from in some cases.

Allow your cat a couple of days to get used to their new cat window box. I have never seen a cat that does not eventually love their new outdoor cat enclosure.

The Best Way To Take Care Of Your Car Without Spending Much

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to always make sure that your car is well taken care of. The most obvious of these is the fact that when you do, you can be assured that the car will have a very good resale value, and it will serve you for much longer. When someone is buying a used car, signs of being well taken care of are always apparent, and this often makes it much easier for the individual in question to be willing to pay much more for the car.

In addition to that, it is also important to remember that when you take care of your car properly, it often turns out to be more economical to run. There are many people who try to save on the cost of running the car by reducing the number of times they service it. However, this often leads to the reverse. When you do not service your car often, it usually leads to components of the car wearing down much faster, and this means that you are going to spend much more in things such as fuel and oil. In addition to being very expensive, this is something that can also lead to more damage to the environment as well.

One of the ways of making sure that your car runs properly is by servicing it regularly. Each car manufacturer normally has a service interval for the different components of the car. For instance, it could be advisable to change the brakes and the oil after different intervals. These are things that you may not need to see a mechanic for, especially if you are good with your hands. Simple things such as changing the oil and the brakes can easily be done on your own, and if you are not familiar with how to go about it you can decide to make use of a repair manual.

Once you get the specific manual for the kind of car that you have, you can then use it to do minor service for the car. This therefore means that you will need to spend much less on the cost of service for the car, and you are also likely to find it to be a hobby that you will enjoy. At the end of the day, making sure that you take care of your car properly is something that is going to be more than worth it.

How Much Are Social Media Apps Being Used on Devices

Where would the world be without sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter? Social networking websites have changed communication trends to the benefit of all mankind. The effects are undeniable.

The same is true for mobile phones. The latest smartphones can do some amazing things. Whether you are a fan of the iPhone or Android Market devices like Google’s G2 smartphone for T-Mobile, the Droid X, or the HTC EVO 4G, there are a wide variety of mobile applications available that make life easier.

The Android Market provides lots of social media apps for users of the operating system as does the Apple Store for iPhone fans. Just how popular are these types of applications?

Most Smartphones Now Come with Built-In Social Media Apps

In addition to those available for free or for sale, some smartphones provide these applications right out of the box. This is in response to overwhelming demand, and that fact makes a clear statement about the popularity of social media apps.

These proprietary applications aren’t the only ones people use. Each app has a different set of features, and people may use more than one to accomplish different purposes. For example, you might like to post status updates using Facebook for iPhone. However, the Facebook chat functionality on Meebo may suit your fancy. It is not uncommon for someone to use more than one social media app in this manner.

Where Market Shares Overlap

Millions of people use social media websites to stay in touch with friends, family, and coworkers. Additionally, millions also use iPhones and Android devices. Where these demographics overlap, you will find a robust community sharing their lives on the go over social media apps.

With each passing day, more consumers are beginning to understand the value of the smartphone experience. In fact, one might say it is a lifestyle. Retail stores and cell phone companies are even offering free iPhones and Android devices with a new mobile plan, so even the poorest among us will soon be joining the smartphone revolution.

For software developers, social networking apps can be a great money-making opportunity. Although many companies already provide these types of mobile applications, there is always room for more that offer new and innovative features. With all that said, a massive and growing number of people are sharing statuses and links, sending messages, and performing other functions using social media apps. There are many available both for free and a small download fee, and they are immensely popular.

Earning From Scrap

A popular saying goes, “Your trash could be someone else’s treasure.” So why not make other people’s unwanted stuff be your way of earning extra cash? You may not know it and more often than not a lot of people pass on a chance of earning money simply because they are too lazy or they have no idea that some things that are considered useless can actually be worth something. This saying is quite true when you talk about scrap metal. There are so many of these lying around that nobody wants them except for some when they find out that they offer, even just a handful, a certain amount of revenue. As your capital, you only need a van or a car to allow you to transport the metal scrap and the time and eye to search for it. You might have passed by a lot of metal scrap without you knowing it.

To start earning money with scrap metal all you need to do is to clean up your garage and know which things are no longer needed. So many unwanted things have accumulated in that place that is not doing any purpose at all. One example of which is tire rims from old tires that are can no longer being used. Instead of keeping it to accumulate dirt, you can let it go and get money from it. The metal scraps from old lamps, tin cans and unwanted beaten up cars are just some that you can put on your check list. After freeing your garage from all the garbage you can set out on a campaign wherein your neighbors can contact you when they have things they want to let go of. It will not only make their life easier in saving them the time to throw their metal scraps it also frees them space that they can use for more productive reasons.

Knowing where to sell these things i very important. Most neighborhoods have scrap yards nearby, so finding a place to sell your finds isn’t so difficult. it is important to know how far the site it to make sure that you wouldn’t waste too much gas for metal scraps that won’t add up to much weight. Once you have found the place to turn in the scraps you have to take time in calling them for information with regards to the kind of metal scrap that they take and how much they pay for it. Knowing these things allows you to know what to look for and what to bring to the yard so you wouldn’t have to drive back home with half of the trash still with you.

Almost everything that is made of metal is worth something. Tin cans, wires and aluminum doors can help you add up the pile. Sometimes some metals can also be recycled into art pieces and kidding aside some people actually hunt for works of art that are out of this world. If the yard cannot take in the metal that you have who knows an artist might turn it into a masterpiece. Just make sure that each metal you gather would go somewhere or you’ll end up with twice-as-much garbage in your garage. Being careful also goes a long way since some metals have sharp edges that could hurt you. It wouldn’t be worth it if you end up with cuts and bruises.

Everything You Need to Know Before Starting a Pressure Washing Business

Are you fascinated by the idea of starting a pressure washing trade? You must have perhaps heard that pressure washing is a decent and worthwhile business, low investment and easy to start – and that’s what must have inspired your decision. Decent? Well, it is, but when it comes to providing quality services – the business is not just about purchasing and installing a pressure washer. In fact, there’s much, much more to the pressure washing business. Before you actually make the buying decision for a washing kit – there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

What if you lose interest in pressure cleaning?

What if you failed to survive amidst competition?

How will you get a license, insurance, and customers?

Learn the trick of the trade

Before you go on to invest money in a power cleaning business, try your hands on power cleaning, and not just cleaning – but cleaning like a professional. Analyze yourself during that trial run – does power washing keeps you interested? If it doesn’t then obviously, no point taking things further. But if you do, then master the art like a [pro to ensure you clean the objects without harming your surroundings like tiny plants, flying debris, etc.

How to learn power washing

While there are volumes of how-to guides and videos readily available to help you learn the ropes, the best is to practice it over and over again. You can rent or borrow a pressure washer from somebody for a week or two and start practicing on house siding, boat, car, fence, drive, tile patio, or on just about anything that can be cleaned with jet water. Though this exercise won’t turn you into a pressure washing pro overnight, it will for the least offer you a platform to build things up and launch from there. Keep a note of your mistakes and rectify them gradually.

Calculating profit

Ever wonder why the majority of startups are software/digital companies? That’s because they need very less investment upfront. As a business thumb rule, (Profit) = (Money in – Money out). For a service-based startup like pressure washing, you need a significant amount of investment upfront. Therefore, you need to think about the following points in order to assess Profit scope for your business,

Money Out

The expense of running a startup power washing business can be broadly categorized as below:

• Power washing kit, including surface cleaner, nozzles, pressure washer, chemicals and trailer or something similar

• Business permit, contractor license and insurance costs

• Advertisement and user acquisition costs (Pamphlets, ads, flyers etc.)

• Transportation cost for power washing kit (truck, van, cab, etc.)

• Ongoing marketing, fuel and maintenance costs

Money in (Revenue)

Set your price tag for cleaning by keeping in mind two important factors

1. The cost should be significantly high than your investment for you to make profit

2. It should be significantly low or equal to that being offered by your competitors to stay in business

Make your call: Add remove any expense you think necessary and calculate the profit you can make based on the formula given above. If it makes the profit, get on with it, else you’ll need to devise a plan to cut down investments.

3. Keep things legal

Before starting up a pressure washing business, it is highly imperative for you to get a relevant business license, insurance, and permits since they can save you from running bankrupt in case something goes wrong and you end up hurting someone or damaging private property.

Depending upon your location and jurisdiction, the legal formalities may vary: you can reach out to your region’s clerk office for details. However, in general, you will need to obtain:

• Business document

• License

• Bond

• Sales tax registration

• Contractor permit

• Environmental permit

4. Insurance

Insurance is a critical part of this business which you should take sincerely and get all documents registered with utmost liability and sincerity.

• Liability insurance which covers damages you may induce while cleaning

• Workers compensation cover for injuries to you or your employees while practicing on the job

• Equipment insurance covers damages and theft

Why invest in expensive equipment

Business, service business, in particular, is more about perception than just quality. It’s human psychology, customer buy what they see! Here’re a few points to highlight the use of industry-grade equipment:

• When you put in wealth in something, it shows what it means to you, it reflects your seriousness, trust, and professionalism, too

• Branded equipment and carry truck are long-term free marketing

• Industrial tools last long and need less maintenance cost

How to entice customers

Well, there’s no clear-cut formula to get customers flowing into your doorsteps, while you may for sure start with door-to-door marketing – if that goes fine by you. Other marketing approaches and conventional methods to market your services and fetch customers are listed below:

• Newspapers and local listing ads

• Word of the mouth

• Appointing salesperson, if you have the budget

• Flyers and pamphlets

• Broadcasting ads

Once you’re off to a good start, make sure you provide professional and standards-based service to facilitate word of the mouth marketing at no cost. Look to retain customers, as it is far more profitable than investing on marketing processes for new leads – keep a balance and good luck!

The Roles and Responsibilities of the Members of a Family

The family is a basic unit of the society which consists of the husband, wife and their children. Each of these members has their assigned roles and responsibilities. Within a family, everyone assumes these roles. Talking about these roles and responsibilities, it is important to note the following key points:

• One of the most important responsibilities of a family is raising a child. It is the most challenging responsibility because the child has to be raised from childhood till he/she is old enough to take care of him/herself.

• The family is also expected to educate and transmit the societal norms and culture to its offspring and also give them a position or status in life.

• The family provides emotional, psychological moral and material support to members.

• The family has to ensure provision of.physical security in terms of food, clothing, shelter and other needs to its offspring or other dependent individual members of the family e.g grandparents. However, tradition still believes in assigning specific roles to each family member.

Examples of roles and responsibilities of each family member include:


• Provision of food, shelter and money for the family

• Making important decisions.


• Preparing food and keeping the house in order

• Nurturing and raising the children, teaching the children morals and values

It is important to note that the above roles and any other traditional roles assigned to either parent could be performed by any of the parents. Indeed, both parents are to compliment each other in the performance of all these functions.


• Obeying their parents

• Assisting in performing household chores, particularly in the kitchen, garden, laundry, washing the car etc

• Living up to family expectations

• Getting good grades in school

Each of these roles is accorded a status. The status assigned to a particular role within the family reflects the values and beliefs of that family. The higher the status assigned to a role, the greater the authority, privileges and reward accorded to that role.

Pros and Cons of Critical Ilness Insurance Coverage

Critical illness insurance is a relatively new type of policy that is frequently misunderstood. Today, we will clarify what it is, and what it covers.

How Does Critical Illness Insurance Work?

Critical illness is similar to term life insurance, except it is paid out when you are diagnosed with an illness covered by the policy, rather than being paid out upon death. However, some people confuse this type of insurance with disability insurance, which substitutes your income if you become disabled.

Illness insurance, like term life insurance, is paid in a lump sum, should you be diagnosed with a pre-defined disease such as cancer. You decide how this amount will be spent – some people put it into additional medical treatment (especially if there are some treatment methods that are not covered by provincial healthcare), others decide to take time off work to spend with family, or to travel.

As with many insurance products, this type of insurance plan comes with an extensive insurance quote, application and underwriting process that the insurer analyzes before you can get a policy; and as with any insurance policy, a critical illness policy comes with both pros and cons.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of this type of insurance.

Pros of Critical Illness Insurance

There are several positive aspects:

  1. Funds that can help where needed: The lump sum you receive if you are diagnosed with a critical illness will allow you to get better treatment and, hopefully, fully recovery in some cases. You can also spend these funds on other needs or projects (such as travel or taking items off your bucket list).
  2. Protection for your own business: If you have your own business, you might need to work part time, after being diagnosed with a critical illness (reduced work hours are common when extensive medical treatment is required). It closes the financial gap created by your reduced hours at your company. With the funds, you could hire somebody to help out with your business.
  3. Stackable protection: Unlike disability insurance, critical illness coverage is “stackable”. With disability insurance, coverage is limited because it is based on your income, and you cannot go over that limit even if you have several disability policies. You can, though, have several policies with varying coverage amounts of different diseases. If you have, for example, two policies with benefits of $250,000 and $300,000, you can get a $550,000 payout when you make a claim.

Cons of Critical Illness Insurance

  1. Expensive: This type of insurance policy is not cheap. As an example, a Term 10 insurance policy with $500,000 coverage (Term 10 means a policy that covers you for 10 years) for a 35-year old non-smoking male without any pre-conditions costs around $180/ month (exemplary quote) whereas a Term 10 life insurance policy with coverage of $1,000,000 for the same person costs around $50.
  2. Definitions matter: If a diagnosed disease, such as a heart attack, is not aligned with the definition of this illness in the policy, your claim may be not paid.
  3. Does not cover you immediately: Policy typically comes with a waiting period (e.g. 90 days) during which you are not covered.
  4. Payout is not immediate: If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, there is “survival period” – (e.g. 30 days). If you die within that period, your claim will be not paid.


Critical illness insurance provides solid coverage for being unexpectedly diagnosed with a serious disease, but this coverage comes at a cost. It’s a good idea to work with an insurance broker to get a critical illness insurance quote and to apply for a policy. Brokers have access to multiple insurance companies and will help you navigate through the complex application process, especially if you have medical pre-conditions.

Car Dealership Scams – Tricks Used by Car Dealerships to Get You to Spend More

Car dealership scams are often very well hidden. You must really understand the car selling game from the inside in order to not fall for them. Everything is orchestrated from the time you enter the showroom, this article shines a light on those hidden tricks and strategies used by car dealers to get you to buy and pay more.

Protecting yourself against car dealership scams starts BEFORE you pull onto the lot. You want to research cars you are interested in, narrow down your choices and then find out the average cost that car sells for. Without this information the dealer will listen to your desires and then try to talk you into the car deal that benefits him the most.

Car dealerships are battle zones for the unprepared, if you look like an easy mark you will be an easy mark. You want to walk into a car negotiation with an air of confidence showing that you are familiar with the cars available and you have an understanding of the cost.

A trick used by most car dealerships is to start their negotiations high. You must start your negotiations with a low bid, lower than you need to pay, this allows the two side to meet at an acceptable mid-range.

Another trick to be aware of is getting you to pay more through added on extras. It is easy for a car dealership to offer you a great deal up front on a vehicle of your choice with the intention of tacking on overpriced extras. Things like dealer warranties, special insurance plans and paint sealants can mean thousands in profits for the dealer and you may never get any benefit from them through the life of the car.

Car dealership scams are something you can protect yourself against. By understanding how dealerships make their money and the tricks they use you can save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars.