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Benefits of Having a Car

There are many reasons why you should own a car. You may be thinking that having a car is extremely expensive, but you should know that the benefits outweigh the amount of money that you will have to pay for your car. If you do not currently have a car, then you have probably come upon many instances already where you have thought that life would be easier if you had a car.

Not only is having a car a way to make your life a little easier, but having a car can also make you safer. Many people choose not to have a car because they feel that having a car will increase their chances of getting into an accident. While this may be true, even if you are walking or riding a bicycle, you can still get into an accident. If you are in a car when this happens, however, you will have the frame of the car to protect you. This is much better than not having any kind of protection such as when you are walking or riding a bicycle. In addition, if you happen to be at your house and have an emergency, you will not have to call an ambulance to take you to the hospital. You will be able to drive yourself if you are able to.

Another reason that you should have a car is because it is convenient. If you do not have a car, then you are probably dependent on the bus or some other kind of mass transit system. Using mass transit it a great way for you to get around if you live in a large city, however, it is not beneficial to you if you live in a smaller town. You will not have to start your day extremely early in order to catch the bus on time. You will be able to leave your house at a more reasonable hour if you have a car. If you have a car, then you will be able to do your grocery shopping as well. It is impossible for one person to carry many groceries on the bus, so you will be limited on the amount of groceries that you can purchase at one time if you do not have a car. If you have a car, you will be able to get all of the groceries that you need in a single trip.

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The Responsibilities of an Automotive Service Manager Job

Many dealerships regard the automotive service manager as an integral part of their business. They are the people responsible for acting as a go-between customers and service staff. They are also responsible for other duties within this department.

These managers hire for their department and must choose the most qualified person for the job. They are in charge of overseeing the employees to make sure they meet the dealership’s quality standards. They are directly responsible for teaching these to the employees. Evaluations of employees are also part of their job within their department.

They must set a business plan into place and enforce the goals so they are met. This makes them accountable for the budgeting of the department in making sure the labor costs are kept in check, inventory balances, and they suffer no additional costs by retaining employees. This also covers a marketing campaign plan to gain new customers, as well as keep the old – through coupons, merchandising and staffing needs.

They must stay current with the changes in the industry by attending classes, seminars, and reading literature. This also includes understanding and implementing any policy changes within the dealership, and offering suggestions for change to make the department run smoother. They must also be able to schedule classes for other employees and themselves when such are offered through the car manufacturer so everyone gets the most current information.

It is also the automotive service manager’s responsibility to stay on top of warranties and recalls offered by the manufacture. They will be required to send the warranty work in for payment and will be held accountable for write-offs to the department for failure to comply with the information. They also are the link between the factory representative and the dealership, and may be required to attend meetings and conferences to further this relationship.

The main duty of a manager is to handle customer complaints quickly and efficiently and maintain customer service and the department. They must create and act upon a plan to keep the customers coming back and must have a way to compromise to ensure customer satisfaction. Bringing in new customers is also a job duty, and they must make sure that the service will turn them into repeat customers.

The education for this position requires a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a complimentary technical field. You must have at least five years experience working in the industry, and many companies require an Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. Some will allow work experience to compensate for the college education, where the candidate has many years of experience performing the duties.

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Types of Automotive Jobs

Numerous people have an ambition of getting an automotive school degree, but are confused about what type of jobs the automobile companies offer. If you also think the same way, no need to worry, as there are various types of automobile jobs available.

Since the car usage and ownership industries have tremendously grown in the past few years and continue to grow, anyone with an automobile school degree has an assured job.

Types of Jobs Available:

Below mentioned are some types of jobs, which a person having an automotive school degree may opt for:

1. Lube and oil technician: Cars need maintenance on a regular basis. Oil change is one-step involved in maintenance of cars. For maintenance of cars, many oil and lube store, garages, and workshops have come up. They provide jobs to persons, who have experience and knowledge to perform these maintenance tasks quickly. Graduates from such schools will easily get these types of jobs, since they are more knowledgeable and experienced in all these tasks.

2. Automotive Technicians: These people perform numerous tasks rather than just oil changing. Automobile technicians perform tasks such as air filter replacement and other such maintenance related tasks. They may also be hired for balancing wheels, mounting and dismounting wheels, changing brake pads and for performing tune-ups.

3. Mechanics: Mechanics require more education and experience compared to technicians. Mechanics perform more difficult repair works and may do the tasks of technicians too. A mechanic performs replacement tasks such as replacement of shocks and struts, alternators, drive shaft, and starters. Any person with an automobile school degree may apply for this job. Mechanics are given all the necessary hands-on training for this job.

4. Master Mechanics: A graduate from an automobile school will be proud of this particular job. This is a kind of job available at high quality automobile shop, garage or dealership maintenance workshop. The pay package of a master mechanic is higher than a technician or mechanic.

5. Auto Body and Paint Specialists: Persons who repair the damages on the vehicle are called auto body and paint specialists. These people are in great demand in recent times due to the high incidents of accidents. An auto body technician replaces exterior body parts and repairs damage. Paint technicians apply paint to the vehicle after repairing the damage.

6. Automobile Design and Engineering: This is the most esteemed job in the auto world. These auto expert persons design the look of a car. This job has very high demand because of the ever-changing technology and competition in the automobile industry. A person with a good understanding of auto theory as well as engineering practices may apply for this job.

These are some of the jobs available for automotive school graduates. Auto industries often require people for various jobs in diverse sectors of automobiles. The job may be for the creation or sales of new vehicles or it may be for repairs and maintenance of automobiles. To end, the auto world always has jobs for auto graduates.

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Nikola Tesla – The Mad Scientist of the 19th Century

If you were to mention the name Nikola Tesla, the picture of a mad scientist will pop into my mind. Tesla is a real genius of the early 19th century but not a lot of people know about him.

Nikola Tesla was born on 10th July 1956 and died at the ripe old age of 87 years old. Back in his younger days, Tesla was trained as an electrical and mechanical engineering. His biggest invention contributed to the advancement of commercial electricity. Many of his ideas were revolutionary and some said the people back in the early 1900 were not ready for his way of thinking.

His research paved the way for alternative current power system, polyphase electric distribution, alternating current (AC) motor and many more. With his invention, Tesla helped to kick start the Second Industrial Revolution.

When Tesla was a child, he was a subject of the Austrian Empire. When he was older, he became an American citizen and worked for Thomas Edison. Tesla pioneered many groundbreaking inventions particularly in the field of wireless energy transfer. Because of his contradicting thinking, he was later involved in the "War of Currents" against his employer, Thomas Edison. Tesla ultimately came out victorious and was considered one of the greatest electrical engineers of his time.

In the year 1893, Nikola Tesla through his experiment showed how energy could be transferred wirelessly to power electronic devices. His work lead to the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower project which was funded by JP Morgan.

The Wardenclyffe Tower incidentally was also known as the Tesla Tower. It was commissioned in 1901 but was never finished. The tower was intended to transmit wireless signal across the Atlantic. Tesla also wanted to show the world how power could be transmitted without the need of cables. Alas, when JP Morgan discovered that there was no way the power transmitted could me metered for financial gain, he pulled his funding and the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower came to a standstill.

Many of Nikola Tesla initial design plans were never found. Some people believe there was a conspiracy to hide his invention from the public. Tesla's invention could literally end the world dependency on power companies.

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The 10 Best Car Waxes

The 3 different car wax on the market today are liquid, paste and spray. Liquid waxes are good for cleaning, gloss, and durability. But they can be very difficult to apply evenly and buff out. Most dry to a haze within about a minute, in addition, this varies with wind, sunlight, and thickness of application.

Paste waxes are good for ease of application. But overall performance is not as good as with liquids, and it can be difficult to remove wax from the container as you near the bottom. Paste waxes usually dry to a haze within 30 seconds.

Spray waxes are good for new cars with excellent finishes since new paint is still shiny and should not be oxidized. They are also good for individuals looking for convenience, plastic compatibility, and spot waxing. Below is a sample lists of the best products on the market today, please keep in mind that the order listed does not represent rankings.

1. Meguiar's

2. Turtle Wax

3. P21S Concours-look Carnauba

4. Nu Finish NFP-80

5. Eagle one wax-as-you-dry

6. Turtle wax 1 step wax & dry T-9

7. Turtle wax platinum series ultra gloss T-413R

8. Turtle wax carnauba wax T-6

9. Black Magic liquid wet shine wax


Wax can only be applied to a vehicle that has been thoroughly washed, dried and clean.

Liquid wax goes on easier, but does not last as long as the paste products. Avoid spray waxes as they are too thin to be of any real use. My recommendation is that you choose a paste wax with a high Carnauba content.

Most paste wax come with an applicator but if you buy one without an applicator, then a damp rectangular kitchen sponge makes a good applicator. As always, follow manufacturers' recommendations. When the wax is dry, remove the residue using a very soft terry cloth, however, micro fiber towels are the best.

The hard part is removing the wax residue from the various creases and edges. The edges of the doors, trunk, and hood and so on are easy; just open them and go over the area with a soft cloth. Fixed items, such as side marker lights, badges, radio antennas, windshield washer nozzles, etc. are more difficult to clean and be rid of wax.

So how often should you wax? Well it depends on how much exposure your vehicle gets but a good rule is every three months or when you notice that when water gets on the paint forms a sheet instead of beading.

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Automotive Three Stage Paint

Today’s automotive paint is durable and resistant to stains and has a high gloss. Vehicles of today primarily utilize a two stage paint process know as base coat, clear coat. There are a number of three stage colors that have become popular. The best example is the pearl white that General Motors uses on the Cadillac. When viewed from different angles the paint color appears to change. This is due to the mid coat, which is applied after the base coat and before the clear coat. The mid coat contains pearlescent powders that cover a broad color spectrum. If you look closely, you can see the small flakes of purple, reds, blues and other colors that give the pearl look to the finish. This type of refinishing is also known as” Tri Coat” with some paint manufactures.

This three stage process drove painters crazy when attempting to match colors. Typically, when a fender replacement was needed, blending the color back into the door to achieve a proper color match was required. In preparation for the blending operation all items are removed from the door such as handles, glass, moldings and trim. The base coat or first stage was applied to the fender and partially into the door. The second stage is the application of the clear coat, which is applied in two coats over the fender and complete door.With the addition of another spraying process after the base or first stage, the blending into the door did not produce an acceptable color match. The industry had to come up with a solution to this problem. The answer required a procedure known as zone refinishing.

The same type of damage that previously required blending into the door now includes the preparation and refinishing of additional undamaged panels along the same side as the repairs. Depending on the color and location, it may be necessary to paint the entire side of a vehicle in order to achieve a proper color match. There are also custom colors that appear to change drastically when viewed from different angles. One example is changing from a rust color to a deep purple and the car actually appears to undergo a change of color as it moves towards or away from you. This is due to the addition of special pearls and xirallic effects.

Xirallic effects are aluminum oxide platelets which are then coated with metal oxides. These platelets are manufactured synthetically using a new crystallization process. The cost of this type of additive is expensive compared to typical pearl type applications. The addition of the three stage refinishing process takes considerably more time to complete. In conclusion the three stage refinishing process is here to stay and adds pleasant visual affect to the cars of today.

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Car A-C Problems – Troubleshooting Auto Air Conditioning

Car A/C problems are one of the most misdiagnosed issues when it comes to automobile repairs. The number one problem that auto technicians have to troubleshoot and find, is “why the AC is NOT blowing cold.” When the car’s air conditioner has this problem, it can be caused by one of many things. The most common cause of the air conditioning blowing warm air is a refrigerant leak. No matter if the AC system uses R12, R134A or any other refrigerant; the theory of operation is the same. They all require a full charge of refrigerant to work properly. Refrigerant can leak from any of the components in the system. A car’s AC components are located in different areas in the vehicle – not all together in an easily replaceable unit like a house AC “window unit.” It is critical that the failed part is located and replaced to insure a long lasting repair.

Look for Obvious Signs of Leaks

The first thing that anyone can do, mechanic or not is look for an obvious sign of a refrigerant leak. Most systems will have UV dye in the system which is neon yellowish green. It can be seen easier with a black light, but it can still be visible to the naked eye also. If there is no dye in the system, the leak may trickle out clear oil. Inspect all of the components starting at the service ports. Look at the service fittings for leaks and all of the hoses. Follow the lines each direction paying particularly close attention to the metal ferrules that connect the rubber hoses to the metal lines. Check for any lines that may have made contact with other components under the hood and may have vibrated and caused a hole to be rubbed through. The condenser is located in front of the radiator, check every square inch for signs of impact damage that may have caused a leak. Even without a rock or something hitting the condenser, there could still be a leak – look for evidence of any oil residue especially on all four corners.

Detect a Hard to Find Leak – Troubleshooting

After a quick visual inspection for leaks of the components that are under the hood, it may be necessary to look a little further with the help of a refrigerant leak detector to troubleshoot the problem. If the system has little oil in it, there may not be much residue to see from a leak. With a freon leak detector, the leak can be detected even if it is a very slow one. Go over all of the components as mentioned before, but this time with the electronic leak detector. The evaporator is the component in the passenger compartment, which is NOT visible like the other components from under the hood. Leaks from the evaporator can sometimes be detected through the vents. A common place to detect an evaporator leak is from the evaporator drain. Refrigerant is heavier than air, so it will naturally go out the water drain for the evaporator. Be careful NOT to allow water to enter the tip of the leak detector or it may be damaged.

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Nikola Tesla Secret Review – Is It Legitimate?

Is Nikola Tesla Secret a scam? This guide has basically taught me about the free electricity discoveries made by the highly intelligent Nikola Tesla. His discovery had been kept away from the public for a long time because it could potentially end all dependence on the utility companies. It certainly sounded very hyped-up to me at first before I tried it, but I am glad that I have decided to try it and am seeing many great benefits from it at the moment with the most significant one being the ability to generate free electricity .

1. Can You Use the Nikola Tesla Secret Generator Device to Power Your Home?

However, you need to keep your expectations in check if you are thinking that it would power up your entire home for free. This simple circuit setup would still require you to spend some money on paying for electricity, but the cost savings that it is providing me with has certainly been well worth investing in building the device. Once set up, this Tesla generator will generate free radiant energy that can be used for many electrical purposes such as charging your cell phone.

2. What Are The Benefits That I am Getting From my Nikola Tesla Secret Device, and How Much Does It Cost?

There is no need for me to acquire any expensive batteries to store excess electricity due to the fact that it can also operate at night. All the materials and spare parts that I need can be found in any local electronics store and did not cost me more than $ 100 to fully build.

It can potentially allow me to live fully off the grid and get free electricity for life provided I continue to follow its maintenance procedures and take care of it well. Even though it harnesses energy from the sun, it does not produce any radiation, emissions or fumes in my home which some people have been falsely led to believe on the Internet.

3. What Kinds of Electrical Devices Can You Expect to Profit by Building the Nikola Tesla Secret Device?

There are many electrical devices that I am powering up using this Tesla device today like my refrigerator, plasma TV and clocks. If you are interested in learning how to build a device that can provide infinite renewable power, you will definitely want to find out more about this step by step downloadable handbook.

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Auto Insurance Pricing Factors

The truth is, getting coverage that is that cheap is all but impossible, and there are many factors that go into automobile insurance pricing. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the big factors, so you can be more informed and hopefully pay less for your coverage.

1. Lapses in Coverage

Having auto insurance is the law in nearly all states in the U.S. but many people cancel their coverage and don’t think twice about it. This is not a good move because insurers look at this as an added risk. People who do not maintain continual vehicle insurance are also more likely to cancel a policy or not pay their premiums. This is why this often overlooked factor plays a big role in rates. If you are switching to a new insurer, just make sure there are no lapses, and you should be able to get a cheaper policy in the future.

2. Your DMV Driving Record

Almost everyone thinks they are a good driver, even people that get into numerous at-fault accidents. It always seems to be someone else’s fault, but many people are just lousy drivers. Car insurers take accidents and traffic violations seriously. If you have received a lot of tickets, especially more severe ones like reckless violations, then you will be paying a lot more to get covered. Those drivers with no crashes and no tickets for a three-year or longer period are considered safe drivers. This should be an important objective to all money saving motorists because having a good driving record will save you 15% or more on automobile insurance. If you have more than 3 tickets on your record, get them cleared up as soon as possible. Go to court and talk to the judge and work out a payment plan or go to traffic school. Once you get your driving record clean, maintain it by obeying all traffic laws and drive safely.

3. Your Age and Driving Experience

This is a super big factor that plays a large role in what you will pay to get covered. Motorists that are between 18-25 pay the highest cost to get covered of any age group. Yes, that means that elderly adults over 80 can get insured for less than a 19 year old teenager. The reason for this is all stat based. Young drivers take more risks driving and engage in super dangerous behavior like texting while driving. As a consequence, this group of drivers get into more accidents than any other and often pay twice as much for coverage. The sweet spot for low rates is between 35 and 60. These motorists, if they maintain a good DMV record, can get exceptional cheap rates. For those young people 24 and under, take a certified defensive driving class and get good grades in school. These two things can save you a combined 15% or more.

4. The Vehicle you Drive

Most people do lots of research on the car they want without ever even thinking about the expense of auto insurance. The type of automobile, year and current value plays a very big role in determining rates. Some cars that you might think would be expensive to insure are cheap and others that you would expect to be really costly are not. For example, a late model Jeep Cherokee is less expensive to insure than many sedans like a Honda Accord. This is because Honda’s are frequently targeted by thieves. Auto insurers pass these costs onto consumers who own these often stolen vehicles. If you are on a tight budget, get a car that is 4 or 5 years old and non-sporty, like a Toyota Camry. Avoid new or used sports cars like a Porsche or Corvette. Also, stay away from vehicles that are always on top of the 10 most stolen automobiles. Do your research on the car you want simultaneously with the cost of insuring it and you will know if you can afford it.

Shop Online for Lower Rates

Now that you have gained an insight into the main factors that insurers use to calculate premiums, it’s time to compare quotes. The best place to comparison shop car insurance prices is on the web. Apply for your free custom quote today and save more of your money on auto insurance.

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Auto Body Repair at Home in Five Steps

Fixing damage to the body of your auto is a repair that can be done at home or in a professional body shop. Body Auto Repair shops fix thousand of dents every day, from the large ones that prevent the vehicle from being used properly, to small ones that take only a few minutes for a professional. First, let us look at doing the job yourself.

It is not hard to justify an expensive professional repair with severe body damage to your car. However, small dents in your car can be fixed at home if you have the right tools and knowledge. To do the repair, body filler, also known as Bondo, is the best and easiest choice. The key to any auto repair is to take your time – if you do that, the body of your vehicle will look like new again. To do the Body Auto Repair yourself, you will need wet/dry sandpaper, some Bondo, putty to glaze with, plastic spreaders, and primer.

(1) Start by sanding the paint down until you see bare metal. This is necessary for the Bondo to stick. Sand a little further out than the actual size of the dent.

(2) The Bondo should come with a hardening agent that you mix once the surface of the Body is sanded. This hardener will set quickly, so once it’s mixed, get to work laying it on the damaged area.

(3) When the Bondo has set, sand the area smooth and fill in any divots you might have missed. This can be done with glaze putty and a plastic spreader.

(4) Sand the puttied area smooth, and begin priming the area. Make sure to tape off a large area to avoid spilling over or repainting your car.

(5) Primer needs to be wet-sanded once it is dry. This can be done with a bottle of filtered water and the same fine sandpaper.

Body Auto Repair does not have to be hard, but the larger repairs are best left to a professional shop. As for that last step, the painting, getting it done by a pro will ensure your hard work does not go to waste.

Choosing a shop for your Repair is an important decision. A bad repair can leave your car looking damaged, causing its value to go down. The worst case scenario is that the repair will have to be redone. Have a list of shops before they are needed, and make sure they use the latest equipment, and warranty their work.

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