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Buying Cars For Resale at Government Car Auctions

Government car auctions are a great place to find late model cars that are ready to be resold. You will find a wide selection of cars available, ranging from those that can immediately be resold to consumers at fair market value to those that need a little tender loving care before driving or selling. These ideas will help you make the most out of your trip to the next local auction, so you are sure to make a profit on anything you buy for reselling purposes.

Why Auctions?

One of the best things about government car auctions is the ability to pay thousands of dollars below market value for all different types of cars. You will easily save money by visiting an auction, but that does not mean that you won’t have a wide selection of cars to choose from. In fact, there are often hundreds of cars sold around the country every month to used car dealers that include sports cars, luxury cars and even collectable antique cars.

In addition to saving you money, buying from government car auctions helps out local government offices by reducing the costs associated with storing the vehicles, and can even help by providing some much needed funding for state and local government offices. Some cars, especially collectables, sports cars and luxury cars, are in high demand, however, making them a little more costly to purchase than your average vehicle.

Getting Great Deals

Shopping at government car auctions can provide you with the tools you need to find really great bargains. In order to find cars with free and clear titles, check to make sure that the title is on location. Since it is impossible to resell a car without a title, choosing cars with titles that are lost or even in transit will make them impossible to sell. Instead, ask before you bid to ensure the car has all of the proper documentation before buying or bidding. This simple step can save you a lot of trouble on down the road.

If you are going to be buying several cars, it may well be worth the expense of bringing in a professional to judge the body, frame, engine and transmission of the car before bidding, as well. These parts are very costly to repair, and may bring the cost of the car over what you were willing to pay if damaged. Within just a few minutes, a good mechanic can tell you whether or not the car is worth buying, or not.

Finding Auctions

You can find government car auctions both online and locally. There are typically several local auctions held each year, even in smaller rural areas. If you are shopping for cars online, then you will want to make sure that you are paying for both pick up, or shipping, or the automobile in addition to the auction bid. In some cases, shipping can be quite costly.

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The Collapse of the Auto Industry – Are Unions to Blame?

According to the Indianapolis Star, in the year ending 2007, the average base wage for a GM blue-collar employee, was just under $ 28 an hour. GM officials say that average reaches $ 39.68 an hour, when you consider base pay, cost-of-living adjustments, night-shift premiums, overtime, holiday and vacation pay. Health-care, pension and other benefits average another $ 33.58 an hour. This brings the total average cost of employing a single GM worker to an astounding $ 73.26 per hour.

Compare these outrageous hourly numbers to those of our Mexican counterparts. In June of 2008, Ford Motor Company announced that their Union had agreed to cut wages for new hires, to about half of the current wage of $ 4.50 per hour. Starting wages at some plants in Mexico are as paltry as $ 1.50 per hour with a lot less of the related pension and health care costs of US workers. The total cost to employ a worker in China is even less than the cost in Mexico. There is no need to dissect those numbers, as I believe the point has been made quite clear.

The entire North American auto industry is on the brink of collapse and we wonder how in the world this could happen. The answer is quite obvious. North America can simply not compete with the foreign auto manufacturers. Certainly not at these hourly labor rates. The Unions have been holding a knife at the throat of the manufacturers for far too long. Greed in its purest form has broken the back of the auto industry. The Union is unrepentant as they have already spoken out and declared that they refuse to make any form of concession even during the industries darkest hour.

Leadership on behalf of the Union is largely responsible. The shepherds of the cattle if you will, who advise and direct their herd to fight to the bitter end in order to get what they want. They have no regard for the economics of their demands. Their stance has consistently been, give us what we want or we will take our ball and go home. In other words they will go on strike. Once again, holding the industry hostage.

The talking heads at the Big Three have asked Congress to kindly hand over $ 25 Billion of taxpayer money to help solve this crisis. Although this is an astounding number, it is certainly not the saving grace, which the auto industry requires. A Band-Aid on a gunshot wound will not stop the bleeding. Without becoming more competitive with foreign markets, the auto sector will gradually regress back into the funk it's in today.

Congress, it would seem, is negotiating with the wrong people. They need to sit down with the United Autoworkers Union and provide them with a simple ultimatum. Either accept some very deep cuts not only to your wages but to your benefits and pension as well or the Government will break the Union and start anew. Then and only then should the Government consider providing financial aid to this troubled industry. Harsh, Perhaps, necessary absolutely. I am certain there are enough people currently on unemployment and welfare who would be thrilled to work in this industry for $ 15 an hour with limited benefits and a small pension program. And let's face it, most of these positions require the intelligence and dexterity of a monkey, so the supply pool should be quite large when you consider we have college graduates and computer programmers currently sitting on the dole.

The repercussions of a North American auto industry collapse are enormous. Imagine hundreds of thousands of workers no longer contributing towards income tax, Health-care, pensions or unemployment insurance. Instead these same workers now become a drain on our society as they all rush to the unemployment line at once.

The US Government just bailed out the financial sector with a $ 250 Billion payout. The collapse of the auto industry will result in a further collapse of the financial industry. The Government brain trusts need to determine just how many of these auto workers are likely to forfeit on their loans and mortgages should they suddenly find themselves unemployed. Those numbers will be staggering and that bailout money will disappear quicker than a box of donuts at a Policeman's ball. Of course, those of us that are still employed will be left footing the bill through higher taxes.

Management of these companies can not escape unscathed either. Although they are a contributing factor towards this financial crisis with their multi million dollar salaries and corporate jets, the Union eats up far more money than management. It is however, time for these so called brilliant CEO's to lay down their Crackberrys, roll up their sleeves and formulate a viable plan that can save North America from financial disaster. A plan that not only includes drastic company wide cuts but a plan that will make this industry competitive with other world markets.

Our Nation can not sustain a collapse of the auto industry. The impacts are so vast and the trickle effects so numerous it would be near impossible to evaluate the total devastation. It is essential that we resolve this crisis. The Government must hold the Union Leaders and the CEO's of these failing companies accountable. Most importantly, we, the people, need to hold our Governments accountable. After all, they are the ones giving our hard-earned money away to these failing businesses.

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A Top Ten List of Automotive Extended Warranty Companies

Automotive extended warranties should be a very important part of one’s budget. After the vehicle’s initial warranty expires it would be wise to extend it because unexpected breakdowns can be devastating for one’s finances. A warranty is collateral that is offered by the manufacturer or another insurance provider. This means that if the product or service fails you are entitled to have it repaired or replaced. Let’s look at some of the top providers for automotive extended warranties.

1. Mogi

Mogi is a very recent entrant into the market of insurance. With their technological advances in terms of web based protection and support, Mogi has become the convenient and reliable choice of many consumers. Mogi offers several coverage plans for new and used vehicles. Each plan is tailored to the specific needs of the customer at the lowest rates possible.

2. Warranty Direct

Warranty Direct is very popular due to its wide array of coverage plans at reasonable prices. With more of a track record than Mogi, Warranty Direct has been in the business for 30 years. In terms of reliability you will find no better automotive extended warranty among the other companies. Warranty Direct is one of the largest warranty companies in North America making it very appealing to buyers looking for a safe and reliable purchase.


Another well-known name; CARCHEX provides several automotive extended warranties. Plans for new and used vehicles add to the diversity of this company.

4. Stop Repair Bills

Stop Repair Bills will cover almost any vehicle. Most of their customers have vehicles over 12 years old. This company’s boldness has earned it a household name for good reason.

5. U.S. Fidelis

U.S. Fidelis is one of the largest automotive extended warranty companies in the United States. U.S. Fidelis offers many economic plans for new vehicles. This provider is a wise choice for those looking for an established company.

6. U.S. Direct

U.S. Direct is another exclusive provider in the United States. This automotive extended warranty company boasts a solid track record and excellent customer service.

7. Fidelity Automotive

Fidelity provides extended warranties to both new and used cars. To go along with their coverage, Fidelity also offers excellent customer service with roadside assistance and repair.

8. Auto Protection

Auto Protection is smaller than the other providers; to compensate for this Auto Protection offers excellent customer service and makes their policies very clear.

9. Endurance Protection

Another small automotive extended warranty provider; Endurance Protection offers several incentives such as instant savings and roadside assistance.

10. Auto Service Warranty

Auto Service Warranty provides used and new automobile coverage. Automotive extended warranties are provided at very economical pricing.

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Best Ways To Identify Your Ideal Clients & Customers

As a business coach, I strongly believe that it would be great if all businesses today would know who their ideal clients and customers are. If I asked each of the readers of this article to tell me who your ideal clients are, could you tell me? Have you ever taken time to truly identify your ideal clients and what they are like? I suspect a majority of readers of this article answered NO to these questions.

Too many business owners and managers can not identify their ideal clients and customers and as a consequence they continue to "chase" any prospect and sell to everyone. By doing this, they work harder, not smarter, waste valuable time & resources, and they fail to grow their business. Worse yet, too many business owners and managers find it absolutely impossible to "walk away" from any prospect even when they know the prospect is not the right fit for their business.

In my professional business coaching practice, I have worked with many companies to help identify their target markets and ideal clients. I strongly impress upon them the importance of doing this so they can strategically grow their business.

What advice do I share with my clients on how to identify their target markets and ideal clients? Here is a short list of some advice I do share with them.

+ Identify prospective client company and individuals that will match up closely with your company strengths, your company's identified opportunities, and the vision, mission, guiding principles and goals of your company.

+ Set aside time to carefully think about the people and companies and organizations that you really love to work with and write down some of the traits of these individuals and companies. Some of those traits could be: they value a long term relationship; they look at the value of services and products, rather than cost; their assignments are challenging; they are passionate about growing their business; etc.

+ Develop a demographic profile of your ideal client company or organization using such parameters as: geographic location; number of offices; annual revenues; number of employees; types of employees; SIC codes; etc.

+ Develop a demographic profile of your ideal client as an individual using such characteristics as: where they live; level of education; income level; skill sets; job title; area of ​​work responsibility; personal interests & hobbies; etc.

+ Write clear descriptions of your ideal client and organization and your ideal individual within a client company of organization and then refer back to those descriptions before developing and implementing your marketing efforts. Use these descriptions as a "filter" for any prospect list you develop.

If you want to learn how you can benefit from a guide, facilitator and business coach to assist you in identifying your ideal client companies and organizations and the ideal individuals within those companies and organizations and how to achieve a higher level of confidence that you have a description of whom facility clear you shouldnt be talking with and Post why hwy company or organization needs your products and / or services, please contact Glenn Ebersole today thru his web site at Http://www.businesscoach4u.com or email him at Jgecoach @ aol. com .

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How Auto Reconditioning Will Help Your Vehicle

If your vehicle has auto body damage do not just trade in it for a new one! New vehicles are more expensive than getting auto body repairs. Rather than paying one time you will be paying for it for 4 or 5 years! You may not have heard about this thing called auto reconditioning? Auto reconditioning is a great way to get your vehicle looking like new in no time! You may doubt what I am saying, but read on and find out how auto reconditioning can help your vehicle!

Auto reconditioning or sometimes referred to as minor auto body repairs is a great way to get your vehicle looking great! An auto body repair specialist will repair the existing materials on your vehicle so that they look like new again! It is not replacement, if they can help it. Replacing auto body parts requires more time to repair and more money, two things you do not want to waste. Many of the service offered by auto reconditioning specialist can be completed in as little as 2-6 hours, sometimes while you wait or with a mobile service! Also insurance companies will work with many auto body repairs shops to save you even more money.

Check out some of the services offered at most auto reconditioning shops: Paintless Dent Removal: If your vehicle has dents or dings in the auto body your vehicle would benefits from paintless dent removal. The paintless dent removal process uses reflective sources, rods and special tools to massage dents out from the inside leaving a smooth service as the result. There are no fillers or paints used so the original finish of your vehicle will not be compromised.

Bumper Repair: Many people do not realize that plastic covered bumpers can be repaired. This was not always the case but that is why they are now covered with a hard plastic. Your bumper can easily be repaired at an auto body repair shop in no time.

Windshield Repair: If your windshield is cracked or chipped you should bring it to an auto reconditioning repair shop as soon as possible. Your windshield can be repaired if you get it taken care of quick enough. However, if you want to long you will be faced with having to replace the entire windshield at much more cost for you.

Interior Repair: There are many interior repairs that an auto body repair shop can repair. It would include things like tears or rips in upholstery, cigarette burns, dash repair, headliner repair, spot cleaning, and more. All of these things can really hinder the appearance of your vehicle, so get them repaired to get your vehicle looking great! Paint Touch Up: If you have any cracked or chipped paint on your vehicle it probably does not look great, and you are exposing the metal frame to water and other elements which can cause it to rust. Auto body repair shops can use the latest technology to match your vehicle paint and protect your vehicle from further damage.

These are only a preview of what an auto reconditioning specialist can do for your vehicle. You will be surprised to see an almost new vehicle when they repair your vehicle while you wait!

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The Future of the Automotive Industry

People now have access to the best in terms of home appliances, offices and automobiles. Digital components have made life very easy for individuals. Things that were expensive at a time are now available within our budgets, and automobiles are one of those. There are certain situations that have bought sudden changes in the automotive industry.

Unstable financial markets, rising fuel prices, and increasing taxes are some of the problems faced by the automobile industry. The U.S. economy and weak dollar conversion rates have contributed to the increase in crude oil prices. This has a direct impact on the automobile industry.

Automobile users have not changed their approach towards purchasing fuel and petrol despite the growing fuel prices

Effect Of Rising Prices On Automobile Users:

Environmental issues are not important for auto users. They are unaffected by the rising fuel costs and are prepared to continue driving.

Car manufacturers and dealers have seen a marginal loss in the sales of vehicles. European and American markets have reported huge losses in the automobile industry. There is an increase in used car sales and decrease in new car sales. Sales of automobiles are on the rise via the Internet. Manufacturers have to switch to the World Wide Web medium to increase the sales.

Hence, there is going to be a massive increase in vehicle taxes, toll and parking charges. There is an immediate need to find an alternative to road use with a reliable and clean public transport. While the government is trying its best, insurance companies are stable and earning a lot because of the competition in the automobile industry.

Developments in The Automotive Industry:

Electronic devices have played a vita role in the automobile industry. There are huge numbers of electronic devices installed in automobile manufacturing plants. For example, cars are using electronic devices. Thus, listening to music in automobiles without interruption is just one of its kinds to explain the impact of electronics in the automobile industry.

Telecommunication has also played a major role in the automotive industry. In recent times, this industry has been gaining more attention from car manufacturers. An average automobile manufacturing company spends thousands of dollars on electronic devices for every vehicle. Increase in using electronic devices in automobiles is reflected in the form of entertainment systems, security features and safety devices.

Some of the common electronic devices used in automobiles are:

1. Controlled Area Network: There are separate computers fitted in the vehicle. The Controlled Area Network allows these computers to communicate with one another.

2. Fuel efficiency: The rising prices of fuel have forced the automotive industry to manufacture fuel-efficient automobiles. New technology in automobiles has a unique function to switch between fuel and electronic engines.

Alternate fuel:

As prices of fuel have increased, there is an increasing need to switch on alternate sources of fuel. Water is one best source of energy. Researchers have proved that water can run cars. Scientists also claim that energy extracted from water can be used instead of fuel. Water mixed with normal gasoline is another alternate solution. Automobile industry is trying hard to discover other technologies for reducing all these costs.

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Automobile Insurance Rates

What exactly are automobile insurance rates and what are they based on? Simply put, automobile insurance rates are what you pay for your auto insurance coverage. Most companies offer payments in either monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. Most of the time it is cheaper to pay either semi-annually or annually, if you can do that. The rates are lower this way because there are usually no installment fees added to it.

What are automobile insurance rates based on?

They are based, first of all, on the rating that is given by your state’s Department of Insurance. Each county is rated based on the number of accidents, citations, tickets, and other violations reported. The more accidents and violations reported from your county, the more the rates will be. However, the rates are also based on your driving record, age, and even gender and marital status. If you have a poor driving record, you can expect your rates to be fairly high. Insurance for teenagers and young drivers under the age of 25 and single will be higher. And the majority of the time automobile insurance rates are cheaper for females than males.

How do you go about getting an automobile insurance rate?

You can either call around to different companies, go online, or go into your local insurance offices. To get a correct rate you will need to take in the vehicle identification number of the vehicle(s) you are wanting to insure, your driver’s license, and a proof of previous insurance with another company (if you have this). You must be completely honest and tell them of any accidents or violations because they will run a motor vehicle report. Most companies will require to see a copy of the registration or title to the vehicle(s) you are wanting to insure.

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Promotional Mouse Mats Are Economical In Nature

Promotional gifting has to be done in an economical manner. Every company prefers the gifts to conventional advertisements because of the cost effective nature of the gifts. There are a large number of products that can yield a better return on investment to the companies than that earned by the typical advertisements. The promotional mouse mats are one such category of items that can yield the maximum benefits to the company for their minimum investment.

The promotional gifts can be categorised into different groups based on their prices. The lowest and the least priced category of articles include the most popular items such as the pens and writing articles, notepads, keyrings or mouse mats. The middle group that is the medium-priced popular articles includes the umbrellas, caps or T-shirts. The most expensive category of items includes the business trolley bags, laptop carriers or crystal globe. Among the three categories, the first two categories of gifts can be distributed in mass events as well as individual gifting occasions whereas the last category of items can be given out as individual gifts alone. The most popular articles, however, belong to the first group. This is obviously due to their economical nature. To see the variety available in the selection of gifts, please visit online stores.

Online, you can see more than 5,000 different collections of articles, all of which offer great scope for brand promotion. They are offered at the most competitive rates in the UK. The promotional mouse mats are available for a price less than half a pound. However, they do not compromise their quality for their price. They are made of quality materials and allow a smooth crawling of the mouse over it. They will perform their role decently by providing a smooth platform for the mouse to move and an attractive medium for printing the brand name of your company.

You wish to the if for the go The better quality promotional mouse View mats or the if you wish to : add special features on your printed mouse View mats, there are On: many options available online. The examples are the Calculator Mouse Mats, Mouse Mats and Coaster Sets, or Mouse Mats DeskSets. All of these provide a good opportunity for the companies to print their brand name and display it on the desktop, making it visible to innumerable customers. By selecting the mouse mats that have extra features in them, you can improve their performance as brand promotion articles. Online, they provide the brand imprint service to all of the products. To know the details of their service, please visit online stores.

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Promotional-Mouse-Mats-Are-Economical-In-Nature&id=1082582

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance can make all of the difference in the world in the unfortunate event of an accident. Not only does it cover property damage, but auto insurance offers other protections as well.

For example, liability coverage will cover damage you cause to other vehicles in an accident, and it can also cover others' medical expenses.

The type of policy you have will determine the dollar amount of coverage you receive in these areas. The cost of the policy will be affected by the level of protection you buy, and other factors such as your age, and driving record.

Given the importance of auto insurance, it's a good idea to shop carefully when looking for appropriate coverage.

The policy itself is a contract that specifies your obligations, as well as the financial commitment of the insurer. The amount you pay for a set term of coverage is called the premium. Generally the premium of your auto insurance is fixed for the term of the policy barring unforeseen events, such as an accident.

State requirements for auto insurance vary from state to state and from individual to individual. Speaking to an insurance professional will help you make a decision based on your particular needs.

The premium for auto insurance is directly connected to 6 levels of coverage. These levels include comprehensive, collision, uninsured / underinsured motorist, property damage liability, bodily injury liability, and medical payments (also known as personal injury protection).

Comprehensive protection covers losses that are not a direct result of an accident. For example, comprehensive would come in handy if you sustained damage to your car due to a hailstorm.

Some drivers choose not to carry comprehensive, especially if they are driving an older vehicle of little monetary value. Also the deductible (the portion of an expense you pay out of pocket) may exceed the value of some older cars.

On the other hand, if you purchase a new car, especially with a loan, you may need to incorporate comprehensive in your policy.

Collision coverage appropriately covers your automobile in the event of a collision. This protection covers damage even if it's determined you're at fault in the accident. The cost of collision coverage will be affected by the deductible. Generally speaking, the higher your deductible the lower the premium for your auto insurance.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage covers you in the event that you are in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. This protects you as well as any other designated driver of your car. This coverage can be invaluable if you sustain significant injury. This type of coverage may also cover you if you are a pedestrian and a driver hits you.

Property damage liability covers damages you cause to another vehicle. It also covers damages you might cause to other property. If for example, you take out the neighbor's fence going around a corner, property damage liability coverage will cover this.

Bodily injury liability coverage is particularly important. This helps protect you financially in the event that you cause an accident and cause injury to other people.

Medical payments coverage (personal injury protection) is a type of coverage that protects you and the occupants of your car for medical related expenses.

Auto insurance will help you and those you love if a mishap occurs. Finding the right auto insurance policy will help make your driving experience safer and more pleasurable.

More information For, see Make-Getting-Insurance-Easy.com/auto-insurance

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The Evolution of the Auto Industry

Of course the idea of ​​an automobile can be dated all the way back to when the wheel was first invented; however, I am going to place you back to when major progress was made to the auto industry. The first automobile was built in France by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot in 1769. Not long after came the first automobile patent in the United States which was granted to Oliver Evans in 1789. Evan produced his first self-propelled automobile in 1805. Although self- propelled, this vehicle was not anything like how our vehicles work today. Finally, in 1870 an inventor by the name of Seigfried Marcus put an internal liquid fuel engine in a horse carriage which made him the first man to propel a vehicle by means of gasoline. As were finding out today this may have been our biggest mistake as a civilization due to global warming concerns. However, when directly eyeing the auto industry, this was necessary to jump start the idea that has effects each and every one of us everyday.

Karl Benz built his first automobile in 1885, was granted a patent in 1886, and began producing automobiles in 1888. Notice the last names if you are not familiar with the history of the auto industry. In 1889 Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach designed a vehicle from scratch rather than using a horse carriage fitted with an engine. By the 1900s, mass production on vehicles was under way in France and the United States. The first company formed to exclusively build cars was Panhard et Levassor in France. Next came the United States auto industry startup called Duryea Motor Wagon Company founded by brothers Charles and Frank Duryea.

Oldsmobile had a production line up and running in 1902 and would dominate this era of automobile production. By 1903, Cadillac, Winston and Ford were all producing cars in the thousands. A few years later in 1908 the Ford Model T was introduced and became the most widely produced and available car of the era. In 1910 the Mercer Raceabout debuted as the world's first sports car. Slightly over a decade later the Austin debuted and was the most widely copied vehicle ever and served as a template for cars around the world. Later in 1934 the Citroen Traction Avant was the first mass produced vehicle with front wheel drive. Finally, Oldsmobile introduced the first automatic transmission in 1940 and no longer than 10 years all automobile manufactures were offering the same technology. 1950 and 60's was when the auto industry had the ability to really focus on the wants rather than the needs of consumers. The classics we love to see are in prototypes. 1962 hits and the first super car was introduced as the Ferrari 250 GTO. 1964 sets a mark and Ford releases the Mustang that became the best selling and most collected car of its era. In 1977 Honda introduced the Accord and it went on to become the most popular car of 1990s. A huge win for Chrysler, their 1983 release of the minivans were introduced and pushed station wagons out of the market. Many of these vehicles lasted decades and many can still be found today. More recently, Toyota has recently surpassed General Motors in leading worldwide auto sales and now holds the number one selling brand in the world.

As for the future of vehicles, manufactures are moving towards hybrid and hydrogen automobiles. Hybrid automobiles use a mix of technologies such as combustion engines, electric motors, gasoline, and batteries. Normally, the vehicles run on batteries that are found in a pack in the vehicle, and once the battery is dead the gasoline kicks in. Hydrogen automobiles generally use the hydrogen in one of two methods; combustion or fuel-cell conversion. Hydrogen can be obtained through various methods utilizing natural gas or coal. One can almost say history repeats itself, simply with a different goal. As noted at the beginning of this article, a gasoline powered engine was a major jump start to the auto industry. Now we have most everything else we can want and need, and the main focus is finding the best way to power the vehicle again that can both be environmentally safe and cost effective. This is because fossil fuels have been the number one proven cause of global warming, the supply is inevitably going to diminish, and the price is definitely not going down.

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