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Future Automotive Trends

The combined impact of increasing energy needs and the rising prices of parts have forced automakers, suppliers and marketers to find new ways of using technology to come up with better vehicles. New business trends are behind the transformation of the automotive manufacturing industry. By adopting these trends, manufacturers can better respond to global challenges like market uncertainty.

Rising oil and gas prices, air pollution, traffic jams and extensive media coverage of the global warming debate have increased the awareness of automotive customers with regards to environmental issues ..

Drastic emission regulation for vehicles will affect most markets in four years but automakers product portfolios are insufficient to meet the demand for engines with low CO2 emissions rates. Zero emission vehicles are ripe for volume markets but RD partnerships are vital to the successful development of power and fuel cell technologies.

A system already in production will enable a car to stay some distance away from another vehicle on the road. Short-range radar braking systems will hit the market soon. In the future, self-guided cars will allow drivers to sleep, read or do other tasks while traveling. Future systems will employ digital imaging, special roadways and sensors to create driving commands.

Experts predict that cars in 2025 will be made from advanced polymer composites. They will be lighter but more reliable, recyclable and spacious with electric propulsion powered by direct hydrogen fuel cells. This will result in zero emissions and 100 to 120 mpg-gas equivalence for large SUVs, or up to about 200 for four to five-seater family sedans.

Fuel costs will be offset by using the vehicles as power stations while parked. Cells from millions of parked cars would plug into homes or the city power grids. The 20 to 40 kilowatt engines will make clean power that may be sold to utility companies or used privately.

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Automobile History

Cars have been a part of American life since circa 1914 because of one man; Henry Ford. He revolutionized the production process of motor vehicles that was created by Ransom Olds, the owner of the Oldsmobile factory, which was debuted in 1902. The Ford production line was the predecessor to all other large-scale production lines that shell out different products such as airplanes, ships, trains and all types of electronics.

The Ford assembly line was so successful that it produced vehicles at a record pace; one car came off of the line every 15 minutes. This is in 1914, when developments in technology were still being discovered and tested across not only the United States but also the world. The only thing that was holding Ford back in production was waiting for the variety of colors to dry. So, he noticed that the black paint they were using dried quicker than the variety of other colors. Ford made an executive decision to use only black paint from that moment forward, hence the reason why all of the vehicles in the country at the onset of vehicular travel were black in color.

Ford's first car was the Model T and it cost an assembly line worker only four months of pay to purchase the vehicle in 1914. Ford also instituted groundbreaking safety features and groundbreaking management strategies. Ford assigned each assembly line worker to a specific position so there would be less wandering throughout the line which would result in fewer injuries to his workers. If he had as many healthy workers as possible then the production work would be completed faster and faster.

The other groundbreaking idea that Ford had was how to effectively manage a work force. He paid higher wages, which resulted in higher production efficiency. This is known today as "Fordism." Ford's assembly line developments and management developments were only baby steps in the progression of automobiles in the lives of Americans.

Another name in the history of American automobiles is Alfred P. Sloan. Sloan came up with the idea that each individual company that manufactures cars should also offer different models to sell to their customers. Ford sold only the Model T at first but then added other models to his assembly line. This allowed the American people to purchase more luxurious cars as they moved up the class ladder of society.

Taking a jump a couple of decades to 2002, the last time a vehicle survey was conducted, there were an estimated 590 million vehicles on the roads worldwide. The world has become more and more populated since Ford's 1914 assembly line advancements, with worldwide population hitting the 6 billion mark during the last census in 2000. This of course means more vehicles on the roads for more licensed drivers. Cars have become ingrained in American society in this technology-driven world. They help people get from home to work, work to ballgames and anywhere in between. Cars have also caused damage in the ozone of the Earth and high amounts of pollution in the air from their exhaust fumes. Despite all of this cars are still Americans' main mode of transportation.

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Free Electricity, Renewable Energy Generator Plans Available – Going Green

Two Australian Inventors from Freshwater in NW Cairns Queensland (I lived in SW Cairns in Earlville) John Christie and Ludwig (Lu) Brits invented a home use free energy machine in 2001. This generator has the ability to be able to run a house effectively without the use of any traditional electricity. This machine actually produces more than five times the amount of electricity than is uses.

The free energy machine is under a patent for its innovative technology. This free energy is patented under the name "a means of controlling a rotary device" and the invention is patented under this name in a number of countries including New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Mexico and Turkey. This free energy machine is actually producing new energy without the need for traditional electricity. As John Christie said in an interview back in 2001 "the system works because of the interaction between magnetic attraction and magnetic repulsion"

Currently you can not actually buy the free energy machine because even though it has been patented, no companies have manufactured it for domestic use. There are a number of Power Companies in Europe and Canada who have produced industrial size machines. However, for the domestic market, this has meant that other companies have produced plans that show you how to make this type of generator in your own home. Both John and Lu have stated on the website and in interviews that companies like Magniwork and Magnets 4 Energy are not in any way related to their innovations and did not write the plans for their equipment. However, both John and Lu have said that their system is basically developed by the work of English scientist Michael Faraday who discovered that electrical energy could be produced by magnetism in combination with movement also developed over 100 years ago by Nikola Tesla.

The available books of plans on the free energy machine is therefore a very good option if you want to mimic the work of the scientist, as well as these two Australian inventors. I believe that is not only for your benefit so that you save money on electricity, but also for the benefit of the environment. The continued use of exhausting the supply of fossil fuels is causing more and more damage to the environment, and something needs to be done to stop this. At the moment you can buy these books for under $ 50.00 (with a 100% 60 day money back guarantee) and they give you all the information you will possibly need to be able to build your own free energy machine. Probably the main reason that no manufacturer is willing to make these machines is that it will destroy the energy industry. That being said, there would never be any monthly bills and the government would not be able to squeeze that money out in tax. If you were smart you would make one of these machines yourself because you could power your house forever without spending any money.

A free energy machine is probably the best and most innovative invention of our generation. Read up about this technology and find out what you need to do to make this machine, or get someone else to build it for you. Chances do not come along everyday for you to make such a difference to the environment. If you choose not to do this for yourself, choose to do it for the environment because otherwise in the future we will not have a beautiful environment like we have now. Get in touch with me and benefit with your own free energy machine. Just do something – you have the power.

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Auto Repair Quotes – Are You Being Scammed? Here's How to Tell

Do you need help making sense of auto repair quotes? If you're like about 95% of Americans, you do not know much about your car and you really do not want to. You want to wake up, turn the key, and have the car do what it's always done: drive to and from work. But on those gut wrenching mornings when the car will not start, or there's an evil little light on the dash, we know it's time to telemarket the pros and hope we get a fair deal and not a sharp stick in the eye.

Now you're in the shop They're looking at your car, charging you for it, and when they walk into the waiting room, wiping the grease off their hands, how do you know the car repair estimates they rattle off are not complete works of fiction?

Let's pause for a moment of clarity. Just what is an auto repair scam? We'd like to offer some auto repair help using this simple analogy … Going out to dinner.

Imagine walking into a restaurant any given night of the week. You're craving (let's say for sake of argument) a burger, fries and coke. You sit down, the waiter walks over, and before taking your order tells you about the specials. He tells you about their tender sirloin tips, sautéed in a cabernet butter sauce served with garlic mashed potatoes and delectable grilled asparagus spears drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Your mouth begins to water, and you picture a glass of Shiraz to wash it all down.

Fast forward about an hour. You're leaving full and happy having spent about $ 55 more than the original $ 12 you had planned on. Congratulations! You were just unsold.

Let's repeat this experience and this time explore a scam … You order the burger, fries and coke. The waiter brings you the carrot plate with an orange juice, charges you for the steak, and then the valet refuses to give you your keys until you pay for the entire dinner including tip and a saganaki you never even knew they served.

Now THAT is a scam.

The truly insidious problem with car repair is how hard it can be to tell the difference. Unlike dinner, the inner workings of your transmission can be subject to interpretation.

The most powerful tool you have against auto repair scams is this: Stop using repair facilities who refuse to provide quality information over the phone or internet. We have a simple, hard and fast rule If a mechanic is not knowledgeable enough to provide at least basic, quality information when I contact them initially; he is not knowledgeable enough to be working on a vehicle. Period.

Service writers and technicians need to understand that the rest of the world lives in the information age. With the ability now for consumers to use free public resources (like IanAuto!) And get information to compare notes, mechanics must stop chanting the old mantra "Can not tell you, will not tell you! Bring it in and we'll take a look ".

Auto Repair Quotes – You Need To Be Aware. You Are Not Helpless. You Do Have Choices The major reason for prescreening is that failure to do so opens you up to a host of potential scams and creepy, high pressure sales tactics.

How hard do you think it'll be to reverse a mistake when your car is 6 feet in the air with the tires off and they're pointing out fictitious emergencies?

And if the person on the phone is doing nothing but evading your direct questions, just picture the customer service if you have a problem later on.

Remember, there are some amazing auto service pros out there who will blow your mind with knowledge, honesty and willingness to share. People like this should be given a medal for saving customers on a daily basis. The best thing is they're either a phone call our mouse click away!

Auto Repair Quotes – Understanding A Very Important Fact: While you should never use a mechanic who will not provide honest, direct answers to your questions, you must also know they will have to take a look at your car to give a realistic, accurate estimate . The truth is that almost 100% of car repair related situations do require a physical inspection by a trained service professional. Cars are highly complex machines and a problem with one system can frequently effect the performance of another.

For example: Check Engine Lights. These little buggers pop on when there's an issue with a sensor buried in some deep, obscure system. We can all blame the manufacturers for not making this easy to diagnose. In situations like this, there is no way to get around a systems test. You will have to bring in your vehicle, the technician will have to plug in a diagnostic tool, and within about an hour (in most cases) you'll have a solid idea of ​​what's wrong. But why can not the technician tell you that?

We have called hundreds of shops across the country and have been hearing the same thing from close to 96% of them: "Nope, we can not tell you anything until we see it." Or "We do not give any information over the phone, you'll have to bring it in." We've heard these exact two sentences so many times at this point, we're starting to think there's a mechanic's phone call evasion phrase book!

Here's a response directly from our database : This is a shop who knows how to answer your questions, even when there is no direct answer …

The "check engine" light is an indication something is wrong somewhere in your vehicle. What it's saying is one or several sensors / components is failing or providing readings within specifications. Diagnosis and troubleshooting is required to determine the cause of the problem, and this will allow us to provide an accurate estimate regarding exactly what needs to be fixed. The cost for an initial diagnosis runs $ X. You can expect the whole diagnosis process to take around an hour. Our technicians are trained to handle these problems and are available ASAP. Please call to set up an appointment.

Now is not that better than, "Nope. Can not say until you bring it in"?

Auto Repair Quotes – The Most Astounding Fact Ever: Your answers are found in your mechanic's questions. Even though having knowledge of your vehicle is the # 1 way to avoid a scam, you can offset being less than informed by digging out good questions from the mechanic. There's a simple reason for this; it shows they know what they're talking about.

Because cars have become amazingly complex systems, you should not expect to get a diagnosis over the phone or online. But you should expect information. When you call a shop, the person who picks up the phone should be able to tell you something about something. They should also be able to ask you enough questions to draw out info and further highlight their knowledge and professionalism. They should also disclose if they have an inspection fee, disclose if that fee will be waived if you approve the work, and then be courteous enough to ask for an appointment.

Brakes, engine trouble, weird smells, and noises … in almost every auto repair related situation you must find a person who may not give you an exact answer, but will be able to tell you exactly why.

Auto Repair Quotes – Bottom Line: An up sell is offering premium parts instead of the basic stock; a scam is creating problems or lying about repairs needed. Scams can be avoided by finding a service pro who will directly address your questions and / or concerns. And while maybe not diagnosing your problem, at least offering quality information as to why.

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Best Automotive Floor Mat

Automotive floor mats play an important role on the maintenance of the car. It provides the protection against the unwanted stains and dust which can damage the flooring system. The over all impression of the car can be affected by the selection of your mats. Not only they are used for the protection of the floor but also they can be used for the convenience and appeal to your car. If you like to see your car different, you can simply change the automotive floor mats into something customized and decorative.

Many car owners like to create their car interiors trendy yet do not give attention one of the most essential parts. Some of them like to focus on the sound system and some other may on the seat covers. However, they should also understand that these automotive floor mats can also add pleasure and attraction to the interior of the ride.

Floorboards are available with a lot of design and colors. Each are designed and manufactured according to the model and kind of the car. You can select from various styles that may go with your taste and also approves your requirements. You can easily find the durable and good quality automotive floor mats online at the affordable price.

There are also many car manufacturers the offer the automotive floor mats with the features of customization which may lead to the high quality floor coverings. In this case, prices become little expensive and vary according to the type of the design you choose. The price can be affected due to the type of the materials.

There are different kinds of the mat available in the market which can be varied according to the color, design, material and shapes. You can find one according to your own personal choice and even you can buy them according to the color of your interior.

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Best-Automotive-Floor-Mat&id=5414174


BI-LOCATION (PADRE PIO & PYTHAGORAS ): – I have some experience with an even more 'fantastic' occurrence that ties in with dematerialization. Some approaches to the Bermuda Triangle might even be part of a dimensional shift and the time / worm hole science, which String Theorists and chaos science are able to provide arcane formulations to prove.

My own experience is not a physical 'bi-location' so it would have astral or other simpler connections. Still, what the difference is between physical and metaphysical might be a large part of the whole reality we are struggling to conceptualize. Whether we call it 'The Theory of Everything' like Stephen Hawking and Einstein or the Unified Force Field of Tesla and Michael Faraday we are treading in some truly exotic territory. Though that is true, there are many exotic realities to be considered and 'denial' is not a river in Egypt. That is one of the places that Pythagoras (born to at least one acknowledged Phoenician) went to learn some very amazing things from the Pyramid. There are numerous people who reported upon his 'bi-location' experiences. These same people are considered credible when they report other things. Michael Grant is arguably the top modern classical history scholar and he writes that Pythagoras had some 'weird' ideas, even as he acknowledges he knows little about the things that were so well by and about a sage who affected all areas of life in his time . He reports these stories as fairly as can be expected for a person who has no basis to judge such things. The idea of ​​'bi-location' certainly is 'weird' but so are parallel universes, dark matter, intelligent design, cold fusion and a whole host of genetic, robotic and other scientific realities starting with computers which are about to include quantum teleporting gates .

For those who want a little more insight to Pythagoras and the Pythagorean Brotherhood we have an entry under Croton. The issue of 'bi- location' itself relates to a variety of other concepts and mysteries but if it is a purely physical experience it might involve time and dimensional shifts, both.

"After Saint Therese Neumann, Padre Pio {Carmelites are very psychic Christians whose learning may include the things of Enoch and Jasher, which sadly were removed from the Bible.} Is perhaps the most widely observed Western saint to demonstrate divine powers of healing and regeneration . The first signs of his extraordinary qualities occurred unexpectedly on September 20, 1918. Then a 31-year-old Capuchin monk, Padre Pio was sitting alone in the monastery chapel, praying after mass. Outside, Padre Leone heard a scream within the chapel and ran in to find Padre Pio lying unconscious on the floor, bleeding profusely from the five wounds of the stigmata.

Several monks carried him to his room, where he begged them to keep his condition a secret. But word spread. The Church quickly put a ban of silence on Padre Pio, concerned that this untested monk might be manifesting symptoms of hysteria. He was forbidden to write or speak in public – 'yet over the next five decades, Padre Pio would prove to be one of the most remarkable Western saints in history.'

Like Saint Therese Neumann, Padre Pio bore for his entire life wounds of the stigmata that never healed. And thousands of individuals – from ordinary Italian peasants and fellow clerics to high public officials and pilgrims from around the world – witnessed and testified to his powers of telepathy, prophecy, bilocation, levitation {Like Theresa de Avila and John of the Cross}, and healing.

Although Padre Pio never left the city of San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, in his last 50 years, he often appeared to those in need far from his physical body – to teach, admonish, comfort, and heal. Numerous testimonies, by telegram, letter, telephone transcript, and personal declaration, document Padre Pio's long-distance appearances in places he never visited – throughout Italy, Austria, Uruguay, and even in Milwaukee, where Padre Pio admitted appearing on June 25, 1950, to attend the death of a fellow monk's father. When asked about his ability to appear in two places, Padre Pio replied, 'If Christ multiplied the loaves and fishes, why can not he multiply me?'

And the fragrance of violets that often emanated from him also often manifested to those who prayed to him and was noticed by witnesses in those places where he had miraculously appeared. {Isis meditators also are able to smell the flowers she loved. The spiritual world can affect sensitive people in all sensory areas, to be sure.}

His miraculous healing powers were demonstrated beyond any doubt – he cured many illnesses deemed incurable and, on more than one occasion, restored sight to the blind. His most well-documented, and astonishing, case of healing involved a little blind girl named Gemma Di Giorgi, from Ribera, Sicily, born with no pupils in her eyes. "(1)

Psychosomatic desires beyond the conscious intent of the person will explain many stigmata events in the eyes of scientists. Even as they explain it away in that fashion they are offering up other questions about how the mind works. These questions are left unanswered to my knowledge. It could be agreed the mind directs an ulcerous condition through the direction and intent of the subconscious. This is a way of treating most of the stigmata as hysterics. While it behooves us to agree in most cases, Padre Pio's case exhibits many more things and makes one pause before sweeping it into the looney bin of hysteria or psychosomatic illness. There is debate over the number of nails used to crucify Jesus and whether it is four or five has some import to other considerations as well as the case in question. If it could be shown there were only four then Padre Pio is adopting five on faith and dogma alone.

It is possible he was a part of an ascended master chain of being which Jesus belongs to. It is possible that he was in some manner a re-incarnation of Jesus. Would it be good to know what biophysicists and other science thought if they evaluated him? There was a man who dematerialized in the early 20th century before all the skeptics of his day. He did it 29 times and told Dr. RM Bucke (who writes about it in his book Cosmic Consciousness. Or shortly thereafter) a noted psychiatrist and a friend of Walt Whitman, that eventually he would not return.

Where does energy go, and do you really believe in a soul? The matter of faith and belief is near to abhorrent to science and I share that outlook. However, I detest even more the turning away from facts, just because we do not know all about everything we'd like to!

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Auto Industry Marketing

Because of the automotive industry's problems with recalls while trying to battle the poor economy, the people in car dealer marketing have had to become more prepared in terms or who to target for what vehicles and more creative to get people interested in the product. Car dealer websites have had to become more efficient when it comes to being easy to navigate and understand in order to drive customers to various dealerships. Over the past few years, it has been interesting to see how different auto companies have come to target very specific customers with their advertising campaigns. This article gives three different examples of automakers that have been able to narrow their consumer market to a pretty small fraction of total auto consumers, simply through their advertising campaigns.

The Toyota Sienna is pretty clearly marketed towards those customers who have families. Their latest television commercials feature parents who before they had children, said they never wanted a mini-van now love their mini-van because of all the space and the ability to play movies or television shows for their kids. The commercial even shows the mother having a relaxing moment in her mini-van. So not only is the commercial targeting moms and dads with kids, it has narrowed its market even further by targeting moms and dads who never intended or intends to have a mini-van. Toyota is attempting to make it appear that cool moms and dads can drive mini-vans and enjoy it at the same time.

The Mini-Cooper is targeted towards the young, hip crowd. The mini-cooper targets those who want to have fun with their vehicle and those who want a more personalized experience with their automobile. In large cities, mini-cooper has screens that send a personalized message to the individual driving the car as soon as the sign registers that specific car is in the area.

The Nissan Cube is marketed towards the young, ages 16-25, market with its pricing and customization features. This automobile can be customized anyway the driver wants. There is even an online site where a consumer can go to try different seat, dashboard, and outside paint colors. There are also different options in terms of features of the car, like a CD player or built-in satellite radio that is unlike most other automobiles. The pricing on these automobiles is set lower than the average automobile to entice the younger people to purchase this kind of vehicle.

It is very interesting to see how each automobile industry is starting to segment their market. With every automobile, you will be able to see a very clear difference between each when it comes to how the vehicle is branded and sold to customers. Another very recent example of automakers targeting specific markets is Toyota with the Prius. The Prius is marketed towards those who care about the environment and those who like to be the first to have the latest technology. It will be interesting in the coming years to see how the auto-industry is able to handle the economic downturn and if any of the auto-makers will increase their target market to include more consumers.

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Auto-Industry-Marketing&id=4838862

The Automotive Service Advisor and the Oversold Customer

Are people whispering about your Service business? You know the type of whispers I’m talking about? Whispers in the service drive? Or how about the whispers that get back to you from “that guy down the street?”

These are the whispers of “they always pressure you here to buy something” or “every time I come in here they find something else wrong.”

Then those SCARY whispers turn into SCARY RUMORS!

They that start off with “Yeah, I heard some of their customers went down the street to Joe’s Garage because they were being oversold here.”

WHAT? Oversold? WTH do you mean by that?

Oh wait, you mean UNDERSOLD, don’t you? Undersold…that’s where the Service Advisor cuts corners….oh…you’re not aware of an “Undersold” condition? That’s because in your store it is ALWAYS the CUSTOMERS FAULT, isn’t it.

Lately I have been hearing these caaaarrraaazzyyyy fairy tales. Oversold. What a crock of gear grease.

Oversold means that the Customer somehow got the impression that the only thing that matters is how much money you Mr. or Ms. Service Advisor can get out of their pocket. Basically, they are calling you crooks…right?

Let me ask you this. How many of you reading this would say that you are a person that would do or say anything to a Customer merely to allow you to take that persons money? No One? I thought so.

Here is another one. How many of you would say that you work with a co-worker that does this? No takers?

One more. Would you say that most people are honest and want to do a good job? Now we have some hands raised.

Do you know that studies conducted over the years state that over 90% of Americans believe themselves to be honest? And those same studies say that we want to do a good job. Which means that someone else is that person. The person who is dishonest and does a poor job.

So, lets go back to the “Oversold” statement. How can your Customers be oversold if over 90% of you are honest and believe you are doing a good job? And that you believe your co-workers are honest as well?

Do you know why your Customers have that perception? Because you don’t think that your communication skills and sales techniques are bad. They are! When was the last time you tested your Listening Skills there sport? Or had a Telephone Training Session? Huh? Yeah…you are on top of your game…

If your Technician has inspected the vehicle and written down what the vehicle has wrong with it based on observations, tests, wear, appearance, end of service life, etc. and you tell your Customer what is wrong, as honestly and straightforward as you know how, how is it that your Customers are being oversold?

If it’s worn out, broken, leaks, buzzes, steams, burps, chortles, chugs, chirps, squeaks, bleats and screams for mercy your tech should be writing it down. The vehicle is what it is. You know why they are being oversold…you know…because you are not prepared, ready and Trained to talk to your Customer.

You have been doing this for so long…you know exactly who will buy what, when they will buy it, how much they will pay, how much you think they’ll pay, what they did the last time in and everything else that prevents you from doing a simple estimate preparation with each item listed in order of importance (just in case your Customer asks you a question), why it’s important to them to have it done (it’s called a feature/benefit analysis), what will happen if they don’t (not scare tactics like “If take this car out of the shop and you drive it, you die”), what is the cost breakdown per item (think budget) and how long it will take.

You don’t do your homework before you call. Nope.

Because you’ve been doing this so long, you just grab the Repair Order, start estimating parts and labor off the top of your head, write everything down as “$69.95” (of course that doesn’t sound made up) while dialing the phone and with no regard to prioritization and start off the conversation with exciting and wonderful phrases like “You knew this call was coming” and “I told you I’d be calling you back when you came in” (aren’t those wonderful icebreakers) or some other witty opening line all the while explaining to the Customer and adding numbers on your little desk calculator like some bizarre Las Vegas act (“Oh folks, you gotta see this guy…..he’s amazing!”)

You do this while completely ignoring the fact that your Customer has placed their trust IN YOU to give them the best ADVICE regarding their vehicle (look at your job title, it doesn’t say Service Adder Upper, or Service Unprepared Phone Caller Person) and when you finally get done explaining the whole thing to them ending with “So, you want to get it done?”… you have the gall, the chutzpah, the cohunes to say something like “I can’t understand why our customers feel oversold?” Right…..

Get a grip on the reality ride pal. You need a different mindset. One that is in FAVOR OF THE CUSTOMER and not in opposition to!

3 Steps to take RIGHT NOW if you want to change what you are doing and get results!

1. Become a better LISTENER and not a better talker! Practice the 2-1 Rule, Listen Twice As Much As You Speak!

2. Become a better COMMUNICATOR by talking to the Customer about what is MOST IMPORTANT TO THEM! Prioritize your estimates in the correct order. Primary Concern, Safety, Reliability, Maintenance and Time.

3. Become a better RE -CONTACTER/FOLLOWUPPER Advisor by calling your Customer not only when it’s done but TO GIVE YOUR CUSTOMER UPDATES!

Do these 3 Steps Right Away and you will begin to make difference. Now go get some TRAINING!

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Automotive-Service-Advisor-and-the-Oversold-Customer&id=3580346

Tampering With a Motor Vehicle

Whether out of malicious intent or as something of a prank, sabotaging motor vehicles is a serious crime that can have massive repercussions. Little changes, like pouring sugar in a gas tank or putting a potato in an exhaust pipe, can cause major damage to the motor vehicle and potentially cause bodily harm to the owner or driver of the vehicle. For some, namely those out to cause extreme, if not fatal, injuries, cutting a brake line or causing engine failure can seem like a way to get revenge on an enemy. However, all of these actions constitute a variety of illegal actions, not necessarily labeled under a single umbrella charge of tampering.

In the case of damages that cause more property-based expenses as opposed to real bodily harm, such as keying a car door or slashing tires, there are still severe penalties. Even in instances where the intention was clearly to execute a prank, the damage done to a motor vehicle can not only be expensive in repair costs, but wages or opportunities may be lost as well. In these situations, the law does not grant leniency simply because no one was physically harmed. Destruction of property and vandalism can lead to heavy fines, civil suits, and a criminal record.

With more serious offenses, the law is even harsher. Cutting brake lines can not only cause substantial damage to the motor vehicle, but drivers caught unaware may find themselves in real danger while on the road. Not only can accidents cause harm to the driver of the vehicle, but anyone caught in the path of destruction can be injured as well. Charges brought against this kind of tampering can even include counts of attempted murder or murder.

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Tampering-With-a-Motor-Vehicle&id=4856933

Zero Point Energy Device – Generate 7 Kilowatts Free Electricity For Your Home

A zero point energy device is a type of motor that does not run on fossil fuels and will generate up to 7 kilowatts of electricity which is enough for most homes. In this article, I will explain what such a device is and how it works. I will then tell you how you can access this technology for yourself starting from today.

What Is Zero Point?

First of all, what is "zero point?"

It is an area of ​​fringe physics that has been known about for over 100 hundred years but has seen little research since. Although I do not especially consider myself to be a "conspiracy theorist", I do agree that research in this area was most likely quashed by the few mega-industrialists of the time who sought to secure their own, fossil-fuel reliant investments.

Consider this: Nikola Tesla, the inventor of alternating current electricity (without which we could not deliver power to homes), spent half of his life dedicated to studying and developing zero point technology.

What Is A Zero Point Energy Device?

A zero point energy device uses zero point technology to generate energy. The typical arrangement is for a rotor to be surrounded by a series of strategically placed neodymium magnets.

Ordinarily, the motor remains stationary. However, if a kick-start is given then it will rapidly accelerate and reach a constant speed equilibrium state. The device is not "perpetual motion" because the bearings and other moving parts need to be regularly serviced. Also, the magnets will lose their magnetism over time and need to be replaced.

Nevertheless, such devices are capable of generating several kilowatts of electricity quite easily.

How To Get Your Own Device?

The suppression that Nikola Tesla encountered in the early 20th century is still alive and well today. However, this will not stop the first commercial devices from coming to market in around 5 years time.

If you do not want to wait until then to stop paying your power bills then you can easily create your own device and have it up and running within a few days. The most direct route to having a 7 kilowatt device working in the shortest time possible is to invest a nominal sum (around 50 dollars) in a set of good, reliable, tried and tested instructional plans. This is money well invested because, without it, you would otherwise be tinkering for months and pulling your hair out in an effort to get your device working (and all the time continuing to pay for your power bills).

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