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Christmas Shopping On Black Friday

The morning following Thanksgiving holiday is often called "Black Friday". This very day is typically on the list of the most popular gift buying days of the year and for most represents the very first day of Christmas time store shopping. Although the phrase "Black Friday" was initially used to symbolize the day where merchants came back to profitability many who are employed in the retail store business make use of this term as a means to illustrate the crowds of people and madness that come with Holiday shopping on the day following Thanksgiving. Furthermore buyers anticipate substantial sales to go together with the massive crowds of people that flock to the stores.

For many people shopping on the day following Thanksgiving is really a tradition, which usually would not be skipped for the entire world. They anticipate the sales and begin their shopping as a method to get into the Holiday mood. These individuals are usually counted on to show up prior to the department stores and malls even opening, just to get a great parking spot nearby. They do this so they can make several visits to their vehicles to drop off their bundles before returning to the shopping area to make more buys and then to literally shop till they drop. These are the people retailers depend on every year to improve their quarterly profits and also to enable them to report profitability for that calendar year.

Those who appreciate Christmas time gift buying on the day after Thanksgiving feel this way for several different reasons. Many delight in shopping on this day for the huge sales, which have been expected. Likewise others get pleasure simply because they love to handle things one season at a time and figure since Thanksgiving is finished; it is time to begin concentrating on Christmas. You can even find some who like shopping during this day just to people watch. These people go to shopping malls on the day after Thanksgiving simply because they recognize there will be numerous people to watch.

On the other hand there are many other patrons who definitely decline to step foot inside a shopping mall or retail store on the day after Thanksgiving. For these consumers attempting to obtain any shopping on this day is just out of the question. Having to deal with large crowds of people can be a challenge as well as dangerous. People can be ruthless when it comes to getting a bargain with pushing, shoving and just plain being rude. After all, not everyone will share in our holiday spirit of "Tis the season" and will miss the point of Christmas entirely as they are wrapped up in their shopping frenzy.

We must also not forget that there is those who are less fortunate and like to use large crowds of people as a cover for their crimes, such as pick pocketing and bag snatching. Holiday shopping can be fun but also dangerous, it has a little bit of everything to offer to everyone, even criminals. Be alert and be safe as you do your Christmas shopping this holiday season. You may even consider skipping the crowd's altogether and find some bargains online.

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Black Friday – Merry Christmas Without Breaking the Bank

Most families have tightened their belts this year and Christmas will not be an exception.

A lot of people believe they will have to skip Christmas shopping all together. However, with a little planning and wise planning, you can have a Merry Christmas without breaking the bank. There are several ways to reduce the cost of your gift giving expenses. The most cost effective shopping strategy is the Black Friday Dash.

Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving. This day has been popular among shoppers since the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924. It was originally a popular day, because it marked the start of the Christmas shopping season. It was such a popular day that the police, cab drivers, and bus drivers started to refer to it as Black Friday because of all the traffic and congestion in town square. However, it is now popular because of the savings retailers offer their customers.

Starting in the 1960s, high price retailers began taking advantage of this day, by slashing prices in order to attract the huge numbers of customers walking through the town square. This strategy is so effective that retailers now called this day Black Friday because it is the first day that they go from Red to Black in their balance books.

To stay competitive on this day, every retailer from Walmart to Macy’s offer door busters and loss leaders. These deals are usually the most popular items of the season on sale for rock bottom prices. Sometimes the deals are so good that the retailer loses money. They do this because it draws in the crowds. If you want to save money on Christmas, show up early for Black Friday shopping and clear your Christmas list at a reduce price.

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Black Friday for Beginners: How to Survive the Busiest Shopping Day of the Year!

What is Black Friday?

Perhaps the most popular shopping day of the year, the day after Thanksgiving (Friday) is named “Black Friday” because this is the day that most retailers go from being not profitable (red on earnings statements) to profitable (in the “black” on earnings statements.) Deal finders love these sales, and I have been going for a few years now. Generally speaking, I love Black Friday, but with the birth of my new son, it doesn’t seem practical to get up at 4:00 in the morning to find these great deals!

Here is the strategy I have used to be successful in getting every item on my wish list:

1. Get the ads – Either online or the day that they come out in the paper, grab all the ads from the papers and sit down with a pen and paper. Remember that rural areas don’t often get all the ads from the retailers, so if you are missing one from a store you want to shop, you can probably go online and get one from them at their website directly.

2. Ad by ad, circle the items that you want the most. Remember that many stores will be offering the exact same items on sale, so price compare. I use 3×5 cards to make a list for each store on each card with the items I want for that store. Group them by department if you wish for easier navigation in the store.

3. Make note of the times that the stores open on each note card. The strategy will be to go to the stores that open earliest first, and so on so that you can grab those best deals as they become available.

4. The day before the sale – Lay out your clothes, wallet, notecards, and a quick breakfast bar or other item to snack on before you go or on the drive. Remember that it may be very cold at 4a.m. where you live, so dress warmly. Avoid bulky coats if you can (dress in layers), as you will not have room in your cart to stash your coat, and it will get very, very hot waiting in those lines.

5. The day of the sale – Hit the road with your best co-shopper. This works best with a friend.

6. Hit the earliest store first. Try to get there at least 10 minutes before the store opens. You will possibly have to wait in line, but get in there. When you door opens, never push or shove other shoppers. In fact, if it is overwhelming for you, hang back a bit and let the most aggressive shoppers through first. I usually wait casually until the rush gets in, and if there is already a cart or two in the parking lot, grab them! There will be a mad dash for carts that will cause the biggest confusion. (Sometimes they run out of carts.)

7. Head for each item on your list. Most of the really good early sales (those listed for opening until about 11 a.m. only) will probably be out in the aisles for easy access. If you find an item on your list that is hard to get to (due to crowds or narrow aisles) have one of you wait by the carts and the other grab the item. This teamwork approach works great for “divide and conquering.”

8. When you are about done, try to combine all items into one cart and head for the check out line. One of you wait in line while the other roams the store for any missed deals. Check out and head for the next store on the list!

9. Don’t forget to get some breakfast, coffee and bathroom breaks as needed. Don’t let the experience stress you out! After all, you are getting some great deals.

10. And last but not least, DON’T FORGET GIFT RECEIPTS! These are very important to have if you are claiming any rebates.

If you get home and want to venture online, many stores will be having some or all of their sale items online, too! You may find that this approach works best for items where you only have one thing to get at a retailer and it is not offered exclusively during that “early bird” morning window.

Once you go shopping with a plan in mind, this shopping holiday can become a favorite shopping tradition. Happy deals to everyone!

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Best Buy Black Friday Sales on Laptops and Computers – 2010 Deals for Christmas Gifts

As we enter the holiday shopping season it has become the case that many people have started to think about Best Buy Black Friday sales. One of the most popular items in 2010 will likely be laptops or computers as it is nearly impossible to survive without the Internet or a computer in the current environment. With this being the case we will likely see many hard working men and women look to save money by waiting until there is a great deal or sale on these laptops on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Every year it seems to be the case that technology continues to advance at a rapid pace and many people want to stay up to date with the latest trends and advancements. This year, the Apple iPad burst onto the scene selling millions of units and there are sure to be many people who would love to have an Apple iPad as a Christmas gift in 2010. Many media outlets have reported that there is a strong possibility that there will be no Black Friday sales when it comes to the Apple iPad but anything can happen if some of these companies are looking to boost their profits during the holiday shopping season.

There will also be several competitors that are available around Black Friday when it comes to tablet computer devices. There have been rumors that there will be a tablet device running the Google Chrome Operating System which is sure to be a hit as many have reported that the Google Chrome operating system is going to be a great feature for not only tablet devices but laptops and desktops as well.

One of the most popular laptops at the present time is the MacBook Pro. For those who have used a Mac in the last few years you know exactly how easy and smooth these computers run. It could be the case that Best Buy has some very good sales on Black Friday when it comes to the MacBook Pro. Nothing is definite at the present time but several retailers offered deals on a MacBook last year on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Before making a final decision on a purchase of a computer or laptop it is always important to do research and make 100% certain that you are getting the Christmas gift that is desired. Many people are very particular when it comes to a computer so you will want to pick out the exact one that is on a Christmas list.

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The 12 Days of ECommerce Christmas

Can you believe it’s already November?

Everybody is starting to plan for Christmas and your store will be getting crazy busy handling orders left, right and centre.

When you’re in the thick of things, nothing can be more distressing than realising that the items which your customers are interested in are actually out of stock.

Or that the shipping company which would normally deliver parcels for you could not accommodate you.

To prevent that from happening in the most profitable season of the year, we list 12 things you can do to prepare your eCommerce business for the holidays.

1. Stock up

On the 1st day of eCommerce Christmas, list your bestsellers.

You may also want to look up frequently searched for Christmas gifts on Google Trends.

Once you have figured which products to add to your inventory, meet up with your supplier to discuss the earliest time they could deliver new stocks.

Apart from Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday should be taken into consideration when planning your inventory as they kick off the holiday shopping season.

2. Create Holiday Banners and Images

On the 2nd day of eCommerce Christmas, get everyone excited for the holidays by posting Christmas-y banners and images on your website.

This triggers anticipation and enthusiasm, which are important factors for increasing customer engagement on your site.

3. Ensure Mobile Efficiency

According to the online retailing association IMRG, more than 50% of UK’s online retail sales in Q4 2015 was made through mobile devices.

That’s an indication that more people are using their tablets and smartphones to shop nowadays.

So on the 3rd day of eCommerce Christmas, test the checkout process on your website using a mobile device to ensure it’s free of any glitches.

4. Offer Great Deals

On the 4th day of eCommerce Christmas, start rolling out great deals and be part of the week-long sales period leading up to Black Friday and continuing until Cyber Monday.

Make sure the deals are staggered throughout the week as this will help you generate incremental sales.

Put a countdown over the items which you want to sell fast as this will help build anticipation among customers. See, everybody wants to be the first to have something.

5. Send Personalised Email and Social Media Messages

On the 5th day of eCommerce Christmas, send out personalised emails announcing your Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, holiday coupons, free gift wrapping and other cool offerings.

Set aside your standard email template for the time being, and think up a good subject line to get your email read.

In addition to that, let the community of online shoppers know about your deals on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to name a few.

6. Keep ’em Updated

Shopaholics can’t get enough of extra product information, especially during the holiday season.

The more you dish out, the more you keep them engaged.

On the 6th day of eCommerce Christmas, blog away to keep them posted on your deals, pricing, shipping and other pieces of information that affect their buying decision.

7. Have a Clear Returns Policy

On the 7th day of eCommerce Christmas, be open to the fact that some of your customers could return an item which they purchased from your store.

Having said that, see to it that your product pages have a returns policy which clearly stipulates the conditions on which customers are allowed to return a product.

8. Meet with a Reliable Shipping Company (and get a backup, too)

On the 8th day of eCommerce Christmas, arrange a meeting with a reliable shipping company to discuss your options in relation to your expected levels of parcels and shipping points.

Also, you need to know their shipping deadlines so that you can inform your customers of the dates.

Delivering orders on time is the key to gaining lifelong customers.

However, let us not discount the fact that there are people who would wait until the last shipping date before placing their orders.

It would help to have a backup courier that can readily provide last-minute shipping in case the company you’ve partnered with couldn’t accommodate you.

9. Use Holiday-inspired Packing Supplies

It’s one thing to get your customers’ orders to their doorstep, it’s another thing to do it in pretty boxes.

On the 9th day of eCommerce Christmas, make your customers feel the holiday spirit with Christmas inspired packaging supplies.

You want them in shades of red, green, gold, silver and even blue.

10. Put Customer Support in Place

On the 10th day of eCommerce Christmas, make sure that you are ready to address your customers’ queries and concerns in a timely manner.

You can have someone handle this task for you, or do it yourself if you want to.

Also, the Contact Us page on your website should include the hours that you provide customer support apart from your contact information.

11. Prepare for Boxing Day

On the 11th day of eCommerce Christmas, prepare for Boxing Day!

Just because it’s after Christmas Day, doesn’t mean Boxing Day won’t generate sales for your business anymore.

In fact, the data of IMRG and Experian, a consumer credit reporting agency, shows that online shoppers in the UK spent £856 million in last year’s Boxing Day.

Those figures are expected to get bigger this year, and you sure want to be amongst the businesses that benefit.

12. Staff up

On the 12th day of eCommerce Christmas, be sure an extra pair of hands is handling the high volume of orders coming into your store, and ensuring shipments are made in a timely manner.

Responding to customer queries and listing new products on your website are other tasks which you will definitely need help with in this busy season.

You can either hire someone to perform these tasks or outsource them.

So there you have it-12 sure-fire ways of making your online store a success in the upcoming holiday season.

Source by Grace Villarica

Black Friday – What You Should Know

Black Friday is a day we are all familiar with, some may not be familiar with the name, but it is that wonderful day of the year that people drag themselves out of bed for sales that start before daylight. You guessed it; it is the day after Thanksgiving sale. The term black Friday has its origins in the early twenties when this shopping day of massive frantic crowds was likened to the mass hysteria of the stock market crash of 1924. In later years, the term was used by police officers and pointed to the traffic jams and masses of people rushing the stores. It was not until recently that the term came to mean the day on which retailers were in the black or turning a profit. At any rate, it is one of the busiest days of the Christmas buying season and as such, retailers will have massive sales aimed at drawing crowds into the stores as early as four in the morning.

In order to get into stores, people have been known to camp out overnight so they can be the first ones in. To make matters worse retailers will often only receive a limited number of big-ticket items that have been drastically reduced. This can lead to a free for all of people scrambling to get their hands on an item before they are sold out. There have been incidences of angry people turning violent to get the latest gadget or gizmo that there were only three of in the whole store. Barely controlled chaos is what many retail workers will call this day. Sounds like a whole lot of trouble for very little benefit if you ask me. Generally, I stay away from the store the entire day but one year I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about. I found out that many of the items on my list were still available and on sale several hours after the initial rush and the items that were not there were very few and no chance of reaching the front of the line. Electronics were the worst, in our tiny department I bet there were nearly one hundred people all vying for one of five laptops that were on sale. Needless to say, that was the last year I got up at three in the morning to go shopping.

With all the publicity and craziness people, tend to forget that there is another way to shop. Traditionally the Monday after Thanksgiving was thought to be the busiest online shopping day of the year, earning it the name Cyber ​​Monday. This was probably because few people had broadband internet in the early part of 2000 so many would wait until returning to work after the holiday to do their online shopping. Things have greatly changed in the last few years and online retailers are now offering online sales on Thanksgiving Day! What could be better than relaxing at home with a hot cup of cocoa and doing your Christmas shopping in your pjs? That is a great start to the Christmas season if you ask me.

Source by Barb Likos

Black Friday Tips, Tricks and Trends

Black Friday 2010 is almost upon us – one of the biggest shopping occasions of the year and the unofficial start to the Christmas shopping season, it falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and this year it's on November 26. While it's not uncommon to see throngs of shoppers lining up outside popular stores on Black Friday for a chance to score sweet deals on big-ticket items such as the newest electronics and appliances, for many people nowadays it makes much more sense to look for Black Friday online deals and shop from the comfort of home. If you're wondering where and what the hottest Thanksgiving specials are on the Internet, check out some of these shopping tips and ideas.

If you're a newbie to Black Friday shopping, it can be a little overwhelming figuring out where to start looking for deals and discounts. If you're not up for the early-morning lines and stampede at a brick-and-mortar store, and are looking instead for the best Cyber ​​Monday discounts on the Internet, one of the best ways is to decide your must-haves list and search from there.

But if you're just a gadget addict looking out for top deals, here are a few ideas on what to look out for this Thanksgiving 2010.

  • Touch-screen phones & smartphones: The Apple iPhone 4 is likely to be one of the most sought-after items this Christmas season, but if you're not tied to a brand, Black Friday might be a good time to look for an alternative touch-screen phone brand as many of them are packed with features and also more likely to be discounted. Look for brands like HTC, Samsung and Nokia.
  • Flat screen TVs: Whether you're looking for a plasma, LCD or even a projection TV, each season there are bigger and better discounts as new models come out, so make a beeline for this popular item this Thanksgiving! Scope out retailers such as Buy.com and look out for deals on quality brands like the Panasonic Viera.
  • Tablet PCs & netbooks: Portable, slim and light computers are in high demand, so there ought to be great Black Friday sales out there on items like the Partner Tech EM-200 Tablet PC.

Even with all the deals available out there, it's totally possible to overspend during the Black Friday sales, especially if you find it difficult to resist shiny new things and big bold "SALE!" signs. So how do you keep a tight rein on your expenses?

  • Shop online: Since you'll be able to compare prices easily and will be able to evaluate your purchase before checking out, shopping online is a terrific way to make sure you stay on budget and save money.
  • Coupons: Even if products are already heavily discounted for Black Friday, there's a good chance that you'll still be able to use some online coupon codes to save more on your purchase. There's no harm trying them at the checkout!
  • Best price guarantees: Pay special attention to retailers and online payment services that offer low price guarantees and take advantage of the offer. This way if the price drops, you'll be covered and get money back for the difference. Read the small print, so you know the policy.
  • Gift cards: When all else fails and you didnt not manage to nab That amazing Black Friday Ask Question for your loved one 's 's Christmas gift, a try .giving them a rain 's lands check in the form of a gift card and they 're can always lands check back later for a good price on that hot item they wanted. It's also a good way to ensure you do not spend more than planned on an item since you will be predetermining the value of the gift card.

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History of Black Friday, The Day After Thanksgiving

If you have been living in a cave you might not have heard about Black Friday yet, but everyone else has been bombarded with hints, leaks, and other information about sales and deals that are going to take place the Friday after Thanksgiving. If you have ever wondered where this tradition comes from, keep reading.

The Origin of "Black" Friday

According to various sources, the term Black Friday was first used to describe the shopping day after Thanksgiving on November 29, 1975 in the New York Times. It was not because of big deals or sales, however. At that time, it took large retailers until that point in the year to start making money, break even, or get "into the black" with their numbers. Thus, Black Friday was born.

For some reason, the phrase caught on and over the years, retailers began to take advantage of the hype and cool name by offering sales to try to draw in holiday shoppers. Soon, something clicked and it became a yearly ritual for many people – hunting for sales the day after Thanksgiving. The retailers noticed this, loved it, and fed into it by offering more sales.

Over the years, it became difficult to keep up the hype, so each year it became more and more secretive and more and more crazier in terms of what people would do to save a few bucks on this or that product. Today, one could almost say it is out of control. Still, with the economy still faltering according to many, many people are anxious to see if the magic day of "Black Friday" can attract big business.

Cyber Monday: The Future of Black Friday ?

Since the invention of the Internet, Black Friday has gotten bigger than ever before, but a new shopping day has arrived – Cyber ​​Monday. Perhaps it is all the people returning to work and not wanting to get right back to work or the fact that stores offer even more sales for online shoppers. Whatever the reason, Cyber ​​Monday is becoming more and more popular.

While some people may enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn to hunt down deals, it's not a "sport" for everyone. In fact, some people have actually gotten trampled and seriously hurt over the years. This is another reason why Cyber ​​Monday is becoming so popular. People still get great deals and do not have to go out and deal with the crowds. Still, many people enjoy the crowds – or put up with them to get the deals – so Black Friday is certain to become even bigger in the years to come.

Source by K. Paul Mallasch

Black Friday: The Best Time To Get Discount Home Furniture and New Kitchen Appliances?

Ah, November. That time of year when (in most places) the air takes on a pre-snow chill, the last of the leaves start to crinkle and fall from the trees and, most importantly, the Shopper Monsters in us begin to poke their heads out and sniff the air.

It started on the very first day of the month. All through October you saw Christmas-y things peeking out from store corners — a roll of wrapping paper here, a sprig of holly there — but you didn’t really think about it. Maybe you didn’t want to think about it. You were still deciding on what candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters, after all.

Then, without warning, November hit, and with it, the holiday season. As you browsed department stores looking for day-after-Halloween candy deals, you couldn’t help but notice it looked as if the North Pole exploded all over. Your Shopper Monster growled and wagged its tail eagerly. You gently tugged at its leash and got into the checkout line, where you saw that they were already selling Christmas-themed candy, at three times the price of the discounted bag you were getting ready to purchase. The days have passed, growing shorter all the while, along with the patience of your Shopper Monster.

Soon it will be here. The most magical day of the year for your Shopper Monster: Black Friday. Just as it did in years’ past, by now the Shopper Monster will have wriggled its way out and started hauling you around, while all you can do is flail behind helplessly, holding onto the leash for dear life, pretending you have some semblance of power over the beast.

Other people’s Shopper Monsters are even worse; more than once they’ve been driven to go straight to bed after Thanksgiving dinner so they can wake up at an ungodly hour and spend the day fully energized, racing from store to store, finding the best deals on this mp3 player and that blender. Others have powered through the day aided by espresso shot after espresso shot. Still others waited for midnight to hit, refreshing their Internet browsers over and over so they can get first dibs on the online deals.

And what for? All in the name of discount home furniture and new kitchen appliances. The truth is that Black Friday can save you a lot of money, but being a smart consumer all year round can do the same thing. Black Friday is just one day out of the year stores have big sales — most will have at least one other big blowout at some point in the year, and will always have a few things on sale throughout the year.

Checking online frequently is the easiest way to check for discounts on home furniture, kitchen appliances and everything else you don’t want to pay full price for. You might be able to save a lot of money on Black Friday — your sanity is a whole other story. Keep your eyes and ears open for deals 365 days a year, and you’ll be able to keep that Shopper Monster happy all year.

Source by Mark Etinger

What’s the Best HHO Hydrogen Generator Gas Kit

You might be asking what is a HHO hydrogen generator gas kit is the first place. A HHO hydrogen generator gas kit is the use of a device to help increase gas mileage with many great benefits. Some of the benefits these HHO devices include are it is green renewable energy, better emissions, quieter engine, tax breaks, and most importantly increased gas mileage.

When Was The HHO Hydrogen Generator Gas Kit Originally Invented?

It’s actually hard to believe that the process for creating hho gas was originally invented in the late 1800’s by inventor Nikola Tesla. While it is still unknown as to what Tesla’s intentions where for creating this technology. However it wasn’t until 2007 the first HHO generator kit was invented by Denny Kline. Whom has used Telsa’s electrolysis process to build the first known water powered car. Denny Kline also used this technology to build a wielder driven from the power of water. The wielder can cut threw steel in lightning fast speeds or heat a copper ball to glowing hot temperatures in a matter of seconds. While the flame stays warm to the touch.

How Do I Get One Of These HHO Hydrogen Generator Gas Kits?

There are several ways to obtain a HHO hydrogen generator gas kit. One of the most popular ways is to build your own. However with out the right set of plans you will risk damage to your cars engine. While on the other hand you can pick up any of the pre-built HHO generator kits currently on the market today. Although this does not mean you will have installed it correctly to not risk damaging your cars engine. Not to mention buying any of the pre_built hydrogen generator gas kits on the market will run you on average of upwards of $500 plus. For a single unit when you could build several HHO devices for that price. Enough to put a HHO generator on each of your vehicles and or lawn equipment.

Finding the best hydrogen generator gas kit on the market is a difficult task. For many of the makers of the pre-built’s and or guides. Do not show you everything you will need to know to install and or make your HHO device. With all the research we have done on these devices along with test. We have finally come up with the top tree hydrogen generator gas kits on the market today. While the top three only included the DIY method of approach. We highly recommend picking up one of the DIY guides before spending a lot of money on the pre-built designs.

OK I Am Convinced What Are the Top Three DIY HHO Hydrogen Generator Gas Kits

First on our list was the run auto with water. While this guide was rated the best overall for a few reasons. First reason was the customer support was excellent. Another reason behind our decision to make this one of the best diy HHO hydrogen generator gas kits was because with your purchase you actually get three different guides in one. The close runner up on our lists of the best HHO Hydrogen Generator Gas Kits. Was none other then the gas 4 free guide. While it did not make it to the top of our list for one simple reason “PRICE”. While you could get the run auto with water guide for $67 verse the gas 4 free guide of $97. Both guides rated well for all of the test we performed. However we found that the the run auto with water guide was a better price not to mention you get a bit more for your money over the gas 4 free guide.

Source: http://ezinearticles.com/?Whats-the-Best-HHO-Hydrogen-Generator-Gas-Kit&id=4646433