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A Turn-Key Product Launch Email Sequence

Product launch campaigns are extremely effective at building excitement and ultimately boosting sales during your launch. New and even veteran marketers often feel overwhelmed with planning a launch, but this tested email sequence will help you succeed with your launch.

You can use this for a product you’ve created – or you can use it for a product you’re planning to create live. If you’re planning to teach live, you can adapt your product as you get feedback during the launch. Even if you’ve already created the product, plan to record a bonus session if you get feedback during the launch – that way you know your product is keyed exactly to what your subscribers want.

Remember, once you’ve taught your live class series, you can turn the recordings into a product. Go back and edit your launch campaign to remove references to the live class, then put it in your autoresponder sequence to create an autopilot, evergreen launch.

Here’s the email sequence outline:

Preselling Email #1: Preselling email

Title this email “What are you struggling with?” and include a few sentences asking your prospect what they’re struggling with in your niche. Something like “What’s your biggest goal in XYZ? What are the 3 biggest things holding you back?” is a good question. Invite your subscribers to hit “reply” and let you know their thoughts. A personal reply is a good idea to build rapport.

Preselling Email #2: Here are the answers to yesterday’s questions…

Highlight a few of the challenges you received yesterday (you’ll probably notice the same big ones came up in many of the replies) and give a brief suggestion for each.

Preselling Email #3: How would it feel to XYZ…

Ask your prospect how it would feel to achieve the results they’ll achieve when they go through your product. For example: “how would it feel to know you could take your dog for a walk without having to worry about her jerking endlessly on the leash?” or “how would it feel to have a real, open conversation about what’s going on in your teenager’s heart?” These questions stir your prospect’s imagination and make them hungry for that result.

Sales Email #1: Here is my brand new XYZ training program (or class, etc.)

This is your main launch email, and it can be a simple paragraph stating you’ve released your product, or opened enrollment for your training program / class series. You can make the hyperlink to the product the same as the headline on your sales page.

Sales Email #2: Q&A About (Product Name)

You’ll likely receive questions about your new product – so you can answer the top 3-4 in this email. Open with “To everyone who has purchased (Product Name), congratulations. I’ve received some questions about the new training (class, etc.):” and list the questions. Be sure to link back to the sales page a few times!

Sales Email #3: Here’s what you get with the new XYZ training program

List out what your prospect gets in the program. Bullet points about the program fit well here – you can pull them off of your sales letter. You can swap Sales Email #2 and #3 if that seems to fit your sequence better.

Sales Email #4: What are you going to miss out on?

Point out something they may miss out on if they don’t sign up for your training now. It can be bonuses, but it’s good to highlight some results they won’t get.

Sales Email #5: Your final chance to get into this program live

If you’re teaching a live program, this email is very effective at getting fence-sitters to buy!

Sales Email #6: The training program was amazing, here’s what you missed:

Send this email the day after the first live session of your training program. You can actually send a recording of the first session along with a message letting them know if they want the next 5 weeks (or whatever the amount is), they can sign up – let them know this is the last opportunity they’ll be able to slip under the table and get in.

Sales Email #7: Final chance to get into the live training with me

Send this “last call” email the day before you run the second session of your live training.

After this one, go back and adapt the presell and initial sales emails for the evergreen product and slot it into your campaign. Future customers will get the campaign and be able to purchase the recordings from you.

Using this sequence generates excitement in your subscribers and results for your launch. Don’t let the launch sequence stop you – outline your training and write your first prelaunch email today and you can use this sequence to guide the rest of your successful product launch.

Repair Windows 7 Installer

In Microsoft Windows operating systems, the Windows Installer package is used to install, repair, reinstall or uninstall the programs. Most Microsoft and Non-Microsoft software uses the Installer to perform the setup tasks like installing, repairing and uninstalling the software.

The increasing use of this utility has resulted in some errors too. Most common problems that users face are: ‘The Windows Installer Service Could Not Be Accessed’, ‘Error 1706: Setup cannot find the required files’, ‘Error 1720: There is a problem with this Installer package. A script required for this install to complete could not be run.’

Here are a couple of solutions to repair installer in Windows 7:

1. Reinstall the Installer

2. Fix Registry Keys

3. Modify Image Path in Registry

4. Allow RPC to Interact with your Desktop

Reinstall Installer

Reinstalling Windows Installer should no longer display the error, if it is related to Installer files. To repair Windows 7 installer do the following steps.

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories.

2. Right click Command Prompt, and select Run as Administrator.

3. Type the following commands one by one after pressing ENTER at their ends:

a. ren msi.dll msi.old

b. ren msiexec.exe msiexec.old

c. ren msihnd.dll msihnd.old

4. Type EXIT and press ENTER.

5. Download a fresh copy of Installer from Microsoft website.

Fix Registry Keys

Widows Registry is one of the sources of the most common problems in general computing. This is due to its significance as an application software data storage medium. The Installer may suffer from errors and problems if the registry entries are broken. You are recommended to use a registry cleaning software to repair Windows 7 installer.

Modify Image Path in Registry

The full file path (i.e. image path) of Installer is registered in system registry. An invalid path to Windows Installer may result in runtime Windows Installer errors. For repairing Installer in Windows 7, we need to write down and register the valid path to Windows Installer package.

1. Click Start | Run.

2. Type %WinDir%System32 and press ENTER. [Note: %WinDir% refers to Windows directory, usually C:Windows]

3. Did you find the file named MSIExec.exe? If so, write down the full path of that file, usually C:WindowsSystem32MSIExec.exe]

4. Close Windows Explorer.

5. Do the Step 1 above.

6. Type RegEdit, and press ENTER.

7. Open the following registry path:


8. Double click ImagePath string to modify it.

9. Enter the valid path you noted down in Step 3. Then, press ENTER.

10. Close Registry Editor.

11. Restart the computer in Safe Mode. [To enter into Safe mode, press F8 key before Windows starts loading.]

12. Do the Step 1 above.

a. Windows 7 32 Bit Users: Type msiexec /regserver

b. Windows 7 64 Bit Users: Type %windir%Syswow64Msiexec /regserver

13. Press ENTER.

14. Restart the machine.

Allow RPC to Interact with your Desktop

To repair Windows 7 installer, try permitting the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) feature to interact with your desktop.

1. Click Start | Run.

2. Type Services.msc and press ENTER.

3. Right click Remote Procedure Call service, and select Properties.

4. Click Log On tab.

5. Select the option Local System Account.

6. Mark the box Allow Service to Interact with Desktop as checked.

7. Click OK and restart the machine.

Highly Recommended

Windows Installer has its registry keys that enable installing, uninstalling and repairing software programs. The highly recommended solution is to use a registry fixer program, do a registry scan, and instantly repair the problems.

Which registry fixing program shall I use?

Christian Wedding Songs

Weddings are a joyous celebration of the love and bond between two people who have chosen to come together as one. They are usually conducted in front of a minister or priest, in order to celebrate the solemnity of the occasion and to make it more binding in the eyes of God and man. And what better way to celebrate that bond other than with music–with Christian wedding songs, to be precise. Although the traditional wedding march is the common music that plays in the background, imagine walking down the aisle, looking all beautiful, while there is music playing that expresses exactly how you feel that special day. A Christian wedding song whose words evoke a special meaning between you and your future husband. Now that would indeed be something special.

Religion & Music

Most religions consider wedding ceremonies to be a form of worship service, and thus, are very strict about preserving the solemnity of the event. This is the reason why most churches do not allow the playing of popular love songs during the wedding. So, how do you choose songs that are not only religious in nature, but also focus on values and ideals related to love and marriage? Well, this happens to be where Christian wedding songs come in.

Christian wedding songs offer a balance between a love song and a religious song, which is extremely perfect for wedding ceremonies and the receptions as well. These types of songs set the tone for the whole event, ushering in an ambiance of being not too solemn and not too informal. Hence, you can have the wedding song of your dreams playing as you walk down the aisle through Christian wedding songs.

Searching for the Songs

There is quite a remarkable selection of Christian wedding songs that you and your future spouse can choose from. Choosing a song can be a challenging task, because there are a lot of very good songs out there. You would want to choose a song that carries a special meaning for you and your future partner, something that’s not so common that you’ve heard it a hundred times at other weddings you’ve been to.

If you’re not too familiar with Christian wedding songs, you can opt to visit your local music or record store and browse through the available selections there.

Or, you can also surf the Internet. You will surely find a whole lot of sources for Christian wedding songs. Some websites even post lists for the most popular Christian wedding songs being used, which you can also check out.

If you’re going to hire a DJ or a vocal soloist for your wedding, you can also ask him or her with regard to the music selection they have available on Christian wedding songs. You can ask for recommendations as well, in order to limit your search. Have them play it in order for you to be able to make a decision whether you want to use it in the wedding or not.

Hiring Vocal Soloists

Hiring a vocal soloist for your wedding will indeed bring with it a more special and intimate touch. Accompanied by either a piano, guitar, or violin, singing Christian wedding songs live can definitely make your wedding into a more unique one.

The vocalist can sing the Christian wedding songs you chose, be it during the lighting of the candles, before the procession, before the vows, during communion, etc. It all depends on you.

Christian Music

Music happens to be one of the most important elements in a wedding as it sets the tone and mood of the whole event. Whatever Christian wedding songs you choose to play in your wedding, it will surely be imbedded in your memory forever. So choose something that corresponds with what you feel in your heart and has special meaning to you and your future spouse, because hearing it again would surely bring back memories of your very special day.

Fire Damage Restoration – Restore Your Home and Your Life After The Fire

Professional fire damage restoration experts have had experience with many home fires. They will be able to provide a speedy inspection and will give you an estimate of what should be repaired, what can possibly be salvaged, and how much time will be needed and what the costs will be to bring you back to a pre-fire condition.

House fires are truly tragic and can be frightening experiences – you need professionals to assist with the recovery and they will help take a load off of your shoulders, and you can get back to a normal lifestyle much sooner than you ever thought possible.

24/7/365 – Because Fires Don’t Take Time Off

The best damage restoration companies are staffed by technicians who are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you need the services of a fire damage restoration company, you should be sure that the company you choose has a good reputation and places your health and well being as their top priority.

It should be noted that fire damage restoration is not an easy task. The contractors should use technically up-to-date equipment and processes and the technicians should be properly trained in the use their machines and tools. Be sure to ask about their experience and how long they have been in business. References provided by happy customers are one great clue that you have found a damage restoration company that will meet or exceed your needs.

Professionals and State-Of-The-Art Equipment

These professionals can help you to prevent further damage to your valuables and home based on their years of experience. They will remove the water, smoke odor, and soot from your home and belongings (if possible). They will help you return your property to its original, pre-fire condition. State-of-the-art equipment is used to restore your home and possessions, and these professionals can also eliminate the smoke and other offensive odors caused by fire. Finally, they will clean and sanitize your home to complete the restoration process.

Fire damage in a home is usually an overwhelming tragedy. Priceless belongings and valuables can be easily lost to the flames and the resulting smoke and water damage. Fire damage restoration and cleaning should be started as soon after the disaster as possible to help minimize your losses. The professional actions of the restoration company you choose can make the task of rebuilding your life a much easier task, as they have experienced these situations many times before and know exactly what to do.

Fire Restoration Professionals Can Help With Insurance Claims

It’s interesting to note that a fire damage restoration company can help to prepare an estimate for you to submit your insurance company. Filing initial insurance claims promptly is an important step in the process of recovery from a fire, and many people often overlook this important act. Failure to submit a claim for payment early can possibly delay subsequent timely payments which can be frustrating and a great inconvenience to you while your property is being restored. A competent fire damage restoration company can help you get your insurance claim process moving quickly from the onset.

Board-Ups, Inventories, Cleaning & Quick Service

The tragedy of fire damage can be all-consuming. Emergency services such as emergency board up of your property, pack-outs, quick cleaning of clothing for your family, computerized inventory of all your personal property can really speed up the recovery process from a fire. Oftentimes,these services can be offered as direct billing to your insurance carrier. Prompt professional and courteous service should be a part of any fire restoration package.

The Four Types Of A Modern-Day Hippie

The popular hippie counterculture that started back in the 1960’s were indeed so popular that up until now, the concept and the culture still manages to live on. However, the years have changed the counterculture a lot as well. Despite the attempts of true-blue hippies to carry out and retain the genuine hippie spirit as they make the transition from vintage hippies to modern-day hippies, the modern times still caused various changes. Now, the modern-day hippie has four sides.

The first type of what is called “modern-day hippie” is the true-blue hippie, a true child of the 1960’s counterculture. They are the true picture of a full-blown hippie, who lives the original hippie values from inside and out. They are now called New Hippies or Neo-Hippies. Similar to the hippies in the past, they are still politically informed and educated. They also advocate the same causes in the spirit of peace, love, and freedom. They keep up with current political and environmental trends. They protested against issues that contradict with their hippie values in the same manner that the hippies of the past protested. As true-blue hippies, they still also live with the good and the bad sides of being a hippie. They protest against way and violence as they promote peace. On the other hand, they also like to engage in unusual activities, use odd clothes and accessories, and experiment with drugs in their advocacy for liberal rights. They really are hippies to the core.

The second type of a modern-day hippie is a somewhat downplayed version. Their hippie side is reflected more by their environment-friendly, tree-hugging advocacies, rather than through their political and societal idealisms. They are mostly vegetarians, and tends to live through life in a breeze and simply focuses on their love for the environment and clean, healthy things. They are lighter and brighter hippies. They are sometimes called granola children. A “granola child”, according to the urban dictionary, is one who “enjoys tie-dye, granola, and peace”.

The third type of a modern-day hippie, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of a granola child. They are the angry hippies. They are more futuristic, and like to show off their hippie values in enhanced, exaggerated ways. They are called the “techno hippies”. They are more modern and more forward than the Neo-Hippies. They take the hippie character to the next level. They sport tattoos, body piercings, and strange hairstyles such as the famous dreadlocks. They also exhibit their opinions though rave parties where they mostly consume large amounts of drugs and alcohol. They also take their advocacies to the Internet and are in tune with the latest gaming technologies. They are, in a way, rebellious hippies.

Finally, the fourth type of modern-day hippie is not really composed of hippies anymore, as a lot of people claim. They are hippies without a cause. Cynics like to call them “rippies”, because they are simply ripping off the hippie lifestyle, for lack of an original generational style and culture to live by. There are a lot of terms closely associated with them. One of these terms is “yunkers”, which refers to a modern-day hippie who smokes and takes drugs a lot. Somehow, they give off the idea that they are merely using the hippie culture as an excuse to liberally take drugs. Accused of wearing the trendy, designer versions of distinct hippie clothes such as tie-dyes, vests, and sandals, they are also often referred to as the hippies who have lost their political activism.

These four types of a modern-day hippie may be completely different. But one thing remains the same: the clothing style. Any breed of hippie is still wearing sandals and tie-dyes. Now, that is a fashion culture that doesn’t just die.

Bread Mold

Bread mold is a kind of fungus that is commonly found on bread surfaces. It takes food and nutrients from the bread and causes damage to the surface where it lives. It causes a bad taste to the bread also. But the mold has a place in the industry where it serves as a decomposer that can decompose decayed plants and animals.

Bread mold has a very simple lifecycle. It appears on the bread surface as a wind blown spore. With adequate moisture and nutrients from the bread, this spore sprouts and grows hair like structures on the bread surface. Once the mold attains a particular growth with paint brush like structures, it starts producing fruiting structures. These structures, sometimes called conidia, contain spores that are blown by wind and spreads to other bread surfaces.

Bread mold is found in different types, species, shapes, and colors. Some of the common bread molds are Penicillium, Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Monascus, and Fusarium. Penicillium molds usually appear green and grey in color and Aspergillus mold appears similar to Penicillium to the naked eye. But both are different when examined under a microscopic. In the Aspergillus mold, the fine hairs contain large balloons with spores inside.

If you are interested to see bread mold you can perform a small experiment with bread. You can take a slice of bread and moisten it slightly. Then keep the bread for two or three days in a place where there is no chance of the moisture content drying up. You will see some mold growth on the surfaces.

As the spores of this bread mold are commonly found in the air, bread is easily spoiled. To prevent this growth on bread surfaces, the bread can be baked at a temperature of 400 degrees or preserve the bread with small amounts of chemical. The chemicals used are prop-ionic acid and acetic acid which are safe to be mixed with the bread during the making of the bread.

Ideas for Re-Designing Your Existing Swimming Pool

Whether you are tired of the same old look of your pool or you want to enhance it to match the appearance of a newly constructed home or landscape, consider a redesign as opposed to a totally new swimming pool. Pools can be re-designed to not only save the money on the cost of demolition of an old one and construction of a new one, but also to customise your pool to give it a whole new look.

Changing the Size and Shape

You may not realise that your existing pool can be deepened, extended, widened or even reshaped using the latest in concrete pool techniques. You are not bound by your current style and size. This is great news if you want to turn a shallow wading pool into one that you can dive into or perhaps change the shape to accommodate your new home or landscaping additions.

Altering Pool Designs and Appearance

The colour of the interior plaster finish, paint and tiling can be changed to create an entirely new look. With the latest advances in pool technology, you can get a Spectrum quartz finish which comes in a variety of textures and colours and can be complemented by designer tiles. You can invest a little extra in your pool re-design and get a mosaic tile pattern too which can be customised to your specific design scheme.

Adding Some Extra Features

With a pool re-design, you have the option of choosing some extra features which can really enhance your swimming experience. Pool landscaping such as additional paving, garden planter boxes, decorative fencing, raised platforms for lounging and water features such as fountains and water walls add visually appealing elements.

New lighting, particularly the kind that can change colours underwater can be quite interesting. Spa features are popular too, especially if you want a place to kick back and relax to enjoy hot, pulsating jets of water to ease muscle aches and pains.

Making your Re-Design a Reality

Regarding swimming pools and their re-design, it is best to work with a professional pool company to ensure your ideas can be made into reality. A professional can walk you through a re-design and let you know what is possible, given the current state of your pool. They will be able to create a solid estimate of cost as well as a timeline to complete the project, keeping building permits and specifications in mind. Re-designing your pool is an excellent option if you don’t want to demolish your old one and start over.

The Most Popular Promotional Products For Business Promotion

Promotional products can be intertwined with marketing strategies that greatly benefit a business seeking to promote their company, product or service. Promotional products are customized with a company slogan or logo and are given away to customers or potential prospects at particular events such as trade shows. There are a variety of different types of promotional products available to suit any business and help companies increase brand awareness.

Some of the typically chosen promotional products that businesses will begin with include: mugs, magnets, pens, mouse pads, T-shirts, stress balls, custom USB flash drives, tote bags, magnets, shot glasses, candles, photo frames, glassware, note pads, stuffed toys, and jar openers. In addition, promotional desk accessories such as business card cases, paper clip dispensers and promotional desk sets will actually be used by people and the logos will be viewed by anyone who passes the desk. There are also a number of items that are proven winners regardless of the nature of the business the item is promoting. Promotional pens are a very popular choice, as they are very versatile and useful to nearly any demographic. You can easily hand them out to people passing by knowing they will be kept and used by the potential clients.

Promotional items that can be worn are also very popular. Item such as T-Shirts can have a big visual effect. They are also a good choice for sports events and business teams to motivate them to do good work for their and company growth. Promotional bags are available in a variety of different types such paper bags, sports bags, tote bags, plastic bags, back packs, and duffel bags. These items are very popular as they can be carried around in public long after the event is over. Promotional calendars are an affordable choice because of their very low cost per impression, as they will be viewed for 12 months.

Promotional cups are often chosen to give out to customers and prospects as they can be used repeatedly, which helps with increasing brand recognition. Plastic cups, thermos, ceramic mugs and drinking flasks are popular drinkware used as a promotional item. Many companies will choose promotional hats as it is easy to add a logo to a hat, and they are available in men, women, and children sizes. They are good for increasing brand recognition as they are worn in public. Imprinted Frisbees and toys are often chosen for many promotional events, including company events and family gatherings. Promotional key rings are also very popular to hand out to people. The theme here is giving out items that people will use over and over, thereby driving home the brand awareness factor.

When purchasing promotional products to hand out to customers and clients, keep your choice classy and take into consideration how long people will keep the item with them. Promotional products are an effective way to increase brand visibility and boost sales at a practical cost. They continue to be part of an integrated marketing strategy for many different types of businesses and organizations.

Friendship is the Most Important Relationship

The most important relationships that we have in our lives are our friendships. There have been numerous studies that have demonstrated how our friendships make us the people we are in many different ways. How we choose our friends is just as important as having them in the first place.

Not only are they fun to hang around with, but they are also important to helping us deal with life in positive ways. A good friend will help us when we are not doing that well, and they bring the best out of us. Just remember that we have to be friends to others as well.

Being a good friend means being consistently there in good and bad times. A strong friendship will be able to endure both the good as well as the trying times. Make sure that you are there for them when they are hurting or experiencing hardships and be the friend you expect them to be.

Life can dish out some very difficult and lonely moments that we all have to go through, and simply being available can make all the difference in the world. Not too mention that you are really cultivating good things.

Sometimes, life can be pretty busy and it is easy to get away from making time to spend with friends. It doesn’t take much to drift away from good social relationships just by not making the time to nurture them.

If you want a rich and happy life, it is just as important to make time for your friends as it is to make time for your job.

Another part of good friendships is making an effort to let their bad habits go, and concentrate on the good things that they do. A good friend will accept the other person the way they are, and you should extend the same courtesy to them as well.

If you really want strong friendships, then developing and nurturing these relationships is something that will help. We all need friends, and we all need to be good friends to others too.

Shipping Container Modification

Shipping containers can be hired or buy for lodging purposes. You can hire these for residential or commercial purposes. Shipping containers are available in wide variety of sizes as per your need. If you don’t find one as per your requirement, you can even go for shipping container modification to fit your unique requirement.

A shipping container is made of tough steel and timber flooring. The high quality steel used makes the wear and tear cost minimal. These containers are available for rent or purchase at affordable prices in terms of the comfort they provide in lodging. Are you looking for a container to meet your needs? The company have highly experienced and skilled team to modify the container as you want. They are very innovative and have problem-solving approach to provide you with high quality that meets your needs. You can also have a options container accessories that you can get installed to create your best modified container. This is a challenge, which results in ideal container.

Some of the basic modification includes installing a rollup door in the side of a container. Still it is important that you specify what type of roll up door you want, where it will go, and consider factor of what type of steel box it is going to be fixed. The original structural veracity is compromised due to the cutting of a shipping container or removing any of its panel.

You can consider various sizes and types available with the company and then you can have appropriate idea on what you exactly need or how you want your container to be modified. The modifications are done to suit your budget and requirements. The skilled team will always be there to help you with modification specifications.

You should consider following steps to get your container modified:

· Select the base box: You need to select the base box as this simplifies the process and prevents the re installation of wheels every time in modification process.

· Select Basic modification option: First go for basic modification options such as additional windows and doors, painting, and electric work.

· Select advanced modification options: Once you selected the basic options and fins that still you need more modifications in your container select advanced options such as upgrading flooring.

· Develop sketch of your modified container: Use CAD/graphic design options to develop sketch of your modified container. This model will ensure you that every work in going on right steps.

If you already have a shipping container, you can request for pickup service at company’s suburbs. While if you are planning to buy a shipping container, you can specify requirements for your shipping container modification done at that very time.