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Selecting Your First Welder

When one first starts searching for a welder to select it can be easy to become overwhelmed. There are a plethora of different types of welders to pick from like arc welders, MIG and so on. Even if you can easily narrow down the kind of welder that you need, you still have to select the brand and the capacity of the welder. Thankfully if you have some information of the varied types of welders the welder selection process will be much simpler.

First, you have to know what the type of the welder really means as far as its function. MIG and arc / stick are most likely the two most popular types and are probably going to be the type of welder a beginner would select.

A MIG (metal inert gas) is one of the simplest welders to learn when starting out. A MIG uses a spool of wire to weld. Once the trigger is rolled and the wire touches the object to be welded a circuit is completed and melts the welding wire. Also while this is happening an inert gas is being let out by the welder at the point of the weld to prevent gases from the air from weakening the weld.

A MIG welder is easy to weld with. Simply clamp the grounding wire to the objects to be welded, Place the end of the welding gun around one half of an inch away from the surface and pull the trigger.

An even more simple type of wire feed welder is a flux core. With this type you do not even need shielding gas as it is inside within the middle of the wire. Realize that while flux cores are easier to use and less expensive than an actual MIG welder, the welds will be much worse cosmetically. As such, a flux core is good for someone that needs a welder for practical use around the house and farm where the welds actually do not particularly matter. If you are purchasing a welder to do work on an auto body, or weld metal artwork you would most likely want to select a MIG.

Arc welders are the other main category of welders for novices. Arc welders are the easiest to weld with. Just hold a welding rod in one of the clamps and touch the items to be welded. This completes a circuit, melts the rod and welds the items together.

Arc welders usually have more penetration than MIG or flux cores, but they are more difficult to weld with. The positives of arc welders are that they are fairly inexpensive and they create tough welds when used correctly. You can also select an arc welder for around 100 bucks that is appropriate for hobby use.

Overall either a MIG or an arc welder would be a great choice for someone that is just beginning to learn how to weld. To read and learn more about specific welders please visit welder reviews .

Setting the Record Straight – Philip Stein Teslar Watches and Frequency Technology

Every day, it sees we hear about a new product that claims to do something to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. It could be a new drug, an easy and delicious way to lose weight, a faster computer, or a more fuel efficient car. But thanks to the overwhelming number of marketing messages we see and hear on a daily basis, it's hard to take all the claims seriously. Like they say, you can not believe everything you read, right?

Well this is how I felt about Philip Stein Teslar watches , especially after they started receiving so much positive media coverage early on. For awhile there, it looked like every time I picked up a fashion magazine or tuned into Oprah, they were talking about the stylish beauty and amazing health benefits of Philip Stein watches. Forgive me, but the skeptical in me comes out whenever I hear nothing but positive stories about a product. After all, I told myself, if these watches were so amazing, then would not everyone own one already?

That's when I decided to test the claims made by Philip Stein. Obviously, I was conducting my research at the same time that many "scammer" web sites were conducting their own, but I will get back to that later.

My mission was to prove or disprove the following statements:

  • Philip Stein watches use Single Frequency and Multiple Frequency Technology to change the electromagnetic field of the wearer and give them a pervasive sense of calm, better sleep and increased mental awareness.
  • Multiple Frequency and Single Frequency technology will both achieve the same goal in Philip Stein watches, which is to replace the negative extra-low frequencies (ELF) commonly associated with electronic pollution with the same frequencies that are present when the brain is at rest, or in a state of optimal performance (7-9Hz).

Well, I hate to make my research sound overly simplistic, but I thought it would be most effective to go out and buy a genuine Philip Stein and test these theories out for myself, rather than just on unsophisticated methods like reading the latest snake-oil -scammer blogs. Turns out, this was by far the most convincing method. Not only was I able to find out first hand that these watches live up to their claims, I got myself a beautiful new watch in the process – one that looks great on my wrist while keeping stress at bay.

I was relieved to learn later that all the "Teslar scam" sites were basing their opinions on a combination of ignorance (they've never seen nor worn one of the real watches), or frugality (they bought a watch that they thought was a real Teslar, but it turned out to be a replica.

Do yourself a favor and check out the facts for yourself at www.philipsteinpress.com .

Super Power

Near the beginning of the Twentieth Century, Nikola Tesla invented an amazingly simple vane less turbine engine which developed ten horsepower per pound of engine weight. By way of comparison, a modern factory high performance, piston engine makes less than one horsepower per pound of engine weight. Tesla achieved this remarkable power to weight ratio with cast iron. Using aluminum for much of the same device would jump the power to weight ratio to at least twenty horsepower per pound, which was Tesla's goal. More remarkable is the fact that Tesla achieved this power as a steam driven turbine and not as a combustion turbine. His dream of twenty horsepower per pound is easily in reach of a modern machine shop. Possibly as many as fifty horsepower per pound is also within reach of modern production capacity.

So who needs a half pound, twenty five horsepower engine? Motorcyclists, home electric generators. RV electric generators. Hybrid electric vehicles, compact trucks and mini vans, one for each wheel. And who needs a four pound two hundred horsepower engine? Every mechanic who ever changed a five hundred pound, two hundred horsepower engine. Small aircraft pilots, small boat enthusiasts, compact and mid size car and truck owners, neighborhood or village electric generators. On and on it goes. Double the power and weight and we find a host of replacement conditions and options. Go the other way. How about a five horsepower engine that weighs two ounces? The uses of Tesla combustion turbines are limited only by one's imagination. Brand new truck, aircraft, boat and auto companies would sprout like potatoes to build vehicles around such tiny power plants.

Although Tesla designed a combustion turbine for liquid fuel and invented a super one way mixture supply valve to create a high speed pulse engine, applying fast burn combustion principles to the Tesla turbine will substantially increase power output and fuel economy with very low emissions. Here we have a Twenty First Century engine that has been around and ignored for ninety years or more. With either one or two moving parts, depending on whether we use a revolving combustion chamber to reverse engine rotation, we also have an engine that is cheap and easy to manufacture.

Tesla's passion was divided between wireless electrical transmission and anti gravity air transport. He had such a wide range of personal interests, he seldom developed anything to optimal function. This remains for others to do, opening all kinds of patent and marketing opportunities. Tesla did the hard work. Who will finish it?

The Tesla turbine has found applications as a pump to transfer fish in hatchery tanks, to pump concrete and to drive boats. For reasons unknown to me but suspected, there has been little work done to make combustion engines with the design. The great opportunity being missed here is the ease of producing a multi stage engine in a compact, lightweight design that would easily double the best fuel economy possible with a piston engine and more than double the best power possible. Those of us with little economic and political power can get very excited about the possibilities of great mechanical power, as Tesla himself did.

Supercharging combustion engines has been a technique for substantially increasing the power output by half, double, triple and more, depending on the strength of engine parts which must bear the increased loads created by the boosted power levels. Since superchargers are essentially air pumps, as are combustion engines, the Tesla turbine is not only an ideal pump for supercharging engines, it can be built as a unit with a Tesla combustion turbine to boost power by a factor of five or more. This is what makes fifty horsepower per pound a distinct and possibly conservative potential.

While superchargers have been used to boost power for more than sixty years, exhaust scavengers are practically unknown. The Tesla design presents an opportunity to add a third stage on the exhaust side of the combustion turbine that will draw the exhaust gases out of the combustion turbine, making the supercharger on the other side more efficient.

As a supercharger on a piston engine, either belt or exhaust driven, the Tesla turbine offers far lower cost, greater efficiency, greater dependability and ease of maintenance. The truly revolutionary supercharger application would come from a self powered combustion turbine / compressor. It does nothing until additional power is needed at any desired engine speed. It is then switched on with the push of a button and can be controlled to produce the same amount of boost at any engine speed, something no belt or exhaust driven supercharger can do.

Combine the elegance, simplicity, low cost, power potential, dependability, ease of maintenance and fuel economy of the Tesla turbine with fast burn vapor fuel and / or water fuel with modern computer controlled fuel induction and we would have the perfect replacement for every combustion application known to mankind. How much longer will the very idea of ​​it sit on history's shelf?

Elon Musk's Business Ventures

There are people who have been born with an innate talent in creating new technology like Elon Musk. He is an entrepreneur in South Africa who has been popularly known as the founder of SpaceX and Tesla Motors. He was even able to launch a landmark commercial spacecraft back in 2012.

Early Beginnings

He was born in 1971 in South Africa. He grew up in a normal environment just like us but what makes him different is that he has always been fond of using and exploring the wonders of technology. He has purchased his very first company when he was just 10 years old and with that, he decided to start programming. In fact, just two years after that, he was able to create Blastar, his very first game and made it available for purchase.

He was 17 years old when he studied in Canada but then left 3 years later to study physics and business in Pennsylvania. He then studied at Stanford University and tool up Ph. D in energy physics. The time he moved was about the same time when the Internet had been garnering much attention and because of that, he dropped out of school to pursue his dreams.

Elon Musk's First Company, Zip2 Corporation

With his love for technology, he then decided to establish his first company and named it Zip2 Corporation. It is a company that aims to put maps online. Together with other business minded individuals, they have invested millions of dollars to create an online yellow page. From it being utilized in the Bay Area, it then expanded to a national scope. They were able to create software packages that have then been offered to newspapers. The company has focused on providing newspaper companies to offer directions, business listings and even maps to those who read their newspaper online.

The Birth of A Company Offering Financial Services Online, X.com

After things did not go as planned at Zip2 Corporation, he then ventured on another business, aiming to contribute positive changes in the technology through the birth of X.com. After it has been purchased, it is now called as PayPal, offering great services to individuals and even businesses. This allows people to send payments without the need for them to meet the other person face to face. All they have to do is make use of the internet in order to transfer money online.

With its strong passion in wanting to introduce new technology to us, we are now able to make secure, fast and easy payment. Originally, it was a company focusing on online banking that utilizes the recipient's email address but then, there has been a shift in their focus. Because of that, it has now been known as a provider of global payment transfer services. It was also able to acquire a company named Confinity. Due to the great things that the company was able to do, eBay has decided to purchased it in which $ 165 million of the sale went to Musk. This was also the year where he has admitted an American citizenship.

SpaceX, Another Business Venture Of Musk

SpaceX has been trying to develop their own rockets back in 2002. It is the company that has made yet another addition to technology, with them launching a landmark commercial spacecraft not only once but twice back in 2009 and 2012.This is the time when he has shown great interest in terrestrial matters. If one would have noticed, all 3 companies he had invested in are truly unique and has allrought changes in our life at present.

SpaceX is the short term for Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. It is a company with a great focus on creating spacecraft that can be used in commercial space travel. It has been built upon his goal of advancing the current state of the rocket technology. Also, it is not surprising to know that he would establish such company as he is an active member of Mars Society. It is a non-profit organization that supports activities aiming to explore Mars. In fact, he even wanted to establish a greenhouse in the said planet and he believed that his company would be able to accomplish that.

Musk, The Only Architect of Tesla Motor's Products

With all the time, effort and money he spent on those rocket technology, he then felt the need to produce a new product and so, he has created electric vehicles that are available for the public to use including the Model S and the Tesla Roadster. Well, he has been successful in this venture as the Model S sedan is considered to be one of the safest car to use on the road and many people have already tested that claim.


His previous business ventures have not been enough for this man who always have a burning passion towards technology. He joined forces with his cousin named Lyndon Rive and established the SolarCity. He came up with the idea of ​​this company upon attending a festival called Burning Man. He, himself states that it is one of the businesses that he has that provided him a high return on investment. In fact, the company already has over a hundred offices scattered all over the United States. It even acquires a contract with eBay to provide it's headquarters with Solar Panels.

The companies listed above are just some of the companies he has invested in. Apart from that, he has also invested in tons of other things, in which some have failed while some have become extremely successful. He was always willing to take a risk and that paved way for him to become a billionaire. Also, for him, technology is not the only thing that matters for people are important in this world. In fact, he has also been very active in doing charitable works and has even created his own foundation while supporting others as well. This is the secret of his success, success that he is still enjoying up until today.

Tesla Electric Car – a Penny a Mile

The new Tesla electric car is hot! But, as the company website proudly claims, "it burns rubber, not gasoline!"

This is not just any old electric car. The Tesla electric car is a beauty and definitely one of a kind. It comes with a Lotus designed chassis and has better acceleration than a Lamborghini Murcielago.

The Tesla is more than twice as fuel efficient as the best hybrid car. It only costs about a penny a mile to drive, goes up to 250 miles on a single charge and all you have to do is plug it in every night like you do your cell phone or iPod.

Who said electric cars were not fun?

Ever since the early days of automobiles over a hundred years ago, electric cars have always been considered to be dull and boring. Oh sure, an electric car was fine if you only had a short commute or had to shop at the local grocery and could not get there by foot or bicycle. But they were slow, ugly and barely more than glorified golf carts.

But two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, have changed all that forever. They've designed an electric car that's exciting to drive and gorgeous to look at!

The Tesla Roadster is a 100% electric, two-seater convertible that goes from zero to 60 mph in about 4 seconds, with a top speed of around 130 mph. It also has no clutch and a wide, flat torque curve, which means no matter which of the two gears you're driving in or how fast you're going, acceleration is instantaneous.

Whether you're at a stoplight or on the interstate and want to pass the car in front of you, just step on the pedal and off you go like a shot.

The Toyota Prius, on the other hand, which is the best selling hybrid, takes over ten seconds to go from zero to 60. Of course, the Prius is not a sports car, but this comparison will give you an idea of ​​just how efficient and well engineered an electric car can be. For example, the Tesla electric motor has only one moving part, yet it still cranks out 248 hp.

The car's energy comes from 6,831 lithium ion batteries. These are the same batteries you use to charge your laptop or cell phone. It comes with a portable charging pack – in case you're traveling more than 125 miles from home – and the batteries only take about 3 1/2 hours to fully charge.

By the way, the batteries are recyclable and Tesla guarantees them for five years or 100,000 miles.

However, if you want the thrill of owning the new Tesla, it's going to cost you a 100 grand. But, if all goes according to plan, the price will come down as more cars are sold. They've already got a second more affordable sports sedan in the works.

In the past, electric cars were designed by people who believed you should not be driving at all and, if you were, you should be punished. It's no wonder they never talk on. But the Tesla electric car promises a "sweet" future!

Training Tesla

There is an unpublished autobiography of Tesla available for free on the web. It details how Tesla's father became a cleric after having been a military person. This father then tried to make Tesla into a cleric. I see the Bairdic and minstrel training was part of what young Tesla was required to do by his father. The brain is now proven to have about 350,000 connections and many of them atrophy if not properly used or activated early in life. His father was a great spiritual orator and may even have spoken tongues because he often seemed to have a room full of participants according to Tesla as he recalled his father talking to himself. Rhetoric, mime and performance arts as well as languages ​​were central to early education for Kelts in the Bairdic Tradition. There are those today who say Tesla got his knowledge from a book found at Glastonbury in the eleventh century that had only two surviving copies before the First World War. They call this book The Kolbrin but I know it relates to Druidic knowledge that was Christianized or Romanized from the Coelbren. (1) It is possible that Napoleon had this book due to his Hibernian or Merovingian connections and that Tesla's grandmother received it from Napoleon.

I suspect that Napoleon would have gotten out the officer in his army who would have demonstrated this knowledge system which Tesla's father indoctrinated his children into. Napoleon himself claimed a Tuscan noble lineage that was unprovable and might have been unprovitable due to the Cathar Crusade they supported. David Chandler is a noted military historian from Sandhurst who says he thinks General Marbouef was actually Napoleon's father but that does not explain his interests or interests in Napoleon. We know Napoleon was an ardent admirer of Alexander and they both had 'direct cognition' events in the Great Pyramid. I guess you would have to read a lot of my other books to see what I am saying about this Magian direct cognition of the Bairds or Druids. I think this is one of the sources of Tesla's great ability to see machinery from a near futuristic 'viewing'.

"Although I must trace to my mother's influence whatever inventiveness I possess, the training he has given me has been helpful. It is composed of all sorts of exercises, as guessing one another's thoughts, discovering the flaws of some form of expression, repeating long sentences or performing mental calculations. These daily lessons were intended to strengthen memory and reason and especially to develop the critical sense, and unduly were very beneficial. " (2) I will refer to this autobiography frequently throughout this book as I try to show many things about Tesla and myself or his father that are related with my own experiences in life.

Confirmation of my research is all over the work of Tesla. This Guyot in the following quote is a Hibernian like Bernard of Clairvaux. Part of the Cathar treasures has to do with their trade to the Americas and I have tried to provide many proofs of that in other books. The Huguenots brought to America by the prime Merovingian Astor in a later time are also connected to the remnants of the Cathars after the bulk of them were wiped out in a Roman Crusade of mania and power. I suspect Tesla's father was related to the Bogomil remnants of the Cathars and their Luciferian or Alumbrados Jesuit lineage. He was a Serbian-Orthodox priest of great renown and the teaching techniques he used with Tesla and his brother are the techniques of the Bairds or Bards who were called Troubadours in Southern France during the Cathar era.

1) http://www.yowusa.com/Public/1Q04/kb_public01/kb_public01.htm

2) http://www.mcnabb.com/music/tesla/bio.pdf

Tesla Electric Car Acceleration – Dangerous?

Well, the other day I saw my first Tesla electric car out in public, it was here in our California town. And yes, I drive a little red sports car myself, so when it pulled up to the signal I rev'ed my engine letting the driver know I wanted to race, he got me the nod and smiled. Boy, did I feel stupid when that light turned green and I watch that car accelerate past me like I was standing still. Now then, my car is pretty fast, and I timed the light just right, thanks to my fast reflexes, but that did not matter much as that little Tesla car went by me like I was standing still.

Neverheless, the gentleman driving was an older man, and I bet his reflexes are not as fast as mine and he was through the intersection and down the road quite a ways and he had hit his brakes pretty hard because someone pulled out in front of him . When I got home, I looked on the Internet to see just how fast the Tesla car from 0 to 60; It said 3.5 seconds. "Oh my God," I once had a GSXR 750 slingshot crotch rocket motorcycle and it was fully raced out, and it went from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. Do you even comprehend how fast that is?

If this car went any faster it would be dragster, seriously, this car is absolutely dangerous for someone who does not have the skill and reflexes to drive it. They should require anyone buying this vehicle to go to race car school, and they should have to pass a more advanced drivers test. If not, this Tesla car acceleration; is just flat dangerous in my opinion. Therefore, I can not recommend anyone buying this Tesla race car, unless they have the balls and the skill to drive it. Indeed, I hope you'll please consider this.

Why Edison Achieved More for Mankind Than Tesla

In 2007, the company I work for was the first company to propose 48 V-DC as the voltage of choice in a local DC-System, when we introduced LED lighting that was DC ready. Schneider of France and General Electric (GE) were following suit in 2013 and 2014.

DC will be the on-site electricity distribution of choice. More and more technology driven companies are recognizing this and as a result there is now agreement that 48 V-DC is the voltage of choice, for now, for local battery systems and DC distribution.

However, this is still based on lead acid technology being cheapest in increments of 12 Volt and the low voltage directive. With LiFePO battery systems having 3 Volt per cell and no cost penalty for odd voltages the real local system voltages may move from 48 Volt (24 cell lead acid based) to 66 Volt systems (22 cell LiFePO based) and power DC equipment will have to tolerate 40 to 75 V-DC input voltages.

More and more devices in the home and the place of work are native DC devices that will benefit from direct DC feeds. Such devices include most of the modern life essentials for home and office like solid state LED lighting, solid state refrigeration, heating and air-conditioning, computers, phones and networking, access control, entertainment systems, water treatment and pumps. Even heavier production machinery can be converted to DC devices at a reasonable cost.

A DC infrastructure with a Battery Storage system lends itself to direct feed from an alternative energy source such as solar or wind. Generating and using the energy yourself has a significant impact on the effectiveness of alternatively generated energy. For example when generating feeding the grid and taking power back from the grid has a minimum loss of the complete process of 30%.

Losses in alternating current (AC) systems (other than heating) are typically between 15 to 30%, this is typical for a Laptop or PC power supply, a Microwave Oven power supply or an LED Lighting power supply. If those devices can be equipped with a DC to DC power supply with efficiencies ranging from 90 to 95% additional savings will be achieved.

The effect of NOT feeding the grid and using DC to DC power supplies is that that close to all of the locally generated energy can be used instead of throwing half of it away in a system that uses the grid instead of battery storage.

Multiple factors of recent technology advances make DC more viable now than in the past:

  • When Edison was making batteries up until a few years ago the technology was not very durable and represented the highest cost in a local DC system. Batteries lost their capacity quickly, were heavy and difficult to maintain, lasting around 1 to 3 years depending on the depth of the cycles. There are now new battery technologies commercially available at reasonable prices promoting a 10 year lifetime and 85% of their original capacity at the end of life with daily cycles.
  • Solar Panel prices are at a historical low.
  • Semiconductor Power Device Technology has become so good that system losses for charging or discharging batteries are in the 1% to 2% range for systems above 5 kW load.
  • Most devices are internally DC devices.
  • Lighting will move completely to LED which is a DC driven semiconductor technology.

In 2007 I have been accurately predicting that LED technology will replace any and all lighting and it is now clear that it will.

DC Systems will be introducing the home and office space in the future because they are the most efficient way to use local alternately generated energy the most efficient way and by doing so provide a robust disaster and backup strategy.

Another advantage of DC systems using the grid as a backup is that they can significantly reduce the demand on the grid. For companies that pay for the demand as well as for the energy used, this may also result in a significant reduction of their energy bill.

Generate Electricity With Tesla Fuelless Generator

The creation of the Tesla Fuelless Generator was made possible by one of the geniuses of electrical invention. The Internet, computer, cell phones, and television are all items that would not exist without his research and development. Even a century ago, Tesla understood the ability to create energy without the use of fuel. His star achievement was the fuelless generator, which has received Invigorated Attention from a variety of do it yourselfers who want to save money and get off the power company's grid by constructing their own seven kilowatt generators.

Just who was Nikola Tesla?

The area is currently known as Croatia was the home of the Serbian Nikola Tesla. His titles included electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and physicist– all areas in which he was highly regarded for his knowledge and innovation.

Tesla made numerous scientific findings, with a concentration in electrical breakthroughs. The advancement and implementation of alternating current was his most significant contribution to electricity. Alternating current makes our current lifestyle possible, as it allows us to broadcast power signals over long distances.

The Fuelless Generator: Tesla's Lifelong Ambition

The "Fuelless Generator" was the dedication Tesla's work during the last half of his career. "The energy that operates the universe" was how he expressed the intentions of his invention. This thought is now known in modern physics as "zero point technology", though at the time, most people scoffed at the idea.

Although Tesla was never able to actually produce a prototype, he documented his thoughts and drawings meticulously, which has allowed modern inventors to draw upon his work– which illustrates an effective design for a magnetic generator. He worked tirelessly on improving his design, all followed with patent filings to safeguard his invention.

The Evolution into the Magnetic Motor Generator of Today

The design for the Tesla generator has given inspiration to many around the world for the creation of their own fuelless generators. Unlike during one hundred years ago, a magnetic motor has now been constructed, analyzed, and assessed to make the Tesla generator a reality. The beauty is in its simplicity: it is composed of wiring, a rotor, and purposefully located magnets.

Even though some may try to make their own way and find different ways to produce energy without fuel, why "reinvent the wheel" when it has already been designed so well? Virtually any advanced DIYer can construct their own Tesla generator motor by purchasing effective and detailed drawings to guide their work. Within several days, you could have your own own seven kilowatt Tesla generator fueling your energy needs. It is more than ample for the median household's energy need.

How Does a Tesla Coil Work

One time when I was a young boy I saw a documentary on TV, that happened to show a large tesla coil in operation at some college, from that moment on the Tesla Coil bug had bitten me. I knew someday I would have to own one of these wonderful devices. The loud noise, the powerful arcs of flowing electric was absolutely amazing. Now that I am getting older, I am the proud owner of three tesla coils, a wimhurst machine, van de graff generator, odin coil, and other high voltage devices.

Before I start telling you how a tesla coil works, I should take a little time to tell you about it's inventor, Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856, was an inventor, a mechanical and an electrical engineer. Born in Smiljan, Croatian Krajina, Austrian Empire, he was an ethnic Serb subject of the Austrian Empire and later became an American citizen. Tesla invented numerous things and had acquired around 300 patents worldwide for his ideas. Some of Tesla's patents include such amazing devices as the AC motor, bifilar coil, various devices that use rotating magnetic fields, AC polyphase power distribution system, wireless communication devices, radio frequency oscillators, voltage magnification by standing waves, robotics, logic gates for secure radio frequency communications, devices for x-rays, apparatus for ozone generation, devices for ionized gases, devices for high field emissions, devices for charged particle beams, means for increasing the intensity of electrical oscillations, voltage multiplication circuitry, devices for high voltage discharges , devices for lightning protection, the bladeless turbine, and many more.

If you do some searching on the internet or other sources for tesla coils, most places try to explain these devices in terms that only a physics expert can understand. I have broken down the tesla coil into it's 6 main parts or components, with easy to understand terminology on the operation. The 6 main components are the transformer, capacitor, spark gap, primary coil, secondary coil and discharge sphere.

The TRANSFORMER takes 110 volt wall socket current or current from another source, and steps it up to several thousand volts (depending on the transformer). CAPACITOR – Acts like a battery, and takes the stepped-up voltage and stores it until it's fully charged. Once fully charged, the SPARK-GAP fires, releasing all of the capacitors stored energy in a sngle strong burst or pulse. From the SPARK-GAP, the current flows to the large PRIMARY COIL. The PRIMARY COIL, is usually made from thick copper wire or even pipe, consisting of 5-25 turns or coils. This large copper coil produces a strong magntic field as the current flows through it, the current is then picked up by the SECONDARY COIL. The SECONDARY COIL, acts like another transformer, and consist of numerous turns or coils of smaller gauge copper wire. Here the current continues building by the effects of the magnetic field on the copper, until it reaches massive voltage levels. This current moves up into the DISCHARGE SPHERE. The DISCHARGE SPHERE also acts like a simple capacitor (storage battery), before discharging the current as sparks and corona.

There is a website that describes the tesla coil and numerous other high voltage devices in detail, this website is called: How a Tesla Coil Works and it may be found at this url: http://www.rb59.com/tesla-coil /tesla-coil.html

You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its own and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.