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Some Tips to Save Money on Automobile Insurance

The one mistake many people make are look at the size of the deductible. Just how much do you have to pay before the insurance steps in. It seems more attractive to have a low deductible but what they don't realize is that the cost for the coverage increases with a low deductible. This may make sense if you have a really old car, that is over ten years old, but if you have a fairly new car with a lot of extras than taking on a higher deductible means you save on the cost for the coverage. As for having an older car check to see if you need coverage to cover theft and fire etc. Try and get an estimate on the car's current value at a dealer or body shop. Then decide how much you want to cover in your insurance.

Look over the different things included in your insurance. Is it necessary to pay extra for towing? It might be better to keep your car in good shape and also have the equipment, like a tow rope, just in case you break down and can get help from someone. Learn to change a wheel and check out the spare in your car so that it is full of air and is in good shape. Knowing a few basic skills in car maintenance will save you money. The same goes for having to rent a car. Check out what a rental car may cost and that you may need it for at least a week while your car is being repaired than check that against the total cost for paying for a rental in your coverage. Also don't forget that all the extra equipment you put in like an expensive sound system and such like are not going to be completely covered in an insurance unless you specify that when ordering a policy. It might be better to have a great sound system at home and settle for a less attractive one in the car. This cuts down the incentive for anyone to break into your car to steal the stereo system.

Do not rush into choosing an insurance company because of a flashy advertisement or claims that they offer the best for the least. Use the Internet and get quotes from different companies. Try and figure out a limit on what you want to spend on the insurance and then ask to meet with an insurance agent and discuss the different options with the agent. As a potential customer the companies are eager for your business so use that to get a good deal.

If you already have a comprehensive health coverage insurance than you should check to see if you can get by what is regulated by the state you live in as regards your own protection against injury. You do not have to have double payments for the same sort of coverage.

Find out if your insurance company offers discounts if you take steps to safe guard against theft like alarms and other electronic devices which allow the police to track your vehicle if it should get stolen.

Hydrogen Automobiles For Better Fuel

Consider yourself very lucky. Nowadays, hydrogen automobiles are readily available in the market and are developing continuously. We may have been used in driving the conventional gasoline engine cars in the past, and for every gallon of gasoline that we burn we generally give out around 18 pounds of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. These harmful gasses emitted by our vehicles pretty much contributes to the drastic climate changes in our planet, and significantly is the number one cause of global warming in the world.

What is a Hydrogen Automobile?

A lot of people have asked this question over and over again. You may have not notice this, but there are a few vehicles in the world that runs entirely on hydrogen. This technology can actually help our environment heal from the ravages of pollution and carbon dioxide emission that are harmful to our atmosphere. Hydrogen automobiles use hydrogen to power and fuel its motor engines. These automobiles can be in a form of a bus, truck or any type of vehicle that are designed to transfer passengers from one place to another.

You can purchase these kinds of vehicles from different manufacturers that produce hydrogen automobiles. Some of the leading automobile companies in the world like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, BMW, Ford, GMC, and many more have already started making and selling these hydrogen cars. Some people believe that hydrogen automobiles will soon out run gasoline engine cars after a few years time. This idea will not only solve the crisis on oil demands, but will also drastically save mother earth from the negative effects produced by these gasoline engine vehicles.

Nowadays, the price of a hydrogen automobile can be a little or above higher than a gasoline engine car. Although some suggests that by mass manufacturing these kinds of automobiles, you can generally lower the price of the vehicle. There are also other alternatives in using these vehicles. You can avail for hydrogen car conversions which are provided by some businesses in the market.

How does Hydrogen Automobiles work?

Simple, all you need is water, well not specifically plain water. You will still have to harvest the hydrogen from the water in order to use it in an automobile. So how do you do that? Basically hydrogen fuel conversion can be achieved by a process called electrolysis. This procedure involves the separation of oxygen and hydrogen atoms by passing a high electrical current through water. The collected hydrogen is highly flammable diatomic gas that will be used to fuel the automobile. Another way to explain this matter is by understanding more about HHO technology. HHO which is also known as the green gas is a more efficient way in running your vehicles. HHO gas is much safer and powerful than a gasoline, and is also much environmentally friendly.

You can always wait for the hydrogen economy to rise up after 10 to 15 years, and while the world is at the brink of a new era of hydrogen automobiles that will roam our streets. Always remember that it all started today while our present economy plundered because of the rapid increased on gasoline prices. People are always finding solutions to better our world. Hydrogen automobiles will continuously succeed for all of our expectations in the future.

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Chrome Automobile Emblems

When vehicles are produced they are done so with the manufactures logos and emblems placed on them. These are standard and are a reflection of the make and model of vehicle that you have purchased. In most cases these emblems are visible on both the front and rear of the vehicle. However there are cases when the vehicle might not have enough of these as you would have hoped or in other cases it is possible that the logos or emblems on your vehicle could become dated or unfortunately even go missing. To aid you in all of these above situations you will be happy to know that it is now possible to purchase chrome automobile emblems that are perfect for the make and model of your vehicle to give it that extra personalized touch.

When you look into the concept of vehicle logos a lot of designers see these as a less important part of the vehicle production process. To designers aspects such as down the road graphics are top of the list of priories but what exactly does this mean? It basically refers to what makes a vehicle recognizable from a distance so basically it refers to the shape and style of the design of a vehicle. However no vehicle should be free from emblems so to ensure you have a lot of choice where these are concerned they are now openly available for you to purchase.

Just think of how much your vehicle could benefit from the use of a chrome emblem. It can not only be informative but also gives you an array of choice where design is concerned. This is because when you buy a vehicle it is simply fitted with a standard emblem that is featured on all vehicles of the same make and model, which can often be a bit boring so why not have some fun with it? Instead of just accepting the emblems that are placed on the vehicle why not opt ​​for an alternative slant on it. Or if you simply have the badge logo of your vehicle placed on it then why not advance on this and also include the full make and model of your car in a text emblem. If however you are generally pleased with the make and model chrome emblem that is place on your vehicle why not opt ​​for a badge logo that reflect a technical specification of the vehicle such as an indication of its engine size.

Tired and out of date chrome emblems can really age your vehicle, which is why a lot of people opt to change them as new versions of the logo etc emerge. So you don't have to buy a new car to be up-to-date, instead consider making use of brand new chrome emblems.

Whether you have a Dodge, Mercedes, BMW or Ford, Fiat or a sports car, all of the logos and symbols that are available to you have a chrome finish with crisp detail and precision style. They can also be produced to any size, shape and color and can be customized to match the emblems that are already present on your vehicle. So basically whatever style or finish you are looking for where your chrome emblems are concerned you should have no problem finding them.

How To Select Apt Automobile Seat Covers

Who would not like to maintain his or her car in the showroom condition? Every automobile owner takes pride in his or her automobile. Car owners ensure that they adhere to service and maintenance schedules in order to optimize the performance and looks of the car. Over a period, an automobile endures wear and tear. Wear and tear can cause the car to look old. It is essential to take adequate measures to reduce the damage caused to car exteriors and interiors by the regular wear and tear. Car interiors are subject to damage from dust, heat, food spillage, children or pets. One can protect the car seats by using seat covers.

There are overwhelming options available to the automobile owners, when it comes to selection of car seat covers. There is no doubt that the looks are one of the crucial determinants of the seat covers however; one must also consider other aspects. Here, are few things that owners must keep in mind, while selecting the automobile seat covers.

Fabric: There is a wide variety of fabrics available for seat covers. One can choose from cotton, leather, sheepskin, acrylic fur, neoprene, fur or vinyl. Design and color of the cover is a matter of personal taste. The chosen fabric should be capable of adding style and comfort to the car. Many covers may be attractive to look at however; they may not offer comfort or utility to the passengers. Car owners who drive in torrid weather should opt for cotton covers.

Custom design: It is best to purchase custom-made design. The benefit of custom cut covers is that they are designed to fit the seats snugly. Extremely tight covers can damage the seats. Over sized seat covers, will be unable to protect the seats from dust, dirt and spillage. One may spend an additional amount in buying a custom cut automobile seat cover; however, it is worth the investment.

Easy maintenance: One must buy covers that are easy to maintain. Commonly available car covers are easily washable. Some of them may require dry cleaning. Leather seats can be cleaned using over the counter soluble detergents. Nobody would want to spend substantial chunk of the day trying to clean an automobile seat cover. Always refer to the instruction manual for cleaning of the covers.

One must always shop around for price before making the final decision. Shopping around always helps in getting the best deal on the product.

The Advantages of Getting Car Insurance

If you have recently purchased an automobile of your own, it is extremely essential for you to get car insurance. The most important advantage of having car insurance is the fact that it provides the owner with a financial safety net. Most people who cannot manage to save much feel the pinch when there is an emergency situation. Consider an accident for example. Under such circumstances if you do not have much money in your bank account, you will definitely have a good idea as to how troublesome it will be to get the required repairs done. In case you do have some balance, the cost of the repairs could leave you totally high and dry. This is where the auto insurance plays its part. An auto insurance policy is nothing but an agreement between the car owner and the insurance company. During the process the insured individual has to pay up a certain amount on a regular basis to the insurance company. The company in turn promises to support financial losses that involve various kinds of benefits of coverage.

Car insurance provides you with professional assistance regarding the payments and the responsibilities that come your way in an auto accident. The person in charge will investigate about the accident and figure out exactly which party is at fault and how much is required to be paid to the one who has fallen victim to the accident. This entire process results in a fair solution to the problem of compensation, which would not have happened in a third party's absence. Some of the major parts of auto insurance are property damage liability, bodily injury liability, medical expenses coverage and collision coverage. The bodily injury liability looks after the legal expenses and the personal injury claims that are filed against the person who is at fault. The property damage liability similarly covers the legal expenses and the compensation for damages if the accident damages another person's property. The medical liabilities on the other hand take care of the medical expenses.

Auto insurance takes a major chunk of load off your mind and enables you to sleep easy because you know that no matter what happens to your car, you are financially covered. Every time you pay the premium, consider it to be an investment. Writing a check for this purpose is going to be a pleasure as you will know very well that the amount you are spending is actually minimal in comparison to the advantages that you can partake in the long run.

Before choosing a car insurance, Broken Arrow residents should read the terms and conditions carefully.

Automobile Title Car Loans – How to Use Them to Pay For Veterinary Expenses

For subprime borrowers with bad credit, getting a quick cash loan to fund emergency expenses is always difficult. Conventional lenders view such borrowers as a risk because of a low credit score. However when you need quick cash in times of emergencies, subprime debt instruments, such as automobile title car loans, can be the solution to your woes.

Besides medical expenses, home and car repairs, student tuition's and other emergencies, one situation when you may require emergency funds is when your pet needs an expensive veterinary procedure and you don't have access to the necessary cash or insurance.

No matter how old or young your pet is, an unforeseen life-threatening illness or injury is always a possibility. To most pet owners, their animals are like family members and they are willing to spend the money required to see them through illness and injury.

Unfortunately, veterinary surgery can cost thousands of dollars and is not likely to be covered by insurance. Some of the most common pet conditions can cost over $ 1,000 to treat. These include:

* Cancer treatment with chemotherapy, surgery and / or radiology
Cancer treatment for a pet can be a long, drawn out process and can consume the savings of most families desperate to help their pet recover from a curable condition.

* Extraction of an item that was inadvertently swallowed
Dogs and other animals can inadvertently swallow toys or small objects that can cause choking or internal damage, requiring an emergency operation to remove it.

* Gastric Torsion or "bloat"
Deep-chested dogs are vulnerable to a condition caused by too much gas or fluid in the stomach. This gas can extend and partially rotate the stomach causing dilation or gastric torsion, which is a life threatening problem.

* Surgery on a broken limb
A fall or accident that results in a fracture or compound injury can be devastating for dogs and other animals that need their limbs to live an active life. Surgery in such times can really stretch a family's finances.

There are also more expensive but less common pet conditions that may require treatment. If you don't have cash on hand to pay for the care your animal needs, euthanasia may be the only alternative for your pets. If you're willing to use your automobile title as collateral for a loan, however, you can avoid this drastic measure.

When your vet asks that you pay cash upfront for surgical procedures and other large expenses, title car loans can provide the much-needed funds to allow your beloved pet to live a happy and healthy life. The only options to come up with the money to treat your pet's emergency illness or injury may be title car loans, which are short-term loans that can be repaid in anywhere from 30 days to more than 24 months.

When you decide to apply for title car loans, do your homework and find a reputable lender that offers flexible payment terms, competitive interest rates and no pre-payment penalties. Read the fine print on the loan agreement to avoid getting deceived by predatory lenders who will trap you in a cycle of debt and cause you to lose your vehicle.

If you make an informed choice, choose a lender who has your best interests at heart, and repay your loan on time, an automobile title loan can not only get you quick cash to use for veterinary emergencies but also help you create a positive payment record to reestablish credit.

Automobile Security And Alarm System – Peugeot Car Alarm

A car alarm is an electronic device which is fitted when the car is being manufactured or installed later by the car owner or a car dealer. It produces a loud sound when it is triggered. The cars with these alarm systems already installed in the factory are set in such as way that the alarm is activated automatically when the car is locked. It can be disarmed by the owner using a remote system. Most car owners however find the aftermarket installment better because they get a chance to choose the security system that they would like to have from a wide variety.

A Peugeot car warning system is the best way to keep your car and other belongings safe from theft. You gain peace of mind when you are sure that your investment is safe. Quality is the most important aspect when looking for a car alarm system. The internet is the best place to find high quality notification systems. It contains many varieties with many different features to enable you make a choice from a wide collection. You can find alarm systems with the most affordable prices and of high quality. A poor quality alarm system will not provide you with the protection that you require. Investing in high quality security systems ensures that your car is well protected thus giving you value for your money.

The level of protection that you get on your Peugeot car depends on the features that the alarm system has. Most of the after market warning systems have more feature than the factory fitted car alarms because they give the owner a chance to add as many features as possible. The owner can also have unique alarm sounds by recording his own sound. Most factory settings are not flexible because you have to stick to the alarm system that has already been set whether you are impressed with it or not.

Keeping your Peugeot car safe will enable you to focus on other important things when you leave your car at the packing. It keeps your mind at peace knowing that in case an intruder comes close to y our car you will be alerted by the alarm immediately. Thieves will no longer keep you worried when you have a car theft prevention system. Installing the alarm system of your choice is easy with simple instructions that will not take much of your time. Purchase a car alarm accessories today and upgrade the security system of your car.

How to Buy Classic Car Insurance

Collector Car Insurance and Classic Car Insurance

If you are fortunate enough to own a classic car – or any collectible automobile – then you want to ensure that your luck does not run out because of having inadequate insurance coverage. Call it covering your butt – or covering your "asset" – but by all means, call one of the major providers such as American Collectors, Haggerty, or Parish Heacock insurance companies and let them put you in the driver's seat in terms of professional protection of your cherished automotive investment.

How to Kick the Tires on Classic Car Insurance

The whole idea of ​​insurance is that it needs to do what you expect of it in an emergency, when the rubber really hits the road. And classic car insurance is as different from conventional auto insurance as, well, a classic car is from your run of the mill generic vehicle.

When you buy a classic car insurance policy, you are essentially purchasing protection for those times when – God forbid and knock on wood it doesn't happen – disaster strikes in the form of a fire, a collision, or an act of theft or vandalism . Just as we now have modern airbags to save us in the event of a crash, we also have collector's car insurance, to protect us with adequate moneybags when calamity throws a wrench in the works.

The time you invest in choosing the right classic car insurance coverage is well worth the value and peace of mind that a quality collector's insurance policy delivers for owners of classic motor cars.

The Nuts and Bolts of Classic Car Insurance Coverage

Collector car insurance is not the same as the insurance you buy for normal coverage of your daily transportation. Collector car insurance, or classic car insurance, is made especially for the needs of the car collector. And while ordinary insurance does offer some protection, no matter what you drive, it can leave you high and dry in the event of a loss that it not effectively covered by the terms of the insurance contract.

For example, you may have a garage-kept Cadillac Sedan DeVille with swooping fins your grandparents bought for $ 7,000 brand new back in the 1960s. But dealers have offered you three times that much, and you saw another one sell at an auto show for $ 35,000. If you don't have special collector car insurance or classic car insurance, and the car is totaled, you will be lucky to get $ 7,000 for it. With depreciation calculated in, the insurance statisticians may decide that it is worth only half that much, or less, and you could wind up with two or three grand in exchange for your dream machine.

Stipulations or requirements normally encountered while shopping for collector car insurance or classic car insurance :

  • A decent driving record.
  • At least 10 years driving experience
  • No teen drivers on the policy or drivers with poor driving records
  • Secure and out of the weather garage
  • Proof that you have another car for daily transportation
  • Collector vehicle insurance is sometimes limited by the age of your car, and if your car is too young it may not qualify for a particular policy.
  • Limited mileage. You probably don't want to drive your creampuff car all the time, and your insurance company doesn't want you to either. Mileage limits have increased recently, though, so if you can live with 250 miles a month you're probably okay.

Coverage with collector car insurance or classic car insurance : Three kinds of value are important to understand when buying your policy. 1) Actual cash value: This is what you usually get with ordinary insurance, and is based on replacement cost minus depreciation.

2) Stated value:

The insurance company pays up to the stated value of the car, but may not guarantee the full stated value. And deductibles of up to $ 1,000 usually apply.

3) Agreed value:

In most jurisdictions, those who provide collector car insurance or classic car insurance are allowed to insure for a value that you and your insurer agree upon. And for most autos, there is no deductible. If your $ 100,000 vintage Rolls get trashed, you get a check for 100 grand, plain and simple – which is exactly why collectors use special classic car insurance coverage.

Do a periodic review of your coverage limits , because classic car prices are rising. What you insured your cherry classic for ten years ago may be a fraction of what it's worth today. And if you are restoring a vehicle, ask your agent to give you appropriate insurance. There is no need to pay extra based on mileage statistics, if your car is up on blocks with no engine inside it. And as the car's value increases thanks to your hard work of restoring it, you should raise the coverage to keep up with the added value of the restoration.

Keep all your receipts and paperwork – for everything from parts and labor to expenses incurred to take it to a classic car show – so that you can document the total investment your collector's car represents. And take photos and keep them updated, for the same reason. And Last But Not Least: Special Savings Opportunities

As long as you meet the criteria in terms of how you use and take care of the car, you can usually buy a policy.

Traditional insurers will either refuse coverage, offer only a replacement value based on the nuts and bolts (minus heavy depreciation) of the car, or will charge you a prohibitive amount for the premium. But many collectors find that special collector's coverage saves them money – as much as half – while insuring them for higher limits, sometime three or four times what a traditional company gave them.

Yes, it's possible to get collector's insurance coverage for full market value for your car, and save up to 50 percent off of the premium you'd pay with ordinary insurance. That makes classic car insurance a must-have for any serious car buff.

Below is information about three of the most reputable and dependable collectors and classic car insurance companies in the USA (All information listed below subject to change, please contact the insurance companies listed to be sure.):

Hagerty Insurance PO Box 1303 Traverse City, MI 49685-1303

Email: auto@hagerty.com Toll Free: 800-922-4050


  • Similar to the others listed below, but please contact Haggerty for details.

American Collectors Insurance PO Box 8343 Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 Email: info@americancollectors.com Toll Free: (800) 360-2277 Qualifications (subject to change or regional laws so check with the company for specific up-to-date information).

  • At least 15 years old
  • Garage-kept
  • Driven on a limited, pleasure-only basis (up to 5,000 annual miles – available in most states)

You may also qualify by:

  • Having at least 10 years driving experience
  • Having a good driving record
  • Having at least one "regular" vehicle for every licensed driver in the household You may request a policy application either directly from American Collectors Insurance or through your local insurance agent (rates are the same either way).

Parish Heacock Classic Car Insurance PO Box 24807 Lakeland, FL 33802-4807 Email: info@parishheacock.com Toll free: (800) 678-5173 Qualifications (subject to change or regional laws so check with the company for specific up-to-date information).

  • Each household member of driving age must have at least 10 years driving experience or be excluded.
  • Each household member must have a regular use vehicle less than 15 years old that is insured with liability limits equal to or higher than the limits being applied for on the collectible vehicle.
  • All licensed members of household and any other drivers of the vehicle must be listed on the application.
  • Maximum of two accidents or violations in the household, maximum of one per licensed household member in past 3 years. No major violations permitted in past 5 years.
  • A Driver Health Questionnaire must be completed for all drivers over 70 years old.
  • Auto must be stored in a locked permanent garage facility when not driven.
  • Auto may not be used for commuting to or from work or school, used for business purposes or as a substitute for another auto.
  • Autos not covered while on a racetrack or when being used for: racing, speed, driver's education, or timed events.
  • Must display pride of ownership: well maintained, in restored or well-preserved condition.
  • Vehicles under restoration must be stored at residence or a restoration shop, with a target date for completion. Agreed value coverage is not available on cars under restoration. Eligibility subject to company review.
  • Replica Vehicles and Pro Street vehicles are subject to company review.
  • Trucks and Jeeps must be over 25 years old, and not be used for towing, hauling, off-road or utility use.
  • Generally do not require appraisals, but may ask for one if vehicle value is difficult to determine.

Eco Friendly Cars That You Can Afford

Today there are eco-friendly cars that are affordable. Many people think that economical, green cars are just too expensive and out of the question of ownership.

It used to be that cars that were friendly to the environment cost a pretty penny, because the technology was new and expensive for manufacturers to implement.

But things have changed …

Remember back to when the first VCR came out? When they first hit the market you could easily spend $ 1,200.00 on the new technology. When the end of their life came around, you could purchase a VCR for around 40 bucks!

Although cars are in a higher price bracket, this same concept is true with eco-friendly cars.

Let me explain further …

Where it is true that hybrid cars can run approximately $ 30,000 or more, there are some green cars that you can get for just about half that price.

Take a look at these money savers and see what you think.

Suzuki Sx4: This compact crossover will get you about 30 mpg and the basic package will cost you just under $ 17,000.00. To aid in making it less expensive to drive this car features a tire pressure monitoring system as well as an automatic transmission with continuously variable transmission. Loaded with the modern day safety features, you can keep your family safe as well as save you some green at the pumps.

Kia Spectra – This vehicle will up the comfort factor a bit more with its sedan style for about $ 15,000. Or you can go a little sportier and choose the Koup, 2-door for around $ 17,000. Choosing the XE Fuel Economy package, you can get a whopping 37 mpg, now that is fuel economy! This baby sports a 6 speed Electronically Controlled Sportmatic (trademarked) overdrive transmission.

Nissan Versa – Choose this model in either a hatchback version or a sedan model. You want to talk about affordable? This looker can be yours for just under $ 10,000 and will get you 34 mpg along the highway. You can travel up to 400 miles before needing to refuel this car. It also carries all the latest technology such as a built in, touch screen GPS, as well as hands free, voice activated Bluetooth. This demonstrates the affordability of green as well as all the bells and whistles.

Mazda 3 – "Incredible Driving With Incredible Fuel Economy Is No Longer A Dream. It's a Mazda." This is the tag line of Mazda, and says it all. You can snatch this baby up for around $ 15,000 and it will get you around 28 city / 40 highway mpg. Take the opportunity to pass up the gas pumps as you drive this looker around. All Mazda 3 models are available with PZEV (Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle) engines.

These eco-friendly suggestions can give you a jump-start on finding an affordable, green car that will save the environment as well as save you some green at the pump. Happy car hunting!

Honda Motor Scooter Guide

Driving a car, truck or SUV can be pricey when you factor in the cost of rising gas prices. If you are a single motorist or only use your vehicle for commuting, an alternative to consider is a Honda motor scooter. There are currently six different models to choose from and of the various designs available, one is sure to meet all of your needs. Running errands around town, seating for two, storage space, long-distance riding and engine performance are just some options to consider when thinking about the kind of scooter you would like to be riding.

The Metropolitan model from Honda offers single seating for the modern rider. This scooter is perfect for the driver looking for sharp European design while being fuel efficient. Automatic transmission is also a perk for those who are new to riding scooters as shifting gears may seem intimidating. A 49cc engine gives a top speed of 40 miles per hour which is plenty fast for local around-town driving or commutes that do not involve travel on highways.

Are you looking for a two-seat scooter with generous storage space and a little more engine zip than the Metropolitan? A Honda motor scooter that could be for you is the Honda Elite model. Reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour with its 108cc engine while riding comfortably with a second person seated behind you. And you do not need to worry about taking your helmet with you after reaching your destination with this model's under seat storage feature.

Honda's Ruckus model offers a rugged exterior as opposed to the smooth lines of the Metropolitan and Elite scooters. Automatic transmission, a liquid-cooled engine and electric start are all features of this Honda motor scooter. Oversized tires allow for handling a bit rougher terrain while still enjoying the fuel efficiency that driving a scooter provides.

The PCX scooter offered by Honda engages a 125cc engine that can travel up to 60 miles per hour. A trunk allowing for a full size helmet and an accessory rack ensures you will have the space needed to accommodate all of the items you may be traveling with. Some highway travel is permitted with this motor scooter which may be a great option for commuters.

A sleek model that gets you from point A to point B faster and with room for two is Honda's SH150i. This fuel-injected scooter features a 153cc engine and a Combined Braking System. A top speed of 65 miles per hour with two riders makes this scooter an ideal option for those looking for local and highway travel.

Finally, the Silver Wing ABS is the ultimate luxury scooter from the Honda line. An ample windscreen and seating for two offers comfort to all riders while the 582cc engine delivers power for those longer rides. The anti-lock braking system and automatic transmission offered with this Honda motor scooter model is sure to provide fast and fun transport for the motorist looking for ultimate comfort.