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LCD Monitor Problems – Easy Way To Repair It

Today’s article talks about repairing the CMV 19″ LCD Monitor problems model CM-922D. The complain was no power as what the customer told me. This power supply was not built into the circuit thus it need an external power adapter to power it up. The input to the LCD Monitor is 19V with 3.1 Amp from the adapter. Since the complain was no power, we have to test it out to check if the power adapter is at fault or the LCD Monitor.

The ac supply was plugged in to the power adapter and I could see the power LED was lighted up. Checking the output voltage of the power adapter I got about 19 volts which is good. Even though the LED has lit and correct output voltage, this doesn’t mean that the power adapter can maintain when there is a load (the LCD Monitor) connected to it. I once came across a Compaq 17″ LCD Monitor that have a precise output voltage from the power adapter but when connected to the Monitor, the display appeared for a fraction of a second before shutting down. Usually in this case, your experienced would tell you that it could be the inverter circuit are faulty or the lamps have problem. You would be surprised that the actual cause of the shutdown was due to the power adapter. It can’t sustain the output voltage when there is a load on it.

This kind of fault was normally due to a bad filter capacitors located at the output of the secondary circuit. If you have ESR meter, you can actually locate the defective electrolytic capacitors fast. If you don’t have the meter, just direct replace the caps. As mentioned in my previous repair articles, to confirm if the power adapter is truly working or not you need a light bulb to act as a load. Make sure the power LED light doesn’t blink whenever the light bulb is connected. Even if it blinks one time, this proves that the regulation is not good and need to be check entirely. In the above china made LCD Monitor, the power adapter work perfectly fine!

Since I have already confirmed that the power adapter is good, my focus now was on the LCD boards. Removing this cover was very easy and you can easily access to the board when the metal casing was removed. The first thing that I checked was the SMD fuse located in the main board. If the fuse opens then there would be no supply to the ADC/SCALAR and the CPU IC thus the power LED would not light! Checking this SMD fuse was rather simple as the method of checking it is the same like a normal fuse. Use either an analog or a digital meter set to ohms range or continuity check. You can check the fuse while it is still in circuit. Yes, the fuse was found to be open circuit.

Now there is one question that needs to be answered by us. What makes the fuse to go open circuit? Well from what we have known about electronic repair, there are three possibilities as why a fuse opens circuit. First, the fuse can become open circuit due to its lifespan. Some fuses can last for many years while some only couple of years. In other words, the life span of a fuse depends on the qualities of the materials used. Secondly, the external factor such as a surge causing the fuse to open circuit in order to protect the main board. Thirdly, the main board itself have problem (such as a shorted IC’s and other electronic components) that caused the fuse to open circuit.

If the LCD Monitor problems falls in the first and the second categories then replacing only the fuse will definitely solve the problem. However, for this LCD Monitor, replacing only the fuse didn’t work at all and the fuse open circuit again. You have only two choices to solve this kind of problem. First you can use an external regulated power supply as explained in my previous repair articles and connect the negative output of the power supply to ground and the positive to the fuse (the line that leads to other circuitry) in order to detect the short circuit. Slowly vary the output voltage and monitor the current drawn. Once the current drawn about a amp or two, now place your finger to any electronic components in the main board. If you found any components that get very hot then that is the cause of the short circuit.

In this article, I’m going to do it differently to detect the short circuit. Are you ready? Now instead of replacing the fuse with the exact rating which is 3 amperes, I replaced it with a 5 amperes fuse. The purpose for me to put the 5 amp fuse instead of the 3 amp fuse was because “if the fuse doesn’t blow then the component that have short circuit would blow”. Do you get the idea? Three things can happen when you use this way to force out the culprit. First the power adapter may shut down due to heavy current draw from the main board. Second, the short circuit electronic components (either be a IC, diode, capacitors, transistor and etc) will get hot and you can quickly locate it easily by touching them. Remember don’t on it for too long otherwise if the shorted components get too hot it will go open circuit and now you will have a hard time to locate the fault. Third, you may hear a pop sound and spark from the shorted component. Trace from where the spark came from and you can easily identify the location and sometimes to the actual component that generate the spark.

For the above LCD Monitor, I actually saw a small spark at the top part of the main board once the power input jack was connected. It prompted me to the exact location and when I check the SMD ceramic capacitor (that generated the spark underneath it) with analog meter set to X 10 K ohm range; it actually developed a slight short circuit. Replacing only the fuse and the SMD ceramic capacitor solved the no power problem in this 19″ LCD Monitor. This Monitor uses the inverter IC (OZ960G), A1084-25CM (2.5 volts voltage regulator), AMC1117-3.3 (3.3 volts voltage regulator), ADC IC (MST8136B) and CPU IC (MYSON MTV312MV64).

Conclusion-There are always options as to which methods that you want to use to detect the short circuit. If you prefer the latter one, then I suggest you to take some photo shots first before anything really burnt out beyond description. With the photos, at least it will give you some hints of what the components might be or even the part numbers. Well, there’s always an interesting way to solve electronic problems and this is one of the reason that I like electronic repair so much because you can always act as a detective to find out the culprit-real satisfaction! Oh! By the way, you can use the above method to any other electronic equipment and it is not limited only to problems repair. Have a great hunt my friend!

How to Choose Best Auto Insurance Quotes?

When you are ready to find a lower rate on your auto insurance you will need to find several auto insurance quotes to give you a better selection to choose from. You may be surprised at how many insurance companies offer coverage for almost everyone. Insurance is a requirement if you plan to have a vehicle on the road at any time. Driving without insurance is illegal and if you are caught without it you may end up with a huge fine and paying out more money if you were in an accident without auto insurance.

Before you begin your search for the best auto insurance quotes you will need to make you a list of all the questions you may have. Asking any questions in the beginning may save you a lot of time later on. Gather all information needed when applying for a quote. This information includes the year, make and model of the vehicle or vehicles you want to cover. If you are not the only driver of the vehicle you will need to have the personal information of all the drivers that will be listed on your policy. This information includes the name, address, phone number, and driver’s license number. You may also need the social security number as well. This information will allow the insurance company to verify all your information before giving you a quote.

Verifying the information will also pull up all your past driving history and allow the insurance company to see if insuring you will be more of a risk than an asset. A parking ticket every once in a while can be accepted but if you have led the police down an interstate on a wild chase chances are you won’t qualify for insurance.

When you finally get your entire auto insurance quotes back in you will need to choose which company you want to go with. You will also have a selection of coverage that will be available to you with every company. Some may be higher than others while some may offer better coverage for a lower price. Either way you can make up your mind before you commit.

Auto insurance quotes can give you a great perspective of what coverage you can qualify for. You may find that you can purchase a policy with a high deductible in order to lower your rates. It’s important to look over all the details of the auto insurance quotes so you can decide which one works best in your budget. Not every insurance policy will be affordable.

When you finally make your decision you can then notify the company and then pay for your first premium installment. If you are dealing with a company online you will be able to print your proof of insurance to put into your car and begin driving immediately.

You may not find the right insurance company right off in fact you may go through several different companies before you find the right one for you. Once you do find the right one you will not want to leave them and feel better because you shopped around.

Native American Art Thunderbird

The thunderbird has been one of the most dominant icons in Native American art and legends. In fact, the concept of the thunderbird has been so popular that it has been used in the non-Native world to name a classic automobile, liquor, a 1960’s children’s adventure television show (and subsequent recent movie), a US Air Force squadron and is referenced in pop music (remember the word ‘t-bird’ in 1950’s rock and roll?). The thunderbird is one of the few cross-cultural characters in Native American mythology since it is found in legends of Pacific Northwest, Plains, and Northeastern tribes.

The Native Indians of the Pacific Northwest Coast always lived along the shores and never ventured inland to the mountains. Legend has it that the thunderbird, a mighty God in the form of a giant, supernatural bird lives in the mountains. The Quileute tribe of Washington state considered a cave on Mount Olympus as the home of the thunderbird while the Coast Salish believed it is located on the Black Tusk peak in British Columbia. It is thought that the thunderbird never wants anyone to come near its home. If Native hunters get too close, the thunderbird will smell them and make a thunder sound by flapping its wings. It would also roll ice out of its cave and down the mountain with chunks breaking up into many smaller pieces.

Some tribes such as the Kwakwaka’wakw believe that their people once made a deal with the thunderbird for its help during a food crisis and in return, the tribe agreed to honor the thunderbird for all time by making its image prominent in their Northwest Native American art. This is why West Coast art totem poles are often carved with thunderbirds with outstretched wings at the top.

The wingspan of the thunderbird was described to be twice as long as a Native Indian war canoe. Underneath its wings are lightning snakes which the thunderbird uses as weapons. Lightning is created when the thunderbird throws these lighting snakes or when he blinks his eyes that glow like fire. Sometimes these lightning snakes are depicted in Native American art as having wolf or dog-like heads with serpent tongues. They are occasionally referred to as the thunderbird’s dogs. Native American art portrays the thunderbird with a huge curving beak and prominent ears or horns.

The thunderbird is large and strong enough to hunt its favorite food which is the killer whale. The lightning snakes of the thunderbird are used during hunts out at sea for the killer whale. After capture, the thunderbird carries the killer whale back to the mountain to eat. According to legend, the thunderbird and killer whale once battled so hard that entire trees were uprooted. This was the explanation why there are treeless prairie regions near the Pacific Northwest Coast mountains. The thunderbird and killer whale are often depicted together in Northwest Native American art. A large example is at one by renowned Northwest Native American art carver Richard Hunt at one of the Northwest Native American art exhibits at the Vancouver International Airport.

The Squamish Nation in British Columbia, Canada has a thunderbird as their symbol. Their thunderbird is portrayed as one of the special messengers of the Creator. The Squamish thunderbird is a symbol for strength as well as change with the three tail feathers representing the past, present and future. In the talons of this thunderbird is a face of a lizard which represents spiritual protection for the people of the Squamish Nation.

For many people, Natives and non-Natives alike, the thunderbird has become a symbol of power, strength and nobility. Even the classic automobile of the same name was reintroduced as a contemporary version.

Who Should Pay For Our Health Care?

The debate goes on, should the government be responsible for providing our health care?

There are many arguments for and against national healthcare.

At one time, everyone was responsible for their own health, there was no insurance. In that day and age, medical care was a lot less expensive than it is today, even taking into account the rate of inflation over the years.

The rise in cost has in part is because of all the new technology available today, but to a large degree, the rising cost is due to increased demand.

Because of the change in our national mentality, in a large part due to negotiated union contracts, everyone thinks their health care is free. Most have come to believe it is a right, a right no one pays for.

I’m a firm believer that affordable healthcare should be available to everyone.

However, because of the present system, very few people realize the cost of health care, and because it is presumably free to them, they go to the doctor for every little sniffle they get. Many visits are unnecessary and costly. People go to the emergency room for a skinned knee, or a splinter in their hand, these emergencies could be taken care of at home.

It has become “fashionable” to go to the emergency room.

Health insurance should be paid for by the individual. If each individual was responsible for their healthcare, they would become more knowledgeable on what “works” and what doesn’t.

Most companies that provide health insurance allocate a certain amount of wages for the payment of benefits including health insurance, whether they tell the employee or not.

The individual employee should be made aware of this, that money should be allocated to the individual so they can purchase their health care on an individual basis.

Thereby eliminating any corporate influence the company could exert on the insurance company, and it would open the insurance industry to more competition, that is always a good thing.

That would enable the individual to have more control over his health care and ensure his right to have or not have insurance.

In some cases, when both spouses work and are covered by their individual company insurance, both companies are providing and paying for health insurance and only one health plan is needed.

Therefore, money is wasted by the couple because they don’t use the insurance provided by one company. If the money was allocated to the employee, he or she could decide how to best use the money in a way that would benefit the couple instead of the money being flushed down the drain.

It would make the individual more responsible for his own health and welfare, and it would be his choice to have or not have health care.

If he chooses not to have health insurance, then he would be responsible for any charges incurred, and pay the consequences for not having insurance.

By cutting down on the demand by eliminating people going to a doctor or emergency room unless necessary, then the cost would naturally come down, and people would find the alternative, less expensive, better forms of treatment.

Of course, there will always be an element of society who are unable to care for themselves and they should be provided for, but there are far too many people abusing the system.

The only way to prevent that is for people to be in charge of their own health. Regardless of what you believe, no one, including the government will look after you like you will.

This is America, our country was founded on the idea of the individual being able to make his or her own choices concerning how to run their lives, it’s time we returned to those ideals and get government out of life management.

Why Do Child Seats expire?

The infant child seat that you have purchased brand new six years ago for your first baby still looks brand new. You wanted to use it again for your second baby who is due in a month. So you took it to the child seat inspection center and asked them to help you install it properly.

The child seat inspector searched the child seat database, and told you that your child seat has expired. The inspector refused to help you install it in your car. In fact, s/he might have taken the child seat from you all together!

You are frustrated, you are confused, you are angry! That was your child seat and they just took it away. And for what? To destroy it? It was a perfectly fine child seat which had never been in any accident and not in recall. Why?

Child seats do expire

Unfortunately, the child seat inspector was right. A child seat do expire, and most child seats have an expiration date about six years from the manufacturing date (some could be as long as ten years). The expiration date is normally listed as a label or provided in the owner’s manual. If not found, you can always call the manufacturer and ask for the expiration date of your child seat model.

The reason is that most child seats are made of plastic (or other materials) which do degrade over time and under the sun. The fact that you cannot see any visible damage or degradation does NOT mean there isn’t any. Structurally speaking, the plastic in the child seat becomes more brittle passed the expiration date, and thus could no longer be assured to protect your child in an accident.

So do pay attention to the expiration date on the child seat, and refrain from using an old child seat passed expiration.

Important Tips About LCD Televisions

Liquid crystal display television is now considered as the best option when it comes to flat panel category. Well known for energy efficiency, it is the hot favorite product of the consumers. When compared with other types of televisions, LCD generates lesser heat even if used for prolonged hours. These two factors make it environment friendly television, the core characteristic that attracts the attention of modern consumers. In the recent past LCD television technology was subjected to many up gradations to make it free from few minor aberrations it suffered in the early stages of its introduction in the markets.

At the outset, there is a general perception that LCD television is an expensive product especially when compared with the conventional CRT. But considering the qualitative advantages it offers, the consumers will be convinced that they have opted for a bargain. The cost of this television of 23 to 40 inches sizes is much lower than other flat panel televisions of same sizes. Further it is well known that LCD is a better choice when it comes to small screens. With the innovative natural light technology, its dynamic contrast ratio has been brought to 50,000:1. LCD television with HDMI input can offer superb digital display. It can also offer high definition audio and video output. Some models come with picture in picture feature which enables the viewer to watch two programmes simultaneously.

One of the advantages of this television is that it has no burn-in problem like its counterpart plasma. The early models of LCD had problems with viewing angles. But modern products offer 176 deg. viewing angles. Many of the LCD comes with VGA input making it capable to be a computer monitor. It is also free from altitude problems and can be used in hill stations etc without hassles. Enhanced response time and refresh rates in the LCD make it free from motion blur. LCD TVs will have no problems from ambient lighting and offer superior display irrespective of surrounding conditions. It can offer high definition output with superb color saturation.

Television market is functioning in a highly competitive environment. Well known manufacturers like Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Sony and Philips are among several leaders who offer innovative LCD televisions. Some of the latest ones have automatic light adjustments to match ambient lighting. Another feature incorporated in this television is the Dolby technology which will balance the volume of sound while maintaining Bass and Treble. Built-in USB port and SD card slot are provided in all LCD products. As for response time latest LCD models have 4 milliseconds, a feature which enhances the quality of display.

Periodical up gradations of technology, as mentioned earlier has helped LCD technology to eliminate almost all the inherent anomalies existed in the early models. Recent market surveys reveal that the demands for LCD are growing by 12 percent every year in the global market. The recent development of LED backlighting in this LCD TV is poised to give boost to the popularity of the products. The new technique is now being progressively implemented in several brands and models and it is expected that in another 5 years at least 25 per cent of LCD TVs will have LED back lighting feature. Even though this new feature will make the television a bit more expensive, the quality conscious consumer world will no doubt accept it without reservations.

The Benefits Of a Car Hire For PCO Drivers

PCO, the Public Carriage Office, has very strict regulations for cab drivers, courier companies and chauffeur driven vehicles in the city centre. In order to reduce emissions in the city centre and make sure vehicles are the best condition, cab drivers are required to have a PCO license and drive a vehicle that meets their unique specifications.

Whether you are starting your own private cab company in the city or you have an existing company and you are growing and want to expand your fleet, you will find that there are a number of benefits to car hire for PCO drivers and not purchasing a new vehicle outright.

The main benefit to a car hire for PCO drivers when using this service is you are guaranteed to enjoy the convenience of driving a young vehicle. Most of the vehicles you will have available to you will be five years of younger. Of course the benefit to this is that you have complete peace of mind that the vehicle will meet the strict Public Carriage Office requirements and that you are legally driving and transporting clients at all times.

Another reason more cab drivers are choosing car hire for PCO drivers is that they can start their own business or they can expand their fleet without a large cost. Buying a new vehicle is a very expensive exercise. You then need to license it with the Public Carriage Office, overall it can cost you thousands of Pounds Sterling, where by hiring a vehicle you don’t have that heavy cost, making it easier to start your business or expand your fleet with ease and within budget.

On the subject of budgets, one of the many benefits of car hire for PCO drivers is that you pay for the vehicle in easy to manage monthly instalments. The instalments will come in within your budget, so you can pick up your car and start enjoying the convenience of saving money in the long run. With a few pick ups and transport around the city, you will easily be able to afford the monthly premiums now and moving forward.

Due to the fact you are hiring the car, even though you may have chosen a long-term rental solution, you will not be responsible for the MOT or taxing of the vehicle. Most of the companies offering car hire for PCO drivers will also license the vehicle with PCO, so you can drive away and start working with ease and without the headaches of registration, MOT and tax.

You are guaranteed to enjoy a vehicles that is reliable and a known brand that you can trust. When choosing a vehicle, make sure you consider the practicality and how many passengers you can carry at any given time.

There is one disadvantage of choosing a car hire for PCO drivers and that is that the vehicle remains the property of the car hire specialist company and is not your vehicle. In the long run, this can also be turned into a benefit. When the vehicle reaches a certain age, you can change it out for a younger model, so you are guaranteed to always drive the latest models that meet all the PCO requirements now and in the future.

Ensure when hiring a vehicle, you understand the terms and conditions, the repayment amount and when payments need to be made. Always make sure you choose a reputable car hire specialist to work with now and in the long run.

Online Computer Repair Service – Economical and Efficient Computer Repair

Online Computer Repair has become a rising industry. Why more and more computer users are fond of online computer fix when PC problems occur? Following is a comparison and contrast list. “O” stands for Online Computer Fix Company’s tech services; “L” stands for the local computer repair store. “S” stands for computer/software vendor’s tech support. After the comparison, it may explain the reason why online computer repair is becoming increasingly popular.

Service Attitude and Efficiency – Decide whether you will have a happy computer fix journey

O: Most of online computer fix company’s staff have patient and warm attitude towards their customers for this is one of impression that online computer repair companies are dedicated to bring to their customers.

L: Since there is not any regulation for local repair store’s owner, whether you can receive a good service attitude just depends on the owner’s awareness.

S: It depends on the company’s culture. But usually, if it is free support, the service quality will be lower than charged support service for lazy employees who provide free support will like to pass your issues like a hot potato.

Convenience- Everybody wants fix computer problems with easy

O: Online Computer Fix Company will fix your problems via remote support. After you give them permission, they can remote in and fix your problems manually. All you need is just to sit back and watch your PC problems being fixed by computer experts. Don’t worry about your PC’s security for you can see every action those experts do on your PC and if you don’t want the remote support, just stop it and the remote connection will lose immediately.

L: If it is near to your home or office, it will be fine. But if the computer repair shops is far away from you, you may need lug your computer to the shop.

S:Sometimes you will need to let strangers into your home.

Cost, Appointment and Guarantee- Your Most Concern

O: Some online PC repair companies offers 24/7 online unlimited tech services through the year and the price is very substantial. And some of them do not require you any appointment so you can contact their experts anytime for tech help. Almost every online PC repair company promise if your PC problems are not fixed, you will get 100% refund. Since you sign up for their services on line so usually you can use PayPal, the world’s biggest online payment processor and your right can be fully protected by PayPal. If there is a dispute, you can ask help from PayPal and PayPal can judge the issue for you according to the evidence you offer to PayPal.

L: Usually you will be charged according to the time and usually you can’t expect the cost will be lower than $60 for one time. You will certainly need appointment to fix the PC problems. If your PC problems are not fixed, you may still need to pay and if you want to get a refund, you may have a hard time on having dispute with the local repair store’s staff.

S: Norton antivirus software is famous antivirus product around the world and if you need spyware &virus removal service, Norton Live expert will charge you $99.99 for one time. If you have an appointment with a Symantec service representative and you don’t contact Symantec a minimum of two (2) hours prior to your appointment to cancel or otherwise reschedule your appointment; you will be charged $25 for missed appointment fee. If your PC problems are not fixed, any refund will be limited to the amount paid by you.


After compare, the advantage of online computer repair is particularly noticeable. Therefore, it is not doubted that online computer repair is becoming increasingly popular.

Guide to Greener Caravanning

Your choice of caravan insurance may seem an unusual factor in becoming more green in your caravanning pursuits. But it is one of a number of ways in which you can help reduce your carbon footprint. This article aims to show you a number of ways in which you can improve your relationship with the environment. I hope you are pleasantly surprised about just how easily this can be achieved.

In these days of increasing environmental awareness it is interesting to note that a survey has shown that caravanners have greener credentials than the average motorist. In a poll of 1,000 motorists it was discovered that caravanners are:

  • more likely to use energy saving light bulbs
  • more likely to use their own shopping bags
  • more than twice as likely to offset the carbon footprint of flights they take
  • regarded by more than 75% of people as more environmentally friendly that people who fly to their holidays
  • carrying out basic maintenance on their vehicles far more often than non-caravanning motorists, which helps reduce CO2 emissions
  • 7% more likely to think about their environmental impact on a daily basis

Buying Caravan Insurance

So, how does a caravan enthusiast go about helping to save the planet? Firstly, and perhaps a little surprisingly comes your choice of caravan insurance. Online caravan insurance providers Towergate Bakers have developed a policy that promises to deliver the carbon neutral caravan holiday. The policy is provided as a web-only product, and as a result the savings made in postage and processing time are to be used to offset the policy holders caravan related carbon emissions at no extra cost to the the customer.

Buying A Caravan

If you are in the market for a caravan, there are a number of things you can think about to try to improve your eco credentials:

  • Aerodynamics and Weight: Both the weight and the aerodynamics of a caravan impact the amount of carbon produced when towing. The lighter and more aerodynamic the vehicle the smaller and more eco-friendly car can be used to tow it.
  • Make and Model: Caravan manufacturers such as Baileys (who’s caravans are 75% recycleable) have become increasingly eco-aware and have made efforts to improve their caravans. Increasingly recycling schemes and green manufacturing techniques are being introduced, so when looking for a new caravan include this in your research.
  • Insulation: Ensure the caravan is well insulated, as poor insulation can greatly affect the amount of CO2 produced to regulate the temperature of the caravan. Also bear in mind that the less corrosive the shell of the caravan is the longer it will last which will in turn defer the energy required in manufacture.
  • Power: Solar panels are a good option, reducing the reliance on generators and batteries. These also prove to be cheaper over the long term.

Towing Tips

There are a number of things you can do regarding towing the caravan to reduce the amount of carbon emissions you create:

  • Regular servicing: This will help ensure that your car is using fuel as efficiently as possible
  • Turn off your engine: Should you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam and you are obviously not going to be moving for a while, then make sure you turn off your engine. This is a good idea to cut your emissions even when you are not towing a caravan
  • Roof box: Choose a profiled roofbox for your car as this can help the overall dynamics of your rig. And be sure to remove any roofbars when not in use
  • The right tow car: It is important that your caravan and car are correctly matched to ensure the efficiency of your towing. You should check with the car and caravan manufacturers for recommendations and guidance
  • Carry less water: Some people carry gallons of the stuff many, many miles, which is unnecessary. Reducing the amount lowers the weight you are towing and will result in using less fuel. The best idea is to fill your tanks when you get to your destination
  • Drive sensibly: Avoid trying to pull off like Louis Hamilton from the lights, and be sure to increase your speed gradually as this is more fuel efficient
  • Avoid the rush hour: Try to plan your trips so you are not travelling during the rush hour if at all possible. Also try to plan your route to avoid stop/start traffic to enable you to travel at a steady speed
  • Check your tyre pressure: Having the wrong pressure in your tyres causes your car to use more fuel, and can result in creating an unnecessary extra 10 kilos of Carbon Dioxide for each 500 miles you travel
  • Slow down: Reducing your speed by 10mph will result in a substantial reduction in the amount of CO2 you produce per mile
  • Switch to LPG: This costs approximately £1700, but the fuel costs half the price of regular petrol. It is increasingly available at the pumps, and after conversion the vehicle will still be able to use standard fuel if necessary
  • Use BioDiesel: If you have a diesel car then fill it with BioDiesel instead of standard diesel. It is made from sustainable vegetable material, which is normally mixed in with ordinary diesel. Your car doesn’t need converting to be able to use it

Choice Of Site

The green bug has even bitten Caravan sites themselves, backed by the both the Caravan Club and the Camping And Caravanning Club. The latter have increased energy efficiency and recycling, introduced eco-friendly materials, and included more honeycomb grid hardstanding which enables the grass to grow. Indeed its Windermere site has been hailed by The Guardian newspaper as Britain’s “most environmentally friendly site”.

There is even an award scheme for environmentally friendly sites. The scheme, set up in 1996 in a joint venture between conservationist David Bellamy and the British Holiday and Home Parks Association saw 620 sites receiving an award this year. There are three levels of the award that a site can earn, these being Bronze, Silver, or Gold. You can hunt for one of these sites at bellamyparks.co.uk.


Finally there are a number of general things you can do to become more environmentally aware, that are not necessarily caravan related, but which are relevant to caravan holidays:

  • The newer the caravan the better as caravans have become increasingly better insulated over the years
  • Save fuel on heating by wearing an extra layer rather than notching the heating up
  • Recycle your plastic bags, by using for multiple shopping trips, or as waste sacks
  • Increase the insulation in the caravan by using polystyrene wall linings in wardrobes and cupboards, and under seating
  • Make sure you use charcoal from sustainable sources when barbecuing. These will have the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) recommendation on them
  • Only boil as much water as you are going to use
  • If your site doesn’t have recycling facilities, make the effort to take your waste to municipal recycling points while on your way home. These can often be found in supermarket car parks.
  • Use low energy bulbs and turn off lights and electrical equipment when not in use
  • Do the washing up with the hot water you used to boil an egg
  • Ideally buy a compost toilet, but failing that buy toilet fluid products – such as Thetford’s Aqua Kem Green – which are formaldehyde free
  • On-site sinks are deeper and need more water to wash the dishes than doing them in the caravan
  • Buy yourself a solar powered or a wind up radio
  • For less than £10 you can buy a wind up mobile phone charger
  • Try to walk, cycle or use public transport more when on holiday. Leave the car behind at the site
  • You can become self sufficient in terms of 12 volt electricity it you install portable solar panels (this can cost over £400)
  • Use biodegradable cleaning products
  • Hold onto things that are compostable for the heap at home. Things like card food containers and Egg cartons
  • Separate you metal, glass and paper waste. Recycling all the aluminium cans in the UK would result in 12,000,000 fewer dustbins full of waste a year, and 17 trees can be saved for each ton of recycled paper
  • Buy locally produced food from local bakers, farm shops, and farmers’ markets. This reduces the number of lorries on our roads

So there you have it, a brief but I hope useful list of ways you can reduce your carbon footprint while making the most of your caravan holiday. Admittedly some of these require investment up-front, but even putting those aside, there are many cheap and even free ways of improving your green credentials.

I hope you are able to put at least some of these into action, as you will feel good about making an effort to protecting the planet for future generations (of caravanners hopefully).