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Breaking Down Auto Parts One by One

Several components go into making an automobile. There are as many as 3000 different parts of autos in a small vehicle alone. Each of these parts of autos are designed in such a way that, they work in perfect harmony with all the available parts of autos. To understand individually about every single part of autos is a complicated thing.

All autos or vehicles mainly comprise of four sections that are:

1. Engine of the autos: Fuel Tanks

2. Frame of the vehicle

3. Interiors of the vehicle

4. Brakes and wheels

These are further divided into millions of big and small components. The components of autos and auto industry are growing on a large scale. Due to this reason, there is a growing demand for parts of autos. It is also a major part of the automobile industry in practical and economic purpose.

Vital Auto Parts:

One vital auto part is fuel tank. It is a part of the engine, which stores and supplies fuel to the entire engine. The fuel tanks come in different sizes depending on the requirement of the vehicle. Generally, a fuel tank needs to consist of the following:

1. Filling: There is a specific procedure for filling fuel tanks.

2. Storage: Every vehicle contains different quantity of gas. You need to check how much quantity your vehicle may store and depending on that, fill the fuel tank. Avoid any kind of leakage and limit the omissions from the vehicle.

3. Gauge: This process involves measuring the extra amount fuel, which remains in the fuel tank.

4. Venting: Do not pressurize the fuel tank. Next, knowingly or unknowingly, if you apply too much pressure on the fuel tank, then place valves at appropriate positions to avoid vapors.

5. Feed the engine with the help of a pump.

Another important part of the vehicles is brakes:


Brakes of a vehicle are made of high quality steel to help in increasing the performance of the rollers used to apply brakes. Heat treatment also strengthens its performance. The use of rubber is also high in manufacturing brake products. Brake lining is another very important part of the brakes. It is widely in use by most of the automobile owners. There are quality raw material used for brakes at the rear and front section of the brake systems that increase the efficiency of a vehicle. Pedal assemblies are another important part of the brake system. You get these pedal assemblies in different designs and sizes to fit well with the brakes of your vehicle.

Other Auto Parts:


Wheels are another most important part of a vehicle. They come in different designs. There are two categories of wheels, which are machine castings and stamped metal sheet. Some wheels of autos have a combination of both. Wheels made of cast alloys are very expensive. They have great strength in comparison to metal wheels.

Finally, frame of the vehicle is also an important part of a vehicle. Conventional frames and integral frames are two types of auto frames available. The conventional frame is a one-piece type of frame or a combination of two one-piece frames.

DIY Windshield Fix With a Windshield Repair Kit

Cracks on your windshield? They don’t seem to be a huge threat on your safety on the road, but they can be harmful if you don’t fix them right away. Over time, these cracks can grow bigger, obstructing your view of the road while driving. You can be a do-it-yourselfer (DIY) with the help of a windshield repair kit. This kit is your reliable buddy when it comes to eliminating the cracks from your windshield. And in terms of costs, the kit saves you from spending more for hiring someone to repair your windshield or for buying a new one. So before the damage on your windshield gets worse, do something about it with the help of a rock chip repair kit.

Here are several instructions to aid you in your DIY windshield repair project.

1. Inspect the cracks.

You have to check the extent of damage on your windshield before doing anything. You can either bring your car to a professional or do the inspection yourself. If there are minor cracks or chips, the damage can still be repaired. Small cracks that look like cobwebs are repairable as well. However, there are kinds of cracks that are beyond repair. Seek a professional’s opinion as to whether the damage on your windshield can still be fixed or not.

2. Select the right windshield repair kit.

Once you have figured out that the crack on your windshield can be repaired, you will need a good repair kit. You can get one from your local auto parts shop or online auto parts retailers. Usually, rockchip repair kits come with an applicator or injector, an adhesive curing film, a suction cup (which serves as the base or stabilizer), and a tube of liquid resin.

3. Do the windshield repair.

Carefully read and understand the instruction manual that comes with your newly purchased windshield repair kit before performing the repair. Now, here’s how to fix the cracks on your windshield. First, use an auto glass cleaner to remove dirt from the crack and the area around it. Then dry the crack using a clean rag or towel. Use a safety pin to take out any remaining debris on the crack. Next place the suction cup onto the windshield using the adhesive included in the kit. Then mount the injector on the suction cup. Next, inject the resin; this will remove the air between the windshield and the suction cup.

After the resin has cured, remove the suction cup and the injector. Dab some resin on the crack and then put the curing film over it. Let the resin cure for a certain amount of time indicated in the instruction manual of your windshield repair kit. Remove the film once the resin has cured and do the finishing touches. Use a glass cleaner to remove any adhesive residue or excess resin. Uneven parts of the repair can be smoothened out with a razor blade. See how simple it is to repair minor cracks on your windshield? As long as you have the right kit and you follow instructions properly, then windshield repair is a simple task for you.

Auto Parts Dropshippers – How to Sell & Dropship Auto Parts on eBay

Are you trying to sell auto parts on the eBay marketplace! Maybe you aren’t even trying to do that, maybe you simply want to sell it out of your own website. The great thing is that there are many options for people like you, and you can start today!

You can sell many autoparts on eBay – you just have to make sure that you are selling them for a price where you can still get many bids, but also get profit – and also that you do not buy a “supposed” dropship opportunity from a scammer!

As you probably already know, there are tons of scammers out there, whether you are trying to buy auto-parts or just trying to sell them, there are many bad products out there, some products that are completely not as described, or just people who take your money in run, it can be pretty tough in the auto industry, but the thing is, we can give you a place where you can buy your auto-parts and sell them successfully!

Where to Buy Auto-Parts & Dropship Them

As said before, you are trying to sell auto-parts and dropship them directly to the customer, right? Well, you can succeed today, you can start seeing regular success as long as you do something that is highly important – finding a dropshipper database! That’s right, you want to find a database of dropshippers – a place that will give you those “inside” connections that the most successful eBay entrepreneurs have in the end.

There is one great place that is known as SaleHoo, and many people have experienced ridiculous success. Not only is it a community of people that can help you sell more successfully and have you seeing 6 figures or more on your yearly income, but they also review the dropshippers to make sure that you have a great dropshipping experience.

So let’s say you want to sell headlights, sound equipment, engine related products, wheels, custom interior, whatever you want to sell, you can sell the auto-parts using the SaleHoo database because there’s a lot of options out there!

Just make sure that you start today and get this inside view and succeed on eBay, you can make plenty of cash selling products that you don’t even have to hold in your house as inventory!

How Water Expands The Crack in Chipped Windshields

The extreme weather conditions of Winter can be damaging to a chipped windshield. Winter and Summer can be the worst time of the year for those chipped and cracked windshields. The winter weather can be brutal on windows with cracks, most of us do not realize how the structural integrity of the windshield may be jeopardized. You may have a small nick or chip and put off repairing your windshield then time goes on and winter brings rain and freezing temperatures frosting up your windshield. Using hot water or the defroster to get rid of the frost on the window can cause the crack to expand and promote further cracking that may cause expensive replacement of your windshield. Water entering a crack through a chipped, cracked or nicked windshield can be a real problem, and the compaction of getting the water and moisture out is a very challenging task if not done properly, but is very essential in able to repair the windshield correctly.

After water enters a cracked windshield it is very difficult to remove and almost impossible to repair properly if not removed before repair. To remove the moisture from the cracked windshield a vacuum must be applied to the chipped or cracked area of the windshield. Sometimes drilling the chipped or cracked area is necessary to remove air and moisture. The windshield must be heated in the chipped or cracked area usually by using a heat lamp allowing the water to be vaporized and the water vapor can be removed under a vacuum before repair.

We all know what happens to water when it freezes. What happens to the water that entered your cracked windshield when it’s below 32 degrees or colder? It freezes and expands, now what do you think is going to happen to that small chip and or crack? Most cracked out windshields started as small rock chip or crack and ignored until it’s to late to repair. Do you now need a new windshield because that small chip has a crack that spread across the windshield?

This is what can happen when winter rains allow water to enter your cracked windshield, and winters cold temperatures freeze the water that is now inside your windshield, which can and will lead to costly replacement of the windshield. The constant temperature changes also cause the windshield glass to expand and contract helping small cracks or star breaks to expand, when this happens it can cause the windshield to crack all the way to the edge, if not promptly and properly repaired by a windshield repair technician.

So in conclusion it comes to our attention that winter is the time to have your windshield repaired right away before moisture penetrates the windshield and winters freezing temperatures cause expansion, further damage and cause the windshield to crack out.

Top 10 Must Have Auto Accessories

Personalizing the appearance and improving the driving experience of your auto is one of the great pleasures of owning your own car, SUV or truck. There are so many different auto accessories out there on the market it can be tricky to narrow down which ones you might want to consider getting to improve your vehicle. The following 10 accessories are those which we consider really are the “must haves”:

1) Floor Mats – It really is pretty ridiculous that an item so basic as a floor mat is an optional extra on many new cars. If you want to protect the interior of your automobile and prolong the life of the cabin’s upholstery then floor mats are an essential and worthwhile investment. Floor mats can be easily picked up from just about every auto accessory shop and even in many supermarkets.

2) Auto Covers – The last thing you want to happen to your pride and joy is for its shiny paintwork to get damaged by the elements, falling objects, or even bird droppings. By using an auto cover you can give your vehicle the protection it needs from the harsh summer sun, heavy rain and hail, corrosive bird droppings and destructive objects falling from trees or blown by the wind.

3) Cargo Liners – Like floor mats for the passenger compartment of vehicles, cargo liners are also a great accessory for keeping the trunk clean and tidy. If you are often putting dirty boots or tools in the trunk of your vehicle, for example, then a cargo liner will keep all that filth off the lining material as well as protecting against any scratches and dents.

4) Brake Dust Shields – With modern vehicles getting more and more powerful and having larger brakes, the amount of brake dust produced is increasing. Using brake dust shields on the insides of your wheels helps to prevent the dust from gathering on your shiny alloy rims, making keeping your auto clean much easier.

5) Car Bras – Bumpers on modern cars are often made from plastic which might look good but isn’t able to put off with much abuse caused by stones, grit and other street debris. A car bra is a specially made protector that wraps around the bumper to shield against flying stones, insects and other debris that can cause damaging stone chips and dents.

6) Fender Flares – Travelling at speed on country roads or rarely used streets can lead to gravel, rocks and other objects flinging up and striking the paintwork of your vehicle. By fitting fender flares you can greatly reduce the amount of debris that can reach your auto’s exterior. For most cars it is possible to find fender flares that match the original color and finish.

7) Mud Flaps – Further protection can be provided by the use of mud flaps which also prevent the dirty water spray containing all manner of pollutants and oil from reaching your car’s paintwork.

8) Heated Seats – Driving a car throughout the long winter months without heated seats can be somewhat torturous, especially when first entering the vehicle. Heated seats can make a journey in cold weather 10 times more pleasurable.

9) iPod / iPhone / MP3 Docks – Tape cassettes and even now CDs are getting very long in the tooth. Why not make use of your iPod or MP3 player in your vehicle and invest in a dock that allows you to listen to your tunes through your car speakers. Many docks also double up as a hand-free system; much safer than talking on the phone normally.

10) Bug Shields – These are an absolute must have, particularly in the South where insects are even more prevalent. A good bug shield made specifically for your model of car or truck can do wonders in limiting the amount of insects and other debris hitting your windshield and hood. Bug shields not only help to keep your car clean, but are also a useful safety accessory helping to maintain good visibility.

Automotive Repair Equipment Leasing

There are numerous equipment leasing companies in the United States that provide leasing as an option for those customers who want to use quality goods at a cheaper rate.

Leasing is a much better option when the equipment that is leased is most likely to become outdated or obsolete. Such problems are common because of the continuously changing state of technology and new inventions that, if not used, can prove detrimental to a company’s success. This can happen because experienced competitors can make the company go bankrupt through fierce competition.

Automotive repair equipment includes heavy as well as small tools that can be leased if there are companies that provide such services. The equipment that is being leased must have a high market value and if this condition is not satisfied then the purpose of a lease is completely defeated. Cheap equipment can be bought directly in the market and are not worth leasing. However, if the equipment is expensive then leasing it is a much better option because this gives the lessee an opportunity to use state-of-the-art material at much cheaper rates.

There is an automotive repair software available in the market that gives instructions and guidelines for repairing a car or any vehicle. The software can be called a tool or equipment that helps the owner or the driver to repair his car without taking anyone’s help and such software are available on lease.

If the tools are to be acquired in bulk then leasing is a much better option compared to buying. If a fleet of cars is to be maintained then the tools required would be in large quantities and the leasing option becomes economically viable. A big advantage of leasing tools and equipment is that the lessee does not have to spend huge amounts of money for acquiring top quality equipment. This is the reason why eighty percent of the companies in the United States of America lease their equipment instead of buying it.

Replacement Auto Parts Where to Find Them

When needing a replacement part for you car, where do you shop? Like many motorists you may head down to the big box retailer for all of your needs. A good choice both for value and for selection. Still, mostly any retailer is limited as to what they can stock. This especially holds true if you drive a rare or uncommon vehicle. Try finding a window regulator for your ’69 Torino at the parts store; they’ll get it for you but it will have to be back ordered. So, where should you shop? That’s up to you, but let’s goes over the options that you have.

The Salvage Yard. Let’s admit it: there isn’t anything wrong with going to the junkyard to find the part you need. My ’78 VW Rabbit’s window handle broke and I snagged one off of a junker for just a few bucks. Still, if you are looking for a radiator, engine, exhaust stuff, or anything else that actually runs, you risk that the part will fail soon after you place it in your car. Naturally, the price you pay through the junkyard should be the lowest price going.

Your Dealer. On the other side of the spectrum is your car dealer. If they don’t have it in stock, they can get if for you. Service with a smile and a price that will make you frown! Yes, you will pay dearly for some parts, as middleman mark ups kick in.

Your Retail Store. Retail auto supply chains typically have the broadest selection and the lowest prices of any of the brick and mortar retailers. Your best option for a good buy is when something is on sale; stock items will cost you the prevailing retail rate, but that is the price you pay for convenience. Overhead [buildings, labor] is high even with most national retailers.

Shop Online. Wholesale providers of automobile replacement parts and accessories are springing up all over the internet. Some stores are good, some are not. What to look for: available customer service agents; a toll free number where you can call someone to talk with directly; a store that never closes and has a secured payment site; and clearly understood shipment, payment, and return policies. Generally, an online retailer should be a great option as low overhead and purchasing directly from the manufacturer is what sets these wholesalers apart from the rest. Still, do your homework and make sure that the site is what it says it is.

One special warning: the growth of the counterfeit parts industry is causing fits for retailers and consumers. If you suspect that you have purchased a bogus part, return it to the retailer for a full return. One more good reason to learn what a company’s return policy is before you do business with them.

In all, shopping for parts is easier today, thanks to the internet. From the ease of your computer you can compare prices, service, shipping options, warranties, and more. The consumer is the winner and retailers are keeping prices low in order to bring in additional business.

Why You Need To Fix The Rock Chip On Your Windshield: All About Windshield Repair

You’re out and about running your daily errands and while you’re driving down the road, a nice little pebble decides to skip up from the ground and damage your windshield. Depending on the type and size of the damage, this may be repaired without the need to replace the complete windshield. In some cases, this repair could be performed at no cost to you.

There are different types of windshield damage. The most common damage to windshields is considered to be “rock chips” and cracks. A rock chip is a non-technical term, commonly used by the public, for damage on a windshield caused by road debris i.e., rocks or pebbles. A windshield crack is a single line of separation that may emanate from an impact point. The following will describe the types of rock chips and cracks that can be repaired.

There are four different types of rock chips

  • Bulls-eye or partial bulls-eye rock chips are some of the most common windshield rock chips that can be repaired. They contain damage that is marked by a separated cone in the outer layer of glass that results in a dark circle with an impact point. A “bulls-eye” rock chip can be repaired if the diameter is no larger than one inch.
  • A star chip is another common windshield rock chip that has damage that exhibits a series of legs that emanate from the break. Star chips can be repaired if the chip’s total diameter (including legs) does not to exceed 3 inches.
  • A combination chip is a rock chip that has damage with multiple characteristics. Those characteristics can include a star within a bulls-eye or short or long crack(s) emanating from the damage. This can be repaired if the diameter of the body (excluding legs) does not exceed 2 inches.
  • A surface pit is a nick in the glass associated with normal wear and tear that does not penetrate to the plastic inner layer. This can be repaired if the damaged area has a diameter of not less than 1/8 inch.

There are five different types of windshield cracks

  • A crack that is 6 inches or less is called a “short crack”
  • A “long crack” is a crack that is longer than 6 inches
  • “Edge cracks” are any crack that extends to an edge of the windshield
  • A “floater crack” is any crack that does not extend to an edge of the windshield
  • “Stress cracks” are a crack that extends from an edge and lacks an impact point.

Most windshield cracks can be repaired if the crack is no longer than 12 inches. Stress cracks and edge cracks that intersect more than one edge cannot be repaired.

Now that you know what can and can’t be repaired, there’s one more thing to consider. Time!! Many factors like extreme heat or cold and even your air conditioning cooling down the windshield on a hot day can cause the damage to get worse. The longer you wait to repair the damage, it could spread and may turn a repairable situation into a full blown windshield replacement costing YOU more. Most insurance companies WILL cover a rock chip on the windshield at no cost to you. Speak with your insurance agent to get more information on what they will cover when it comes to windshield damage.

Now you have 3 options. You can pay out of pocket, you can have your insurance company cover the cost, or you can do the repair yourself. The cost out of pocket will vary from $30-$60, depending on the company you chose. Filing with insurance is easy because it is no cost to you, and the auto glass repair company deals with the paperwork. You can also attempt the repair yourself, but if you do not feel comfortable, i would suggest calling a professional. There is a good step by step windshield repair Instructable available, as well as other information online.

How it will look after the repair depends on the technician performing the repair. Most technicians will give you a 60-99% cosmetic improvement, meaning that there will be little to no noticeable damage after the repair is complete. Structurally, all repairs should achieve 100% strength once the products have cured. Ask the technician any questions you have before they start the repair. Also keep in mind that all chips and crack are not repairable.

Now, you should have a better understanding of the benefits of windshield repair as opposed to replacement. Remember to shop around and look for the best price with top quality work. And also remember to speak with your insurance agent about windshield damage coverage. It may cost you little to nothing and you will have your windshield looking good as new.

Handling Windshield Repairs

Have you ever driven down a major highway behind a truck and had a rock fly back in your face? Thank goodness for windshields protecting us against the dangers of debris in the roadway! That’s the good news. The bad news is that sometimes, the debris that flies up into your windshield can actually damage it, forcing you to have it repaired (since it is against the law to drive around with a damaged windshield). The damage may appear in the form of a small nick or dent in the glass; however, over time, this nick will grow and spread out, causing more damage to the windshield if it is not repaired.

Windshield repairs are necessary more often than many people realize. Small cracks often appear in windshields without any warning or after long drives behind trucks or large vehicles that can cause small stones from the road to fly through the air at great speeds. Since cracks in windshields tend to start out small and grow large quickly most people hurry to an auto glass repair shop without exploring the options.

Deciding which windshield repair shop to go to requires a lot of research. Windshield repair requires a specialist to ensure that the replacement is done correctly and safely. Since the windshield plays such an important roll in your vehicles performance it is important that the car owner chooses the best auto repair shop available. This is not a good time to attempt to cut down on price by contacting the cheapest repair company.

In order to avoid being responsible for the brunt of the charges contact your car insurance company to see if they will cover glass repair. Most insurance policies will cover this repair which will make it possible for you to choose a repair shop based on the quality of their service rather than their cost. Also, going through an insurance company will guarantee a hassle free repair. The auto glass company will know that they are going to receive prompt payment from a major company and, in most cases, the repair shop will be one recommended by the insurance company which means that they have previously provided satisfactory work for the insurance companies policy holders.

The next time that you have to get your windshield replaced, a good rule to remember is to never wait until the hole has spider veined out across your windshield because then you could be driving down the highway and suddenly have your entire windshield shatter in your face, which wouldn’t be a good thing either. This could cause a serious accident for you or the people around you. On the other hand, you don’t want to jump up and have your windshield replaced if all you have is a small nick in your windshield because it may take that nick a while to finally expand out into a spider vein. It may not even spider out at all, which would mean that you would’ve wasted all of that money.

Wholesale Auto Parts

The world of automobiles is a broad one. It is comprised of a vast industry that includes auto manufacturing, designing and selling, vehicle equipment production as well as auto parts and accessories. Interaction in such industries is relatively high. Thus, every auto buyer?s demands can be answered easily. In turn, many automobile and auto parts dealings have been in constant development through the years. You can easily find wholesale auto parts on the market mainly because there are so many manufacturers.

Most automobile owners look to buy wholesale auto parts, as they are generally much cheaper. Deals like these are mostly available among auto parts dealers to attract buyers to do business with them. Since they are sold in large quantities, the price is staggered. Wholesale auto parts are available in sets or packages. For example, you can buy auto lights in four-piece sets and pay the cost of only a three-piece set.

The virtue of having wholesale auto parts is that you store additional parts for your vehicle?s regular maintenance without emptying your pockets. You also tend to have a wider choice in wholesale deals as most auto shops tend to order large quantities from manufacturers.

How to Find Great Deals on Wholesale Auto Parts

‘Cheaper by the dozen’ is a phrase that defines wholesale auto parts. But finding the right deals could sometimes be tricky and can cause a dilemma. However, the only secret to finding such great deals in wholesale auto parts is that you have to be very resourceful. If you could go auto shop hunting, then do so.

Look in as many shops as you can, investigate their products and their wholesale offers. See if their offers are worth your purchase. Another source of information is the Internet. Sites about auto shops now abound on the Web, and most offer wholesale auto parts such as lights, engine parts, exterior enhancements, power tune-up parts and the like.

You must also know how to distinguish good and reliable deals from bad deals. Testimonials and forums may help you out. There are specific sites dedicated to auto buyers where you can ask questions like where to find great wholesale auto part deals.