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Pros and Cons of Using Alloy Wheels

Almost same as ordinary wheels, alloy wheels add to the look of automobiles. They are made of aluminium or magnesium alloys and this is what makes them strong, durable, lighter than normal wheels and very stylish. These wheels are manufactured by forging or casting of these metal alloys.

Advantages of Using Alloy Wheels:

• Alloy wheels are light weight and are therefore used in sports cars. These are either made of forged aluminium alloy or magnesium alloy. Cast aluminium alloy is not used in these cases as they are heavier than their counterparts. Though the former variants are light and stylish, they pinch the pocket slightly as they offer the best of services.

• Since these wheels are light, they provide better road grip on any type of terrain. It also impresses on the mileage front and the balancing of the vehicle as it reduces the stress on the car making its life long.

• These wheels also make the cars look extremely stylish. A car can have the finest colour and the best make, but if the wheels look like old steel, the look is marred. Alloy wheels impart style and class to a car making it look class apart.

Disadvantages of Using Alloy Wheels:

• Due to continuous use of these wheels, they may be damaged and that is why the wheels need to be repaired. There are several reasons why the alloy wheels need repairing. When we drive the car very fast, we often hit stones that result in scratches, when we graze through a hard surface the wheels can get damaged.

• Often due to carelessly parking the car, the wheels may be damaged. These scratches make the wheels look ugly and discoloured. They can get dented at times and also become deformed. In these cases, the wheels need to get repaired.

Repairing Alloy Wheels:

• To be able to repair alloy wheels, it is important to understand the extent of the damage caused. Many a times, the wheels gather a lot or dirt and dust on them and that is why they look dull. These types of damages require proper cleaning. With the use of proper cleaning agents, the wheels can be restored their original shine. There are some damaged wheels that have scratches and dents. These need to be refurbished so that they do not hinder in the running of the car. There are several garages where these wheels can be properly repaired by fixing and patching the damaged parts.

• It is always a good option to repair the alloy wheels than to replace them. Replacing these wheels can cost a great deal of money. However, if the damaged wheels are in a position to be fixed and refurbished, they should be patched to good health. This will save a lot of money, yet make the car look as good as new. You can make a survey of the places that repair and fix these wheels before seeking their services. These places also clean the wheels making them look as good as new.

Coilover Suspensions – Pros and Cons

Why are they so popular and do they really improve the handling of a car. In theory, when you lower your car, you also lower it center of gravity therefore reducing body roll, thus improving its handling. However, handling characteristic of the car are not only determined by the center of gravity. You also have to consider the dampening system, spring rate, condition of the road, side-walls of your tires, unsprung weight, tire grip, geometry of the suspension and so on.

Right now we are only interested in the ever so popular coilover set up. There are a lot of aftermarket manufacturers coming up with different brands and types of coilovers. Coilovers are popular with racers due to their adjustability. You can adjust the right height and in some cases you can also adjust the dampening thus produce superb handling.

There are two types of coilovers. They are true coilovers and sleeve type coilovers. True coilovers are a set up where the shocks have a threaded-body, when as the other one utilize a ‘sleeve type’ thread. One of the older, well-known manufacturer for coilovers is H&R. Now, there are different companies such as Tein, Intrax, etc also making coilovers. However, Ground Control was the pioneer of sleeve designed coilovers. We have no doubt about the benefits of true coilovers. But what about the sleeve type’? Does it work? In theory, it works the same as true coilovers. In real life, it doesn’t even come close to the non coilovers shocks and springs setups.

Ground Control, the pioneer in sleeve design technology’ utilizes aluminum body sleeve with Eibach race springs. The base of the spring is supported with a single rotational plate with an Allen screw-locking device. What’s wrong with this design you ask? Like all ‘sleeve type’ coilovers, there is good chance for the sleeve to rotate and thus make the spring slip. This can happen to the enthusiast drivers who like to push the car to the limit. The other thing that worries me is the Allen screw-locking device. A screw that small is given the duties to hold the tension and twist that are generated by the car when an enthusiast drives it.

Weapon-R Tuner 2 coilover conversion. This one is basically the same with Ground Control except it added the extra locking plate (with the same allen screw locking it in place) supposedly for added security.

Skunkworks and Arospeed. These two companies utilize true coilover type locking devices. Double plates interlocking each other. This is by far the best set up yet. But how bout the sleeve? Some thing must be done to secure the sleeve.

These disadvantages not only can create clunking noise, but it can also be very dangerous. Imagine this: you are taking corners very fast, relying on that big buck suspension to do it job, when the sleeve/locking plates shifted thus creating a sudden jolt in your suspension (like when your driving through rough road surface) and therefore lifted your tire of the ground thus losing traction……….

So why is it so popular? Cause it cheap ($249-$399US) compare to true coilovers ($1,200US and up). It looks cool, it’s adjustable, and again it makes your car look cool….

Drivers Beware

The proper way to adjust a threaded coil-over suspension involves using a set of scales. The whole idea of this type of suspension adjustability is to equal out the loads on tires (or bias them for circle track) for cornering ability. The fact that you can lower the car with them is just an added benefit but it is NOT their primary function. You should be aware that you can hurt the performance of your car if you don’t adjust them at least reasonably close. At best, the car may not corner as well as it used to.

At worst, you may change the handling to the point of being dangerous. This sounds like an exageration but with a threaded setup you could load the front right and the left rear tires and create a car that turns left really well, but won’t turn right worth a damn. Even, possibly, spinning out. All this with the car sitting perfectly level. You have the suspension, now take the time to set it up right. Find a tyre shop with some corner scales and work with them to adjust tire loading and ride height. The object is to get the cross weights (diagonal weights) even. It’s not as important to get the other weights even. It’s the cross weights that will sneak up on you.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Packers and Movers When Relocating

Relocating is usually full of stress and hassles. A regular homeowner or business owner will not be able to efficiently handle all moving tasks without the help of experienced packers and movers. For most people, the additional expense of hiring professionals is too costly, but if you try to analyze the benefits that you’re going to enjoy, you will think twice before making the final decision.

Safety and security of possession or household goods is of utmost important during relocation. You can’t foresee what’s going to happen during the move, so you might as well hire the professionals to do the job.

Accidents, losses, and theft can happen during the shifting process, but if the moving company offers insurance coverage, you don’t have to worry about anything. Below are the top 5 benefits of hiring packers and movers when relocating:

1. Safety of goods and other personal belongings – This is the foremost advantage. Packers and movers are well-trained and will handle all your possessions with extreme care and will ensure safe delivery at all times.

2. Use of proper packing supplies and techniques – If you pack things on your own, there is a high chance that most of your stuff can get damaged or broken. Professionals make use of packing techniques and quality supplies to prevent potential damages while in transit.

3. A wide range of vehicle transporters, equipment or tools, and carriers – Reputed packers and movers make use of the latest tools or equipment, a wide range of carriers. Some companies also offer vehicle transportation which is ideal for clients that need to transport their cars or precious automobiles to another city or country in good condition.

4. Various services being offered – Most established and experienced moving companies not only handle household relocation but also commercial shifting, shop relocation, office shifting, and many other tasks.

This means that you can avail all the needed services at a reasonable cost. These companies also have a network of connections in different towns, cities, or countries which is an added benefit.

5. Saves times and energy – When you decide to relocate, there are more important things to do aside from packing household goods and items. You can save time and energy by hiring packers and movers because the latter will handle the tough tasks.

You can now focus on other important things that you need to accomplish before the actual moving day.

These are the top 5 benefits of hiring packers and movers when relocating. It may seem very easy to pack, load, unload, and unpack personal possessions during a move. However, when you’re in the ‘real’ situation, it becomes very stressful. There is a way to relocate without the hassles or troubles, and that is to hire professionals.

Mobile Car Wash and Cleaning Post Office Jeeps

If you own a mobile truck washing, pressure washing or mobile car wash business you may wish to consider washing postal vehicles. They have one of the largest fleets in the world and they are relatively easy to wash. Yes, like all quasi-government agencies they pay slowly, but you know you will get paid as long as you show up to wash.

Pressure washing companies should consider a wide market mix to protect them from sector rotations or downturns in their economy. You can wash things like things like wheel chairs at hospitals, shopping carts at Price Club and bus stop enclosures. The postal washing contracts generally last two-years and can automatically renue up to five times if the VOMA Vehicle Operations Manager Assistant likes you and gives you high scores for service. My company, The Truck Wash Guys was washing jeeps when the new LLV’s Long-life vehicles really were jeeps even though many are now Ford Winstars. This can be a very good niche for your cleaning service.

After working with USPS, we’ve discovered other niches at the Post Office such as steam cleaning mail trays, racks, even postal boxes and transfer boxes on corners. We’ve cleaned off holiday window paint. We’ve steam cleaned loading docks, trash areas, walkways and sidewalks; We’ve cleaned entire annex stations, air cargo containers, aircraft, ground equipment, you name it. If the USPS owns it, we’ve cleaned it somewhere. Any pressure washing company would be happy to have all that work and you really should look into becoming a certified USPS vendor.

Over the years EPA laws have changed, insurance requirements have changed, labor laws have changed, even the USPS needs have changed. So we too have changed. Customizing our services to their needs is our true specialty and I recommend that all pressure washing companies do the same. What do you need cleaned? Should be your mantra. You must be standing ready with waste water discharge permits, worker’s compensation insurance, city licenses and a million dollar liability policy and state of the art equipment to sell to the post office, but once you get the account these same requirements make for barriers to entry for your competitors and you stand to have these accounts for up to 10-years. You can prove your commitment to USPS, by offering to wash all the postal boxes on every corner in your zip code for $1.00 each and then offer to wax them for free as an introduction to your services. The local Post Master will generally take you up on the idea and then you can prove how good you are and get your foot in the door. It’s all about image in the delivery business and the USPS is no exception. Think about it and Wash On!

Head Gasket and Preventive Maintenance

A head gasket is an important component of your car as it restricts the engine liquids from causing any kind of damage to the cylinders inside. This small piece of equipment can be found between cylinder head and engine block in your internal combustion engine. By resting at the right place, the gasket prevents leakage of engine oil or coolant into cylinders. Apart from this sealing effect, the gasket also keeps pressure within cylinders so that the gas is effectively combusted with compression. It is an essential combustion chamber component and its strength should be ensured at all times.

Unlike other exterior components, the internal parts of your car can’t be inspected on your own regularly. If you experience problems like cooling system failure or overheating of your engine, then it is time to take a closer look at your head gasket because this humble component can really result in serious problems. Due to wear in the gasket, coolant liquid can reach the cylinder and reduce the performance of cooling system. Water and oil can get mixed up and this will certainly create trouble with your vehicle. A broken gasket can result in decreased pressure and it can easily cause overheating in your car.

A blown head gasket is often a problem that car owners face most of the time and replacing this component is not cheap. Mild cases of failure of the gasket in the interior part of your car are hard to recognize. Often times, you will ignore the small signs and continue driving. As a result, continuous stress on the component will cause it to break down eventually, leading to major problems. When you take your car to a car mechanic with issues that popup all of a sudden, he will most likely inspect the head gasket first to find out whether there are any issues.

It is impossible to predict problems with the head gasket, but if you are careful enough to notice the minor signs that your car gives you, you can deploy preventive maintenance strategies to reduce the effect. Many car owners prefer to use coolant system conditioners that need to be applied only once in a couple of years. This will keep your gaskets in good condition, but sometimes, a bad conditioner can pose a new threat. Typically, you can choose conditioners that are suited best for the type of gasket used in your car.

Taking care of your engine will automatically ensure safety of the head gaskets. The oil temperature should be at least 60 Celsius before you try to ramp up to 3000 rpm. You can drive your vehicle at a low speed before halting in a parking lot suddenly. If you notice steam or smoke from boot lid vents, pay attention to it immediately to prevent disasters that may arrive at a later point of time. Frequent and professional checking of compression pressure using a pressure gauge will notify you about the status of your gasket. A leak down test is done by professionals to ensure that your gasket is not leaking any engine liquid.

Personal Liquidity

Many borrowers do not consider their personal liquidity when seeking financing. With everything that has happened in the real estate market, this could be one mistake that could cost you an approval on your loan.

In order to meet the liquidity requirements lets define what lenders are calling personal liquidity. Most lenders will call anything that can be converted into cash within 3 days as liquid; however, they will pay most attention to verifiable cash on hand and in the bank, stocks/bonds, and other marketable securities. Automobiles, boats, jewelry, etc… is not considered liquid.

If you are considering obtaining financing, it may be worth it to liquidate some other assets that aren’t as liquid and put the cash in the bank. While underwriting guidelines will vary from lender to lender, many lenders want to see the borrower’s personal liquidity at approximately 10% of the loan amount or 12 months of debt service reserves. I have seen lenders approve a loan with as little as 3 months debt service reserves, but those cases are few and far between.

Something else you will want to pay close attention to is pre-funding vs. post-funding liquidity. A sources and uses statement can help you determine what this will be, but it is exactly how it sounds. Pre-funding liquidity is liquid assets in your account before you pay the down payment and loan fees, etc. Post-funding liquidity are your liquid assets after you have made these cash expenditures. Lenders are primarily looking at your post-funding liquidity to confirm that you have adequate liquid assets in case of a downturn in your business or a tenant stops paying rent or vacates.

Many borrowers do not give proper consideration to personal liquidity and I have seen many loans declined solely on the basis of inadequate personal liquidity. If you are low on liquid assets and need commercial financing, it would be wise to consider liquidating some other assets or possibly even borrowing money from family. If you decide to do the later, you will need to know that banks and lenders frown on this. They will collect bank statements and if they see two months with low cash reserves and then a jump in the most recent bank statement, many times they will not count the increase. If you have had the cash in your accounts for 3 months or longer, many lenders will accept it because they are not seeing the large fluctuations in cash.

Personal liquidity is just as important to a lender as net worth. If you take time to get your personal liquidity in order, you will find a smoother and quicker approval process and the lender will not come back looking for more information to prove you are a good credit risk.

What Are The Benefits Of Antifreeze Coolant And How Significant Is It For My Car?

Antifreeze Coolant

Antifreeze is a very important unit of the car since it protects the engine from the freezing damage. When the water gets converted into ice, it poses a problem for the car. Antifreeze is actually the heat transfer fluid which is used to protect the freezing. In both the solar water heaters and the HVAC chillers it is used. Chemical are added to the water in order to prevent the freezing. Antifreeze assists in the freezing point when water is mixed, but then it also aids the boiling point. It is used widely in the car engine since it is capable of transferring the heat. When the antifreeze is used to the car engine, it is termed as the Antifreeze Coolant since it cools the engine.

What is the function of the ethylene glycol?

Ethylene glycol is the most commonly used antifreeze in the car. The water-based solution functions as the fantastic heat-transfer fluid. So, when the temperature reaches below the level of 32 degrees of Fahrenheit or 0 degrees. The fluid transfers the heat to prevent freezing. When the unit functions by the water-cooled engine, the coolant is used. Commonly used in the machines and the cars, the coolant cannot be used in the food processing equipment. This is so because if there is any leaking, the food can become poisonous. The Ethylene Glycol is used widely in the cars, machines, air conditioners and even the liquid cooled computer. Since the solution has the low freezing point, it resists the freezing. Ethylene Glycol has a great compatibility with water and has the higher boiling point.

The need for the antifreeze in extreme climatic conditions

Antifreeze is the real savior of the vehicle when it is cold. The water as a result of the antifreeze does not freeze. The water in the radiator of the car will not freeze and so the parts of the car will not get destroyed. When the outside temperature is hot also, the antifreeze is of great use. It even restricts the important fluids in the car from evaporating. Since the antifreeze has the lubricating properties, it does not evaporate with the pace of the water. In fact, the parts of the car like the hose pipe need to be prevented from damage.

The environmental friendly precious green liquid

The antifreeze coolant is a must if you really want the vehicle in the running condition. The environmentally friendly, precious green liquid will keep the car parts warm even when it is extremely cold. Without the antifreeze, the car will encounter a mechanical problem. When the car stops working due to freezing, many people think that it is all due to the leakage of the radiator, the failure of the heater core and even due to the opening or closing of the thermostat.

When it is winter, you need to start and stop the car to keep the engine warm. In countries where there is extreme cold, the engine needs to be started from time to time. When it comes to the car system, the antifreeze solution is vital.

The Nissan Navara – How is it As a Ride?

As a double cab, Nissan navara has an advantage over others when it comes to car size. And though, it is not always true that bigger is better, when it comes to vehicles specifically for loads, it definitely make sense. Because of that, it had been favored by many who are looking for vehicle that is truly apt for work.

Basically, it is built in Spain. It is of the same production line with Pathfinder, one of those to which it is being often compared with. As it is very important today to wisely pick the car that you will be having, it is being dubbed as the best that you can have as it is being claimed to combine both luxury and quality.

However, there would always be two sides in a story. If there are those who favor and appreciate it, naturally, there are also those who got negative things to say about it. That is just normal though as no car is really perfect. There would always be flaws and drawbacks that can be seen in different perspectives.

If you can live through the drawbacks of Nissan Navara though, it can be a very useful pick up to use. One of its strengths is the fact that it is a spacious car that can carry quite a load. It is very much suitable to businesses and other specific tasks as moving furniture and transferring products.

To know how great or not-so great of a ride is Nissan Navara is, it is important to check on its features and capabilities. There are three points that can be used as basis of the judgment.

  • Load Space – As been mentioned earlier, it has a more space for loads than other double cabs. It even has an additional feature of self-locking cleats for securing loads. This keeps from rolling about from one to another which can possibly cause damages.
  • Appearance and Features – Though Nissan Navara is one that can be considered as a workhorse of a vehicle, it has a nice exterior and interior design. It is of smooth silhouette with fog light, roof rail, automatic headlights and washer and even electric windows and mirrors. Inside, it had upholstered seats, CD player, bluetooth connectivity, remote central locking and even satellite navigation. And so it can basically provide the comfort and convenience other luxury cars can give.
  • Engine – Generally, Nissan Navara is not really a quiet car. However, its engine is more powerful than other of its category. And though it runs in diesel, it can be pretty powerful.

As a summary, the Navara has both advantages and disadvantages but the former outweighs the latter. Though it is more of a car of functionality, it is able to provide luxury and comfort to its passengers. And with that, Nissan Navara makes quite an impressive ride.

Benefits of Massage After Car Accidents

Many people wait for an injury in their life to seek out massage therapy. Those that have car accidents are a typical example, wanting relief from whiplash and other accident related injuries.

Massage therapy is an excellent choice to assist you in healing from a car accident. After an accident, people are most likely to feel like they have the flu or describe the symptoms as feeling like they got hit by a car. Weakness in the neck may also be felt due to whiplash. Whiplash is the sudden jerking of the head, backward and forward, that is felt during impact of the vehicle. The symptoms: pain and aching to the neck and/or back, pain in the shoulders, pins and needles to the extremities (arms and legs), and headaches. The symptoms may be felt immediately or not show up for several days. The precise mechanism of whiplash is not known but it is thought to be caused by stretching and possibly tearing of the ligaments of the spine.

Massage can be very beneficial in treatment of this injury. Often times, clients are referred to a therapist by a chiropractor or other medical provider for a certain number of massage therapy sessions. A safe environment for auto accident clients is extremely important. Sometimes their life is turned upside down by this injury and they are unable to live their life as normal, which in itself can be quite stressful.

A therapist who attends to a client with any type of accident related injuries will assess the areas of injury for range of motion, elasticity and pain tolerance. The therapist should always be aware of the restrictions in their movements and also the tenderness of the areas to be massaged. This is where the communication factor comes in. They will constantly check to ensure that they are within your comfort boundaries. Communication from the client is also paramount to the success of the massage.

Massage helps with these types of injuries due to the fact that it increases circulation (blood supply) to an area thereby giving it the nutrients it needs to heal properly and rids the area of waste products. It can also increase range of motion, reduce sprain and swelling, reduce stress, and may help to prevent scar tissue. It can help your body regain its balance from the stress of the accident by balancing your autonomic nervous system, thereby reducing stress. I have been on both sides of the “table” so to speak as a therapist and a car accident victim. I was in a car that was rear ended in 2005 and had whiplash which resulted in devastating headaches. I also had lower back pain and referred shoulder and arm pain.

I immediately began a regiment of chiropractic adjustments as well as 2 visits to a massage therapist per week. I had a wonderful therapist and she was always very empathetic as well as patient with me during our time together. She was always careful to ask about my pain level in each and every area that she touched. I was unsure of massage as I had never had it when I was in a healthy state. Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical of being touched in an injured state. It was one of the most wonderful experiences that I have gone through to date. There’s something about a caring person with amazing skills and a gentle touch to soothe an injured, stressed muscle. Gradually I began to see results and looked forward to my sessions with my therapist. No wonder the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans included massage in their daily life!

Massage so fascinated me that I went to massage school and became a therapist. Now I not only have the benefit of getting massages but also giving them. I enjoy seeing the progress that my clients make as a result of our work together.

The bottom line is that if you have had an injury of any type; please seek out a qualified massage therapist so that together you can regain your balance. If you don’t know of one, ask your medical provider or your friends and neighbors who have had massages. The calm and healing that it will have on your body will be most beneficial to both your mind and your body.

By Cecilia Comperatore LMT-Florida MA 54038

Various Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Alloy Wheels

The wheels of cars and other vehicles are manufactured from various materials. Nowadays, you can easily find some beautiful wheels that not only enhance the looks of your car but also deliver better performance. The most common metal which are used in the manufacturing of wheels are magnesium and aluminum alloys. The use of these strong metals results in durable, lightweight and strong wheels which look more stylish than ordinary wheels. The process involves casting the metal alloys.


  • The most impressive characteristic of alloy wheels is that they light in weight and are mainly used in racing or sports cars. Such wheels are either made from forged magnesium alloy or aluminium alloy. Cast alloy is not used as it is heavier. Though these wheels are lighter and stylish, you will have to spend a good amount in order to get one for your car.
  • The light weight of the wheels provides a better grip on the road, thus delivering outstanding performance. This not only delivers a good mileage but also enhances the life of the car.
  • These stylish wheels also provide an appealing look to your car. You can easily get a uniquely designed wheel matching the color and make of your car.


  • The continuous use of alloy wheels can damage them. It is due to this fact that they need to be repaired after certain intervals and this might cost you huge bucks. There are various reasons due to which the wheels get damaged. It might be due to hitting hard stones, running on rough surfaces at a high speed etc.
  • Most of the times, it is seen that individuals get the scratches on the wheels during parking that gives it a discolored and ugly look. You need to get it dented in order to recover its beauty and deformation.

Repairing Alloy Wheels

  • Before taking your alloy wheels for repair, it is your duty to examine the extent of damage. Sometimes the dull appearance of the wheels is due to the dust and dirt deposited on them. In such a situation, you need not to take it for repair instead you can clean it thoroughly in order to regain its shine and stylish appearance. You can find various cleaning agents in the market which can help you in giving a final touch to your cleaning mission. The tires that have dents and scratches are required to be taken for repair. There are various mechanics and garages that provide effective repair solutions to overcome the issues with the wheel.
  • There might be many car drivers who might wish to chance the wheel instead of getting it repaired. If you are also looking forward to replace the wheel, you should be aware of the fact that a new alloy wheel can cost you huge bucks. So, if the wheel can be repaired you should consider it rather than purchasing a new one. This will not only help you in saving your hard earned money but will also provide you an opportunity to retain the beauty of your car at economical prices.