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An Effective Security Camera System Is All About Location, Location, Location

It’s that simple, security camera placement is all about Location, Location, Location. The devil is in the details and the details determine where a camera should be placed. Too often a security camera is placed to cover as much real estate as possible and that is the wrong approach. A CCTV or Surveillance System should be just that, a system. Each camera should play a key role in the complete system, like a single instrument in an orchestra, alone they’re nice, but once combined they magnify each other’s performance.

In my humble opinion, the most important camera in a complete CCTV system is the gotcha camera. This security camera should give you the same image as the culprits mug shot will when the police take his picture, that is to say, super close-up. Typically the best location for this camera is right behind the register. Of course every store has one there but they usually try and cover the entire front counter. Huge opportunity loss! The gotcha camera should be at eye level right in front of the customer (actually slightly to the side so that the sales clerk doesn’t block the image). A would be robber would think twice after staring into the eye of the camera. This security camera should be such a tight shot that you only have a couple feet on each side of the cash register. It is the money shot, the one that will put the robber into that mug shot I spoke of earlier.

If you’re doing a home surveillance system then the gotcha camera would be at eye level at the front door. Since 70% of all break-ins occur through a door, and most of them are through the front door, this is your money shot. Even if the burglar doesn’t break-in at the front door he will almost always ring the door bell to see if anyone is home. Once again, after looking into the eye of the camera he’ll probably go to another house. Another good location for the gotcha security camera is at a gate. Most burglars will use the easiest method to get into the back yard and if you have a fence, that would be the gate. Don’t be tempted to get an image of the whole fence, you want just the gate, so you can get that sharp picture that will put him on the 11:00 news. (10:00 Central time)

Not every security camera should be the super close-up. This is where the concept of a complete system comes in. Like in any movie you’ll need a camera to set the stage. That wide angle shot that sets the scene in every TV sitcom, that makes you think they really live in that house. You can cover a lot of ground with this camera, even though you would not be able to identify the individual, that’s the job of the gotcha camera. This surveillance camera covers a large area to try and catch the bad guy in the act. It may be a parking lot or a back yard. By itself if would have little benefit, but as part of a system it plays a key role. you may not be able to identify the intruder, but you’ll have the best chance of catching him red handed. In a parking lot it will give you an idea of the type of car he drives and what direction he was going when he left the parking lot. In a store you may see two criminals working together and see which camera they are walking in front of.

The last location is the security camera that fits in somewhere between the super close-up, and the stage setting wide angle camera. Its role is for high priority locations. Maybe where you have expensive merchandise or a trouble spot where you have had shop lifting problems before. It may be the very reason you’ve decided to get a CCTV system. In a home it might be in an area where you keep valuables. You will want to cover as much real estate as possible while still being able to identify the culprit. The key to this camera location is to not try and cover so much area that your can’t identify the person ripping you off.

That leads us to facial recognition. This priority camera must incorporate facial recognition. That means you must be able to identify the person that is taking food out of the mouths or your children and stealing the Christmas presents of your Grandchildren from under your tree (both figuratively and physically). The FBI has come up with a rule of thumb of ten heads. Look at the image on the monitor and imagine stacking the heads on top of each other like on a totem pole. If you only make it half way up your screen by the time you count ten heads, then the face will be too small to get an identifiable image. Anything less then ten is good as long as you balance the real estate you want to cover with the size of the face.

To sum up an ideal surveillance or CCTV system, you will need at least one money shot camera (your gotcha scum-bag camera), at least one stage setting camera (your wide shot camera), and as many priority (high risk area) security cameras as needed. This will depend on the size of the store and the merchandise you’re trying to cover.

One last thing I need to cover, is the monitor. After putting together a killer system, don’t go and blow it by putting the monitor in an area where customers can see it. A robber will be looking for blind spots, if he can’t find any he’ll wear a mask. You may have a camera super tight for the gotcha shot, but all the shop lifter sees is a camera and he doesn’t want to get picked up. If he thinks he’s on camera he won’t try anything. Like a poker player, never show your hand until you need to.

Follow these rules and you’ll have a complete security camera system that will be a valuable weapon to fight crime, and it will pay for itself by cutting down on loss inventory. (and that’s money in your pocket!)

The 6 P’s of Business Etiquette

Although it might not be so obvious in the lower levels of business, etiquette is actually quite important as one climbs the ranks of the business hierarchy. For them to think of you as a professional, you must look and act like a true professional. By not giving them a professional image of yourself, you are setting yourself up for a battle which is purely downhill from there. They will not trust you or accept you into the folds of their ranking business levels. Here are some vitally important business etiquette rules to help you make that most important impression:


The boy scouts are “always prepared,” so why shouldn’t you be? Do your homework before the meeting. Have numerous ideas and suggestions ready before meeting with the bosses. Even if you have to read notes or charts during the meeting, at least you will have prepared yourself well enough ahead of time to have them in the first place. And that will impress them much more than giving a half-memorized speech.

B-Professional Appearance

If you are not sure what to wear, always dress conservatively. Even the low-hanging pants, wild colourful shirt-wearing music industry respects (and has mane of their own) individuals who are dressed in conservative clothes. Of course, you can also dress in accordance with the culture or the business, instead. That will certainly make an impression on them. What impression? Well, it depends on what kind of people they are.


It is a sure sign of irresponsibility to arrive late for a meeting. Schedule your plans the day before, or sooner, if at all possible, so that you can even arrive early to further prepare yourself.

D-People Remembering

It’s such a compliment to remember someone’s name, and such an insult to forget it, no matter how good/bad you are with them. Write down the names and whatever distinguishing feature about the person and his position. Remember whatever details that are applicable to each individual’s person, personality, and position.

E-Please and Thank You

It almost goes without saying that minding your manners is crucial in a business environment. “Please” and “Thank you” are both expected, as well as appreciated. And, in the case of businesses hierarchy, so is eye contact. Certainly do not interrupt unless it’s absolutely necessary, but when you do speak make sure that you are clear and confident. When you listen, on the other hand, wait until the end to ask questions. You see, manners never really go out of fashion.

F-Phones On Silent, Vibrate, or Off

Hearing someone’s cell phone ring really loudly, or a downloaded song suddenly blasting out of thin air, is usually quite annoying in normal situations and conditions. But it’s a whole different matter in a formal business environment. You will live if you shut off your phone, or adjust it so it won’t disturb you or those around you. If the call is an emergency, of course, it is acceptable to take it, but outside of the meeting room.

Making a good impression on other people is crucial to a successful business relationship, and if you respect the others, they will respect you in return.

What Is the Perfect Bank Foreclosure Property?

Do you want a fun way to make money? If so, you are urged to examine real estate investing. Although real estate investing may not sound like fun at first, it actually can be quite a bit of fun, not to mention very profitable.

When it comes to making money as a real estate investor, it is important that you make a profit. To do this, you need to purchase properties that are considered low-cost properties. Those properties should then be fixed up, repaired, or updated, and then either resold or turned into rental properties. For the best chance of success, you are advised to examine bank foreclosure properties. Bank foreclosure properties are often sold for a fraction of their actual value. This is why they are highly sought after, but to make money with bank foreclosure properties, you need to find the perfect properties.

When it comes to defining the perfect bank foreclosure property, there are a number of factors that need to be examined. For starters, as it was mentioned above, there are many real estate investors who choose to repair or remodel their properties and then resell them for a profit. Of course, all different types of bank foreclosure properties, including commercial buildings, apartment complexes, single family homes, multi-family homes, and land, can be resold, but many try and focus on single family homes. In the United States, single family homes are often considered the most purchased piece of property. However, that number does vary from location to location, so you may want to think about doing a little bit of local researching first.

In addition to reselling a property, many real estate investors turn their bank foreclosure properties into rental properties. As with reselling, just about any type of property, including land, can be used for rentals, but it is best if you focus on multi-family homes and apartment complexes, as they are often easier to market to hopeful tenants. Should you also wish, you may be able to make money by purchasing commercial buildings; however, these commercial building are less likely to enter into foreclosure in the first place.

Price also needs to be taken into consideration, when finding the perfect bank foreclosure property. When examining price, you need to keep repairs or updates in mind, as they will have an impact on the overall cost of a foreclosure property. There are also additional foreclosure fees that you may be charged, such as back property taxes. In all honesty, it depends on the state in question. Before agreeing to buy any bank foreclosure properties, especially if you are a beginner, you are advised to take time to familiarize yourself with bank foreclosure properties. This can be done by taking a local or online real estate investing course.

The above mentioned factors are few of the many that need to be taken into consideration, when looking for the perfect bank foreclosure property. As a reminder, if you would like to learn more, you are advised to consider taking a real estate investing course, particularly one that has a focus on bank foreclosure properties and how to profit from them.

Propane Patio Heaters – Are They Safe Or Not?

No question you can expand the use and enjoyment of your patio or deck with an LP patio heater. However, they generate high heat from gas, so are they safe?

It depends on what level of safety you are looking for. If you want guaranteed safety, do not buy an outdoor patio heater. Likewise, do not live in a home equipped with gas or electric heat, get rid of all appliances, and trade your car for a horse.

Guaranteed safety does not exist in anything, outdoor patio heaters and horses included. As with any appliance, machine or device, safety ultimately is determined by the way we use it. Common sense precautions, such as those presented here, will help ensure the safe enjoyment of this product for many years.

Most likely you will connect your LP (propane) heater to a 20lb propane cylinder, what most people use with their gas grill. Rest assured that propane tanks are virtually indestructible. You would have a very hard time blowing up a propane tank even if you tried.

More important for our discussion are the connections between the tank and heater, as well as the flame that is involved. Faulty connections can produce gas leaks, which are very dangerous, as are poorly managed flames from any source. A good idea is not to use a dented or rusted propane tank, or one with a damaged valve, collar or footing.

Should you smell gas, shut off the gas and extinguish the flame. If the odor continues, contact your gas supplier or fire department. They will be able to restore safety and peace of mind.

In addition to smell, there are effective ways to test for leaks, including brushing soapy water on all gas connections (with tank valve open). If this creates bubbles, you have a leak. Manufacturers may provide other testing guidelines, which you should follow.

It is a good bet they will not include using matches or lighters, or smoking and consuming adult beverages while checking for leaks. If unsure why that is, please obtain a restraining order from any gas heater, grill or appliance.

Generally, new patio heaters require some assembly. Although top manufacturers usually check factory connections for leaks, movement during shipping can loosen parts. To be safe, thoroughly check for leaks before firing up the unit and gathering everyone around.

Be sure to complete all assembly steps and not to force parts together. If assembling appliances is not your cup of tea, this would be a good time to offer a cup to someone who has the right skill set.

Outdoor patio heaters should not be used indoors, as every owner’s manual will state. Indoor fireplaces have chimneys for a reason. Burning anything requires proper ventilation, and patio heaters are not equipped with a chimney. Combustion of propane creates carbon monoxide, which, in enclosed areas, can kill you.

The importance of maintaining the manufacturer’s recommended clearance from combustible materials cannot be overstated. Generally, at least 3′ is needed. On patios and decks, this includes overhanging trees and shrubs, siding, children’s toys, paper plates, clothing….

Some materials require much more clearance, such as gasoline, paint and other flammable vapors and liquids.

The dome and burner of an outdoor patio heater are extremely hot during operation. The surface of a heater’s emitter can reach temperatures approaching 1600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, take special care with children and pets. Alert children and adults to the hazard of high temperature and demand they not touch or get close to the heater. Likewise, you should not try to move a patio heater when in use, and never leave a lit patio heater unattended.

Be sure to place your heater on a hard, level and stable surface and not to use it when winds exceed 10 mph. Although well-made units are equipped with an automatic tilt shut-off switch, it will not prevent injury should the heater land on someone. Also, extra wind may douse the flame and allow gas to escape.

Are propane patio heaters safe? Yes. Higher industry standards and expanded regulations have greatly enhanced the fundamental safety of outdoor patio heaters and propane usage. A better question is whether the person using these products is safety minded, which you are if you have read this far. For you, therefore, propane patio heaters are safe.

Stop Thieves From Stealing Your Laptop

1. Use A Physical Lock

The most basic way to protect your laptop is to secure it – with a physical lock. Laptop locks are pretty cheap and normally allow you to secure the laptop to a table or desk. Make sure you pick out a good quality laptop lock (I like Kensington laptop locks).

2. Set A Notebook Alarm

A notebook alarm, you ask? Yes, there are notebook alarms, much like there are car alarms. You can buy and set a notebook alarm ensure that it goes off when a thief tries to cut your laptop cable. It’ll definitely give the thieving fella a good scare! The Belkin notebook alarm below is quite a good buy.

3. Motion-Sensing Alarm

Another kind of notebook alarm is the motion-sensing kind of alarm. These types of alarms effectively create a ‘force field’ around your laptop. If a thief steps within that zone, the alarm goes off. Very effective, and the Doberman security series is a good recommendation if you’re keen to get something like that.

4. Recovery Tags

Just like lost luggage bags, the good old recovery tag can be used for laptops. If someone finds your laptop, he or she can refer to the recovery tag and call an 800 number to return it to you. Some of these tag manufacturers even offer prepaid returns to give some reward or incentive for the guy who picked it up.

5. Software Recovery Services

Here’s an interesting bent to laptop theft. Imagine having a software that’s installed in your laptop that tracks its location. If your laptop has been stolen and booted up, the software can track down the location of the machine! Some software programs (e.g. Absolute Software’s Lojack for Laptops) can even function if the thief successfully re-installs the operating system.

6. BitLocker

If you own Windows Vista Enterprise or Ultimate editions, they come with a drive-encryption feature called BitLocker. You can use this to encrypt your hard drive – if the laptop gets stolen, the thief will have a tough time accessing your confidential documents.


Well, as you can see, there are tons of ways to protect your laptop from thieves. The next time you are out and about and need to leave your laptop alone, apply one or two of the tips above and ensure the thief doesn’t get to your stuff. Good luck!

How to Become a Black Male Model

For many years, the world of modeling has been over saturated by beautiful and skinny female models. Male models have been given less limelight though most of them have been of Caucasian decent. The search and demand for black male models are on the increase with most designers have a preference of a darker skin to showcase their brands. If you have ever wanted to become a black male model, here is the chance for you.

To become a male black model, you need be black to start with. Beauty is not all necessary however. Most people perceive the world of modeling as a world of nudity and of anorexics. What you probably do not know is modeling is all about marketing. It is a mode of selling the jewelry, the clothing, fragrance and other accessories.

The demand of male models is increasing as more men become more conscious with keeping up with the latest trends and fashion. The man of today needs to looks good, smell good, and feel good. Men models are used to market and promote these products. The fashion world is looking for newer faces to market their brand and the advertisers too need different faces to appear on the covers of magazines and billboards.

So, how do you qualify to be on the catwalk? To become a black male model in high fashion, you need to have a masculine body-one that is irresistible to women. You have to have a height ranging from 5’11” to 6’2″. In addition, you have to look elegant and strong. For commercial models and ones in photo shoots, the height is not as much exaggerated. They may be shorter but have to maintain the same masculine features and a good looking face.

This career does not pay well, though with continuous publicity and earned celebrity and stardom, one’s salary may increase rapidly.

Getting in the business is not easy, so is staying in it. It comes with a lot of challenges. One has to remain in shape by dieting and working out regularly and for very long hours. This is no career for the faint hearted, as it demands lots of stamina and self drive. Their looks too should be the best. To become a black male model, you have to have what it takes to beat this. There are model scouts all over looking for these males, so if you are one of them, make yourself seen.

Siemens Mobile Phone Batteries – Maintain Its Life

Many mobile making companies are making upgraded cell phone batteries that can last for many years without any problems. A mobile phone is incomplete and completely useless without a particular battery. It is known as the life line of the mobile gadget that enables the gadget to perform functions. Many famous companies like Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry are manufacturing mobile phones with the specific batteries. They are highly involved in making these devices and its batteries.

Here in this article I would like to explain you some common batteries designed by Siemens. They all are very effective and provide good back up.

CF 62 600 – 750 mAH Standard model of battery:

Cell phone 600- 750 mAH battery for your gadget serves the long back up time and maintains the stand by time. This is CE approved technology that is suitable with the Siemens C66 C65, CT66, S65, C70, C71, CF62, CF63 models. This is designed to suit these models.

C25 Model:

This C25 particular model has the700 mAH compositions. It has been effectively designed to support the premium quality models of Siemens. This model is approved by CE technology and comes with the life time warranty period.


This particular model comes with the good back up which is primary need of every gadget. It gives the higher talk time and stand by time. The warranty of this model is one year only.

N4001 – A101

It is a Li-Ion model which is needed in the specific models of Siemens. This is really very light in weight and offers an extended talk time of 360 minutes and stand by time of 220 hours. It is a 600 mAH battery.

N4501 – A100:

It is a Li-Ion model that gives the stand by time of 300 hours and 360 minutes of continuous talk time. This specific model is compatible with the ME45, S45, S45i Siemens models.

N4801 – A100:

It is 4 mm thick lithium battery which possesses the capacity of 540 mAH. The weight of this model is just 25 grams. It gives the constant talk time of 420 minutes and stand by time of 350 hours.

N4801 – A104:

It is a slim and extended model that gives the 350 hours of standby time and 420 hours of constant talk time.


It provides the longer shelf life and comes with one and half year warranty.

So this was all about some particular batteries for some particular models of Siemens. Maintain its performance and life.

4 Ways to Deal With Party Disasters at Your Twilight Party

This November Fans are looking forwards to the release of New Moon in theaters. Twi-Hards everywhere are finding different ways to celebrate. One that has become an established tradition for many fans is a Twilight party. Many fans are having parties based on their favorite series incorporating images and motifs from the series to make their own unique events. However a true fan takes these elements and makes a completely original event all their own. But what if something goes wrong? How can you turn a potential disaster into a stroke of pure genius? Here are some potential party disasters and how you can turn it around.

You get a whole lot of uninvited people who come to crash your party. This can be a major problem because you will likely plan your party for a set amount of guests. All these other people will not only strain the resources you committed to your party they might cause you to break some housing and fire code! First, see if you can find some volunteer bouncers. If you know someone people on your high school football team or some adults you can trust call them over to help you do some crowd control. Second, have your guest list handy and quickly make some badges or VIP passes. Give these to the guests you invited to separate them from the rest of the crowd. Charge a cover. Tell them if they want to have fun at your party they have to abide by your rules and help pay for the party otherwise you are calling the police. These measures will help control the extra crowd and will likely give you extra money at the end of the night. Also have your neighbors apprised ahead of time that you are having a party.

The DJ doesn’t show. Well no worries. In this day and age when everyone has a laptop and an MP3 with a shuffle function a DJ is superficial quickly hook up your iPod to a docking station and connect it to some speakers. If you don’t have some you can get a cheap set at Wal-Mart for just around $30 to $40 dollars. If you need some fresh tunes poll your guests for favorites and download them online from Amazon. You can also get some songs from Stephenie Meyer’s playlists. These are some of the songs she listened to as she wrote the Twilight series.

Another potential problem is that you don’t have enough food. This is something that can be taken care of two ways. You should have some extra drinks or food that you made on the off chance guest were more hungry than usual. This is will help tide people over until you can think of something else to make. Second, the convenience store and grocery store are your friends. If any of your friends has a car, have them go on a shopping trip to get items like chips and more soda. You can also have everyone pitch in to make more Twilight themed treats such as blood punch.

Of course there is the danger of your party hitting a slow point. The one thing that every party organizer dreads is a party that loses its energy and excitement. A way to deal with this is come up with some party games that can be quickly set up. If you have the party at your home and you have a game system use it. Play some of your favorite party video games. Have a game of Twilight trivia or Flashlight tag. The goal is to use your imagination to come up with ideas.

Men’s Ties – Casual to Classic

Men’s ties evolve with the dynamic fashion trends. In the past, men wore long ties with broader ends. It was soon outdated and was modishly replaced by the thinner and shorter ones. Technology also plays a vital role in the men’s ties trends. There are now quite a number of designs, thousands of colors and prints, various styles to choose from, that men simply have to think of a design they want and it is easily available.

A lot of men take very careful considerations when choosing a tie, just like how a woman would choose her jewelries and accessories. Men’s ties may just be a strip of cloth for some, but many men consider it just like a badge of their taste. So they are very careful in their choices of size, shape, color and the material of the tie. Most men find it acceptable to wear their ties just above their waistline, and the shape should not be too broad or too thin. But most recently, thin men’s ties are gaining back its popularity in the fashion industry, where celebrities and politicians are mostly seen wearing thin ties.

This kind of men’s ties is called skinny ties and are mostly used in a casual manner, or if used in a formal event, worn very conservatively. Most lean men prefer wearing skinny ties because it gives them a more streamlined look. Preppy and college boys also prefer wearing thin men’s ties, and most of them wear this kind of ties to parties and events, often with different designs and patterns. The best selling color of any kind of tie, more so with skinny ties, is black. Of course being the most classic and versatile color, it can easily be matched to any suit or attire combination.

There are also men’s ties with embedded designs, monograms and regimental colors. These are popular in schools and country clubs. They are a bit wider at the bottom and sometimes resplendent with a variety of colors. If you are looking for the right preppy tie for you, then there are numerous websites that offer catalogues where you can choose your preferences from. These websites allow you to mix and match, and compare ties until you find what you’re looking for.

When shopping for men’s ties, it is important to choose the best materials available to you. Silk is the most preferred by many, and also Irish Poplin. These fabrics are really durable, and if cost is not an issue, then it is highly recommended to choose these materials to bring out your excellent taste.

The first thing of course to put in mind when choosing men’s ties is when and where and with what are you going to wear it. Your tie is the main accent of your attire, and should reflect your personality and your taste. You can choose to be unique and eclectic; you can also choose to be simple and safe. No matter what your choices are, though, always remember your tie says a lot of things about you.

How NOT to Be a Youth Baseball Coach (Part 3 of a Series)

Welcome back to Part 3 of my series on How NOT To Be A Youth Baseball Coach.

In this article, I want to give you four specific things that a youth baseball coach does not do that he indeed should do in order to be a more effective leader, provide prompt and courteous communication to the parents of his players, and ready his team for live game situations.

The first specific coaching failure is something I always watched in the pregame warmups to see if my team, that was always built around speed, could excel and exploit during the game. A good coach watches every aspect of pregame warmups to find those weaknesses in his opponent. Its not time to finalize your lineup or be warming up your pitcher while the other team is taking infield. You, and your team for that matter, should be glued to the field to see just who it is you are facing.

One thing I always look for is just how good is the arm on my opponents catcher. Does he have a gun? Is he lucky to get it there on one or two hops? Is he on target? Or does he stray miserably throw after throw?

I never quite got the coach that puts together an articulate pregame warmup. Why? Because it always game me a peek at what I can exploit. If you show me in three throws to second base in pregame that your catcher is not consistent at all, then guess what? I am running on you the whole game! Go ahead, tip your hand!

Point here is: don’t be one of those coaches that fails to give your catchers enough throws to second base during practice. I never saw a coach do this growing up. You have got to get your catcher to instinctively make that throw perfect every time.

Don’t they say “practice makes perfect”?

Then practice it.

Secondly, no one practices base running anymore. And, more specifically, sliding into a base. You should always practice sliding at every practice and pregame warmup for the first two-thirds of the season.


To prevent injury, most importantly. I see youngsters all of the time that have never been taught the proper technique of sliding and they either twist or break an ankle, or jam their knees unecessarliy. It’s also an important part of the game that just might win a few for you because the opposing coach has done a poor job of teaching his players of applying the tag, which I see all too often as well.

Teach them the proper technique of sliding consistently for most of the season.

Moving to administrative tasks that aren’t done effectively by most youth baseball coaches, my first complaint is that most don’t hold a parent meeting from the start where you explain all policies on position assignments, batting order, playing time, and so on. Do this up front so you can refer to this meeting the several hundred times during the season that parents want to approach and complain that their player is not getting enough playing time in the position they want them in or in the batting spot they think they should be in. Do it!

Lastly in this part of my series, I don’t know of any coach that uses statistics to assign positions and make up batting orders and pitching rotations. Most I know can’t even keep a book for that matter. It is crucial for the success of your team to be able to statistically quantify performance in order to teach and grow your team.

It’s also a life lesson for them to see you dedicating so much time and work into their success, showing them the fruits of hard work is success.

Please don’t fail to do these things as you begin your journey into coaching youth baseball.

Come back for more in my series on How NOT To Be A Youth Baseball Coach.