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Instant Car Insurance

Usually, people require car insurance for a whole year, and have plenty of time to arrange their insurance, but this is not always the case. Sometimes you require instant car insurance- perhaps your car is brand new and you only need temporary cover, or perhaps you’ve forgotten to arrange your insurance, and the due date is upon you. Here are some tips for arranging instant car insurance.

Firstly, if you need instant car insurance for a short time, you should ask an insurer for a cover note, also called a cover letter. This is a short-term, temporary cover, given instantly, until you can arrange permanent insurance. This is the kind of insurance which covers a car getting to the repairer, or from a dealership, or to the motor authority in your area.

A different type of instant car insurance is temporary insurance, or “Day Insurance.” Most providers of instant, temporary insurance are happy to insure a vehicle for between 1 and 28 days. If you do not require a whole year’s insurance, this is the option for you. It is particularly useful for travellers who purchase a car while they are overseas, people who have borrowed a car, or people who require car insurance for longer than a cover note will allow.

Not all insurance is the same, so make sure you aren’t treated just like everyone else. Make you needs known to your insurers, and always read the fine print carefully to make sure that you receive the instant car insurance which best meets your needs.

Salvage Auto Auctions – Things to Consider Before Buying Salvaged Cars

Because of the inevitable economic crisis, people would no longer go to car dealers to buy a car. They are often seen going to salvage auto auctions to buy really cheap cars. You may find these auctions from any of your local newspapers or in some pages of your favourite magazines. However, most people prefer salvage auto auctions that are found online where it is more convenient to shop than going to actual auctions.

The Considerations

Driving your next car at a very low price and in just a few clicks is a true magical experience. However, don’t get yourself hypnotized by what you see and buy the car you are interested in without taking the following facts for consideration.

1. Know your salvage cars. Salvage cars are those used cars that have been the subject of an accident, struck by fire, flooded, hit by debris, and have been declared totalled by the last owner’s insurance company. This means that you will have to do some repairs on the car you intend to buy. Therefore, it is best to visit the actual auction so that you can conduct some technical inspection on the car before actually paying for it. Most salvage auto auctions allows you to see, check, and conduct some inspection. This is to show their good faith and to uphold the good name of their company. However, if you have limited knowledge on the technical aspects of a vehicle, it is highly advisable that you bring with you a mechanic to help you check the car.

2. Know the Pros and Cons. One obvious advantage in getting a salvaged car in seized car auctions is that you get to own a car and amazingly save money without having to go through an irritating dealer. Buying a salvaged car is not really as cheap and fun as it may seem. You may not be able to get full liability car insurance. You will have to shoulder the expenses for the repairs. These repairs may sometimes cost you much. And you will be required to pay on the spot immediately after the bidding process. So you need to bring with you cash, checkbook, or pre-approved loan from a financing institution before attending an auction.

Being able to know what salvage cars really are provides you with the knowledge of the pros and cons in buying them. Your search for your next vehicle would surely be fun and enjoyable in salvage auto auctions.

How to Advertise Your Used Car

There are many places that you can advertise your car for it to be sold. The question is: How is the correct way to advertise it?

Someone who is looking at an advert on social media, a website or a newspaper will want to know everything there is to know about the car. This means that they are interested in the car’s history such as if it was in any accidents, special features and they want to see a picture of the car. The idea is to sell a car to people who are in need of a working and functional car but don’t want to pay much for this basic transportation.

A clear description is the most important aspect of selling any item. Since a person can’t physically see the car the first time they see it online, they will want to know everything about the car before they consider seeing it in real life. A prospective buyer will want to know if there are any scratches or dents that can be repaired, scratched hub caps that should be replaced or buffed, and different modifications that the previous owner has made to the car.

Be careful when advertising a car that has had modifications done as such modifications can either add or lessen the value. The car will lose value if the owner has done the jobs himself and it appears untidy. This includes wheels that have been installed, turbos and superchargers, cone filters, blacked out lights (which is not allowed in many regions), and dimmed windows.

In your description you will also have to add what type of engine the car has and the interior features. The interior description includes ABS, air conditioning, Bluetooth, automatic windows, type of finish on the seats, central locking, a radio and whether the car has power steering. The engine description should include the type of engine it is (how much fuel is consumed per cycle), if it is an automatic or manual transmission, how many gears there are available, what type of fuel it uses and if any modifications have been done to the engine to increase power.

Lastly, you would need clear and bright pictures that showcase the car. Only one picture won’t be helpful as a person who is looking to buy a car wants to see the car from all angles. They also need to know if it is road worthy and worth consideration.

Used cars might be more difficult to sell because there are so many options out there. However, it is good to know that about fifty percent of people need a second hand car because the price is lower and it is within their budget. Advertise and make a statement so that a buyer won’t forget the quality used cars you have available.

Cheap Life Insurance Policies

Life Insurance is an insurance policy that provides an agreed amount of coverage over an agreed term. This gives you an option just in case you should die during the policy term, and an amount from the lump sum is paid out. It is a cost effective way to provide for your family after you are gone. In cheap term life insurance policies, premiums are lower than other plans, but for a fixed term. The best term life insurance plan will usually be affordable. Term life insurance will cover you or your loved ones for a set period ranging anywhere from 5, 10, 20 to 30 years. Upon expiration and if you renew, your premium, or the amount you pay, may increase. Term life insurance is popular today due to its flexibility that allows you to pick a policy when you feel you need it.

Today there are many companies that offer and vouch on their economical and rather cheaper term life insurance policies. But one should always remember that these will offer less financial coverage, and there may be certain issues regarding the term limits. Premiums on affordable term life insurance generally remain fixed for the policy duration or limit. Premiums will vary based on the individual. Policies can range from $10,000 to $1 million or more, which is the amount your beneficiaries will receive upon your death. Insurance will also cover funeral expenses and other costs. The basic formula is relatively simple: the higher amount of coverage you choose, the higher your premium. Among other factors affecting your premium are pre-existing conditions, age, marital status, children and occupation. Return of premium life insurance has also become a popular option, because it is generally less expensive than whole life and is underwritten in terms. Your paid premiums are returned when the policy expires, if you do not die. Many consider this the best term life insurance policy option due to its flexibility and financial benefits.

Repair Credit With Debt Settlement – Golden Tutorial

When you browse the internet you find most of the companies advertising that only they can provide you a service that can better repair credit with debt settlement and can not just fine tune your future acts on your debts but also rectify the mistakes you have made in the past while obtaining and settling down with your older debts by yourself or by the help of a hired company.

But the question which seizes the thoughts is very simple and logical to ask that how come they are able to fulfill all these promises at once and how is that possible to correct the previously made mistakes. If you are concerned with all these question and need an answer for it you keep on reading this article.

There are a number of companies providing same offer of repair credit with debt settlement and whether it is right or wrong, one thing is for sure, that all these things are not possible at once and require certain transactions within certain timelines and it is also possible that an offer which is very much suitable for your friend is not suitable for you. Some of the reasons can be the credit history or the type of the debt you have taken and want to settle. So the first step here to make is to clear your mind clear of doubts about how you want a repair credit with debt settlement.

When we talk about the nature of a debt, the duration left to make full payment is also very important that means if you have a few installments left the settlement does not provide you much help is if you have a year or so to payback and have a huge payment left to repay. Secured debts, in this scenario, fit the best and if you want to hire a company for such transaction, this is the best you can do.

Confused? The best way to check out for such companies is to search through their feedbacks, testimonials, dig reports you find on their portals and find out what people have about them. Take certain calls and set an interaction level for such companies.

Insurance – Your Best Friend For Life

“Accidents can never be predicted,” cause if they could be, no one would have ever died in an accident. It’s sad when any mishap occurs without any apparent cause and its even sadder if people are not ready to deal with these kind of happenings and end up losing something precious.

Wake up! Wake up before its too late to regret.

Insurance is a term that cannot prevent any accident but can always give you the strength to fight against it fiercely. Its is more of a responsibility rather than considering it a necessity. A responsible person will definitely go for insurance for each and everything precious to him, whether they are person’s family members or his car or home or anything else.

There is an insurance available for almost each and everything. For example if someone wants to get his car insured, he can go for a car insurance and likewise he can go for home insurance, life insurance etc. There is hardly anything on this planet for which people won’t get insurance. It should be taken as one of the integral part of everybody’s life.

It is always mandatory to get the automobiles insured in India, whether it is a 2 wheeler, 3 wheeler or anything else. Reliance two wheeler insurance is one of the best way to get 2 wheelers insured in no time and with ease. Reliance is one of the trusted brand of the nation and provides total coverage of the two wheelers that includes vehicle damage, personal accident cover and third party liability offered by Reliance General Insurance.

People should get their automobiles insured as soon as possible as the crime is increasing with an alarming rate in India. Moreover if the people are going for a car insurance it is always advisable to get it done from a good organisation and not only car insurance, but also other insurance if you are going for. All the terms and conditions should be transparent and clear so that no issue occurs if any mishap takes place.

When people buy an automobile, they are definitely making an investment and some times it is so huge to let it go in larceny or to get it scratched by another bike or car. In India, if an individual’s vehicle is not insured then they might have to pay a heavy ‘challan’ for that. As Reliance two wheeler insurance is the best one in India for two wheeler vehicles, Reliance’s other insurance products are also available for other vehicles.

At the end, some important things that people should keep in mind while taking an insurance policy. First of all people should check out all the details of the particular insurance policy. Secondly, people should do comparison with other insurance players in the market for example if you are going for car insurance, you should always compare it with other insurance providers in the market for better benefits and less premium. Than at last you should always look for good benefits and discounts. That’s all!

Landlord Insurance – Is it Different From Homeowner Insurance?

Have you ever wondered the difference between landlord insurance and the regular homeowner insurance coverage? If you do not understand, you could have things really confused and this could cost you a lot unless corrected. Let’s see the difference.

First, let’s look at the difference between the two situations. I think that would be the easier way to understand the difference in the two coverages.

If you own a home and live in it, then you would need a homeowner insurance. If however you own a home but do not live in it rather you have it rented out to a tenant, then you would be needing a landlord insurance. These are the reasons.

Who is likely going to take more care of my house? My tenant or me? That’s one point. The insurer knows you would take more care of your home because you have a vested interest in it unlike a tenant who can simply pack up and leave at the slightest urge.

If you live in your home, then you can’t make a claim on a damage done to your property by you as your insurer would not honor the claim. In fact, depending on the nature of the damage, you could be charged with a criminal charge if you make a claim. However, if one of your tenants caused a damage to your property you would be able to make a claim and be paid. It would be regarded as a malicious damage.

I am sure the above points has shed more light on the issue.

Landlords, how can you save money as you get what you need, a landlord insurance policy?

The first thing you need to be aware of is that insurer put into consideration the type of people you take in as tenants. You would do well to consider more of professionals and people with a steady and disciplined life style since this would impact positively on your insurance rates.

Lastly, be sure to get and compare as much quotes as you can. This is a sure way of getting the cheapest possible landlord insurance rates.

The Meaning of Deductible in Insurance

What does deductible mean in an insurance policy? It’s the amount of a claim you are responsible for, before the insurance company will start paying it’s share of costs.

In automobile insurance coverage, you may select a plan with a deductible of $1,000. This would mean that if you have a collision where repairing the damage would cost $5,000, the insurance company would pay $4,000, while you must pick up the rest.

If you had a minor accident with a scratch that would cost $500 to repair, the insurance company would not have to pay anything. You would have to pick up the repair costs yourself.

In health insurance, the deductible is one of three methods the policy can use to share costs. (The others are copay and coinsurance)

Health care costs add up over time rather than on a single incident, so you will usually find the deductible listed as “Calendar Year Deductible” (or CYD). When defined this way, it means your bills start from $0 on January 1 and accumulate through the end of that year.

It would be unfortunate to develop a major health problem and get to the hospital on New Year’s Eve. If you hadn’t met your deductible for the old year yet, you may end up with two deductibles to meet. One for services before midnight, and another for costs in the new calendar year.

You may find a policy that starts counting the deductible from the date your coverage begins and accumulates through the policy year instead of the calendar year, but this is rare.

Also uncommon is a plan that will let you roll over your deductible from the end of the previous year to help in case you do experience the New Year’s Eve scenario.

Sometimes you will find an item in a health policy where the deductible definition is “per admission” or “per occurrence”. The per admission deductible would mean a new deductible applies every time you are admitted to the hospital, while “per occurrence” would likely apply to each Emergency Room visit.

Usually, health insurance policies that offer office visits for a copay do allow you to use this reduced rate before you meet your Calendar Year Deductible.

The higher your deductible is, the lower the risk to the insurance company and the less you have to pay in premium costs for the coverage. On the other hand, lower deductibles mean higher premium costs to you.

So, which is better, a low or high deductible? If the annual premium savings is more than the difference between the deductibles, the higher deductible is the best best.

Mercedes 126 Repair – The High Idle Saga

One of the most common Mercedes 126 repair challenges is a high idle. Generally, the culprit is electronic, but sometimes a simple mechanical adjustment of the throttle linkage will solve the problem. Of course, older engines are likely to suffer from intake vacuum leaks of varying severity, and these also can cause idle problems. We shall look at vacuum leaks in another article.


  1. The idle control module, located behind the false bulkhead next to the ABS control unit, is the most common cause of problems. The module processes a variety of inputs and controls the voltage sent to the idle control valve, which physically regulates the amount of air supplied to the intake ports whenever the throttle valve is closed. It is definitely useful to have a known working unit available for diagnostic purposes. While there is no one area of the circuit board that we can point to as a frequent location of cracked solder joints, there are four capacitors which tend to die with age. New units cost well over $200 and even rebuilt units are pretty expensive. I strongly suspect that, in most cases, all the rebuilders do is replace the capacitors.
  2. The idle control valve can suffer from two problems. The electrical solenoid can fail or, more commonly, the valve simply becomes gummed up with oily deposits. (Some of the crankcase ventilation fumes are routed through the valve.) A good soak in carb cleaner will usually cure this ailment. Be careful not to expose the electrical part of the valve to the solvent.
  3. Very rarely, there is an issue with the lambda control unit, the closest thing these cars have to an ECU. The idle control unit is connected to the lambda controller and “looks for” signals therefrom. Usually, if there is an issue with lambda control the engine will be running poorly anyway (due to incorrect fuel mixtures). If the lambda controller is not functioning at all, the most common reason is a failure of the over-voltage protection relay (OVP) located in the fuse box. There may also be a poor ground connection. The unit itself appears to be extremely reliable, possibly because it lives in a cooler climate — next to the front passenger’s feet.
  4. If the idle problem occurs only when in one particular gear, the starter-lockout switch on the side of the transmission may be faulty.
  5. If the problem occurs only when the A/C is used, there may be trouble with the delay relay in the fuse box, which is intended to boost engine revs when the compressor engages, thereby stabilizing idle speed under heavier accessory loads.
  6. Finally, the throttle position switch (TPS) on the side of the throttle body may be defective. This is very unusual and we should be grateful for that, since replacement of the TPS requires removal of the whole intake manifold. Sometimes the switch is simply out of adjustment and can be tapped back into the right position with a long punch.

The TPS informs the idle control unit when the throttle valve is closed, partially open, or wide open. Electrical continuity exists across one pair of three pins, across another pair, or not at all. If the correct signals are not being sent, the switch itself might be perfectly fine; the problem may simply be that the throttle linkage is out of adjustment. The switch is extremely sensitive; even the slightest opening of the throttle is enough to break continuity across the pertinent pins. So it doesn’t take much excess pressure from the linkage to disrupt the system. Ensure that the throttle valve is in fact closing against its stop.

One other basic factor to consider – and one which tends to be neglected in this context – is your ignition timing. Too much ignition advance will most definitely have an effect on idle speed. On the Gen I cars, there is a lot of scope for adjustment, and the engines can handle quite a bit of advance before they start to detonate (ping). Around ten degrees of initial advance is optimal. Bear in mind that the vacuum advance unit adds about 16 degrees of advance at idle (when manifold vacuum is high). Occasionally, the advance unit can cause problems, the main one being a rupture of the internal diaphragm and creation of a vacuum leak at that point.

Want a Free Car Insurance Quote in Billings?

For people living in Billings, Montana, the time has never been easier to save money on your car insurance. There are many insurance companies out there looking for your business and its free and quick to find out who has the best deal for you.

Nobody likes paying for car insurance. Every year it seems to get more expensive, and every year it seems you have another car to insure. Your son’s new car, granddaughter’s car, your husband’s second car for the weekend. It never ends! This is not too mention the deductible, the collision, different premiums, discounts… finding out which is what and how much of this do you need, or is that really necessary.

But there is help. With the advent of the Internet, there is now the opportunity to both learn more and save more on your car insurance. With a cup of coffee and a few clicks of the mouse, you can easily be on your way. There are many, many insurance companies out there, but dont let that scare you. Turn it to your advantage. Think of it this way: They are all competing for your attention and they know you can just as easily go to the guy across the street, and they have lost you as a customer forever.

There are services out there that will provide you with different quotes from different companies to let you see for yourself and to decide for yourself, who you would like to do business with. These services are free and they are fast, usually taking only a few minutes. Then, with this new information at your hand, you are now in a position to not only get what you need, but also what you want. And save money doing it.