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Developing an Environmental Career

Green jobs, green industry, green collar – all are catch phrases for the new businesses and industry sectors developing that are based on the notion of sustainability.   The concept has been represented for years by the recycling process applied to cans, bottles and paper.  Today, the concept is being applied to multiple areas where humans have impact on the environment, damaging naturally occurring sustainable ecosystems.  Measures to reduce the causes of global warming are the most public example of environmental endeavors at the moment.

Environmental careers vary tremendously but all of them are working towards the goal of reducing human impact on existing sustainable ecosystems.  Engineers that work with industries attempting to reduce their output of greenhouse gases are an example of an environmental professional working with a business that has committed to taking a step toward sustainability.  You’ll find environmental engineers working in government agencies on cleaning up hazardous waste, bringing companies into compliance with clean water and clean air standards, and designing new wastewater treatment plants.

A bachelor’s degree in environmental science will give you access to entry level positions in the field.  Tasks may include collecting data for a clean water study or a site with possible hazardous material on it.  Many people in the environmental field try to find a job with a bachelor’ s degree while continuing to work on a master’s  degree in the field.

Most professionals working in the environmental field hold master’s degrees.  New professionals in the field are increasingly obtaining degrees in environmental science, but other life science degrees are also found in the profession including chemistry, geology, geophysics, atmospheric science, and physics.  Scientists with these degrees find jobs where their educational focus fits into a job with a government agency or environmental consulting firm.

Individuals who want to teach or do research in this field usually hold a doctorate. That degree also may be in environmental science or in another life science.  Research in this field is particularly interesting at this point in time, due to the extraordinary efforts in many areas of human activity to develop sustainable practices. 

The debate over the use of ethanol in gasoline is an example.  Researchers found that ethanol made from corn can be used as automobile fuel.  Thousands of acres of corn were planted, replacing other crops, and ethanol processing plants were built.  Research then showed that more energy is consumed in the production of ethanol than provided by the fuel that is manufactured.

Some schools are offering degrees in sustainable business management.  Others have MBA degrees with a focus on green industrial management.  These are example of schools adapting traditional degree programs to the new business orientation that includes environmental responsibility.  An MBA degree with sustainability concentration should be a welcome mixture of skills for many businesses hiring new executives today.

Getting the Insurance You Need Through the Reassure Life Insurance Company Website

If you are looking for a good policy, then you should take a look at the reassure life insurance company website. Here, you get to see the coverage you may need. With coverage such as this, you assure your family a bright future in case something happens.

What are the things that you will find in their website? There are a lot of options that will be presented to you. One of these options is the types of coverage. You will find a policy that will suit your needs. There will be a lot to choose from.

Another option you will find is the terms of payment. You can choose a variety of options that will make it easy for you to pay. This way, you never put a strain on your budget. This way, the future of your loved ones will always be secured.

When interest rates come to mind, you will definitely find these rates highly competitive compared to other firms. This simply means that you are getting quality service at rates that are definitely affordable. For whatever option you may choose, these rates are sure to be within reach.

On the website, you will find things like quotes of the different types of coverage you might find interesting. With these quotes, you will know how much you will be paying on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. You will get all the information you may need.

For everything life may throw at us, it will be wise to be insured. There is no way of telling what the future may bring. You must always be prepared. Your family’s future must be secured in the event something happens to you. This is why it is essential to get the insurance you need through the reassure life insurance website.

Are Electric Vehicles Ever Going To Outnumber Gasoline Cars In The USA?

Many believe that one day, soon in fact, that EVs or Electric Vehicles will be the way everyone gets around. Personally, I have my doubts, and it’s not that EVs do not offer some great advantages, it’s just that for wide spread adoption, they also have a number of disadvantages especially if we are talking about everyone owning an electric automobile instead of gas driven. Let’s talk shall we?

Here are 5-major points of contention and disadvantages to electric cars:

1). Battery Life: Proponents say battery life is getting better for electric vehicles, whereas this is true, and the advances remarkable, the low-hanging fruit has been picked and it will be harder in the future to continue this incredible trend of battery-life for volume size and cost – and yet, we need better extended life now to help compete against other power systems available.

2). Why Switch to Batteries if Hydrogen Fuel is Our Future: Proponents say that EV technologies are here now, are efficient and better than fossil fueled engines and we should rapidly expand the number of EVs on the road. Well soon Hydrogen Fuel will be viable as new storage materials come to fruition, and to market. There are big breakthroughs for this, now being proven. Will the EV revolution be short-lived, disrupt and destroy fossil fuel vehicles only to be up-ended in 2030 by hydrogen fueled? If so, why bother? All we do is have massive amounts of batteries in our landfills.

3). Bolivia and China have large deposits of Lithium that is easy to get to, and in the US our lithium is harder to get to, requires more work and thus, more costly to extract. If we buy from Bolivia, we are propping up a socialist dictatorship type government that doesn’t like the US. If we buy from China, they will do the same thing they did with REEs before, and make their EVs cheaper and sell them into our markets – that hurts the US Automakers and will cost jobs – something that is problematic on the political spectrum – meaning headwinds for the industry. Being held for ransom by China or Bolivia isn’t wise.

4). Extracting Lithium at 2000 feet below the ground as we are doing in the desert of CA and near the San Andreas fault using fracking methods may not be such a wise thing to do, considering the nearby Earthquake faults.

5). Electric Vehicle owners have enjoyed such things as “Diamond Lane” hi-occupancy highway or freeway lane benefits in many states even when only one person is in the vehicle. As more people buy EVs those benefits disappear along with incentives to buy an EV to save traffic congestion and time during commutes.

There are many more disadvantages, but these are a few we ought to be considering before we are sold on this mode of transportation as our mainstay. Think on it.

Be Careful Before You Buy

After working all day long there are so many choices to relax and rest our body. So, what’s your solution to relax, refresh, and invigorate your mind and soul? Travelling??? Fishing??? Or may soaking in yours hot tub heater at your house? Nice! Soaking hot heater in house is best choice. But if we don’t have it, how we can buy it? You must be careful to make decision before buying it, because it is a very big decision. And now, I want to share three points to keep in mind before you decide to buy it.

The 1st Points: What is your main reason of buying hot tub heater?

Do you know what? To be aware of the reason and the purpose when we start to buy or decide something is important. If we want to buy it, we must remember and consider about the reason why we buy it. Because it is related to what kind of hot tub heater, the size, the feature, and the price of the tub. So, you must be clear in your mind to consider the purpose of your new tub. Remember guys it is important to yourself. Is it for entertaining, family fun, relaxation? Do you buy and use it for a long time? Or just for a while?

The 2nd Points: So, let’s get wet!

Do you want to know how comfortable and convenience is your hot tub heater? The answer is soaking wet. So you must try it before you start to buy it. You just test the seat, note the chest distance downward when you’re sitting up comfortably and make sure the water deepness reaches over your shoulders.

The 3rd Points: Check the label!

Label is important if we want to buy something. If you got trouble with your hot tub and your label is unknown, you will get rigors when you start to fix it. You will feel bother, inconvenience, and nuisance if you choose an unfamiliar manufacturer. In this condition, ask over perfectly the right questions about the hot tub heater that you want to buy. Hence the hot tub heater that you choose won’t make you disappointed, will not be difficult to maintain, efficient to use, long lasting for enjoyment, satisfaction, and pleasure for you and your family.

Eliminate Interior Home Disasters

Hello and welcome to my design thoughts.

With thousands of websites, articles, newsletters and blogs on interior design, is it any wonder home design is confusing? As an artist and designer, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of fabulous information available for the curious and motivated homeowner. And Free to boot!

Keeping it simple is a little more difficult. I have visited many “designers” client homes, just to see the designers particular brand or style stamped all over the place. How do we keep our homes in the realm of our own personalities?

When you are searching for a design and or designer, first look at their product. Talk to past clients. Visualize the designers work in your private space. Does it work? Or could you have done a better job on your own and a whole lot less expensive?

I have designed many different styles. Each as individual as the client themselves. How is this done? First, you have to do the homework. A client whom states: Do whatever you like, I trust you and I will be back from Bermuda in six weeks” might be a client I may choose to steer clear of.

I will not brand my personal style on a clients home. Your home should and must reflect your personality and uniqueness. With excitement and motivation, create something totally yours, you can learn how to build a truly stunning environment all your own.

Magazines, websites other design information can be your very best friend. You have done it before, I just can see both of us searching magazines, ripping out the cool stuff and making piles…This is your start to discovering your personal style.

Build a book on these pictures. Study each picture. Circle the idea or picture which caught your eye. Put you piles of pictures in categories. i.e. living, bath, family, kitchen. Then go back and cull out the pictures which may not be as appealing. Only keep the very best. You will eventually discover what you love, whether in color, shape, size or style name. My personal style is called European Recycled…No joke.

Keep your first trial and run simple. Paint is the least expensive re-do and has an amazing impact. A fresh coat of paint is magic. Interior design can be a simple act of re-arranging or de-cluttering.

Find your magic. Love where you live. make it a peaceful and creative environment all your own.

SK Sartell

Is 520 a Good or Bad Credit Score?

The first time I checked my credit score, it was 520. I remember being surprised that it wasn’t 0 (I now know that the minimum credit score is 300). I had really messed up my credit.

Since I had a credit score in that range, I understand exactly what has to be done (and not done) to end up with 520 credit. Before I get to that, let’s talk about whether this is a good or bad score.

Is this a Bad Score?

520 isn’t a terrible credit score but it definitely isn’t good. Most financial institutions are going to classify you as having bad credit if you’re in this range. That said, some of them will still lend to you in certain situations.

For example, if you have some old derogatory items on your credit and that’s why you ended up with a score in this range, you may still have a chance. If you have even six ‘clean’ months under your belt, it will go a long way toward getting you an approval. If you have two years without derogatory items, even better.

In this case, you may be able to get a loan. That said, the loan will be more expensive than it would be for someone who has clean credit.

Do You Have Recent Derogatory Items?

If you have recent derogatory items, it will be very difficult to qualify for a loan with 520 credit. Your score is shaky at best and the bank will see your late payments. In this situation your best bet is to stop paying late now and work toward getting a loan in about six months. By then you will have a much better chance and likely, a higher score.

Do You Have Credit Card Debt?

If you have high balances on your credit cards, it will make it a lot more difficult to get a loan. The banks are going to see that you’re already struggling to pay off the debts you already have.

If your balances are under 30%, they won’t look too bad. If they are over 30%, it starts to look suspect. Get over 50%, you’re in trouble.

If you find yourself in this situation, you need to get them paid down. The more you can pay them down, the better off you will be.

Why You End Up With 520 Credit

I ended up with a score in this range for a few reasons. First, I didn’t pay my credit card bills on time. In fact, for a while I stopped paying them at all. This led to two of my credit card accounts being closed.

Since they weren’t open for very long, I hadn’t established a record of making on time payments. I only made at most four on time payments and then got off track.

I also didn’t have any loans to help me build credit.

Basically, you end up with credit in this range if you don’t have much credit history and make some mistakes with the credit history you do have.

Save Paper, Save Trees

Paper is a very important material used in our daily life. It is used in variety of ways. Whilst among many uses, the paper is chiefly used for the purpose of writing and printing.

The word paper derives from the Greek word ‘Papyrus‘ (Egyptian writing material) which was formed from beaten strips of papyrus plant.

Paper is made of cellulose pulp, derived mainly from wood, rags, and certain grasses processed into flexible sheets by deposit from an aqueous suspension.

Uses of Paper:

Paper can be used in various ways, such as for communication, storing information, cleaning, construction, representing a value, packaging, and personal use etc.

Paper making products:

Paper gives us lot of useful products. Here a list of common products made from paper is:

  • Books
  • Notebooks
  • Report cards
  • Greeting cards
  • Menu cards
  • Paper-bags
  • Paper money
  • Medical chart
  • Bandages
  • Envelopes
  • Tarpaper
  • Sand paper
  • Wrapping papers
  • Paper boats
  • Paper airplanes
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Wallpaper
  • Photographs
  • Playing cards
  • Stickers
  • Telephone directories
  • Disposable items
  • Stationery
  • Table -cloths
  • Grocery-bags
  • Kites
  • Tissue paper
  • Bank notes
  • Tickets
  • Cheque
  • Security voucher

Why recycle paper?

Paper recycling is the process of collecting, processing, reusing and recovering the waste paper and remaking into new products rather than throwing it away in the trashcan which in turn, conserves raw materials and energy that needs to make new products.

Did you know if each individual save one sheet of paper per day, then 40,000 trees are saved per year.

Saving paper, in turn, saves trees, saves energy, saves water, chemicals utilized in making of paper, and also reducing garbage.

We should start the process of recycling the waste material from home first rather than what others are doing outside and continue it as it helps to control waste disposal problems, and also saves money that they would otherwise have spend for disposal.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that recycling of paper causes 35% less water pollution, and 74% less air pollution than making new paper and paper products.

Industrialized making of paper is de-stabilizing our earth’s climate and reusing and recycling of paper can help to stabilize and conserve our environment to a great extent.

Recycling is the only key to cut down the amount of waste, to reduce pollution, to save renewable energy, to save trees, and to save money. But before we thinking about recycling anything, the very best thing we can do for health and well being of our planet to use less resource in our daily life.

Recycling of paper could save seventeen trees, causing reduction of 587 pounds of air pollution, 15,644 liters of water, in turn, reduces 58%of air pollution, 4077 kilowatt of energy, thereby reducing energy requirement by 64%, 1042 liters of oil, reducing oil pollution by 64% and oil requirement by 45%. About 55% of municipal waste is paper and paper products before recycling. Recycling one ton of newspaper reduces 3cubic meters of landfill.

Millions of people buy newspaper daily and simply throw away in the trashcan after reading it out without knowing the fact, that it takes 24 trees to make one ton of newspaper.

Recovered paper must be clean for successful recycling. It should be free from contaminants, such as food, dirt, plastic metal, and other kinds of trash, as contaminated paper makes the process of recycling quite difficult. Contaminated paper which cannot be recycled must be composted, burned for energy or land filled in order to reduce the bulk of garbage around us.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle is a simple and great way to cut down the amount of paper use. Practicing these 3R’s also helps in saving our energy and protecting our environment.


It is important to realize our responsibilities how to make our planet green and better place for our future generation to live in. Concerted efforts need to make in this direction before it is too late. By adopting the following ways helps to reduce the paper consumption, which in turn, saves trees and reduces the greenhouse gases emission.

  • Companies can save significant sums on printing costs by publishing reports electronically rather than on paper.
  • Use mobiles or e-mails for communication purposes instead of sending letters.
  • Create best out of waste also helps to control and manage waste better thereby, reducing the impact on our environment as well as our health.
  • Use durable items rather than disposable items, as it stays longer and can also save money and minimize the amount of waste. Repair the things rather than buying new items also reduces the amount of waste.
  • Use both sides of paper for printing.
  • Recycle newspaper by turning them into something useful, instead of discarding it away. It also reduces the amount of materials going into landfills.
  • Send get well soon cards and greeting cards on special occasions over the Internet.
  • On average, 16% of the money we spend on packaging which ultimately ends up as rubbish. So avoid over packaging goods.
  • Use coffee mugs for your tea or coffee instead of paper cups at work place.
  • Use unbleached or uncolored paper in bulk to reduce packaging.
  • Buy paper that has minimum chlorine content.
  • Stop printing whenever possible.
  • Reduce font size while printing.
  • Books, which you need no longer, and are in a good condition, donate to the library. These in turn, raise the money for the library to buy new items.
  • Get and pay your bills online rather than through the post.
  • Let your child to use white/black board for writing rather than paper. This way they can rub off what they do not need which in turn; lot of papers can be saved.
  • Watch the news on television, or you can read the news online instead of buying newspaper. This helps to kill paper waste instead of trees.
  • If you wish to create an eco-friendly atmosphere in the office, then go paperless.
  • Use cloth napkins in place of paper napkins, as they are more hygienic and also minimize the paper waste.
  • Place your orders by phone, e-mail or online.
  • Keep recycling bins on the roads; at the railway station, or bus stand where people can drop off the waste materials, or you can directly deliver it to the recycling center.
  • Use cloth bags instead of paper bags to carry the items you buy.
  • Use unused side of paper for jotting down the notes before dropping it in the recycling box.

We are using and wasting paper almost without care, and without realizing that how severe the consequences could be. It is need to think – “AS YOU SOW, SO SHALL YOU REAP“. Let’s do our part to save our mother earth from getting it more spoiled and make it greener, cleaner, and better place for future generation to enjoy.

Spread the word“GO GREEN, AND LIVE GREEN.”

Resolving Jet_errLVCorrupted Error in Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Server database engine splits a column into several parts, when it finds it too large and thus, the Long-values (LVs) are created. These structures are stored in a different B-Tree (binary tree) of the associated table, each with a unique long-value ID. Each of these LVs has a specific header, called LVROOT, consisting of information, like reference count and length of LV. In some cases, this LVROOT can get overwritten (usually because of a defective B-split operation), which eventually results into corruption of LV. This can cause Information Store to stop, errors accessing LV and/or database corruption. To repair the database, you should restore from a suitable backup. If no valid backup is present, you need to apply an Exchange Repair solution.

To illustrate such problems, suppose you attempt to perform offline defragmentation of an Exchange database. But the operation fails with an error message as below:

Operation terminated with error -1526 (JET_errLVCorrupted, Corruption encountered in long-value tree) after seconds”

Further, when you execute eseutil /g command to check the integrity of the database, it reports the database as corrupted.


The above error occurs due to corruption in LV tree. This can exist in conjunction with orphaned LVs.


You should first check for the backup. If present and valid, restore from it. In other case, you need to implement the given sequence of steps to solve this issue:

  1. Run eseutil /g with /v and /x parameters for detailed output and examine it for the cause (error, orphaned or corrupted)
  2. If the LVs are corrupted, you can run eseutil /p command. But make sure you backup the database first as this causes corrupted data to delete
  3. If the LVs are corrupted and orphaned both, you should execute eseutil /d to perform database defragmentation after the repair.

Eseutil /p is a hard command. So, for safe EDB Repair, you need to use a third-party database repair tool. An Exchange Server Repair tool uses intensive, yet safe, scanning algorithms to repair and restore a corrupted Exchange database, while providing an interactive user interface.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is an effective solution that repairs a corrupted Exchange database and restores it to a user-specified location. The safe Exchange Server Repair solution extracts all user mailboxes as individual.pst files. The tool supports Exchange Server 5.5, 2000, and 2003. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

What Is Lead Free Crystal?

When most people think about high-end crystal, they think about traditional leaded crystal–for instance a wine glass that has that wonderful, somewhat-heavy hand feel sparkling with faceted brilliance, and the lovely, sing-songy ring that resonates when you tap it. That kind of glass. For a very long time, it was only leaded crystal that produced these exquisite attributes. While lead crystal is still extremely popular, there’s another type of high-quality glass that can provide the same experience.

Normal Glass

“Normal” glass such as a typical water glass, beer glass, glass baking dish, etc., is what is known as soda-lime glass. Not particularly brilliant or beautiful, but functional, and in most cases far more durable than crystal. Soda-lime glass consists of several main ingredients–sodium carbonate, lime, dolomite, silicon dioxide, and aluminum oxide, along with lesser amounts of other ingredients referred to as “fining agents.” These ingredients are melted together in a furnace at a very high temperature. The melted liquid sits for a bit to let the bubbles in it rise out of it–this is called “fining out.” The glass is then formed using different processes depending on the purpose of the final product, i.e., drinking glass, windowpane, windshield, etc. In the case of traditional crystal, lead is added.

Lead Crystal

Traditional lead crystal glass adds another ingredient to the regular glass mix–lead oxide. The addition of lead produces a couple of unique attributes that make the glass “crystal.” Soda glass contains molecules that are without structure–what is known as amorphous. There’s no specific order but that are bound tightly, making soda-lime glass more durable. The molecules in lead crystal have a distinct three-dimensional order. These molecules produce the sparkling brilliance in the glass. The crystal has a higher “refractive index” than normal glass and the higher the index, the more brilliant. Adding lead to the glass also makes it melt at a lower temperature and it makes it absorb less energy than soda-glass. This is what makes the crystal ring when you tap it.

Lead Free Crystal

While lead crystal purists will probably always use it, there is now an alternative with the same characteristics. This provides an option for those who enjoy high-quality crystal but are concerned with lead content in anything that holds consumables. This is relevant mostly in decanters, which I’ll touch on in a bit. When making lead free crystal glass, the lead is substituted with barium oxide (BaCO3). The introduction of barium oxide produces a glass with a comparatively high refractive index, subsequently making its brilliance greater. Barium oxide is also lighter than lead oxide, making the glass lighter with about the same durability. For those concerned about lead content in their crystal glassware, as mentioned before, it really only poses a health question for crystal decanters. The reason being wine and spirits are typically kept in decanters for longer than a glass of wine. This produces a greater window of time for lead to possibly leach out of it. I personally don’t store wine in decanters for a terribly long time–it’s more about aeration and presentation for me–so I am not concerned with the issue at all.

Lead Crystal vs. Lead Free Crystal

It’s really just a matter of personal preference whether you want to choose one over the other. There are several high-end crystal manufacturers who make exquisite lead free crystal. I have used both extensively and the only real difference I’ve noticed is the variation in weight. Either way, wines taste way better in a high-quality crystal glass than a regular drinking glass any day of the week.


How to Remove the Keyless Chuck From a Makita BDF452 Cordless Drill

It is always the small things in life that make the biggest differences – smiling at a stranger on the street, holding hands with your partner at the movie theater, taking the garbage out before it overflows, and those blasted drill chucks that seem to require Naval attention to beak loose.

It’s true, many craftsmen struggle with their drill chucks. They can be pesky beyond imagination, but, users of Makita’s BDF452 18v cordless drill, fear your chuck no more. Although it may still require what some would consider saintly patience to remove it, there are just a few simple steps to follow and you should have that chuck removed in no time.

To begin, recognize the appropriate safety precautions (i.e. wearing safety glasses) and ensure the chuck is fully engaged and that the gear box is set in low. Open the chuck completely and you will see a small screw down in the center of the opening. Keeping in mind that the screw will have left-handed threads and the chuck itself will have right-handed threads, remove the screw. If said screw is missing, this is no problem, it is replaceable and simply saves you a step.

Next, insert the smaller (or short) end of a large allen wrench into the chuck and tighten the chuck completely around it. Remember, your drill should be set in low and the clutch should be set to “drill.” With your BDF452 now firmly set on a bench (or on the floor), and using a dead blow hammer or rubber mallet, smack the long end of the allen wrench (with counter-clockwise force). The chuck should release with the blow. If it does not let go on the first whack, simply repeat until the chuck breaks loose. As many chucks are secured very tightly, it is not abnormal to require a few blows before release.

If after a series of good whacks, your stubborn chuck still does not release, spray some WD-40 into the center of the chuck’s opening. After allowing the lubricant settle in (for about an hour), repeat the hammering process until the chuck breaks loose.