Dan Bongino Slams Actor for Calling NFL's National Anthem a 'Scam'

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino ripped actor Jesse Williams for saying that the National Football League's playing the national anthem before games is a "scam."

The "Grey's Anatomy" star said on MSNBC Live, that saying, "we need to stand and pledge for the allegiance and this anthem thing is a scam. This is not a part of football. [The pregame national anthem] was invented in 2009 from the government [by] paying the NFL to market military recruitment — to get more people to fight wars to die.

"This is not — nothing to do with the NFL or the American pastime or tradition. This is to get boys and girls to go fly overseas and go kill people . . . They're marketing and pumping millions of dollars into the NFL to get us to put on a pageant in front of the NFL football games to get you to go off and fight."

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