Student Bullied for Posting Photo of Herself With Pence

A student at Scripps College says she was harassed and harangued after posting a picture of herself flanked by Vice President Mike Pence and Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

"I began receiving vicious comments and private messages accusing me of not caring about LGBTQ rights and attacking me for getting anywhere near the Vice-President," McKenzie Deutsch, an incoming junior at the private California women's school, said in a column for the Claremont Independent.

"Close friends and distant acquaintances alike lashed out in fury, subjecting me to lectures, rants, and name-calling — all while ignoring the photo's plainly apolitical context."

Deutsch said she posted the photo on Facebook as she wrapped up her summer internship with McMorris Rogers, a Washington Republican, to share "my excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to intern for Rodgers … and to interact with such impactful and important people in my job."

"One person accused me of 'ignoring the plights of marginalized people to achieve personal gain,' saying I was a person who 'smiled with [their] oppressors,"' she said.

"A friend asked me why I would stand next to someone who is 'a threat to human rights everywhere.' A classmate simply commented, 'Bitch.' Many others 'liked' these comments, endorsing this shameless harassment."

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