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    Steelers QB Roethlisberger: Anthem Protests Left Him Unable to Sleep

    Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was unable to sleep Sunday night after he and most of his teammates skipped the National Anthem before their game Sunday.

    Roethlisberger released a statement on his website that weighed in on the National Anthem controversy, which led to more than 200 players taking a knee at Sunday's games.

    "I was unable to sleep last night and want to share my thoughts and feelings on our team's decision to remain in the tunnel for the National Anthem [Sunday]," Roethlisberger said. "The idea was to be unified as a team when so much attention is paid to things dividing our country, but I wish we approached it differently. We did not want to appear divided on the sideline with some standing and some kneeling or sitting."

    One Steelers player, Alejandro Villanueva, stood alone at the top of the tunnel during the Anthem and placed his hand over his heart. He is a former Army Ranger and served three tours in Afghanistan.

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    Spurs Coach Popovich: America 'an Embarrassment in the World'

    San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich lashed out at President Donald Trump over his White House disinvite of Golden State Warrriors star Stephen Curry, declaring America's become "an embarrassment in the world."

    At the Spurs' media day Monday, Popovich likened Trump's decision to a child's temper tantrum, reported.

    "It's like a sixth grader is going to have a party in his backyard and he finds out somebody might not come, so he disinvites them," he said. "Although it's disgusting, it's also comical."

    "Our country is an embarrassment in the world," he said.

    He also weighed in on the NFL protest of Trump's criticism of players who won't stand during the national anthem.

    "They have our full support," he said. "No matter what they might want to do or not to do, it is important to them to be respected by us, and there is no recrimination no matter what might take place unless it's ridiculously egregious."

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    Trump to Create $200M Grant Program for Computer Education

    President Donald Trump wants the nation's schools to emphasize computer science education to help students prepare for jobs of the future.

    Trump planned Monday to direct Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to create a $200 million grant program for K-12 schools to broaden access to computer science and coding classes.

    Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter and senior White House adviser on the issue, says it's vital that students learn how to write computer code and study computer science. She says early exposure to both is vital.

    Ivanka Trump says she will visit Detroit on Tuesday with private sector officials as they announce pledges to support computer science education.

    She says she'll also make a school visit on Wednesday to discuss the importance of science, technology, engineering and math education.

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    'Hamilton' Creator Pushes Trump for Quicker Aid to PR

    "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda on Monday warned President Donald Trump on Twitter "there will be a lot of American deaths on your watch" if disaster aid is not sent to Puerto Rico soon.

    Miranda, whose parents were born in Puerto Rico and who is an outspoken critic of the president, was responding to another tweet which indicated the White House is expected to send a disaster relief aid request for Puerto Rico only in the first or second week of October.

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    LeBron James Slams Trump: People Run US, 'Not Him'

    People in the United States run the country, not President Donald Trump, according to basketball star LeBron James.

    "The people run this country. Not one individual—and damn sure not him," James said about Trump at a media day event for James' team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to The Hill.

    Sports can bring people together, and Trump took advantage of that to sow division, James said.

    "In sports, it's so amazing what sports can do for everyone no matter what shape or size or race or ethnicity or whatever . . . it brings people together like none other. I'm not going to —while I have this platform — to let one individual no matter the power, no matter the impact that he should or she should have, ever use sport as a platform to divide us," James said, Click Here to comment on this article

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    NFL Ratings Mixed After Trump's Boycott Call

    President Donald Trump’s call for fans to boycott NFL games yielded mixed results Sunday, as CBS saw a slight boost in ratings while NBC’s audience dipped.

    The muddy picture of NFL viewership could be a sign that competitive match-ups rather than political controversy have a larger impact on whether people tune in. CBS’s games included Green Bay’s close-fought 27-24 overtime win over Cincinnati while NBC’s Sunday night game featured Washington with a 21-0 lead less than five minutes into the third quarter.

    Over the weekend, Trump criticized players for kneeling during the national anthem. He also said owners should fire players who protested by taking a knee and urged fans to skip watching NFL games in an act of political protest.

    • NBC’s Sunday night game drew a 11.6 overnight rating. That’s down about 10 percent from Week 3 last year, when the Chicago Bears played the Dallas Cowboys.
    • CBS said its Sunday games drew a 11.9 overnight rating, up 4 percent from a year earlier.
    • Fox hasn’t yet released viewership numbers for its NFL games on Sunday.
    • Overnight ratings are subject to change when final numbers are released later Monday.

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    Report: Major Parts of US Left Behind in Economic Prosperity

    Reinforcing a major election theme that helped President Donald Trump capture the White House, a report released Monday shows that prosperity in the United States is concentrated in certain geographic areas, but economic stability outside of those areas is rapidly deteriorating.

    "Economic inequality in America translates into opportunity gaps for too many communities," said Steve Glickman, executive director of the Economic Innovation Group, an advocacy organization which tries to advance solutions for a more dynamic economy. "Unless policymakers in both parties reframe their priorities, economically distressed communities will continue to experience a downward spiral that results in a loss of faith in the American dream and less healthy and fulfilling lives."

    The study, which measured the economy by zip codes and congressional districts through 2015, evaluates the link between a community's prosperity and a number of important factors, including health, and demonstrates that a large part of the country is being left behind.

    Illustrating this divide, the report shows that a sixth of the population, 52.3 million Americans, live in a distressed community. In the average distressed zip code, more than 25 percent are in poverty, 40 percent of prime age adults are out of the workforce, and nearly a quarter don't even have a high school diploma. Most of the distressed areas have seen a net loss in employment or business establishments in the past 15 years.

    More than half of the recovery's new jobs and business establishments occurred in the prosperous zip codes from 2011 to 2015, even though only about 27 percent of the population, or 84 million people, live in those areas. The poverty rate is also more than 20 percentage points lower in these communities than in the average distressed one.

    The report finds a clear link to an area's economic situation and health, as people in distressed areas have a lower life expectancy by nearly five years than those in prosperous regions.

    Economic Innovation Group senior director for policy and strategy John Lettieri stressed that "These findings underscore just how badly we are limiting our national potential. There is a huge social and economic cost to leaving so many people and places behind."

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    Costas Slams Trump as 'Tone Deaf' on Race in NFL Protests

    Veteran NBC sportscaster Bob Costas Monday slammed President Donald Trump as being "tone deaf" on the matter of race after the president said during a campaign rally in Alabama that football players who kneel in protest of police brutality should be fired.

    To give Trump the "extreme benefit of the doubt," Costas told CNN's "New Day," one would say that the president is "insensitive to the racial implications to make comments like this at a rally in Alabama. All right? He likes cheap applause lines . . . do you want a president of the United States who is so tone deaf to the racial implications of this?"

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